Saturday, 30 October 2010


I am a wee bit tired today after my big adventure yesterday, so I have been lying on my couch a lot, and my MH took this very fetching picture of me as I was dreaming of catching mouses and chasing things and being a very brave puss altogether. I do think I look adorable! She told me that when I was sleeping, my little tail was working all on its own. So it must have been a really good dream.

I had a wee treat as well today 'cos when my MH was making a curry for the dinner tonight, I got a wee bit of raw stew and it was wonderful. I liked it a lot, so I hope she makes more curry soon!

I am not sure what is going on in my house today but my humans have been decorating black cloaks and looking out big black pointed hats, so I am a little befuddled.

I shall find out and let you know, but I am keeping a very low profile in case it is something I won't like!

Friday, 29 October 2010

BIG Adventure

Because I am now a nearly growed up cat, I decided that I needed to spread my wings a wee bit---or, since I am a puss cat, I needed to stretch my paws!

So with that in mind, I went far away from my house today to places where I had never been. I went past my big shed where I love playing with the mouses, and went away over all the fields smelling all sorts of things that I hadn't sniffed before and I had great fun.

I was away for a long long time and my humans were a wee bit worried about me, and in fact, at one point when I looked up and couldn't see my house, I was a wee bit worried too. But my little sniffer was working very well and I found my way back again quite easily.

It was a brilliant adventure and I was talking to some ducks who were having a play in one of the big puddles in the field. They wanted me to have a swim with them, but I told them I hadn't taken my towel so I couldn't, but maybe the next time? I didn't tell them I couldn't swim and just liked a paddle 'cos I was afraid they might giggle at me. I don't think I want to learn to swim.

It was a brilliant adventure and I loved every second of it, but I am tired now and need a wee nap on my couch.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Growing Up

I am nearly a growed up cat now and my humans have been telling me that, so it must be true, but I think I shall still be able to play with my toys and still bounce around my living room like I do now. My MH said I don't need to do anything different as they love me just the way I am.

Sure that is nice?

One difference is that I am now getting some cat food mixed with my kitten food until I get used to it and then I will grow up bigger and stronger and I will be able to run faster and jump higher, so I am looking forward to that.

I have had good fun today playing in and out and sliding in my kitchen with my little green ball and one of my MH's friends came and talked to me this afternoon when she came to see our 3D TV, and she liked it and I liked it when she talked to me and played with me for a wee while.

I still haven't got my 3D specs, but I am sure that is just an oversight. Tee hee!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I have very little news for you today 'cos I have been an indoors puss all day. It is raining really heavy rain and the wind is quite angry, so I decided that I was not going out, and that's that!

However, I have been playing with my humans and my toys so I have still had lots of good fun. I love going out to play 'cos there are lots of lovely sounds and smells round about my house, but I am quite happy staying inside too especially when my humans are at home and when they play with me.

They have been working on their computer and so I have been playing in the study and there are lots of places I can hide and I can get up to an AWFUL lot of mischief there, so all in all it has been a good day in spite of the weather.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Happy, happy puss

A long, long time ago when I was just a baby puss, I had a wee green furry ball that I played with and I just loved it 'cos I could chase it and carry it in my mouth. I could throw it up into the air and catch it and then jump on top of it, and I took it everywhere with me.

And then--tragedy! I lost it. I couldn't remember where I put it. Eventually I got over the disappointment but I never forgot my very favourite toy.

Then yesterday, oh joy of joys. While I was chasing something else I found the wee green furry ball and I was the happiest puss in the en-tire world! I chased it, I threw it up into the air. I caught it and I jumped on it. I even played with it at night time when my humans were sleeping and it just happened to land on my MH when she was snoring, so of course I had to jump on her too!

It stopped her snoring. In fact it nearly stopped her breathing! Perhaps a jump too far?

Monday, 25 October 2010

More Info.

I am going to tell you a wee bit more about me 'cos that is my favourite subject.

I am Squeak and that is a very good name for me 'cos it's what I do all the time. I don't meow very often---only when I am in trouble like when I get shut in the big cupboard by mistake, and then a couple of wee meows have my humans come running fast. I purr all the time and when I am talking to my humans or playing or jumping, then I squeak. My MH sometimes tries to squeak back at me, but she doesn't know that language and gets all mixed up, and that is awful funny.

Although that is my name, my MH has other names for me like 'monkey' or 'rascal' and even some that I can't print here!---- but she loves me really.

I live on a little island and from every window of my house I can see the sea. There are sheeps and cows on my island as well as hens and ducks and even pheasants and peacocks so there are plenty of other animals for me to play with. These animals don't belong to us, but most of them belong to the nice farmer next door to me who leaves his big shed open so that I can go in and play with the mouses whenever I want, and he doesn't mind if I play with the little lambs and the calves for a wee while before they grow up.

It is good fun growing up on a little island and I will tell you more later. I hope you will like that.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sporty Puss

That's a wee bit of a lie, I'm afraid, 'cos I wasn't DOING sport, I was watching it on my television, but I think I could do it 'cos my MH says my wee front paws are magic especially when I am playing with the wee plastic blue and white ball.

I chase it all over the house, but the best place to do it is in the kitchen 'cos we have tiles there and it rolls and slides everywhere and I can run and slide after it and it is just the bestest of fun.

But today my DH was watching the football and I decided that I liked that and so I watched it too. My MH quite likes to watch but she prefers tennis or athletics, so you can see we are quite a sporty family!

From our armchairs, that is, although my MH does play on her Wii so I s'pose that nearly counts!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

A Mixed Bag

Another day doing lots of different things. It was a nice warm sunny day when me and my humans wakened up so we went into the garden and I could hear some of the starlinsg whistling for me and there were some ducks quacking too, so I meowed back to them to let them know I was up.
My MH decided to wash the outside of all the windows so while she did this, I played in the garden and watched what she was doing and she talked to me all the time she was busy and I like that and sometimes I meowed back and sometimes I gave her one of my special squeaks and she likes that a lot.

Then my DH took me into the greenhouse to let me see that our yellow tomatoes were all ready and we brought them into the house for my MH and she was very pleased with us.

After a wee while the rain came on and we had all to go into the house and the humans played with me and my stick with the elastic and the feathers on it and that keeps us all amused for hours, and then I saw a rainbow which was lovely.

So it has been a good day so far and I still have a lot of energy left for night time,

Friday, 22 October 2010

This and That

I have lots of wee bits of news to tell you today because I have been doing lots of things and I have been a very busy puss cat.

First of all I went with my DH round to our greenhouse 'cos all the tomatoes are nearly finished now and we need to start making it all tidy. When I say 'we' I really mean 'he' 'cos I am just a puss cat and can't do these things, but I sit on his chair while he is working and I make sure he is OK and he likes that and he tells me stories and I like that too.

When we were there we noticed that my MH's sunflower was ginormous and so he took a picture of me with this great big plant. My DH said it was a sunflower bu my MH had told me it was a magic beanstalk and if I climbed up it I might find a big angry giant, so I didn't go near it just in case, --but I think that might have been a fairy story-----I think!

While we were very busy doing all this greenhouse stuff, my MH was at her French class and when she came home she told me some new French words, so this next bit is for N. the French lady.

"Je m'appelle Squeak et je suis un petit chat noir et blanc."

Maybe there are some French puss cats out there who can write to me. That would be good fun.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Still Cold

There is more snow on 'them thar hills', so I am staying indoors as much as possible and I am creating mayhem according to my humans, so I think that is good.

I am not sure if I will like the snow 'cos I was just a very wee baby puss the last time the snow came here and I don't remember it very well, but I shall see what it is like and then deal with it in my usual Squeak manner.

I have been doing a variety of things especially chasing my tail which keeps me going for ages, although mainly round in circles, but it is good fun and it makes my humans laugh, so that IS good.

My picture today is of my attacking pose under my rocking chair. I hide here when my MH is playing with my toys and then I pounce out as quick as lightning and try and take them away from her and we play that game every day and it is my very favourite.

Another thing I like doing when I am in my house is watching my television and my very favourite programme is 'Strictly Come Dancing'. I love all the sparkle and I think I might learn to dance like that one day when I am a bit bigger.

I might become world famous as the first dancing cat! Watch this space.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Things are back to normal again in my house and I am being adored as usual. I got lots of cuddles last night and I am a happy puss and my purrer was working really loudly which makes my humans smile at me.

It has been so cold today that I haven't been out much at all. There was even some snow up on the top of the hills so I am definitely not going up there. I am just going to stay in my house where it is nice and cosy.

My MH was playing with me and when she rubbed my adorable little tummy, she said it was nice and warm, so that's the way I intend to stay.

My DH was fixing all his maps and he took them all out of the bookcase, and of course I had to have a little look at the empty space and my MH took this very fetching picture of me which I wanted to share with you.

I know you will see how I adorable I am!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Supervisor Squeak

I am having a very quiet day today and I have been on my very best behaviour after my narrow escape yesterday 'cos I'm not sure how good my MH's memory is, and I don't want to take any chances.

I have been in a very helpful mood and I went with my MH into her wee gym and I helped her do her exercises. My DH built a shed for her at the side of my house and she has a treadmill and a bike and a rowing machine so she plays on them two or three times a week and I go in with her and meow encouragingly which I know she really appreciates.

After all that exertion I needed a wee rest, so I had a snooze and then I went into the greenhouse with my DH and we talked to our tomatoes. There are still a lot on the plants and he is talking about making chutney, so I will see if I like that or not.

Then I got weighed and being a very good puss, I stood on the scales while my MH checked my weight and I am still an adorable eight pounds, so I am doing OK and my humans tell me I am as fit as a fiddle. I think this is because I still race round my house at breakneck speed and jump all over the furniture.

I jumped up onto the kitchen chair this morning, but I was going so fast that me and the chair slid right across the kitchen. Oh it was good fun and I must try it again sometime.

I think they should have called me Speedy!

Monday, 18 October 2010

A Wii Bit of Bother

I was in BIG trouble this afternoon, and I am sure it's due to the fact that I can run fast, that I am not already Squeak stew! Oh the Boss was NOT happy!

Picture the scene! She has been playing tennis on the Wii for quite a while and it is a good game. The scores are two sets each and my MH is leading in the final set and it is 40 all and advantage to herself. I am having my afternoon siesta (you can tell I am multi lingual!) and am snoozing away quite happily on my couch.

She is just about to hit the winning shot and yours truly decides to see what all the commotion is about, and so I jump up in front of my TV and she misses the perfect (according to her) shot and then goes on to lose the game. My was she livid! I am sure I could see the stew pot and the carving knife looming in her brain, so I had to think fast.

I put on my very best 'I am very sorry MH' look and made a couple of really plaintiff squeaks, and as usual, she melted and all was forgiven. (I do know which buttons to push!)

But it was a close encounter just the same, and I think I might stay clear of the Wii for a while--maybe!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

A Tale of a Tail

I have been playing hide and seek with my MH and it has been good fun but I have a problem, and that is with my wagger---that's what my MH calls my tail.

I have a long tail and I haven't really learned yet how to control it. I can't do the bit where just the end swishes. Instead I wag it very hard and my friends say it is like a windmill whooshing past them and sounds like somebody beating a drum! I shall have to work on it 'cos it is spoiling my games.

My MH was changing the sheets on the bed and I was playing hide and seek under the duvet, and I kept so very, very still and hardly breathed, and what was my wagger doing? Yep. Bashing away from side to side and completely out of control. Sometime I wonder if it IS mine! My MH was in fits of laughter but she still pretended she didn't know where I was, and that's why I love her 'cos she plays my games.

It happens when I am hiding in the living room too 'cos I hide under the cover on the couch and nobody would know that I am there, except my tail is peeping through, but again. my humans pretend they don't know where I am.

At least I think they pretend, maybe they just don't see well. I shall investigate and let you know!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Lots of Things

The weather is good today and so me and my humans have been out in the garden lots of times. I took my MH out first and we played on the grass and then my DH came out to see what we were doing, so we all played and it was really good fun. I need to make sure they get enough exercise---so that they are fit enough to look after me, of course!

As usual my MH took lots of pictures of me and as usual, I look wonderful! She was hanging out some washing and I played on the clothes poles and at one point I was right up on the top of said pole and where was her camera? In the house, so she missed the picture of the year! Oh dear.

Today's picture of yours truly shows me dictating my post as my MH sits with her feet up putting it on her computer so that the whole world knows what I am doing. I like sitting behind her 'cos then I make sure she writes down everything I say.

I don't want you to miss my pearls of wisdom. Have a good day.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Grape Fun!

I have ANOTHER new toy, although this one is a wee accident.

My humans were away shopping today and went for lunch 'cos tomorrow is my DH's birthday and the Boss was treating him, so I was left to my own devices, so I played with some of my toys and then I had a little nap until they came home, and that's when I discovered the new toy!

My MH had bought some fruit and she had grapes and when she was putting them away, she dropped one and that's when the fun began. It rolled around my kitchen floor and I chased it and played football with it all over my kitchen and it was the very bestest of fun and it lasted for ages and ages and I loved it!

I didn't eat it though 'cos my MH said that grapes weren't good for puss cats, so when I was finished playing with my grape, I put it in the bin.

I hope she drops one again tomorrow, 'cos my wee paws need exercise every single day and football is really good with grapes.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

A New Position

I have been trying out all the different seats in my house and I have found the very comfortablest ones to have a wee sleep on.

I have a swivel chair in the study and I can lie there and watch the birds and the sheeps and the cows while my humans are playing on the computer. Then there is the recliner in the living room which is my favourite 'cos it has two very comfortable cushions that I can curl up in and have a good snooze after I have chased all over my house. Sometimes I get a wee bit tired and need to have a nap.
I have discovered a new place to sit if I want to see out of the windows and that is up on the back of my couch 'cos from there I can see more birdies and lots of boats and I like that. The other brilliant thing about sitting there, is that when I feel like it, I can jump down on to my MH's lap 'cos she sits at the end of the couch.

Sometimes I do this when she doesn't expect it and it gives her such a fright that she shouts out loud and I have a wee giggle 'cos it is so funny although I think it is making the old dear nervous, so maybe I should stop. Maybe!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

No Doubt

Believe it or not, but there are some people who do not agree with me and my humans that I am adorable, and so today's picture is really for them to put an end to all the doubts.

Can you honestly look at that photo of yours truly and not go 'ahhhh'? I do it every time my MH shows me it.

It has been quite a busy day in my house with one thing and another and I have been in my garden lots of times. I even got caught in the rain and came in the window soaking wet, so my humans had to dry me again.

Then I went into the bedroom and climbed up on top of the wardrobe. I love doing that and sometimes I knock some of the soft toys off the top of the wardrobe and on to the floor which does annoy 'the boss', but I just purr at her and she doesn't get angry. Talk about soft!!

I nearly got a row today though when she was playing tennis on her Wii 'cos just as she was about to hit the winning ball, I jumped up on to the telly to try and catch it, and she missed. Oops! She wasn't best pleased, and I haven't worked this telly thing out yet.

Where do the balls go when she misses them 'cos they don't come on to my floor?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

More Visitors

I have been left to my own devices today 'cos my humans were busy with a visitor that came to my house, but once they got all their work done, then they all adored me--even the visitor who said he didn't really like cats.

I was a tad shocked at this, but was on my very best behaviour and even he started to play with me, so maybe he will change his mind now.

When I was out in my garden, the cockerel came back in to see me and we played together for a wee while, but then I got a wee bit tired and he went away. He just stayed outside my fence, so I can play with him whenever I want 'cos I am still quite little and I can squeeze through the fence quite easily.

I like escaping and having big hour-long adventures, but I always come home.

Monday, 11 October 2010

A Busy Monday

Monday is always a busy day chez nous and today was the same except even busier 'cos as well as hoovering and dusting and polishing and washing, my humans decided that the grass needed to be cut so the awful lawn mower appeared as well.

You may have noticed that every now and then, I slip in a little French phrase. Well, my MH is learning French and she teaches me a wee word or two, so I can meow in English and French, and not many puss cats can do that, eh?

It is a good day here and so while the Boss was doing all the indoor domestic stuff, me and my DH retired to our greenhouse for a wee one-on-one with our tomatoes. Me and my DH call my MH 'the boss' when she can't hear us and we have a wee giggle about it.

So after all that was done, it was decided that we would cut the grass and said lawn mower arrived, but at the same time, so did my friend the cockerel, so before the grass cutting started, me and the cockerel played chases all over my garden.

Because he is older than me, I let him win 'cos I didn't want him to be embarrassed in front of all his lady friends 'cos I am a very good puss.

I shall beat him next time!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sleepy Puss

It is Sunday again and I have been very lazy although I did have a wee bounce round my living room and played with my ball on a stick which I just love!

My humans went out visiting for a wee while so I had a play all by myself and then they played with me when they came home, so I am quite tired now and need a wee lie down on my couch before 'Strictly Come Dancing' comes on. I have been watching it and it is my favourite programme.

I am going to ask my MH if I can do my Wii exercises in sequins rather than Lycra. I can definitely see me in sequins.


Saturday, 9 October 2010

A Wee Paddle

Well. Since we are into autumn and nearly winter, my DH put all the garden ornaments away in his shed in case they all blow away over to Stromness, but he leaves the bottom of the fountain in the garden 'cos it is all wired under the stones and it doesn't blow away.

Well. When the rain comes on, it fills the bottom of it with water, and then when the wind comes, it blows it all away again, and I love watching it happening, but it isn't too windy today and it has been raining so there is some water in the bottom of the bowl.

Well. What is a puss cat supposed to do? Of course I had to have a closer inspection and I even had a wee paddle and a wee drink and it was really good, and that is when my MH saw me and took this very fetching picture of me having a wander round the bottom of our garden fountain.

I wonder what I will get up to next?

Friday, 8 October 2010

Favourite Game

As you know, I have lots and lots of toys and I play with them all the time, but I have a new favourite game that I play with my mummy human and it is just the very bestest of fun.

When she goes to bed at night, I go in and lie on top of the covers with her. She puts her hand under the covers and I have to find it and pounce on it and I LOVE doing it. We do it lots and lots of times and I never get tired.

Last night my MH was laughing at me 'cos she said that when she stuck her hand up, my adorable little ears went up, and when she put her hand down, my lugs went down and she thought that this was really funny.

So it is a good game for both of us and keeps us well amused.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

More Bouncing

I am still in very good form and I am still bouncing all round my house. My MH played with me and my ball today and we had brilliant fun and I have put a picture of me under my rocking chair so that you can see me nearly in action, as I am just ready to pounce.

When the awful vacuum cleaner came out, I went into the greenhouse with my DH and we had a chat to our tomatoes which are still growing really well. So well, in fact, that I think the humans might be eating them for a long, long time!

I had a long cuddle with my MH this morning and we are getting into a routine where I gently waken her up by landing somewhere about her person, and then I lie beside her and we have a wee chat about what we are going to do and I purr and she cuddles me and it is lovely, so I like starting my day like that.

The weather has been good today and I have been out playing a lot, but the wee weather man on my TV said it has to get very windy, so my DH has taken in all our garden ornaments in case they blow away. My house is quite high up on our wee island, and no matter where the wind is coming from, it always blows here and sometimes even my humans get blowed away, so I stay indoors if it is windy-----just in case.

I got weighed again today and I am now eight adorable pounds, and I am nearly a growed up cat. I knew you would want to know that.

Happy cuddles to you all!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Full of Beans!

I am still full of beans and am having great fun playing and chasing and climbing! I am so full of energy my humans are wondering where it is all coming from and I think I am tiring the old dears out!

I love it best when they play with me but I am very good at playing all by myself with my toys or a bit of string that my DH cut off one of the grocery boxes. I play lots with that.

I have a rocking chair in my house and I spend lots of time under that. I can hide there and then I pounce on whatever happens to be there---a ball, the string, a hand or a foot---it doesn't really matter---I go in for the kill!!

And then my humans laugh at me when I go up on to my couch and go spark out. I think they forget that I am still quite little and use up a lot of energy, so I need lots of little power naps.

Mind you, I think my humans need more power naps than me!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


That's what I have been doing. I have been in sparkling form. I wakened up this morning and I was in a really good mood, so I bounced around my house for hours and hours----round the living room and out the window. In the window and round the bedrooms then out the window again.

And then I played with all my toys and my MH helped me with this which was brilliant, then we had some visitors and they laughed at all my antics 'cos they said they have two pussy cats who just sleep all day and don't play like I do, so they thought that I was -----yep! adorable!

My humans say that all these people come to see them but I think my fame is spreading and that they really come to see me, so I have to keep practicing all my tricks.

I am now a wee bit exhausted to I think it is time for a wee nap, and I need to find a comfortable lap.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Lots of Fun

I had a brilliant night last night 'cos we had lots of visitors in my house. My MH's friends came in with their brand new baby girl and they brought their friends too, so my house was quite full.

The baby is beautiful but made very funny noises, and as she was too wee to know that I was adorable, I stayed out of her way after I had a wee look.

The rest of the humans played with me and all my toys and I had really good fun and then I gave everybody a fright, 'cos they were all talking and didn't see me jump up behind the curtain where I sat on the window ledge for a long time, and then I clouted the wind chime really hard, and everybody jumped! Tee hee, I think they thought I was a ghost. Oh me, how I did laugh!

I have been climbing again today. I go up on top of the television in the bedroom and then up onto the wardrobe where there are lots of soft toys and as I pass I just happen to knock them on the floor. It is one of my favourite games and today's picture shows me on top of the TV.

I think I look cute, don't you?

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sunday, Sunday

As all my readers will know, Sunday a la Squeak is a day of rest and so I have been doing very little.

My humans have been all sporty this weekend--not doing sport, let me add, but watching the golf and now the Commonwealth Games, so I have had plenty of chances to sit on knees whenever I feel like it.

The weather is quite good so I have been taking little strolls outside just to catch up with what is going on in my world and to have a wee chat to the cows and the cockerels. There are some sheeps too in the field beside my house and I will go and see them later today. I don't want to overdo it on my day off 'cos every time I come in, I have to give myself a good wash and that is quite tiring.

My MH told me I have to be clean and tidy 'cos my auntie S. is coming up to see me, so my little tummy will need to be clean enough to be tickled. I am looking forward to seeing her 'cos she makes a fuss of me and says I am adorable!

'Nuff said!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Happy Puss

It is better today 'cos somebody has switched the wind off and it is even sunny, so I have been out playing a lot.

I like when my humans leave the living room window open for me 'cos I can come in whenever I feel like it and then I can go out again. I have been playing in my garden and have been having a wee chat to one of the cockerels---some of them have gone some place else, but one of them always comes back to see me.

I haven't caught any more mouses. I think they hear me coming and they all run away. I shall have to learn to tip-toe.

I had a good wee cuddle with my MH when we both wakened up in the middle of the night. We had a wee chat and then I cuddled in and we went back to sleep again.

I like that and so does she and she tells me to 'coorie doon' which means cuddle in and that's what I do until she snores and then I am off! Just when you thought I was getting all sentimental!!

Friday, 1 October 2010


NO! I don't have wind, either! But it is blowing really hard today around my house that I am afraid I might get blown away and end up like Toto in the 'Wizard of Oz' and who knows where an adorable little puss cat like moi would finish up---and that would never do.

My friend the weather man on my TV said it was going to be windy, but this feels like a hurricane to me. They say that people on Orkney are so used to pushing against the wind when they are walking, that when the wind stops, they all fall down!! Tee hee.

I decided that I would be best staying in and watching the golf on my new telly which is 3D and I am hoping I can get a special pair of glasses too to watch the wildlife programmes, but it is so wet in Wales, that all the golf men have stayed inside just like me. My humans are not best pleased.

I have chased everything in my house and played again with the string off the boxes that my DH brought back from the pier, and that was good fun, and then my humans put up the long winter curtains----the curtains are long, not the winter!!---so I may have a run up them later when they are watching the TV. I shall let you know.

I am now resting and re-charging my adorable little batteries!