Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Who? Me?

And so the education begins--mine and my humans' and we all seem to be getting used to one another's funny wee ways.

As you know, if you have read my previous posts, I am a VERY early riser, and seemingly before I came here, my mummy human was not. Oh how things have changed.

As she was stumbling about the kitchen this morning at 5am, she could be heard muttering 'I didn't know there were TWO five o'clocks in the day!' So she has learned something already.

Now, my lesson to pass on to the world today is to perfect the 'Who? Me?' look. I have mastered this beautifully even at the tender age of fifteen weeks (and adorable!)

On my window is a lovely wind-chime, which is today's picture, although it is a bit dark because of the snow outside, but you will get the idea I am sure.

Well, said wind-chime hangs down quite low, and I can jump up onto the window sill, and you all know what is coming, don't you? If it is there, I have to hit it, and if I hit it, it chimes and when it chimes my humans yell and when they yell I give them my steely look which says 'Who? Me? Never!'

As soon as they turn away, the whole pantomime begins again, and sometimes if I am quick enough, I can be back on my climbing frame to give them 'the look' and this causes a fair bit of wonderment on their part.

They have been wondering quite a lot in the past two weeks! I just love teasing them.

However, I must paws now for a nap, so till tomorrow.......

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Training Begins

I have been here on Graemsay now for two whole weeks, so I have decided that the honeymoon period is well and truly over, and the serious business of training should begin.

My daddy human has built me a climbing frame and that is me with it in today's picture. It has lots of super things for me to play with and to catch, and I can climb and jump and scratch. This seems to be important to my humans, because for some obscure reason, they don't like me trying this on the furniture---or on their fairly new leather couch---ooops!!

In order for them to feel part of this regime, I let them help me by swinging said toys around and letting me pounce on them, for, as all cats know, this is VERY important.

I am also a very good jumper and I practice this early in the morning, and this morning was no exception. Sometimes I jump from the top of the human's bed and land on my mummy human's feet, although they are under quite a few layers of bedclothes, so it's OK.

However, this morning, I decided to try it another way. So. I crept down to the bottom of the bed and jumped up the way landing on her chest! Well, she landed in the kitchen without her feet touching the bedroom floor----my, my, it was SO funny, although I was the only one chuckling and when she glowered at me, I pretended I was sneezing--he, he, he!

There is no point at all in trying to wake my daddy human as he would sleep through a brass band in the bedroom---but enough of my mummy's funny little ways!

So, at 5:45am, after she had collected her wits, her glasses, her dressing gown and rushed to the toilet, I finally got fed, and then began the training programme for the day, so mouses of the world beware--I have arrived!!

Monday, 29 March 2010

All About Me

Well, as you know, I am fifteen weeks old and adorable--just in case you missed that bit!
I was adopted from the lovely Cats Protection people and brought here by my humans on a boat! I think I am going to like going on the boat, 'cos everybody makes a fuss of me, and that's what I'm here for.
I am black and white although my summer coat has some brown in it, and I have a long black tail. Now, even though I am very young, I have some very important information to pass on to the younger kittens who may be reading this, regarding said tail.
By all means, chase the tail as it gives the humans endless enjoyment, but never, dear feline friends, never bite it! ' Nuff said?!
I have two humans, a mummy human and a daddy human so I have a lot of training to do, but I will get there.
I will now paws for a wee rest.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hello World!

Hello I am Squeak, a brand new baby kitten, just fifteen weeks old and adorable!