Saturday, 31 July 2010

I am in Love!!

My MH's friend came up to see us today and as usual I made an appearance 'cos I knew it was really me she was up to see. I told her about all my French adoration and she was suitably impressed, but the best was yet to come.

Now as you know, my humans do pet me a lot and my MH rubs my wee lugs which I adore and she also tickles my adorable little belly which sends my purrer into overdrive but S. found a spot that I didn't know I had and I was putty in her hands. She tickled me under my perfect wee chin and I was gone, dear feline friends, totally gone. I just rolled over on my back and purred and purred and purred. It was wonderful. I shall have to ask her to give my humans lessons 'cos they don't know how to to that and I LIKE it a lot and I think Iam in love!

I have had a very good day. Peace and order have been restored in my house and all the wallpaper and paint have been put away and I have once again become the focus of attention, which is only as it should be. Today's picture shows me just about to struggle up and use the remote control to watch some video of me on my TV.

C'est la vie, dear friends, c'est la vie.

Friday, 30 July 2010


I have been adored in French today! My MH has been learning French and today a whole lot of visitors from France and Switzerland came to my wee island for a picnic and then 'cos the weather got a wee bit cold they all came to my house and I had a fantastic time.

I was adored in French and in English and one of the ladies even played with me which was super, so I am now learning how to meow in French! I showed them all my toys and jumped up on to a few knees to be petted and they all laughed when my wee purrer got louder and louder.

I showed them how I could nip in and out of the window and they thought I was the cleverest pussy cat in the world, and who am I to argue with that?

Thursday, 29 July 2010

All Done!

Normal service has resumed and my bathroom is all finished and my house is nearly back to what it used to be.

My MH has put away all the paint and brushes and my DH has stuck all his wee bits of paper on the wall and put all the stuff back where it should be and it is looking very nice. Today's picture shows me giving it a good inspection and I gave it top marks, so we are all happy now.

I have still been getting a lot of attention and have spent a lot of time on my MH's knee which is one of my favourite places in the en-tire world, but it has been a good day and I have been out playing a lot too, so it has been a very good day and it looks as though things will be the same again now that all the work has been done.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Nearly there!

The gloss paint has been put away and the wood is all sparkly white again. My DH has nearly stuck all his bits of paper onto the walls and it is beginning to look like my bathroom again. I think it might be finished tomorrow, and I shall be a happy puss.

Not that I have been unhappy 'cos when my MH finished doing all her painting, she sat down on my couch for a wee while and I sat on her knee and I liked it a lot 'cos she tickled my tummy and I just love that. But bestest of all, she rubs my lugs and that is magic and it sends my wee purrer into overdrive, so I have been a wee spoiled puss today, but as we all know, I am definitely worth it!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


The decorating is well underway and the new wallpaper should be hitting the walls tomorrow, so I think I will stay well away from the bathroom.

I had a wee explore amid all the chaos today and my MH caught me in the bath, so I asked her to show you what it is like and she did.

She has been playing with the gloss paint so when I see the tin in her hand, I disappear. I have still managed a wee play with the humans though even though they are busy, 'cos they need a wee bit of TLC every now and then.

It is a good day so I have been out in my garden lots of times and I have been chasing lots of flies which is good.

I will let you see my bathroom when it is all finished.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Oh Dear!

Remember I told you about the decorating? Well, I was right! It has been quite a day in Chez Squeak and I have been chasing all over the place keeping out of the road.

Himself has been scraping wallpaper off the bathroom walls so that he can put clean stuff on again, although I don't know why he just left it alone, but herself had different ideas, and himself does as he is told----sometimes!

My MH has been playing with the paint brush on the bathroom door and every time I went in to see what was happening, I got shoo'd away very quickly, which made me a tad annoyed. A wee while later I crept in and it nearly changed my whole appearance. As you know, I am a black puss cat with while bits, but as my MH was wielding a paint brush full of white paint, I nearly turned into a white puss cat with black bits! So I decided that lying on my couch might be a safer option.

I shall keep you informed as to 'our' progress with the bathroom, but I think there might not be any new pictures for a day or two unless of course, it is of a painted Squeak!!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Day of Rest

I don't have very much to tell you today as I have been very lazy and have just been outside a wee bit.

I have been quite tired so I decided to stay near my house today and just nipped in and out the window when I felt like some fresh air, then I came in and had a wee nap on one of my chairs.

My picture today is me in my garden hiding from my humans but my MH finally found me and took my picture.

I think it might be a busy week in my house 'cos my humans have brought home paint and wallpaper for my bathroom and they are going to do it this week, so I think I will need to stay out of the road as I don't want to get painted.

I will let you know how we all get on.

Saturday, 24 July 2010


I am exhausted! I have been adored and adored and I am tired now.

We had lots of visitors last night and my house was very busy all day with my humans cleaning and cooking and setting the table. At one point I was afraid that I would get hoovered up or stirred into egg 'n' onion sandwiches so I just lay on my bed and stayed out of the way.

But it was worth it when all the people came and when they saw me they all agreed I was adorable, so I reckon it must be true. I was able to go from one knee to another and purred so much my wee purrer was tired but I did like all the attention and all the fuss.

AND! I have brought home my first 'present' and I must say I was disappointed with the reception when I louped in the window with a bird in my little jaws. Herself was not best pleased and himself took it off me and put it in the bin, so I am not sure if I will bring them any more presents.

I will let you into a wee secret but please don't tell. I didn't kill the bird--I just found it dead in my jungle--but it is a start and I shall keep hunting.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Another New Toy

My DH bought this one for me today and it is fantastic. I asked my MH to put it on my blog today and of course she did, so you can see it for yourself.

It is mouses on springs and when I clout (hit) them they make a rattling noise and spring back at me and I can keep going for ages. I like it.

It has been a good day with lots of times playing outside and having lots of fun. It is even getting a wee bit warmer, so I just followed the sun and had a wee sleep whenever I felt like it, then I came back into my house and had a play before going outside to do it all over again.

Ain't life good?

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

More about me

Hello. I am Squeak. I am now seven months old. I weigh 7lbs and I am adorable and getting adorabler by the day!

Those of you who read my blog know this to be true but I thought I would just say it again for any new readers who might be out there and not know me yet. I am a very happy wee puss and my humans look after me so well and keep me fit and healthy and happy, and they spoil me, but don't tell them that I know that!

My DH was cooking today and he made goulash for him and my MH and when he was doing it he gave me a wee bit of raw stew and I JUST LOVED IT. It was MAGIC! I hope I get some every time he does the cooking. Afterwards I went out to play and I had decided that if I met any bullies I would just say to them "Don't mess with me. I may be little but I eat RAW meat!" I am sure that will frighten them away.

I played outside for a long time today but it is still a wee bit cold for me so I think I will stay in tonight. I have sent you two pictures. One is of me (naturally) in my jungle and I think I do look rather fetching and the other is one I told my MH to take when the sun was setting outside our bedroom window and I like it very much.

I hope you do too.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Out and About

I have been having good fun today and the weather has been good so I have been outside and my humans have been outside with me too, which is what I like the very bestest. I play with them for a wee while but when they get tired, I go and explore all by myself and go to my very secret places where I see lots of birds and insects and mouses, so it is very good being a puss cat here.

I took my MH into our greenhouse to show her my plants and she was very impressed and I showed her all the things I could do like walking along my DH's shelves and meowing to the plants. I don't meow very much, but I purr LOTS! I can also sit on the windowsill and watch the boats sailing past my garden and I like that too. Maybe one day I will go on another boat. I have only been on our ferry but I would like to go on a fishing boat for a wee while, so I shall ask my DH if he can take me one day.

I wonder if I could catch fish? I can catch flies, but don't know about fish! Watch this space.

Monday, 19 July 2010


Not a-clay-pottering and not a-Harry Potter-ing, you understand, just pottering, or as my MH calls it 'footering'.

My MH had to go to the town again and that just left me and him to do what we love to do---just potter. We pottered in the garden and in the greenhouse and I enjoyed myself. My little tomato and pumpkin plants are doing spectacularly well as I am purring at them daily and I am even trying to teach them to wag their tails!! I might even succeed when I find out if they HAVE tails.

We chilled out all day 'cos it was warm and sunny and then we were ready for "the boss" when she came home. I gave her my best purrs and wrapping-round-the-legs greeting and we sat and chattered for a wee while then she suggested that my DH might like to cut the grass, and although he didn't really LIKE, he did it anyway, so my garden looks lovely again and the sun is sill shining.

I am going to have a wee lie down now after I play on my assault course and at the same time I will think about what I can get up to tomorrow.

Sunday, 18 July 2010


It has been much better today and I am back into my normal routine---out to play, back in for a wee bite to eat, out to play again and then back in for another wee feed and a wee sleep before heading out again. Not a bad life eh? I did watch a wee bit more of the golf as today's picture shows.

On one of my trips outside I helped my DH saw some wood 'cos he is making a shelf for my new television, so he cut the wood and I 'saw' it!! Get it? I like helping him 'cos I work for a wee while and then I do lots of exploring which is the best bit.

Some of our friends came in to see me and they hadn't seen me before and thought I was beautiful, so I was on my very best behaviour for them and played with them and didn't bite them so my MH was pleased with me.

The man on the telly said it was going to be a good night so I am going to have a wee sleep and then go out hunting for a wee while later on and tomorrow I shall tell you what I did and if I caught anything.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Indoor Pusuits

I have been watching the golf and I like it a lot. I think I am going to be a very sporty pussy cat 'cos I like watching golf and tennis and snooker and I have my own wee snooker table that my DH made for me, so maybe he could make me a wee golf course too.

It doesn't look too hard and if you need the wind and the rain for it, then there is plenty of them both here. I have stayed in nearly all day although me and my MH went for a wee walk in the garden but it got wet and cold, so we just went back in again.

There is a regatta at Stromness today and she took her camera down to our beach to see if she could get some pictures, but she got rained on there too, so she just came back and played with me and took some lovely action shots of my dear little self.

I just need it to get a bit warmer and drier and not too windy so that I can get out to play again.

Maybe tomorrow?

Friday, 16 July 2010

Still Raining!

Oh dear! It is still raining and me and Tiger Woods are not happy at all. I don't mind a wee bit of rain, but not great big heavy drops and not all the time. A puss cat needs to get out to play every now and then.

I have been out for a wee while but it is not the same 'cos all of my wee animal friends are hiding and I am all alone. So I just went back into my house and my MH played with me and it was the bestest of fun. As you know, I have lots of toys, so I just pick one and my humans play with me and we all have a good wee giggle.

But--sometimes my humans call me a monster and that's only when I get a wee bit fed up and do naughty (but nice!) things like eating the cable off her lap top and for some reason she gets a tad annoyed, so I think I shall maybe not do that any more.

Today's picture shows me trying to get into her handbag for her tic-tacs 'cos she won't give me any and I want to try them for myself. See?

I am hoping that tomorrow will be better and I can get out for a long play and maybe my humans will come out with me too 'cos I like that. I shall let you know.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Rain Stopped Play

----but not all of it.

There has been quite a lot of rain today, but not as much as Sean the weather man said there would be, but it is getting very dull again so maybe it will rain soon.

Anyway, I managed to get out to play for a wee while and inspected 'my' plants in the greenhouse and they are doing well. My DH has given me a tomato plant and a pumpkin plant for my very own wee self so I will keep my eye on them and make sure he is giving them enough water. And of course, I shall meow and purr at them daily.

While I was out I met a rather nasty doggy, or it could have been a nice doggy in a bad mood! Anyway, it started to bark and snarl when I went out and so I recalled VERY quickly what I had read in my 'Feline Fortnightly' and arched my back and hissed very loudly at him and he ran off.

Mind you, this might have had something to do with the fact that my MH was also hissing at the doggy and believe you me, dear reader, that is not a pretty sight and would send any doggy away! My MH and me have decided that we will look after one another and I was glad she was there to help me chase the doggy away.

We must have frightened him 'cos he hasn't come back again.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


I have been very busy today working with my DH in our greenhouse. He even put a wee chair in it for me so that I can sit and watch him when I am not working, and a wee bowl with some water and another for my biscuits, so I don't have to travel too far when I am hungry or thirsty, so that is good.

We were in there a lot today 'cos he is doing a lot of work with his tomatoes and some will soon be ready, so I am hoping that I will like them. I haven't had tomatoes before so it will be quite an exciting time for this little pussy cat.

Other things he is growing are pumpkins ans he has never done this before, so I think it is an exciting time for him too, but if there are any other green-clawed pusscats out there who know what to do to grow pumpkins, can you please tell me and I will tell my daddy human? Thank you.

I like being in the greenhouse 'cos it is lovely and warm and I can sit and watch all the birdies out playing and I can listen to the radio that my DH keeps playing, so I have had a very good day.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Life is Good

I am not a busy puss, but I have enough to fill my days just overseeing all that is going on around my garden and in my house.
We got a new TV last week, so that is keeping my humans amused and out of trouble, although my MH says she could knit me a jumper with all the cables that my DH says he definitely needs! She seems to think otherwise but doesn't know enough about it to move said cables, so I stay well out of the way of that one.

I play outside nearly all day except for a few wee naps on my couch just to recharge the batteries then off again. Sometimes my MH and me have yawning competitions!

There have been big jets flying over my little island all day practicing their 'low flying' and sometimes the driver waves to me. I like to see the planes, but I do not like it when they make so much noise. In fact I was a wee bit afraid the first time I heard the jets, but I am getting better now and I don't run away any more, I just wave my wee paw at them. I will see if my mummy can take a picture, but I think they might be a wee bit too fast for even her! I shall certainly mention it to her.
It is still not getting very dark so I stay out playing for a very long time and then I nip up beside my MH when she is snoring and I do the same! Night, night.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Not Much to Report

It has been rather an uneventful day today with my humans having to go to the town again, but the weather was good so I was able to get in and out of the open window, and so I could go out and play whenever I wanted to.

They weren't away too long but it was good to see them when they came back again and my wee engine was purring beautifully when they came in to my house.

I have put on two pictures for you to see today. Naturally, one is of me but the other one is of the sky which my MH took this morning when we were up at 3:30am. The sun had just set at one side of my little island and suddenly it came up again at the other side and this is what it looked like.

I wanted to go out and so I asked her very nicely by purring in her lug and that is the fantastic view we saw when we went to the window, so I told her she should get the camera and take some nice pictures which she did, and she was very happy when she wakened up and saw what she had taken!! (Tee, hee)

Sunday, 11 July 2010

More Rain

Well. After a good day yesterday when I was able to get out to play lots of times, it rained through the night and to-day has not been good at all.

To-day's picture is of your truly sitting on the window sill of my living room hoping that the rain goes off and as soon as it does, I am off too!

I have been a very good pussy cat and my MH has been very pleased with me, so I think I am safe for a wee while longer. I am not really a naughty puss. I am just very lively and very inquisitive and sometimes that gets me into trouble, but I am learning fast and soon I shall be very good all the time. BUT---then the stories for my blog might not be as interesting, eh?

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Curried Squeak

You who regularly read my blog, know that I am in trouble again! My MH threatened to make Squeak soup the last time I was naughty and she said that it is only because it is too warm, that I am not Squeak curry!

I know you will find it hard to believe that I could do anything to warrant such harsh treatment, but I shall tell you the story and you can judge for yourself. Picture the scene:

'Tis 3.30 am and we are all asleep, but I have wakened up and have decided I want to do some exploring, so! We have a flat-screen TV in the bedroom which sits on a unit beside the wardrobe and in behind the unit are the cases for my MH's guitars. SO! Yours truly nips up one of the cases, springs, balances beautifully on the telly and walks the full length of it until I come to the wardrobe which I leap up onto the top of. Now. On top of the two connecting wardrobes my MH has lots of different dolls and soft toys such as huge teddy bears and hippos, plus rabbits and a tiger. So as I wander among this zoo, I give them a wee pat and an wee thump and it is NOT my fault that they start to fall down and some of them even fall on the floor which wakens herself. It is still not a brass band, so himself does not waken (see earlier blogs if you are a tad confused by this remark.)

Needless to say she is not best pleased, hence the threatening remark which I now know to be all hot air, 'cos she would need to catch me first, and I am FAR too quick!!

What will I get up to next? Stay tuned to find out.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Do Not Adjust Your Set!

It is an upside down photo, but don't I look stunning?

I am a very well pussy cat but I have been soaked twice today and I might go outside again. As you may have guessed, it has been very wet today, but I did not want to stay in so I braved the big outdoors and oft I went.

I played in the grass while all the rain was teeming down and I actually quite liked it, but when I was all soaked to the skin I jumped up on to the window sill and knocked the window till my humans opened it and let me in. When my MH saw me she got out all the tissues and dried me off and that was nice too.

A wee while and a wee sleep later, I went out in the rain again and came back even more soaked but this time my DH opened the window, and for some reason wasn't too pleased when I nipped in. It may have been because as I stood beside him, I shooked my adorable little self and all the rain that I was carrying went over him and he was all wet too! My MH and me had a wee giggle at this, but please don't tell him or he will be even more not pleased.

I have decided that I am going to be an all weather puss and will go out everyday unless the wind is so strong that it might blow me away, and acos I like it here, I don't want to be blowed away.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Another 'aaww' picture

I have quite a few of these of late as I am growing into a very handsome kitten.

You can see my modesty is growing as well, and as you know, dear reader, I take that from my MH who insists it is her best feature. Shame, really isn't it?

It is still quite blowy today so I am in and out for lots of little adventures but it is a bit windy to stay out too long. Mind you my MH and I were up at three o'clock this morning and then at half past seven 'cos we couldn't sleep, so we had a wee play with my toys and then after a long time, we went back to bed.

My MH is writing a story and I think her wee brain had finally lit up in the middle of the night and up she got to 'capture the moment'! What a pity these moments don't come at a better time 'cos I was in the middle of a lovely dream and just about to pounce on the ginormousest mouse you have ever seen which I had been stalking ALL night, when suddenly 'CLICK' the light went on---both in the brain and in the bedroom and that was it---GONE!

One escaped mouse and one unhappy wakened-up pussycat! Maybe tonight?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Don't I ------

---look cute? Not to mention adorable.

I decided I needed a 'good' picture for my portfolio, so I posed for a good wee while to let the old dear get a few lovely shots and she was so happy with herself. It doesn't take much these days.

It has been a fine day although a wee bit windy and I have to time my jump when I try to get back in the window or I look a wee bit silly as I fly off the window ledge, and I WILL NOT have the swallows tittering at me---(get it? Good, eh?)

When my MH came home today from being out, she took out the Wii machine again and I got weighed. I am a perfect, (and adorable) 7lbs and my Wii Mii says I am doing very well, so it must be so.
My little bald patch is growing in quite nicely, thank you, and I shall soon be back to normal. Meantime I sometimes play the sympathy card and crawl up onto a knee for a cuddle, and it works every time. (Tee hee!)

What will tomorrow bring?

Don't I------

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Pole Dancing!

Yes! I finally managed to get to the top of the pole and to hang in there until herself got the camera case, got the camera OUT of the case, switched the camera on, pointed it in the right direction, yelled 'say cheese' and clicked!

Yours truly finally breathed out and promptly fell off the clothes pole!!!
It has been a super day. I have played and played while my DH played with his new TV, and I heard them saying that they would get me wee 3d goggles too so that I can catch fishes in my living room, so that should be good. I have had plenty of exercise and it has been a really good day as I have been posing for lots of pictures which my MH likes taking and I am getting used to being a super model, although right now I have to be careful what side I show, 'cos I would rather the whole world didn't see my wee baldy bit, although my lovely fur is growing in again quite quickly, so I think I shall be back to being wonderful again very soon.

Of course, I have never stopped being adorable and quite purr-fect!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Another Action Shot

Today's picture shows me performing one of my favourite daily routines. Eating! I love my food and I have a very good appetite. I get lots of lovely biscuits and a wee drop of soft food in jelly and I demolish the lot, almost before it hits the plate, sometimes.

I like all of my food and I drink lots of lovely cold water too, so I think I will grow up to be a healthy cat when I stop being a healthy ( and adorable!) kitten. My MH says I am not a baby cat anymore, I am now a kitten, although according to her, I am sometimes a monkey! But she loves me just the same.

If you are concerned when you look at my picture that I might get too hot when I am eating, please don't worry. That is a Rayburn you can see, but we don't put it on 'cos we have 'lectric and just keep the stove in case the 'lectric goes off. So I won't get burned while I am dining.

You can see by the way I am licking my lips, that today's offering was a favourite, and so I now need a wee after-dinner nappette!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

A New Game

I have had a brilliant day! I am feeling very well and I have been out to play lots and lots of times, so I am a very happy puss cat.

My MH's friend brought some of her friends up to meet me and as usual, the word 'adorable' was used lots, and it definitely WASN'T for my MH!! (Tee, hee) There was a thunder and lightning and hailstone storm this afternoon, so I scooted indoors very quickly 'cos the hailstones were hurting my adorable little body, especially my wee bald patch! It didn't last too long, (the hail, that is, not the bald bit) though, and I was soon outside again, trying to avoid being carried away by the swallows!

While I was in, my MH and I played a new game and I loved it, and today's picture shows me having a wee giggle with my mummy afterwards. She, of course, is having a giggle at the OTHER side of the camera. We had been cleaning the bathroom and putting in fresh towels so when we were coming out, we played bull fighters with one of the old towels, and my MH was the matador and I was the big fierce bull! It was great fun, and I charged and charged and then she whipped the towel away with a great big 'Ole' which made my DH think we were both a wee bit cracked, and that made us giggle even more.

It was just the brilliantest fun, but I don't think we will do it for real----maybe?!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Oh Happy Day

I am just about back to normal again except for a wee baldy patch on my adorable little body, and so I have been allowed out for a wee while and my humans came with me to make sure I was OK.

It was SOOOO good to be out playing again and I liked going back into the long grass, although I have a little problem just now and that is with the swallows.

They are nesting in the big shed and there are lots of baby swallows and so whenever I go near them, the parent birdies dive bomb me and it is not nice. I have tried telling them that there is enough room for all of us, and actually I am here ALL the time, so it is more my space than theirs, but they will not listen to me and keep flying right over my adorable little head, which annoys me.

I may have to find another hunting ground for a wee while---we will see! At the moment I am just so happy at being out to play again, that I am not getting annoyed at anything at all.
Today's picture is me having a wee rest while my mummy human writes this own our computer and then we are off out again.

Have a good day everyone.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear!

I have not had a good day at all, and I am a not happy puss.

I am very well after my wee 'procedure' and I am bouncing around full of beans and the weather is glorious---warm and dry and sunny.

So, why am I not happy I hear you ask? Acos I cannot get out to play!! I have to be kept in until tomorrow afternoon when it will probably be raining. I have tried everything---meowing piteously, yowling loudly and stamping my little feet and NOTHING!
I sat staring at the door, then on the window sill and still NOTHING! My MH explained why I couldn't go out, but I pretended I didn't understand her, which is naughty I know, but I am in a bad mood 'cos I WANT OUT TO PLAY!

To be fair, my humans have played with me in my house, but as all my feline friends know, it is not the same. I shall go to bed early tonight and hope that the weather stays warm for me tomorrow and that I can get back to normal.

I shall let you know.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

What a Day

Well, I was right! The word WAS vet, and I was wheeched off on the first boat this morning to go to the aforesaid vet for a 'wee operation' which went very well, and the vet was very pleased with me, which isn't really surprising really.

I had not the best of days as you can imagine, but I am fully recovered now and I am bouncing around my living room as I dictate this blog to my MH. The only slight problem is that I have to stay indoors for two whole days and I am not going to like that at all, and if I don't like it then I am afraid I will be rather unbearable to live with for those two days!!

I shall let you know how I get on. The good side of today is that I got a new toy with a big surprise in it. The toy is a furry fish which is one of today's pictures and the big surprise is that it makes funny noises when it is squeezed, which my humans didn't know when they bought it for me!

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on the state of their nerves, I don't have enough weight to jump on it and make the noises, but I am getting heavier, so I will be able to do it one day SOON!!

I shall let you know!!

(PS I like exclamation marks!!!!!)