Thursday, 30 September 2010


No. I don't have worms, but I discovered one last night when I was out in my garden.

I was walking along the path and there was this slithery thing at my adorable little feet, so I did what every brave pussy cat would do, and tried to have a sniff. Yeukk! It felt cold and slimy and I didn't like it very much at all so I tried to catch it with my little paw, but it just curled up out of my way and I couldn't catch it.

I repeated the process over and over but I couldn't lift it or touch it so I just left it alone and walked away. What a funny thing it was!

I have good fun today because it has been nice and warm and calm, so I have been out playing lots and lots and at one point even my MH came out and played with me and that was good. I helped my DH bring in some of our tomatoes which are doing very well and they are happy again now that I go in and talk to them and they told me that they had missed me, so that was nice.

I have had a busy day, so I am going to have a wee feed and then a snooze on my couch, but I might go out again later on. I shall let you know.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Rain Stopped Play

It has been a wet and windy day here so I have just been going out for lots of short trips just to make sure everything is as it should be, but it is too wet for me to stay out too long, and then I have to spend so much time getting myself all dried off again, that it is quite exhausting for baby puss cats, although I am now nine months old, so I am nearly not a baby any more.

Sometimes my MH gets the kitchen roll and she dries me and I like that 'cos she always ends up tickling my tummy and I love that 'cos it makes me giggle.

So I have been playing with all my toys again in my living room and that is good fun and I have spied something else which looks very interesting.

Seemingly, my MH changes her curtains in the Spring and they are short ones, but when the winter comes, she puts up long ones and these ones are now lying on the spare room bed ready to be put up by my DH. WELL! I think they would just be magic for climbing on but I haven't mentioned that to her yet. I shall see what they are like when they go up and then I shall let you know.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A Quiet Day

Nothing much to report today. The humans went into Kirkwall to do some shopping so I was left to amuse myself.

I can do this quite well 'cos they leave the window open for me and I can get into my house whenever I want to and then I can go out again. I had a wee blether with my friends the cows and then I went into the shed to see if there were any mouses in the big shed, but although I could hear them, I couldn't see them so I think they were hiding from me.

Yesterday, I chased a sheep! I was coming out of the big shed and there it was---just standing staring at me. So what should I do? I could either slink away and try and get home, or a could stare back. So that is what I did. I stared back at this big sheep and took a few steps forward, and the sheep ran away!! Oh I did chuckle. I must look ferocious!

I may end up terrorising the neighbourhood!

Monday, 27 September 2010

New Friends

I have a new best friend and today's picture shows the two of us having one of our heart-to hearts.

Her name is Molly and we have a chat nearly every day when she comes and has a wee lie down at my fence and when I see her there, I nip out of my window, and we can blether way about nothing at all for hours. It is really good fun and we can have quite a giggle too when I tell her what my humans have been up to. She thinks they are really funny.

Molly won't be in that field for long 'cos the farmer moves the cows around, but they don't go too far away, so I can always find her.

I have been in the shed again chasing mouses and I caught another one but it ended up in the bin as well, so I am really wondering if it is worth the bother. I spend hours and a lot of energy trying to provide for the humans and they don't seem to appreciate it at all. I shall have to reconsider.

I was tired last night 'cos I had been out for a long, long time and it was dark when I got home, and when I went to bed, my MH told me that I had been snoring and she thought it was very funny-----she should hear what I hear when SHE is sleeping!

Funny is not the word I would use!

Sunday, 26 September 2010


I told you I had cockerels outside my house and here they are. I have decided not to bother with them, 'cos when I get near them, they just run away, but one tried to peck me, so it was my turn to run away---but with my head held high!

I went into the shed that the nice farmer next door leaves open just for me to play in, and I caught my first mouse! I took it home with the intention of framing it and starting a collection, but unfortunately, the humans had other ideas and my trophy landed up in the bin.

I was not best pleased, I can tell you. I had gone to a lot of work to catch it and HE puts it in a bin. I don't even have a cat flap that would let me sneak in with my catch---oh no, I have to come in the door or the window, and so they can see what I am bringing in and then they get rid.

I shall have to devise a cunning plan.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Normal Service has Resumed

Life Chez Squeak is definitely back to normal again. The washing machine and the dreaded Hoover have been buzzing around for days, and me and my DH have escaped to the greenhouse to talk to our tomatoes.

When my MH's friend came to see me, I didn't go with her to the greenhouse 'cos she might have thought I was silly talking to my wee tomatoes, but since my DH does that too, then it is OK, so I have been going in with him until the coast is clear in my house.

The camera is out again and my every move is being photographed, but the one she hasn't got of me yet is the one with me and the cockerels. There are four cockerels just outside my gate and I don't know where they have come from and when I try to go up to them to ask them, they just fly away, so I shall need to try something else and I must remember to tell herself to bring the camera 'cos that would be a good picture for you to see.

Friday, 24 September 2010

New Picture

You may have been wondering why my old photographs have been appearing for the last couple of days? I asked my MH why she hadn't been pointing her camera at me the way she did on a daily basis before she went away, and she told me it was all full of Africa and there was no room for me, which peeved me just a tad.

However, she must have noticed my disappointment, and all the Africa pictures are now on discs and I am back in the camera---where I should be!

I am liking having them back and I have been playing lots with my humans and then I have a big sleep on my couch, so things are definitely back to normal, and normal I like!

I am a happy puss.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

A Brilliant Day

I have had a brilliant day!

I wakened my MH gently at 4:30am this morning by jumping on her toes 'cos I needed a cuddle and once she came down from the ceiling, she did just that and my little purrer started working and it hasn't really stopped all day!

I have been in and out all day and I have had MILLIONS of cuddles so I am a very happy puss cat. My MH's friend S. who is now my very bestest friend, came up to see me again and she played with me for a long, long time and we had great fun. I have got lots of toys and we played with them all before she got a wee bit tired.

I am now sitting on my MH's knee dictating today's post and I am still purring, so it has been a very good day.

I hope your day has been just as good.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Return of Squeak!

I am back, which means THEY are back too. My humans arrived in this morning at 8:30am and wakened me out of a really good dream, but I was pleased to see them.

I have been so lonely with no-one to talk to me or to play with me and I have been pining away for three whole weeks! OK, that is the story I am SUPPOSED to tell, but the truth of the matter is--I have had A BALL!! My friend A. came to stay in my house and sometimes his brother J. came too and they just adored me and made a fuss of me all the time, and then my MH's friends came in every day to see me and they played with me too and talked to me and tickled my tummy and did everything I wanted them to do, so I have been very fine indeed, although I did miss my humans a bit, but it is not time to tell them that yet. I shall let them suffer for a wee while before I let them know.

I have been playing in my house for most of the day 'cos it is raining and also because the humans were emptying two great big suitcases and I was able to chase all sorts of things while they were doing this and then I played in the empty suitcases which was the brilliantest of fun, so I have had a very good day, and I have learned another valuable lesson which I shall now pass on to all my feline friends.

Do not play with dirty socks!! Oh my, I tried this and I was nearly overcome with the awful pong. My adorable little head was spinning, so I will never do that again. I don't know where THEY had been, but the odour was definitely not for delicate puss cats such as I.