Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Did you miss me?

I didn't manage to post anything yesterday 'cos we were all so busy and the time just disappeared.

A friend of my humans came to visit and although she told them that she wanted to see them, the REAL reason she came was to see me, so I had to be on my best behaviour. Not that I am ever on anything else, of course!

The lady visitor thought I was adorable and I sat on her knee for a wee while and did my bestest purring which delighted her and of course, she was entranced by my nipping in and out of the window at regular intervals. So when she left she was a happy lady and I was a tired puss.

It was a lovely day and so the dreaded lawn mower came out and danced round the garden with my MH holding on to it. I have decided that while me and the lawn mower will never be bestest pals, I will NOT be frightened of it any more, so when my MH was running round after said mower, I just stayed out of paw's reach and stared at it in as menacing a way as an adorable six month old puss cat can!

I am not too sure what is going on in my house tonight but the word V-E-T keeps being whispered and my food dishes have been taken away, so I think it is something I might not like, but I shall let you know.

Be good, pussy cats, be good.

Monday, 28 June 2010


I have green paws! No, I have not discovered the paint tin! I have been working in the garden with my humans and I have been meow-ing to all the little plants as I have been helping to water them and they like it 'cos they smile at me and that makes me happy.

My humans don't have a lot of garden with flowers 'cos we have a lot of garden with grass which I love rolling in and my MH says I can look after some of the little daisies that grow in the grass and I have been sniffing at them and they like that too. But we do have plant pots with some nice flowers in them and that is where I need to further my plant education 'cos I nearly got into trouble.

I did make a wee mistake as I got a bit over enthusiastic and wheeched out a few plants instead of weeds, but my humans were watching me and just plonked them back in again and told me that plants and weeds were different, so I am working hard to learn the difference and then I might be on the 'Beechgrove Garden For Cats'.

There is no end to my talents at all! I hope the gardening terms of 'wheeching' and 'plonking' are not too technical for you!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

----and Oyster Catchers!

This WAS my own fault, I have to admit. It was a beautiful night and my MH took me out into the garden 'cos she wanted to take a photo of the big, beautiful full moon, so we were at the side of the house where the oyster catchers have their nest, and there were three baby oyster catcher birdies running about.

SO! And you all know what is coming, don't you? While herself was playing with her camera and the moon, I noticed one of the baby birdies and decided to say hello, and so that I wouldn't frighten it, I assumed the 'crouch' position and sidled up towards it.

Well!! The mummy bird saw what I was doing and to say that she wasn't best pleased is definitely the understatement of the year, and she flew at me squawking and screeching until my MH came to see what I was up to, and then SHE stared squawking and screeching too! What a racket, and all I wanted to do was say hello to a wee baby oyster catcher.

So, picture the scene. Me, on the ground on my little (adorable) tummy, the mummy oyster catcher flying just above my head and my MH coming to my rescue, then the mummy bird has a go at her too and she WAS being good! So the outcome was that my MH explained to the mummy bird that she was taking me inside my house and she would tell me not to disturb the baby birds, and the birdy cheeped 'OK' and flied away.

I think I have learned another lesson.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Cheeky Swallows

I have been dived bombed by a swallow today and I DO NOT LIKE IT!!! I had just nipped out of the window and I was sitting on the ledge just looking, and wondering what to do with my day, when this cheeky wee bird appeared and flew right over my head, squawking all the time at me. It then swooped in a circle and did the same thing again and again.

I was being a very good puss and I did not retaliate, but I just went into my house and waited until it had gone away. After a decent interval of about 3.63 minutes, I tried again to get out the window, and guess what? Yep, the birdie was there again and he did the very same thing. I have decided that he is a boy bird showing off to the girl birds, but I will have to teach him a lesson if he tries that again.

He eventually got fed up and went away somewhere else, so I managed to get out of the window and played in my pampas grass tent and I could hear him chirping away so I just kept well out of his way, but I am going to tell his mummy bird, because it is MY garden after all and if there is any terrorising to be done, it will be done by me!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Another Super Day

Summer is here and I am loving it! I am outside ALL day, just coming in for a wee bit of dinner and sometimes a wee sleep, although I have found a brilliant place to lie is in the huge pampas grass 'cos I can watch what is going on and no-body can see me except my MH who discovered me and took a photo, but that's OK.

I was lying there today minding my own business---honestly!--- and I got dive-bombed by a cheeky swallow and that's when my undercover training surfaced and I dropped onto my delightful little tummy and sidled into my secret hide away and hissed at him.

I have sent you a picture today of my little friend the baby cow and her mummy. The baby is the same colour as me and we have quite a wee laugh at that when we are having a chat at bedtime.

I am hoping to go outside with my MH tonight before we go to bed 'cos it is a lovely night and she takes me out to play with her when she is taking some pictures with her new camera. I like that lots 'cos I can listen to the sea and the birds and the cows and that is lovely and I can watch the sun going to bed too so I am a very happy little puss.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

My Day

I have been left to my own devices today as my humans have been very busy, so I have been exploring lots of different places, but it has been good 'cos it has been nice and warm until the rain came on, and by that time, I was a wee bit tired anyway.

My MH goes swimming on a Thursday so away she went on the early boat and she doesn't come home again until nearly tea time. My DH was fixing the exhaust on her car 'cos it had a hole in it and the noise was giving me a headache, and even one of the neighbours was complaining, so it had to be fixed, and fix it he did, but oh my, did he get all dirty. He looked quite funny with his overalls and his dirty face and his wee woolly hat!

When she came home, my mummy human gave me some new wee biscuits and I just LOVED them. They were de-lic-ious! I hope I get some more soon. Then she played with me and told me all that she had been doing and I told her all about my day and I cuddled up on her knee and we both liked that. Then I went out to play and I am practicing to be a clothes-pole dancer now!

I am having a wee snooze soon and my humans told me that they know when I am having a good dream 'cos my tail wags. I think said tail might get me into a lot of trouble one day!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I have had rather an uneventful day and I have been doing a lot of thinking, but I haven't reached any conclusions yet as to what I am going to be when I grow up. I have decided to keep all my options open and take advice from other older and wiser puss cats. Meantime, I am going to enjoy every single minute!

The cows have moved into the field at the back of my house, so I can visit them whenever I like and sometimes I go with my humans when they put some water out for them, and I have a wee chat to the baby cows and I like that.

I have been in trouble today but only for a wee while 'cos I just have to look all soft and cuddly and my humans forget to be annoyed. Anyway, I told you before that my MH put down a big cover on the couch so that I wouldn't scratch the leather and that it was nice and warm to lie on. (That's me lying on it in the picture. I am trying to do some serious thinking and out comes the camera. And one tries to look one's best!)
ANYWAY! I have discovered an even better place to lie and that is ON the couch UNDER the cover, and for some reason my humans are not best pleased when I do that.

I decided to play a wee trick on them, and I climbed up on the couch and under the cover and hid, so that they couldn't see me, but I forgot about my tail ,and left it hanging down the front of the couch and my eagle-eyed MH saw me and tickled me so much that I laughed and fell off the couch.
In future I must remember to take my tail with me!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A New Career Option

It is a beautiful day today and it is getting warmer every day so I am outside nearly all the time and as it doesn't get very dark at all these nights, I can stay out really late which I love, 'cos sometimes I am out in my garden when my MH is in her bed!

I am still playing with the baby cows but as I haven't got my little boots yet, I am very careful where I put my wee paws. The nice farmer next door says he is putting the mammy cows and the baby cows into another field soon, and I hope it is not too far away for me to visit. Our little island is only two miles long, so nothing is really far away, but when you are little (and adorable!) like me, two miles is a LONG way.

Anyway, I am still attacking flies and bluebottles and I am becoming quite an expert. In fact, my MH says I could be in the circus with all the fantastic, death-defying leaps that I can do. SO! I was thinking. Maybe I could stow away on our ferry and join the circus when it comes here again and I could be 'The Mighty Squeak---Trapeze Artiste Extraordinaire'

I might even let my MH measure me for my Lycra cat-suit after all. I fancy crimson with sequins and shiny bits which will catch the light as I swing through the air. I shall be the talk of the circus world, so remember, dear feline family, you read it here first!

Monday, 21 June 2010


I have become a big game hunter and I have made my first kill! Okay, I may have exaggerated just a tad, but for me it is big game. I caught a fly---but it WAS a big fly.

My dear MH got the fright of her life 'cos she was sitting reading on my couch when I espied this 'thing' sneaking up the window, so with practiced skill and at the speed of light, I ran in from the kitchen, wheeched up and along the back of the couch where aforesaid mummy human was sitting, dived from there onto the window-sill and thumped my beautifully formed wee paw against the glass. The doctor says she will be OK with years of rest, therapy and lots of gin! (just joking MH!)

After that, I decided to go out and terrorise the neighbourhood and today's picture shows me just about to pounce on a cow and see if it will fit into my freezer! I learned very quickly that it will not, and I shouldn't even try 'cos as soon as I went near one of these large ladies, she mooed in a rather unfriendly manner, so I just stuck my tail in the air and nonchalantly beat a hasty retreat.

I know I am brave, bit I ain't stupid!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Another First

It is very wet today, so I haven't been out for long. I have just nipped out the window to do what I need to do, and to make sure everything is as it should be. Already I have learned that dry cow-poo is bad enough, but WET cow-poo is a definite no-no for puss cats.

I had to walk in some of my DH's after shave to make my wee feets smell better after yesterday's faux paw---get it? My DH has a beard, so I don't know why he has after shave. Would it have anything to do with the fact that my MH DOESN'T have a beard? I don't know about these things. (Tee, hee,hee!)

Anyway, back to today. I didn't go out and I am very glad I didn't 'cos I learned something new. In my living room, there are two instruments which my MH told me were guitars. One has six strings and the other has twelve, but I didn't know what they were for or what they did, until today.

My friend A. came over and he had one of these instruments too, so he and my MH started hitting them with their fingers and a lovely noise filled my living room and A. told me it was MUSIC. I like music! They played for a long time and they were singing too and I didn't know that my mummy could sing, but she's not bad at all---but don't tell her I said that as her head might get even bigger! (Don't tell her I said that either, please)

It was good and I like listening and I stayed awake in my living room until they had finished and then A. had to go home. Can puss-cats play guitars?

Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Down Side

You may have noticed that I didn't post anything yesterday and that's 'cos I was in a bad mood and in a sulk, or in the huff, or 'pootsin' as they say here, and I wouldn't take the computer from my MH.

And I s'pose you want to know why there was this dramatic change in personality for this adorable puss cat? Well--and that is where today's heading comes in.

As you know, I have been playing with the baby cows and unfortunately I have discovered the down side. When I was playing, I heard some really funny noises but I didn't know what they were. I was beside Daddy Bull when he did a noise and I thought it was thunder and I got a fright, but when the mummy cows did the same, it dawned on me what it was, and I nearly fell down laughing 'cos I didn't know cows did that! You do know that I am talking about cow-flatulence, don't you? One little boy here says his cow's bottom coughed, and I like that.

That was quite funny but by the time I realised that cows didn't have litter trays it was too late and my little paws were covered in something unpleasant and very, very, smelly. Naturally, I couldn't clean them myself and my MH had to clean them for me and I was not a happy puss cat at all. The indignity of it all!!

I now know to keep away from these steaming cow pats although my dearest mummy said she could perhaps get me some puss-cat wellies, so watch this space, dear reader, watch this space.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Sleepy Puss

Tonight I am a very sleepy pussy cat because I have been out playing all day with the baby cows and it is just wonderful.

This is my MH's swimming day so she went away on the early boat and left me in charge of my DH. I let him have a long lie before I jumped on him and then I nipped out of the window and had a look to see where daddy bull was. He does frighten me a lot, but today he was in a good mood, and I am sure that he smiled at me.

Feeling very brave, I went over to a little brown baby cow and we played lots and lots while the mummy cow just watched us. By this time my DH had gone into his greenhouse so I had a wee curl up on his chair and had a wee power nap before going back out to play.

My MH was back home at about half past four, and that was my signal to be petted and fussed over which she does as soon as I ask her. I had a wee feed and another wee play and then it was up on to my couch to have a wee sleep and dream about puss cat things!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I am beside myself------

----with joy and excitement because the VERY nice man from the farm up the road who leaves his big shed door open for me to play in, now has let the mummy cows and the baby cows come out of the field to eat the grass near my house which means I can get to play with them!

It is my dream come true and even the mummy cows are quite happy when the baby cows have a wee chat to me, so it has been a wonderful day. I have been out playing all the time and it has been lovely and warm so I have had great fun.

There is only one wee problem, although it is not really WEE 'cos it is the daddy bull and I am still not too happy about him. He is with the mummys and the babies, so I try and keep out of his way 'cos he is huge even to a human, so you can imagine how he looks to a baby pussy cat like me.

I think I could probably run faster than him, but between you and me, feline friends, I ain't taking no chances! If today's picture looks a funny colour, it is 'cos it was taken at sunset last night and the sky was all red and purple and beautiful.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Name Change

Oh dear. My mummy human says she is considering changing my name and I have no idea why.

I have been a very good puss cat and have been keeping up with my training regime by running round my house at the speed of sound and 'louping' over the furniture with a jump that some Olympians would be proud of, and then scudding through the (open) window, turning round in the garden and then repeating the process in reverse---the direction that is, I am not in reverse!

Now, I cannot for the life of me see what is wrong with that and there is also nothing wrong with me making sure she doesn't oversleep by thumping her face at 7:30am and squeaking beautifully at her to let her know I am perfectly ready for a wee bit of food as soon as she likes. Surely, that is being helpful?

BUT! she has decided that I should have been called 'Mischief' or 'Monster'. Now, if I had to choose, I would go for 'Mischief' and I could practice living up to my new name, but I definitely DO NOT LIKE 'Monster'. And if you look at today's picture, you will see that I am really not a 'Mischief' either.
I am Squeak!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Monday, Monday

It has been a funny Monday 'cos my humans went away on the boat this morning and they don't usually do that---they usually wait till later on in the week.

However, off they went and as it was a good day, they left the living room window open for me which is fine 'cos I can do what I like then. I tried to coax one of the baby cows to come in and play in my house, but the mummy cow wouldn't let him. Maybe the next time they go away. Can you image the look on their faces if they came into my house and I was sitting watching my television with a baby cow sitting in my DH's chair? My how we would giggle!!

Then when they came home, the lawn mower came out again 'cos himself had bought a new strimmer---see earlier blog!---- and he wanted to play with it. So while all this noise was going on, I went away and played in the peace and quiet until they had finished, and when I went home again I got a wee surprise 'cos they had bought me a brilliant rubber ball which I can chase up and down my house, so I am a happy wee pussy-cat!

Sunday, 13 June 2010


Today's picture is my mummy human's very favourite picture of yours truly to date, 'cos she thinks it shows me off in the best possible way, and who am I to argue? Personally, I don't think there could be a BAD picture of me, but I am slightly biased.

The picture was taken just outside my gate when my mummy went down to put water in the big bath in the field to give the mummy cows and the baby cows a wee drink, and of course, I have to go with her in case she gets into trouble, or gets lost, so that's where I was exploring when she took this.

I had some more visitors in last night and some of them hadn't seem me at all and thought I was lovely, and again I didn't argue. There were two boys and they played with me and I loved that and when they went away home I was tired, so I had a very good sleep. I have been out playing all day today and I am just going to write the final chapter of my story and then have a wee nap.

Chapter 8
"Aw, don't look so sad Squeak, we will all be back again next summer"
Sammy Seagull was trying to cheer up Squeak as Midnight and Diggory set off down the road to the pier. The three friends, Sammy Seagull, Henry Hedgehog and Squeak the cat, had all said goodbye to the horse called Midnight as she was going back home with her owners after her holiday on the little island, and Diggory the dog was running alongside her as they were firm friends too.

"I don't want her to go away, and I don't want summer to stop" said Squeak with a tiny tear in her eyes. "I have had the bestest time in my en-tire life!" Sammy and Henry just smiled because this summer was the FIRST that Squeak had had, as she was just a baby cat, but they didn't say anything as she was upset.

"At least you and Henry will be here, won't you Sammy?"

Sammy looked a little uncomfortable as he explained that he couldn't visit Squeak every day because he had to go and catch his food and might be away for a long time, but if Squeak's humans could put some food out for him, he would try to get back to see her as often as he could.

"Oh yes", said Squeak "I'll make sure they put some food out for you every single day and I will watch for you to come and see me. What about you, Henry. Will you still be here?"

"I am so sorry Squeak" said Henry "but hedgehogs sleep all winter, so I definitely won't see you until the summer. AND! " he said with a little smile "I have found a lady hedgehog, so maybe next year there will be baby hedgehogs for you to play with"

"Oh, lots of little pin cushions" laughed Squeak, but she felt very, very sad indeed because she had come to love her friends and all the time they had spent together.

Just as they were all sitting very quietly together, Diggory came bounding up to them and asked why they were all so sad and quiet. Squeak explained that this was the end of what had been a fantastic summer and she was sad because she wouldn't see any of her friends for a long time.

"But I'll still be here Squeak." said Diggory. "I don't need to go and find food and I don't sleep all winter, so I can come and see you every day if you like. I don't have as much work to do in the winter, so I can play some more if you like."

"Oh yes please Diggory. If you come to my gate and bark, I'll come out and we can play. That would be really good" Squeak was beginning to feel a wee bit better but she said t0 Sammy and Henry, "I have had the bestest time ever and I hope we can do it again next summer, so please take care of yourselves and come back as soon as you can."

The four friends all gave one another a group hug before each one went away--Sammy to fly away in search of food, Henry to build a nest for himself and the new Mrs Henry, and Diggory and Squeak away home. They were all a bit sad to be leaving but all agreed that the friendships would last a long, long time.


Saturday, 12 June 2010

Oops! (Again)

I have been a silly puss, again.

Every two weeks, my MH gets flowers delivered and she puts them into the sink in my utility room until she is ready for them, and of course she puts water in the basin, in the sink. I think you may be ahead of me by now!

Well, I wandered in my usual nonchalant way into the utility room and jumped up onto the sink and had a wee look. I am not nosey---I am more curious. So I saw the water and decided to have a wee drink which I did and which I enjoyed, and it was only as I was taking my wee head away from the basin that I saw it! Another pussy cat looking back at me!!

I had never see this cat before and I was not best pleased to say the least. I decided to wander round to the other side of the sink and attack from the rear, having the element of surprise on my side. But when I looked into the water, there it was again, looking straight up at me. Now I was just a tad angry and I decided to strike out, so I thumped my wee paw into the water and it was then that I realised that this was not a real puss. Mind you, the fact that my MH was rolling around the floor in fits of laughter, should have told me something perhaps a wee bit earlier.

I was told later that this was something called 'reflection' so I shall have to be more careful in future.

The final part of my adventure story will be appearing tomorrow. Enjoy!

Friday, 11 June 2010


....I suppose you are wondering what I am doing in today's picture, so I shall now tell you.

It was quite a good night weather-wise last night, so I decided that my MH needed a wee bit more exercise, so I took her outside and of course she had to bring the camera. We had a wander round the garden which she calls 'her estate' and she was happily clicking away and I was happily exploring, when one of her friends appeared and asked why she kept flashing her torch on and off all the time! We all had a good wee chuckle when the neighbour discovered it was the flash on the camera!

Just before we went in, I had a wee look into my DH's greenhouse and just as I was perched comfortably on the window sill, I espied a spider, and the picture shows me springing into action to catch it, but sadly, I missed it and it scurried away into a tiny wee hole where I couldn't go, so I need to practice my springing technique to make it faster and more accurate.

But I shall, dear reader. Indeed I shall.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Ever Closer

I nearly got into the field to play with the baby cows today, but I have to admit to losing my nerve just as I was about to go under the fence 'cos I saw this ginormous bull coming towards me and as he was the daddy, I scarpered very quickly.

I played on my own for a wee while after that and then my MH came out and we played together and I discovered a helicopter! I had never seen one before until this THING came flying over my house making a terrible noise, and I was a wee bit frightened 'cos I thought it was a huge noisy bird, but as usual, my MH was there to protect me and tell me that it was a helicopter and we did have a wee giggle then.

I am a silly thing at times!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I have had lots of visitors today---some in my garden and some in my house, so I have been a very busy pussy cat again---and a very good one.

My first visitor was a big curlew in my garden and he was chirping at me, but I just sat and watched him and didn't even try to chase him 'cos he was a lovely bird and made a beautiful noise so I just sat and looked at him and I liked it.

My next visitor was my MH's friend who came into the house to see me and I was on spectacular form as I bounced for couch to chair and back again, and then I ran along the back of the couch where she was sitting and she did laugh, although I did detect a rather nervous titter at one point, but, even though I say it myself, it was rather an impressive show.

My final visitor was in my garden again and it was a mummy duck with her little babies and that's what today's picture is. They were really beautiful as they toddled after their mummy, and again, I didn't disturb them. In fact I had a wee tear in my eye as I watched them 'cos they were beautiful.

So I have had a fantabulous day, and I got weighed and my Wii Mii said I am still perfect. So perfect and adorable will do me just fine, thank you!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

More Rain

I am getting used to the rain, although I still do not like it very much, but at least just now it is quite warm rain, so that's not too bad.

My humans had to go away on the boat again this morning, so we were all up very early which didn't really suit me 'cos I had been outside till late last night and I was a wee bit tired, but as soon as they were away I nipped back to bed for a while, but I won't tell them that, of course! They had some shopping to do so while my MH came back at lunch time my DH went away to buy another strimmer 'cos his is broken. I told you I was a magic cat. First I made the lawn mower not go, and now I have made the strimmer not go, so how can that be coincidence?
My MH and I played together for a wee while and then I went outside and watched the birdies and the cows. There is one cow who is not happy at all and keeps making a noise so I went and asked it to to be a bit quieter. I hope it understood as I don't want a headache.

My DH will be home at tea time and then I s'pose I'll go out to his greenhouse with him and listen while he talks to his tomatoes. I do feel a wee bit sorry for him 'cos they never answer, but maybe they will when they are older. I will let you know.

Monday, 7 June 2010


I nearly caught a seagull and it was HUGE! Today's picture shows me stalking this ginormous bird. Admittedly, it does not show my best side, but I thought you would like to see me in action.

My humans have a bird feeder at the front of my house and sometimes the little birds come and get their dinner, but a lot of the time the big seagulls come too and chase away the wee birds. So, when I saw this bird today, I decided I would chase HIM away.

I was at the greenhouse when he landed, and so I sprang into action. First of all I went through all the things I had read about in my 'Feline Fortnightly' magazine:

1. Bend knees so that tummy is almost on the ground,
2. Adjust ears--either straight back against head, or standing upright
3. In this position, slowly advance on victim.

So I did a quick check, assumed the position and off I went, looking extremely fetching, I must add. However, I must have forgotten to turn the page of the magazine where it told me what to do with my tail and that, dear feline friends, is where I made a mistake. When I looked at the book later, it told me just to 'move the very tip of the tail', but I didn't know that, and so I was waving my whole tail furiously, and as I have quite a long tail, the seagull saw it and flew away! In fact, my tail was waving so much, it nearly knocked me off balance, but that is strictly between me and you!

Anyway, I have learned a valuable lesson and I shall know what to do when the occasion next presents itself.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Aaww, bless!

This is me at rest and looking very fetching, even if I say so myself!

I had such a busy day yesterday between one thing and another, that I just had to have a long rest on my couch and of course, herself just happened to have the camera handy, so here I am in all my glory!

The mist of yesterday disappeared today and my MH was away taking pictures again of all the people building another wall, so me and my DH just played about the house and tidied up the garden so I was still quite busy.

I also did my usual hunting and stalked a few birds but I didn't catch any as they are still too fast for me. My MH doesn't want me to catch birds, so maybe I won't. I shall just need to wait and see what kind of mood I am in from day to day.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Squeak in the Mist

I have been out playing all day because it started off nice and warm. My MH went out to take some pictures of people learning how to build a dry-stane dyke (a dry stone wall) and my DH cut the grass, so I went away for some peace and quiet.

It was lovely all afternoon and then the mist began to roll in off the sea and now it looks as though the whole world has disappeared again except my little island with its beautiful dry stane dyke! So today's picture shows me with the mist coming in and you can also see the mummy cows and the baby cows in the field at the back of my house.

I am still hoping that I can play with the baby cows before they get too big, but the mummy cows aren't too happy about that yet, so I shall be patient--for a wee while anyway!

Friday, 4 June 2010

A Big Adventure!

Well, I told you that yesterday was lovely and warm, and the evening was even nicer, so I took my mummy human out for a wee walk, and of course she wanted to bring her camera, so I did my posing for her before I went to play.
I had a great time hunting and chasing and sniffing and the nice farmer next door was putting some more mummy cows and baby cows in the field, so I watched them for a while and then went into my own special jungle.

I played for a long time and then decided to go home for a wee rest and I watched the news on my television. My MH decided she was going to bed early 'cos her swimming had made her tired, but I decided I would go out to play again, and off I went. Oh dear feline friends, I was out for hours and hours! My DH stays up late and he came and shouted for me at about 1:30am, but I pretended I didn't hear him and stayed where I was. BUT! he went inside and told herself that he couldn't find me and the next thing I heard was my MH's voice calling for me---and not too terribly happily I can tell you. And when I reached her, I understood why. She had been sleeping and had to come out onto the grass which was quite wet now with the night mist, and it was not a pretty sight I can tell you!

She had on her pink furry slippers, her pink pyjamas where were getting all wet at the bottom of the legs, and her big furry brown Winnie the Pooh dressing gown.

I know the name of a good therapist if you need it and I think that in future I will come when my daddy human calls!

Thursday, 3 June 2010


At last the sun is shining and it is warm, warm, warm! I love the sunshine and I love being warm, so I am very happy today.

I was up good and early this morning 'cos my MH was going swimming and she had to get ready, so she fed me and then I went out to play and I have been outside nearly all day, just nipping into my house for something to eat and a wee drink.

I was left to look after my DH and he spent most of the day working in his greenhouse and talking to the tomatoes. I went in for a wee while to keep him company and I had a seat on his chair. NOW! If he is working as hard as he says he is, why does he need a chair? My MH doesn't know either. Today's picture is me and the greenhouse.

There are some mummy cows and some baby cows in the field in front of my house and my humans fill up the water trough for them every day and I go with them, but the mummy cows won't let me play with their babies. Maybe when they are a wee bit bigger. I hope so.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Windy, windy, windy!

It is a bit breezy today and I am finding it hard to get out 'cos the wind is at both side of my house. When it is blowing from the North, I can go out the door, but when it is coming from the South, I nip in and out of the window, but today the wind is everywhere and I am frightened I get blowed away!

I am still quite little and I got weighed yesterday and I am still the same weight. I am eating lots and lots, but I am running about an awful lot, even when I am in my house 'cos I can chase all over the place and my humans can't catch me so I am getting plenty of exercise.

I need to be very careful if I go out when it is windy 'cos my MH said that if the wind takes me away, I could land in Stromness, in Hoy, or if it was a very strong wind, I could even land in Canada. That does appeal to me, but I would need to know if the wind could blow me back again. Maybe there could be a cat in the new 'Wizard of Oz' ?

Here is the next chapter of my story:

Chapter 7

Squeak hardly slept at all that night because she was SO excited and was desperate for morning to come. The previous day, Diggory had told them that his humans had some friends coming to visit, and they were bringing their horse with them.

Squeak had asked Diggory what a horse was because she had never seen one, but even after he had explained what it looked like, she still couldn't imagine it, and so she was up very early to see this strange new animal arriving.
She gulped down her breakfast and sped as fast as her wee legs could take her, across to the jungle where she met Sammy and Henry.
"Is the boat in yet?" she asked, and Sammy assured her that it had just arrived, so the three friends wandered over to the end of the road where they would get a good view of the new arrival, and after a few minutes wait, there it was. A horse! A jet black horse with a beautiful black tail and a lovely flowing black mane. Squeak thought she had never seen anything quite so beautiful, but it was SO big, she was a little bit afraid.

As the horse's owner took it into the field, Diggory ran over to his friends and said
"The horse's name is Midnight, and we will be in the field tonight if you want to come and meet her. If you want to come Henry, I will cone for you and carry you again."
"Oh yes please", yelled Squeak and Henry, and Sammy squawked his approval too.

The day went very, very slowly for Squeak and still she couldn't sleep. She just kept watching the clock until it was time for Diggory to come to the jungle and take them to the field which was quite a long way off. Finally, he arived, and Henry was carefully lifted onto his back and off they all went to meet this magnificent animal.

When they reached the field, Diggory bounded up to Midnight and introduced his friends.
"These are my adorable companions" he said. "They have been very kind to me even when I was dreadfully bad mannered and frightened them terribly. This is Sammy Seagull, Henry Hedgehog and Squeak the cat." The three animals nodded and smiled at Midnight, but they were all a bit nervous.
"I am delighted to meet you all at last" said Midnight. "Diggory has told me so much about you and I am very glad you are all such good friends. Would you mind if I played with you too while I am here?"
"That would be awesome" said Squeak and Henry just laughed.

The group of five played for a long time in the field, running and chasing one another, and while Henry and Squeak watched in amazement, Diggory, Midnight and Sammy raced one another to see who was the fastest. Sammy usually won, with Midnight coming second, but even when he lost, Diggory didn't mind and just smiled at his friends who were all having just a fantastic time.

All too soon it was time to go home as it was beginning to get dark and so Sammy deposited Henry on Diggory's back and they all set off with Midnight joining them this time. After some time, Squeak began to feel very, very tired and her little legs were getting slower and slower and she was afraid she might get left behind. But, as ever, Sammy Seagull was watching over her and he asked Diggory to stop for a while so that Squeak could rest.
"I am just a wee bit tired" said Squeak, "but I'll be OK soon." Midnight came trotting over beside her and said "If I kneel down, you could hop up onto my back and I will carry you, Squeak--if you would like that?"
"Oh yes, please, Midnight. That would be----"
"AWESOME!" chorused the other four.

All too soon the journey was over and when she got down, Squeak thanked Midnight and said that she had had the best day of her en-tire life. She couldn't wait to get home to tell her humans all about it, but they just might think she had been dreaming.
"Boy. What a FANTASTIC day" thought Squeak as she curled up on her couch and fell fast asleep.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I have put on a rather pretty picture of your truly today because today I am a whole twenty four weeks old. I am celebrating all that I can do and all that I have learned and I am a delighted little puss as well as an adorable one!

I have learned so much in these twenty four weeks and I have discovered that I am not really afraid of anything, and that I know when to get out of the way of dangerous things. I also know how to get away with being naughty, and I reckon that is the most important lesson of all. I just cuddle up on a human's knee and purr and they just melt, and I have won again.

I am also very surprised at how much my humans have learned in such a short time, but my training has paid off and they are just about up to scratch now, so I think we can all relax a wee bit.

No doubt there will be problems to overcome in the coming months, but if we all do exactly as I want, it should all work out fine. I shall keep you informed.

The next chapter of my adventure story, which is the penultimate, will be here tomorrow, so happy reading.