Monday, 31 January 2011

Night Time

I have been out for hours and hours these past few night and I am having the bestest fun ever. Chasing and sniffing and hunting---just magic. I think I might become a night time pussy cat, although I do like cuddling up to my MH when it is cold and windy, so I am a wee bit torn just now.

My little friend the weatherman says that the wind is going to be gale force this week and there might even be snow, so that may curtail my nocturnal activities---we shall see.

My MH got a new mobile phone today and there was a lot of funny words being said as she got it all set up----and I don't think it is right yet! Oh joy!! Me and my DH might be better staying out of her way.

I shall let you know when the coast is clear! Be good fellow felines.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Hunting Again

I was out a lot last night---for hours and hours in the dark and it was so calm that I could hear all the wee mouses and I could see them play with them, so I was having such good fun that I didn't want to go inside, and I just got in before my humans put out all the lights and went to bed.

I have had another brilliant idea and it came to me when I was watching my television last week. There was a programme on about the 'Up Helly'A' parade in Shetland and all these big, brave vikings were marching through the streets, and I thought, since I am a brave puss maybe I could be a Viking pussy cat! My MH could maybe make me a helmet, and I wouldn't need horns on it 'cos I could stick my adorable little ears through and they would stick up. She could make me a woolly coat 'cos there are plenty of sheeps here. I wouldn't need a sword 'cos my teeth are sharp and my claws are lethal. So I think I would be the perfect candidate for the job.

I wonder who I need to write to?

Saturday, 29 January 2011

WELL........ window plan didn't work last night, but it nearly did. Let me explain. I was sitting very quietly and very innocently while my humans were getting ready to go to the Hall for their Wii night, and I pretended I didn't mind at all. So far so good.

The weather sounded fine and I was sure my luck was in especially when my MH told my DH that she would leave the window open for me. YESSSSS!! I was delirious with happiness and anticipation. So just as they were about to leave, my MH opened the window, and I couldn't believe my adorable little eyes, 'cos the horrible wind had got up and the curtains were flying all over the place. Even the pictures were grabbing on to the walls in case they would blow away. So guess what? The window got closed again. NOOOOOOO!!!!

I was a very disappointed pussy cat and even a special cuddle from MH just before she left didn't help at all. I had to be content with having a wee snooze till they came back, which wasn't too late.

Things then got much, much better 'cos when they came in, I went out the door side of the house which was a wee bit sheltered, and I found a MOUSE!!! YESSSS again! We played for ages and ages running round my garden and then finally it got away from me and I went inside and went to sleep.

So, all in all, it wasn't a bad night, but I am just a tad tired today. All this big game hunting is exhausting for a peedie (wee) pussy cat.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Ho Hum!

Still no birdies at MY birdbath and I am getting a wee bit fed up waiting. My MH says it is because I am there that the birds won't come, but if I am not there, then I can't play with them. What is a puss cat to do?

AND, my humans have just told me that they are going to the Hall tonight where everybody is going to play on the Wii and I am not invited!! You all know that I am very good on the Wii and yet I have to stay home. Oh dear, what is a puss cat to do?

I have been helping my DH to get his greenhouse ready for all his plants and vegetables and then I lay on the back of my couch and watched my MH making some more cards. She has been very busy making these 'cos she says she likes to do it during the winter so that she can play outside with me in the summer, so I am not complaining.

There has been no wind today so we have been able to leave the living room window open and I can nip in and out whenever I feel like and that makes me happy.

A thought. If my humans leave it open tonight when they go out, I could nip out and go to the Hall to play on the Wii!

A brilliant idea!!!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Out and About

I have been outside nearly all day as the weather has been good and I have been lying very still beside the new Squeak---oops, sorry birdbath, but no birdies came down to see me.

My DH was in his greenhouse getting it ready for the Spring and as my MH had the AWFUL vacuum cleaner out, I went outside too and me and my DH had a nice quiet time in his greenhouse. I wonder if I will get any tomato plants this year to talk to?

When I went inside, I got some lovely cat chocolates which I gobbled up. I don't get real chocolates 'cos my MH says they are not good for me, and between you and me, dear readers, they ain't doing her much good either, but that is strictly between you and me, or I shall definitely be in the soup pot!

I am off for a wee snooze on top of her lap top now. I like there 'cos it is nice and cosy for me and my MH talks to me when she is using it, so we are both happy.

I hope you are happy too.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I TOLD You So!!

I have been in the new birdbath! Just as you knew I would!

My MH was away out this morning for a wee while so my DH and me decided to surprise her and put the new birdbath outside so it would be ready when she came home. We worked very hard and I had a wee wander round my garden every now and then to see if there were any mouses about, but I didn't find any, so I just went back to work.

When my MH came home she was delighted with us and because she was so pleased, I knew she wouldn't be angry if I nipped into the birdies bath for a wee look. There wasn't any water in it, and there weren't any birdies near us, so it was OK. I don't want to frighten the birdies away 'cos I know they have to have a wee feed, but when they are not there, I might have a wee drink out of the bird bath ----when my humans are not looking.

We even have a wee plastic robin and blue tit for me to play with too, but they are in the shed until Spring time.

I am looking forward to Spring and Summer!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

New Toy

My humans went into Kirkwall today to do some shopping and I was a very good pussy cat while they were away and they played with me when they came home so that was OK.

They told me they had had a good day and had bought lots of goodies for me and for them, but the bestest one of all that they bought is a birdbath. Oh Joy! We have a bit outside the kitchen window like a patio where we can sit in the summer and my MH decided that a birdbath would be nice there, so it has arrived.

It is quite tall and has a bit for water and a place for food too, and my MH thinks that I will not touch it and she told me it was just for the birdies and not for me.

But everyone out there knows different!!!

Monday, 24 January 2011


I have had a very narrow escape today and I thought I would share it with you so that all my puss cat friends out there will not have any accidents.

If you remember, I told you that my MH likes making all sorts of cards and she does this by cutting out pictures and sticking them on top of one another to make a lovely pattern. Sometimes she uses little sticky pads and I have sniffed these but they don't really interest me 'cos they just sit there and don't do anything. I do help her shuffle her papers around although sometimes they don't need to be shuffled and she gets a wee bit annoyed---tee hee!

Anyway, back to my narrow escape. She was making some more cards today and as usual, I went for a little nosey, and that's when it happened! Instead of the wee pads, she was using silicone and as I had never seen it before, I decided to have a closer look and stretched out my adorable little paw to touch it, and my MH moved very quickly to lift me out of the way, and then she told me why.

This silicone dries quite quickly and it sticks things to other things, so I could have been stuck to the table for ever and ever and ever!! Whew! I would not like that at all! So please be warned fellow felines, don't go near the silicone or you may get into a very sticky situation!

I think my curiosity might land me in trouble one day.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Tummy Tickling Time

I have had a super day and I am a very happy puss. I have had my tummy tickled lots of times and you know I just love that.

My MH played with me with my toys and when I catch the ball or the feathers, I roll over on my back and it is then that my MH tickles my tummy and I just love that and she does it every time.

I had just finished my little siesta when my MH's friend came up to see me and she played with me too, and she did the very same thing as my MH. She tickled my adorable little tummy lots of times, so I was in tummy heaven.

It has been a very good day.

Saturday, 22 January 2011


I was quite a tired pussy cat yesterday 'cos I had been working very hard and doing my exercises all over my house. I love running through all the rooms and I do this so quickly that my humans can hardly see me. I am just a flash!

I did this running exercise about four or five times and then my MH played with me and some of my toys so I was very busy for a long time.

Then when it was time for me to sit on my MH's knee and dictate the story for my blog, I was so tired that I just fell asleep leaning my adorable little head on the keyboard and my DH took this picture of me which In think is very fetching and shows my softer side.

I hope you like it.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Gold Stars!

We passed with flying colours and me and my DH got gold stars from the Boss! They weren't REAL gold stars, but I knew that's what they meant. I got some delicious cat treats and my DH got some can of beers, so he was a VERY happy DH.

We had done everything my MH had asked us to do and she was very happy when she came home, so we both heaved a HUGE sigh of relief. She doesn't usually get angry, but I have learned to keep well away when she is. Oh my dear readers, it is not a pretty sight!

Anyway it didn't happen. I helped my DH fix his car outside 'cos it was a super day today and we have been outside nearly all the time except for when we were doing the housework as we had been instructed . My MH had a good day too and she had been swimming and she loves that. She managed to swim half a mile, so she was quite pleased with herself.

She is going away out again tomorrow to meet some of her friends, but we haven't had any instructions yet. Maybe later!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Not Much News

I don't have very much to tell you today 'cos we have all had a quiet day, but the weather has been good, so I have been outside a lot just playing all by myself and I like that.

I went through the fence and into the field in front of my house and I was looking for mouses, but I think they must have heard me coming 'cos I didn't find any. My very favourite time to go out is just after I have had my dinner at night 'cos it is dark then and my humans let me out to play while they are having their dinner and that gives me plenty of time to hunt and explore.

My MH has finished making her cards so we need to decorate them now and then they will be all finished. She has just told me that she is going swimming tomorrow and she will be away all day, so I shall have to look after my DH and make sure he does all the things the Boss tells him or we are both in trouble.

I shall let you know how I get on.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Hide and Seek--again

It was bed changing day today again, and I had the bestest of fun playing with my MH as she tried to get inside the duvet covers. Oh it was funny!

When when she wasn't looking, I hid under all the bedclothes and she couldn't find me. I play this game lots of times and my MH pretends she doesn't know where I am and she calls my name until I jump out and frighten her. It is a really good game and I just love it.

I asked her to take a picture of me hiding and it was only when she gave me a funny look that I realised that if I was hiding, you wouldn't see me! DOH! Silly Squeak.

So today's picture is of me pretending that I am a flower. I am not supposed to be up on the table, but my MH let me stay there just long enough to have this picture taken, then I was a good puss and jumped down again.

My humans tell me that I am the bestest puss cat in the en-tire world, and I do think they are right!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Lots to Do

I have been very busy today 'cos I have been helping my MH and she has been doing lots of stuff.

As usual, on a Monday she does all the housework, so once the awful vacuum cleaner is away, then I help her with the dusting as I try to catch hold of the duster before she can do anything with it. This is good fun and we both giggle a lot, but I heard her telling my DH that it takes her twice as long to get her work done now!

When this was all done, she went into the gym and I watched her as she was on her bike and I had a wee sniff all round the gym while she was puffing and panting. She likes it when I am there and when she has the breath, she talks to me!

We then went back into my house and we had our lunch and I helped my DH take out all the rubbish, but it was a we bit too cold for me, so I went back in again very quickly. Then my MH decided to make some cards and she does this by cutting up bits of paper and making a picture with them, so I had to have a look. How was I to know that when I jumped up on to the table, all her wee bits of paper would scatter all over the place? Another oops!

Later in the afternoon, after we had played with some of my toys, I decided that I would go out. Wrong decision! As soon as I took my adorable little self into my garden, it started to hail and I had to run as fast as my little legs could take me to get back into the house before I got hailed on 'cos it was sore!

I think I will stay indoors until the Spring!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Lazy Day

I have a good day today but I have been really lazy. It is still very windy outside so I have been in my house for most of the day.

I have a little habit which my humans don't like and I shall now tell you all about it. When it is too windy for me to go outside, I sit on the window sill and I ask my humans to open the window in case I might go out. Sometimes my little head goes out a wee bit, but my little bum doesn't follow and I sit there, half in and half out while the curtains are blowing horizontal and my humans are holding on to their chairs in case they get blown away! It makes them just a tad annoyed.

My humans have been home all day today and we have all had good fun, but we have been taking it easy today which makes me quite a happy little puss.

Today's picture is an action shot of me on my rocking chair. WHEEEEE!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

All Alone

Today wasn't such a good day for me, 'cos my humans had to go to Kirkwall and they were away all day, and 'cos it was windy, they had to close the window, so I had to stay in my house all by myself.

It wasn't too bad at first 'cos I had a sleep and a look out of the window at all the starlings as they had some food, but then I got a wee bit bored and even playing with my toys wasn't the same 'cos my humans weren't there to play with me, but I had a wee shot on my rocking chair and that was fine.

I decided I would play it very cool when they came back but I'm afraid it didn't last long 'cos as soon as my MH came in through the door, she lifted me up and tickled my adorable little tummy and I was gone. Purring like a pussy cat! Then she tickled my little lugs and gave me some of my very favourite cat treats and that was it----business as usual!

However, I have made sure that they both played with me and I have been sitting on knees just to show who is the REAL boss here!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Squeak Rocks!!

I have discovered my rocking chair!! SU-PERB!!!

The chair has always been there and I have just used it to hide under, but I have watched my humans and their friends sitting on it and having a wee rock on it, but I could never do that. I have sat on my MH's knee and we have rocked back and forth together while she tells me her stories, but today changed all that and I am so delighted with my adorable little self. So much so that I have to share the good news with all my pussy cat friends out there who have rocking chairs and don't know what to do with them.

So, are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin. I had been playing outside for a lot of today but when I went into my house, I still had a lot of energy left, so I did my impersonation of a high speed jet going from the kitchen, along the back of the (good, leather!!) couch, onto the swivel chair, onto the stool and out the window. I played for a wee while and then jumped back in again, but this time I launched myself across the room and onto the rocking chair.

AND IT ROCKED!!! Back and forth lots of times and I just loved it. I did it lots of times. Running across the living room and diving on the chair and it kept rocking and I kept liking it. It even has a wee sheepskin rug on it (the sheep's not in its skin)that I can hang on to while I am swinging away to my heart's content.

I have had a magic day.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Squeak the Supervisor

I have been a very busy pussy cat today keeping an eye on my humans. My DH was busy fixing his car and I was busy watching him while he was working and we had a wee chat as he told me what he was doing.

It was quite a good day and my humans left the window open so that I could nip in and out of the living room whenever I needed to, so I was very fine. I even managed to do a wee bit of hunting in between my supervising.

Later on, my MH's friend came over and they went into the gym with my MH going on the bike and her friend using the treadmill, so I had to have a we look in there too. There is plenty of room in the gym for me to have a play and there are lots of lovely sniffs that I can check out, so it has been a very good day.

When my MH was finished, she needed a wee seat on the couch, so I just curled up on her knee and had a wee rest, so we are all very happy.

I like being a supervisor.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Play Time

I asked my MH to take a picture of my toy with the new feathers that my DH put on and that is today's picture. It is one of my favourite toys 'cos it has feathers and a bell and my humans shake it for me and I pounce and attack and KILL.

It is great fun and I hide under the rocking chair and sometimes in behind my MH's guitars and when the feathers are not looking, I spring at them and capture them. I am fearless and as quick as lightening! I also have boundless energy and can play like this for hours and hours, but my humans get tired long before I do which is a shame 'cos then they stop and I have to play all by my adorable little self.
Talking about guitars. There are two big ones in my house that my MH plays and one has six strings while the other one has twelve strings, but at Christmas, she bought a baby one with only four strings and it is called a ukulele and I like this one a lot. In fact I sit on my MH's knee when she is playing it and I try to play it with my little nose which makes my humans laugh.

Maybe you will see me on the television one day as the world's only ukulele playing pussy cat. I shall have to practice!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A Better Day

I am in a better mood today. The pin pussy cat is still being done, but I did get lots of cuddles and my humans played with me, so I can't really complain. I'm still not best pleased with the sequin 'thing' but at least my MH doesn't talk to it or play with it like she does with me, and she told me that when it was finished, the other puss cat was going to sit on a shelf.

That may not be for too long if I can reach said shelf! Tee hee!!

I have been in and out a lot today 'cos my DH and his friend were fixing our new satellite dish and of course, I had to have a wee inspection every now and then. Then I would go into the house 'cos my MH's friend was in 'cos she is the wife of my DH's friend---are you keeping up? Anyway, she let me sniff her toes and then I sat on her knee and let her adore me for a while, so I am in a much better mood today.

I may even go out hunting tonight when it is really dark 'cos I like doing that. I know I don't look terrible elegant in today's picture, but I am doing my exercises here.

Monday, 10 January 2011

In a Mood

I am in the huff, or 'pootsin' as they say here in Orkney. As you know, I am normally full of beans and always in a good mood, so I know you will be wondering why this has changed.

It is all because of another pussy cat, and I am not one little bit pleased, to say the least. Remember I told you that my MH liked doing sequin pictures? Well, she is doing another 'thing' with sequins, but this time it is a polystyrene pussy cat! And to make matters worse, it is a black and white pussy cat---just like me!

Now, I ask you. Why would she want a sequin puss cat when she has a REAL, adorable, full of life and full of fun, adorable pussy cat like me? I do not know.

At least it is keeping the old dear amused and out of trouble, but I'm still not pleased.

Sunday, 9 January 2011


Since it is a bit too cold for little puss cats to be out playing for any length of time, I helped my MH when she was playing on her Wii. She says she is working hard and exercising, but really, I think she is just playing. So when the phone rang and she had to go and answer it, I sat on the Wii board and watched my wee Mii on the TV and it was EASY, so I think she is telling porky pies when she says it is hard work!

My DH went outside to put up a new TV aerial and his wee fingers were frozen. I went out to see him for a wee while, but since there was nothing I could do, I just squeaked and went back into the house. He is going to put up a new Sky dish tomorrow if this wind stops blowing, so maybe I will go out with him then, 'cos I know he likes when I help him.

He put new feathers on one of my favourite toys and he and my MH played with me and that was super fun. Maybe I will ask her to put a picture of my toy on the blog for you so you can see what it looks like now before I destroy it again!

If it is not too cold and windy tonight, I may go out hunting before I go to bed. I shall have to see what my little weather man friend tells me later on.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Out to Play Again

I went out last night about nine o'clock and it was dark although there was a lot of snow on the ground, but I went away hunting and playing, and I was out for nearly two hours and I loved it.

I heard my humans calling for me, but I am afraid I was a little bit naughty and I just ignored them until I was ready to go home and then I just nipped in the window and had a wee light supper before bed!

Today it is still snowing but it isn't very cold, so I went out to play again but just for a wee while this time, as I need to save my energy for night time. I helped my MH make spaghetti bolognese and I got a wee drop of raw mince which I love.

I am sure that will make me a strong pussy cat.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Ho Hum

It is still very cold and there was a lot of snow in my garden this morning. My MH had to go out VERY early today and I had thought of going with her, but when I put my little nose out of the door, I very quickly changed my mind.

This was about seven o'clock this morning, and normally my humans don't get up early and we all have wee lie-ins especially in the winter when it is dark, but today was different and she had to go out. She opened the door, and all the snow was blowing in and it was very, very dark and really, really freezing, so I meowed my goodbyes and nipped back into bed where it was lovely and warm----but I did think about her cleaning her car before she could go anywhere, although I am afraid I fell asleep very quickly. Poor MH!

Anyway, she wasn't out too long and I cuddled up to her when she came back and that warmed her up a wee bit. I have been out a couple of times but just for a minute or two 'cos I was frightened I would get frozen to the spot and I would not like that at all. I have been doing my indoor exercises and today's picture shows me touching my toes! I have also been on the Wii again and my wee Mii says I am still perfect (and adorable!) So now I am resting and shall continue to do so until it is a wee bit warmer.

I hope you are resting too.

Thursday, 6 January 2011


The snow has come back again and I was all excited when I looked out of the window, but as soon as I put my adorable little nose outside, I realised it was far too cold for a wee pussy cat like me so I rushed back in again--very quickly.

It was FREEZING!!! I told you I needed boots, but the ones my MH got weren't to my taste so I won't wear them. My MH is a purple person. Not literally, you know---although she does go a funny colour when she is angry--- tee hee! Not that she gets angry much, you understand. (Whew, that was close! I had to write the last bit, 'cos she is watching me!)

Anyway, I didn't go out too much today, just for a wee minute every now and then, and then back onto the couch to get heated up again, but I played in the house with my humans, so we still had good fun

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Lazy day

I have been doing very little today 'cos I have been a wee bit tired. I took my MH out into the garden this morning as it was quite nice and we had a wee wander round the outside of the house which she calls her 'estate' and we fed the birdies.

We have lots of starlings who come for a wee feed and we also have lots of gulls. One day I even saw a sparrowhawk in my garden, but my humans told me to stay in the house until it went away 'cos I was very little at the time and it might have carried me away and we would not have like that one little bit!

In the afternoon it began to rain so I stayed in and played with my MH until one of her friends came to visit and then I did my half hour racing round and round my house until I was dizzy and so were my MH and her friend!

I need to get out more!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Me and my MH are back into our normal routine again and she has been doing the housework with the awful vacuum cleaner. I asked Santa to make it disappear, but he didn't hear that bit, so I may try sabotage.

Anyway, after she had done all her work, she played with me for a while and then we went into her wee gym. Now, I know there are folk out there who don't believe I go to the gym, so today's picture is my proof.

I have been overeating just a wee bit, so decided to do some exercise and my MH was needing to do the same, only don't tell her I said that, or I am in deep trouble!

We did a wee while on the treadmill and then she went on the bike, but I can't do that 'cos my legs are too little, so I just watched. I am feeling very fit now and have been louping around my living room at the sound of speed.

I may be the world's first super sonic cat if I keep practicing long enough!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Back to Normal

------ well, almost. We have been having a very lazy day, me and my humans, but all the decorations and cards are still up, so it must still be Christmas time. I need to learn about all these things---but maybe later.

It has been quite a windy day so I have only been out for a wee while, but I have had plenty to amuse me, and today's picture shows me and my MH playing on the floor with one of my favourite toys.

I am very happy with the way the training programme for my humans is taking effect, 'cos when I want to play, I sit beside my toys and I do a little 'squeak' and they know it is play time. I purr lots of times, but I only meow when I am in trouble and all the other times, I squeak. That's why I am called 'Squeak'.

When we had lots of visitors in, I jumped in the window and on to my stool, and one of the people said 'She squeaked!' and my humans just said 'Yeees. That's how she got her name.' And all the visitors thought this was quite funny.

I wonder how many more puss cats are called Squeak?

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have had a very good new year, although I was a bit worried yesterday. My humans went away out late on Friday night and didn't come home until the early hours of the morning and I got lots of cuddles and they told me they had been celebrating the New Year with all the people on the island.

We all had a long lie on Saturday and then my MH was very busy cooking and making food and then she did the thing that worried me. She took all my covers off my couch! Now, to let you understand, before I came to this house, my humans bought a leather suite, and when I arrived, they got covers for it until I learn to control my adorable little claws, and I like these covers 'cos I can jump on them and hide under them. Then she took them OFF!! I was VERY worried.

But everything was fine----in fact, it was a bit more than fine. There were lots of visitors in my house and I spent the night being adored, which as you know, I was made for. At one point, there were three sets of knees on my couch, and I sat on everyone of them and purred and the humans liked that.

There were people sitting on the floor and they played with me and my toys and I liked that a lot, so it turned out to be a very good night for me.

And--my covers are back on again, so we are all happy.