Friday, 31 December 2010


I have been in a very cuddly mood today and I am glad to say that my humans have pandered to my whims and they have cuddled me whenever I wanted.

It started through the night when my MH had to go to the little girls' room and, of course, I had to go too 'cos she gives me a wee biscuit before she goes back to bed. So we both did what we had to do, and when my MH went back into bed, I jumped up and lay on her tummy and she told me lots of Christmas stories and we lay and chatted for a while----well, she chatted and I purred 'cos I was really comfortable and happy.

Then we just stayed quiet for a while and we both fell asleep and I lay there for a long, long time and I think that has made me all soft and cuddly today.

The humans are going out tonight just before midnight 'cos all the people from the island meet up in one house to see in 'The Bells' which is what they call the start of the New Year, so I shall be on my own for a wee while, but I have been promised a New Year's cuddle and a wee extra biscuit, so I don't mind.

I hope you all enjoy your New Year celebrations too.

Thursday, 30 December 2010


I have been away on a big adventure today and the picture shows me hiding from my MH with her camera!
I jumped out of my window and nipped through the fence into the great big field in front of my house and I sniffed lots and lots of beautiful smells and it was just brilliant!

Now, I know I was only a few feet away from my garden, but to a little pussy cat with little legs, that is a long, long way and I felt as though I was miles away from home. I stayed out sniffing for a long time before I slipped in through the fence again, then jumped back in the window and lay down on my couch for a little rest.

It was a good adventure.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Good Day

I have had a good day and my humans seem back to normal again which is good for me 'cos they spent more time amusing me, which I just love.

We played all day and my MH told me lots of stories and I sat on her knee and purred a lot which she likes, so we were all happy!

All my lovely snow has disappeared now and I have lots of grass in my garden again. All the little birds are able to get some food now, although my humans are still putting food out for them and I watch them out of my window when they are having their dinner, but being a good puss, I leave them in peace.

I have been out exploring lots of times today and I like the grass when it tickles my little paws, and there are lots of little puddles that I can jump in, so things are good for me just now.

I hope they are good for you too.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Ho Hum

I have been left to my own devices today as my humans were away out, and as well as that, the whole island was away out with them! They were all away over to Stromness for a meal to celebrate my M & DH's anniversary and I was left to look after this WHOLE island all by myself!

Now, as you know, this is a little island, but I am just a little puss and it would take me a long, long time to walk round it all to make sure it was OK, so I decided to stay home and hope! And everything was OK.

When my humans came home they made a great big fuss of me and I got loads and loads of cuddles and then they played with me. AND, they brought me home some chicken! Not exactly a doggy-bag, but certainly the next best thing!

It was almost worth being on my own for a few hours!

Monday, 27 December 2010

All is well

Things are well in chez Squeak and we are still all having a restful time. The snow is starting to disappear but my little weatherman friend said it might be back again. I hope so 'cos I like the snow but my humans are getting a wee bit fed up with it now.

I had to go out to-day and help my DH to dig out his car from all the snow and I had good fun while he did all the hard work, but at least I was there to meow encouragement, which I know he appreciated!

We had some visitors in this afternoon and I was in sparkling form. I admit now that I was showing off a wee bit, but I started my 'mad half hour' as my MH calls it. I ran into my kitchen---very quickly----then ran from there, straight through my living room where the visitors were, and out of the window. I ran round the garden path for a minute or two, then ran back in the window, through my living room and into my kitchen! I did this lots of times until I was tired and the visitors were truly amazed at my speed and agility.

I am now going to have a wee sleep on my MH's knee.

Sunday, 26 December 2010


Santa DID come to me and I am such a happy pussy cat! I will let you into a wee secret. I didn't really believe my MH when she told me Santa would come 'cos I didn't think he would know where I was, or what my name was or what I would like----but I kept on hoping and it all worked our perfectly.

I got up really early on Christmas morning and ran through to my living room, and there, under the tree was a present with my name on it, from Santa! So he does know me and he does know where I live and he knows that I am a good pussy cat, so I am very happy.

When my humans got up later on, we all opened our presents and my humans had extra special presents this year because today is their Ruby wedding anniversary and I gave them an extra purr and a cuddle today. However, back to me. I got a Christmas stocking with lots of goodies for my adorable little tummy and some toys to play with so it was just purrfect!

Then later on I got some duck for my dinner, so it was a very good Christmas for me.

I hope yours was as good.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Nearly There!

Just one more sleep and Santa Claus will be here. I am so excited that I can't settle to do anything. I have played outside for a wee while and I have played with my toys for a wee while, but I am just WAITING!

It is still very cold but my MH took me out to play in all the snow and my little legs kept disappearing into the deep snow until my adorable little tummy got really cold, then I ran back into the house to get heated up again.

I hope everybody out there has a very good Christmas and I hope that all my feline friends get lots of lovely presents.

Happy Christmas!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Funny Day

It has been an unusual day chez Squeak and I have not done very much at all, but my humans have been busy 'cos this was the island party tonight and my MH organises it, but I couldn't help her this time, so I had to amuse myself.

We did manage a bit of 'girl time' through the night when my MH got up to go to the toilet and when she went back to bed, I decided I wanted a cuddle and another story, but I jumped up and accidentally landed on her tummy. So, after she stopped shaking, we had a wee chat and she told me all about the party that was going to be that night. I was quite excited 'cos Santa Claus was coming, but my MH told me it was just for the children tonight and he would come back to me on Saturday----'cos I HAVE been good.

We did have a wee short time outside in the snow but it was very cold so we went in and played inside my house and then the humans had to get ready to go out and I had a wee sleep till they came back home and then they played with me again.

I went out for a wee while later at night and it was dark but I am not frightened 'cos I like the dark and I like to go exploring at night. And then when I get cold or tired I just jump up onto the window sill and my humans let me in.

I have them well trained!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Cold, cold, cold!

It is freezing cold today and I have asked Santa to bring me wee boots for Christmas 'cos I love being out in the snow but my little feets are getting so cold and my humans laugh at me when I shake my back paws after every step I take in the snow. So I need boots. Maybe I could be in pantomime if I get them?

I was outside a lot today and the snow is really deep and very crisp so it crackles when I walk on it and I like that, but when I was out, there was a big mist came rolling off the sea and I was frightened it would cover me, so I went inside again---very quickly.

We are having a party tomorrow in the Hall for the island children and my DH has been doing the parcels for 'Pass the Parcel' and I have been helping him, although I don't think he appreciated my help, especially as I was sitting on the paper that he needed. But I was only warming it up for him! Tee hee!

I wonder if I will get a party?

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Another 'Oops'

I am in trouble--again, and I hope Santa wasn't watching or I am definitely off his list. I knocked over the Christmas tree!
I was just doing a wee bit of exploring, very quietly so that I didn't disturb the humans, when CRASH, I moved the wrong way and the tree landed on the floor and my poor MH got such a fright she nearly landed on our ceiling!! I would have laughed, but knew I was in deep trouble and even the most endearing purr didn't work. It took me nearly half and hour to be adored again.

Apart from that, it has been a good day and I have been out in the snow again with my humans. My DH was sent to the town to get a haircut before he tripped over it, and the Boss told him he had to be tidy for Christmas, so oft he went and while he was away, we played outside and it was good fun.

The snow is lovely and crackles when my adorable little paws touch it and I like that noise. I saw some geese and some ducks but they were up in the sky so they didn't see me. There have been lots of animal noises like sheeps and dogs and ducks and geese so my little island is quite interesting just now and it still looks beautiful.

Oh and by the way, my DH looks tidy now, so the Boss is happy!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Super Duper day

It has been another brilliant day for me and I have loved every minute of it.

I have been outside a lot and I have been playing with my humans inside too, so it has been a busy day for this puss cat. My MH does lots of housework on a Monday so I help her when she is dusting by trying to hold the duster for her and she likes this 'cs it makes her smile, but when she brings out the vacuum cleaner then I disappear 'cos I DO NOT like that.

After we had finished in the living room we went into the bathroom and while she was cleaning the bath, I sat in the wash-hand basin and clunked the light switch and the shower switch and they make a lovely noise when they hit the wall. The light switch has four little wooden wheels as a handle and they make a LOUD noise, but the shower switch just has a wee plastic button on it and it makes a quiet noise, but when I hit them both hard off the wall, the noise is really loud, and I like that. Oddly enough, my humans don't like it, which is a shame 'cos I'm not going to stop!

When all the work was done, my MH put on her welly boots and we went out to play in the snow and she took me for a walk away down to the big sheds which are all covered in snow. I jumped in all the deep snow, and when my wee tummy was getting wet from it, I leaped up on a big stone for a wee minute until I had dried off. We were out for a long time and it was really good fun.

In the afternoon we played with my toys in the living room and I like it when my humans play with me 'cos I chase them and then they catch me and tickle my tummy which makes me giggle and it makes me happy too.

So today has been super duper.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Cold Feets

Literally--I have cold feets! All four of my adorable little paws have been so cold today, but I didn't want to go inside 'cos I was having so much fun in the snow with my humans.

We played in the garden for a long time and there were lots of bits in my garden where the snow was very deep and I could jump on these bits and get all covered in snow and it was very good. My humans still cant get out of our big gate but we can open the little one so it is OK.

Our little island looks lovely and the children have been making snowmen so they are having good fun too.

Eventually, I decided it was time to indoors for a heat and a wee feed, but first I had to clean my little paws and that is what today's picture is, and I do apologise for having my tongue out, but I was just doing what an adorable cat has to do.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

More yippee!

It is still snowing and my garden is all white and I have found a new game. I go outside and find a bit of the snow that hasn't been walked on and I attack it and leave a lovely shape in it. Magic!

I have been jumping in it and running in it and diving into deep bits and I love it. We have had a lot of snow today and there is a great big pile right behind our cars and when my DH went to have a look at it he was nearly disappeared, so I stayed away from it in case I was disappeared and not found again.

I have written my letter to Santa and I am still trying to be good, so I am sure he will bring me what I have asked for.

I hope he brings you what you want.

Friday, 17 December 2010


Remember yesterday I hoped the snow would be better today? Well, I was right, and it is---much, much better.

It has been snowing a lot and because there has been a big wind at the same time, there are HUGE piles of snow everywhere and my garden is all covered in snow and I am loving it again. There is a great big mountain of snow just inside our gate so we can't get the car out and one of our friends had to bring our messages up from the pier, so all my food has arrived safely.

My MH took me out into the garden and we had great fun. I jumped in the snow and shovelled it with my adorable little nose and my MH made funny designs with her footprints so we both had good fun. After that, I had a wee rest and then I went out again, but this time all by myself.

It was beginning to get dark when I went out, but it looked quite bright because of the snow, so I could see every thing. I explored and sniffed and jumped and ran until my little legs were tired and my adorable wee feets were cold, and then I went back into my house.

I will probably go out again soon.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Ups and Downs

Well, when I wakened up this morning I was a very happy puss cat 'cos the snow had come back and was outside in my garden. So I gulped down my breakfast, and ran outside, and that's when it hit me.

It was HAIL! And it was SORE hail!! It was hitting me everywhere and it hurt, so I was back in the house before my MH had time to call my name, and I have been in all day.

I am quite happy playing in my house 'cos I have lots to do and my humans play with me lots of times, so I never get bored, but I wish it had been real snow----maybe tomorrow!

I had a good birthday day yesterday and had a special dinner of chicken which I just love. My MH sang happy birthday to me and gave me a special cuddle so it was a very good day and I am now a growed-up pussy cat, but I won't let it change me.

I am still going to be a rascal!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Another 'oops!'

Today is my first birthday and I am a very well puss. When I was born, I wasn't very well and thought that nobody wanted me, but the lovely people at the Cats Protection here in Orkney looked after me and made me a lot better.

At the same time, my humans decided they wanted a pussy cat and they phoned the Cats Protection people who told them about me and, as they say, the rest is history. I am very loved and well looked after and I am now very well and don't have any more sneezes or coughs, so this is a super birthday for me.

Now for the 'oops'. It is very cold and wet today so I have been getting rid of all my energy in the house by running round all the rooms at the speed of light. I went in and out of the window quite a lot of times and would run very quickly from the kitchen, up on to the stool at the window, up on to the window sill and out.

Well, I was having a wee rest and playing with my Christmas decoration in the kitchen, so my MH closed the window, but of course she didn't tell me. You know what's coming, don't you?

Yep! I made another mad dash--through the kitchen, through the living room, up on to the stool, up on to the window sill and was just about to launch myself out of the window, when I noticed AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE that there was no space there and I skidded to a halt. I am sure there was smoke coming from my adorable little paws!!

I am sure I would still be adorable even if I had a flat nose!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


My MH was away to Kirkwall today to do some shopping 'cos my little friend the weather man says it is going to snow again on Thursday and we are going to have gale force winds, so she thought she had better go before she got blowed away.

Me and my DH worked outside for a wee while but I kept nipping inside for a wee feed and a wee rest while he stayed outside. We had a good day and I helped him lots, although I don't think he really appreciated my help.

Then my MH came home and she brought me a Christmas present! I don't know what it is but it is under the tree, so maybe I should stop climbing the tree in case it falls on my present and breaks it.

After her tea, she had to wrap some more presents so I helped her too and this time my help WAS appreciated, especially when I tried to steal some sellotape!

I think I am going to like Christmas.

Monday, 13 December 2010


I have not been a monster today. I have been a very good puss full of energy and bouncing round my house, but I have NOT climbed the Christmas tree.

My humans have told me that I can keep my little Christmas toy, so I have been playing with it in my kitchen which is just magic 'cos we have tiles on the floor and it slides all over the place. Mind you, so do I!

I have been out playing lots and lots and last night I went out for a long time in the dark and I loved it. There are lots of noises and smells that I can follow and I feel like a very grown up pussy cat when I am outside all by myself in the dark.

My MH's friend came over today and she had a giggle at me 'cos I was inside her shopping bag having a wee sniff and what she had brought. I love sniffing in bags and my MH giggles at me too.

I will let you into a secret. My MH told me that Santa would only come if I had been a good puss, so that is what I am trying to be. I only hope I can last for twelve days. It is a LONG time.!

Sunday, 12 December 2010


That's what my MH called me today, and I don't know why 'cos I was just being a caring, concerned puss cat and had a closer inspection of our Christmas decorations.

How was I to know that the tree wasn't for climbing on? Nobody told me until it was too late really. I did try it a few times in the hope that the humans might change their mind and let me play in among the decorations, but they haven't ---yet!

We have another decoration which is Santa Claus sitting on his chair with lots of toys and things round about him, and whenever there is nobody looking, I pinch one of the toys and play with it. My humans put it back again and we start all over again. Brilliant game and today's picture is me with one of the ornaments.

But still no reason to call me a monster!!

Saturday, 11 December 2010


There is not too much news today except that the weather is still awful and I have been indoors all the time playing with my toys and my humans.

But there was a wee surprise here today as Santa came over to our wee island too see some of our children, but sadly not to see pussy cats, so I had to stay at home. There are three little children and two big children so Santa makes a special trip to see them and he comes with his elves on our ferry boat. All the humans go with the children and sing Christmas songs at the pier although my MH said it was a bit windy for that today, but they had mince pies in the waiting room afterwards.

Sometimes I wish I was a human----but not a lot 'cos I like being a very spoiled pussy cat!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Oh Dear

It has been an indoor day today because it is very wet and very windy and definitely not a day for pussy cats like me to be outside. So I have been sleeping on my couch and playing with my toys.

I also helped my MH when she was making the bed and that is one of my favourite games 'cos I hide under the duvet and she doesn't know where I have gone and she gets all worried and calls for me and after a wee while I pop out from under the quilt and she gets all excited again.

It is a super game but I do get a wee bit worried that my MH isn't the brightest of sparks 'cos surely she MUST know where I am?

My DH went to Kirkwall again so I gave him my list and I am now just waiting eagerly for him to come home so that I can see what he has brought me.

Thursday, 9 December 2010


My MH told me all about the Christmas story and the Christmas tree so I am really excited now 'cos it's not too many sleeps till Santa Claus comes although it is my birthday first. I am one whole year old on 15th December, so I think I will be getting lots of presents this month. My MH says she will help me make out my list for Santa so I shall need to do some serious thinking.

I have had a few wee inspections of our Christmas tree and the Boss caught me with her camera, so the 'who, me? No!' look doesn't really work, does it? There is a wee angel in particular that I have my eye on and she usually lands on the floor and then I get a row, but I just purr and giggle.

All the snow has nearly disappeared now and I can see green grass again, although there are bits of my garden that still have snow on them, so I can play in that. We had a lot of rain last night and that took away all my lovely snow, but my wee friend the weather man says it will probably come back, so that will be good.

I'm off to have a wee think now.

Dear Santa-------------

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Too Windy

It is a not nice day today and I haven't been out playing too much. There is still a lot of snow and more came to my garden last night, but it brought the wind with it too, so I can't get out 'cos I don't like the wind in case I blow away.

I went out for a wee while and attacked as much snow as I could and when I was ready to go inside, I jumped up onto the kitchen window and when my DH saw me, he opened the door and I flew in!

I am quite liking being in the house today because my humans are doing something very odd indeed. They are putting a tree up in my living room and it has got lots of wee toys on it and funny lights. It looks lovely but I don't know why it is there, but my MH said she would tell me all about it tonight, so I can't wait.

I helped to put all the tinsel on and I tried to climb to the top, but my humans told me not to do that, so I stopped.

Maybe later!!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

More, more, more!!

I am in danger of repeating myself, but I am having a fantastic time in all this snow. We had lots more snow last night and I went out to play in my garden just as it was coming down and it was blowing around so much, my humans could hardly see me.

Because we live on a wee island---it is only 2 miles long and 1.5 miles wide with only 24 inhabitants!---and because of the sea, the snow never lies for very long, but there has been so much snow this time that it is staying very deep which is brilliant for puss cats like me and children who can't get to school and spend the day playing on their sledges. Magic!
It is not very cold and my humans have been out playing with me all the time and they don't need heavy jackets but they do need their welly boots. I don't have boots and the snow is deep and my legs are little, so my adorable little tummy gets wet and my MH dries it for me when I go inside.
I was jumping in it today and at one point I nearly disappeared and I made my MH laugh 'cos after every step I took, I shook my back paws and she thought I looked very funny.

I am a happy puss.

Monday, 6 December 2010

More Snow

Today had been absolutely brilliant! There has been tons and tons of snow in my garden and I have been out playing lots and lots of times.

I was running in the snow and rolling in it, and at one time my DH said I was like a snow plough 'cos I was pushing all the snow away with my little nose. I just LOVE the snow!

I even discovered that I could widdle in it too! It was lovely and soft on my adorable little bottom, although a tad on the chilly side, but that was a completely new adventure for me. My MH took a picture of me at this point, but I would not let her send you a photo of a lavatorial nature. 'Tis not the done thing, is it?

And to round off an almost perfect day, I even caught a mouse as it was scampering across the snow. I thumped it hard, but it scooted away into the snow and I had to chase it again until I found it.

This day has been MAGIC and I can't wait for tomorrow!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

My Toys

Since I have been in my house for most of the day because it is so cold, I have been playing with all my toys and I thought I would let you see them, so that is today's picture.

I have lots of different things to play with like feathers on a string that my humans play with me and I also have a wee ball on a string and I can chase it all over my living room. I have a furry fish that plays a tune when I stand on it and I like to do that, and I also have lots of wee balls and roly poly toys but the thing that I have loved playing with this weekend is a big ball of string that my DH took off our box of messages. He tied it in a ball for me and I just love it. I play with it in my living room and I can carry it around with me wherever I go.

My oldest toy is my climbing frame that my DH made for me when I was just a wee baby pussy cat. I can climb on it and run up and down on it. I can jump up onto the top of it and I can even sharpen my little claws on it, so it is a very good toy.

I know I am a very lucky pussy cat.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Trouble again

I am in the cat equivalent of the dog house! As I told you yesterday, I was having a quiet day. Well, by night time, I was feeling full of energy and as it wasn't a bad night at all, I nipped out of the window at about nine o'clock.

Now, I normally do this, but after I have had a wee wander round for about half an hour, I just nip back in again. However, I stayed out until 12.30 in the morning and my humans were worried about me, so much so that my MH was out in the garden, in the snow, in her dressing gown shouting for me and my DH was all round the out buildings looking for me but they didn't find me.

As it is my MH who writes this for me, and as she doesn't know where I have been, I can't tell you either, but I was doing 'cat things' and I liked it. In fact, it was my intention to nip in, have a wee bite to eat and nip out again, but as soon as my adorable little paws had hit the floor, my DH shut the window as said 'No, dear Squeak, you are not going out again'

Those weren't his exact words, but I got his drift!!

Friday, 3 December 2010

A Quiet Day

It is very cold today so I have been in my house a lot, but I have been out in the snow for a wee while and when I get cold, I just nip in again.
My MH was working on her laptop and I snuggled in beside her and watched her and every now and then I would put my adorable little paw on her keyboard and funny things went up on the screen and she had to rub it all out again, but it was good fun.

We played with my toys for a while and then we went into the gym for some exercise---more for her sake that mine, 'cos I get lots of exercise either in my garden or racing round my house until I run out of steam and have to have a wee lie down.

I am hoping tomorrow is not too cold and we can all go out into the garden and maybe make a snowman and a snowcat. We'll see.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Oops number 2

I think there might be a lot of 'oops' in my life 'cos I am a very inquisitive pussy cat and like to know EVERYTHING that's going on in my house.

Well. Today was no exception and after we had been out playing in the snow, we went inside 'cos my MH had to do some domestics, and I had to help. My humans like music and so there are HUNDREDS of CDs in my house and today they were all being taken out of their little cupboards and cleaned then put back in again.
Now, these little cupboards are in a unit which sits on the carpet and then the television sits on top of it, so it is within very easy reach of yours truly.

So! As my MH dusted them and put them back a few at a time, I put one adorable little paw in the other side and knocked them all down again. Boy, what a brilliant noise it made, so I kept on doing it. She would put in 5 and make them stand up, I would give them a delicate clout and they all fell down again. Magic fun! My MH said it took her twice as long to get the job done, but we did have a wee giggle at the same time.

My little island is looking beautiful just now all covered in white snow, and today was quite bright, so the sea was very blue and everything just looked lovely.

I like being here!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Squeak and Santa

My DH was playing on his computer today and he made this picture of me and I think it is just magic.

My MH told me the story about Santa Claus and his reindeer and I thought it was maybe a job I could do next Christmas, but my humans told me that if I wanted to do that, then I would need a red nose, but I just told them that if I stay out in the snow long enough, I might get a red nose!

It is very,very cold today and when I run on the snow it crackles under my little paws. It was a wee bit difficult when I tried to jump back in my window 'cos the snow on the window sill had frozen, and I slipped off again, but then my MH opened the door, so that was a bit easier.

But I still like the snow---LOTS!