Thursday, 30 June 2011

Oh dear.....

.....I have been a wee bit sad today 'cos the nice farmer has moved all his sheeps and cows to another field and it is very quiet at my house and I have no baby sheeps or wee calves to play with, so I have been a wee bit lonely.

I told my humans I was quite sad and they played with me outside all day which made me feel a lot better. I went into the gym with The Boss and I had a long time in the greenhouse with my DH and then the nice farmer came to sit in my garden and he talked to me too and said I could go and see the baby sheeps if I wanted to, but it is too far away for a little puss with little legs, so I think I will just stay at home.

I have been doing a lot of exploring and watching lots of birdies and I went out late last night and that's what today's picture is. I had good fun and it was very late when I went to bed.

My MH goes to bed quite early but my DH stays up late so I know I can go outside until it is very late and my DH will still be able to let me in again.

I think their training in complete---for now!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Worried Puss

I have been a wee bit worried for a day or two now 'cos I have been leaving some of my fur on my MH's knee when I cuddle up to her and I thought there was something wrong with me.

I told my MH about this and she said I was just getting rid of my winter coat and making room for my summer coat which, she said, is lovely and soft, so I am not worried any more.

I was out playing late last night and I watched all the sheeps and cows and the ginormous big bull 'cos they are quite close to my house and the picture you see today shows me outside at my DH's greenhouse just when the sun was setting and my MH was taking more pictures.

The nice farmer says he is going to move the cows to another field so I will just have the sheeps to play with which is fine 'cos the cows are a wee bit too big for me, but I can still run faster than them!

We have had a good day today but the lawn mower and the strimmer were both out, so I went inside and had a wee sleep until it was all finished, and then I went outside with my humans and they played with me, so that is OK.

I am planning on going out late tonight----but I haven't told the old dears yet as I don't want to worry them. I am SO considerate!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Normal Day

We have all been at home today so it has been business as usual chez Squeak and since the weather is still good, it has meant we have been outside a lot, and you know that makes me a happy puss.

I was out playing and just pottering around, when I saw my MH going down the path to put some water in the bath for all the cows to have a drink. My humans sometimes help the nice farmer next door by keeping the water topped up for all the cows. Well, as soon as I saw her, I decided I had to join her to see what she was doing. I was fine until all the cows decided to come to the fence to have a good look at yours truly, and I have to admit, I was a wee bit frightened. They are BIG!

I creeped in behind my MH and pretended I was guarding her from the cows and the bull and the baby cows, but I think she knew I wasn't too happy 'cos we went home just a wee while after that and I was a lot happier in my own garden.

But the cows were happy too and we might do it again later after I have had a wee rest.

Monday, 27 June 2011

More Work

The Boss was away to Kirkwall today being a lady-what-lunches and me and my DH had to stay at home and do all the work again, but as usual, we managed it all perfectly.

It has been quite warm again so I have been in and out all day and since my MH had to leave early to catch the boat, I have been outside since eight o'clock this morning! Now, this IS early for my humans 'cos they only get up at this time when they need to go off the island. Normally we all have a long lie and I enjoy that, but I don't mind getting up early especially in the summer when it is nice and light.

I have a very good day and I visited all my friends in the fields and had a wee sleep in the long grass and then I waited until I saw my MH coming home and ran and got a big cuddle. When I knew she was safely home, I went out to play and now I am going to have a wee nap on my couch before I go outside again later on tonight.

Mouses beware!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Spoiled Puss

I know I am spoiled. My humans do everything for me and I know I am lucky, but today I was extra spoiled 'cos my MH's two friends came into my house to watch Harry Potter, but before they settled down, they both spoke to me and made a great big fuss of me and I just loved it a lot.

I watched a wee bit of the film sitting on my MH's knee but I was a wee bit scared, so I went out to play and I got caught in all the rain, so when I came home again, my MH had to dry me with a towel. Oh dear.

I got into a wee bit of trouble yesterday 'cos I was caught using one of my DH's plant pots for something that the plant pot wasn't meant to be used for and I couldn't say it wasn't me 'cos there is a picture to prove it was! Oh dear again.

I think I had better be good again for a wee while.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Ho hum

The good weather has disappeared and it has been windy today with some rain, so I have been indoors most of the time.

I did manage to get out to play for a wee while and I went through the fence at the front of my house and had a play with some of the sheeps that are in the field there and we all had a good time.

My MH went into the gym and my DH went into the greenhouse. According to them, these things have to be done regularly, so I was kept busy wandering between the two of them.

After that, I just lay on the back of my chair at the window and watched all the birds and the animals and the boats and that helps me pass the time.

Last night, me and my MH went out into the garden quite late 'cos there was a lovely sunset and she wanted to take some pictures. We stayed out for a long time so I had another wee visit to see the baby sheeps before we both went in and went to bed.

Yesterday was a very good day.

Friday, 24 June 2011

What a Day!

I nearly got sunburned! It has been hot, hot, hot today and I have been in and out of the shade like a yo yo, but I just LOVE it.

My humans spent the whole day outside with me and the awful lawn mower never came out again so it has been quite wonderful. I have chased and sniffed and explored until I am now quite tired so I will have a wee rest on my favourite chair and then I might go out again later on tonight.

I spent a lot of time just lying in the long grass talking to my friends the sheeps and for those of you who think that I don't really talk to them, today's picture shows me coming back through my fence after one of my little chats. So there!

There are lots of mummy cows and baby cows in the field at the other side of my house but there is an enormous daddy cow there too, so I keep well away from that field just in case I get eaten up by a hungry bull.

I will just keep visiting the mummy sheeps and the little baby sheeps 'cos then I am safe.

Thursday, 23 June 2011


Today is Thursday and those who read my blog know that my MH goes swimming and that me and my DH are left in charge of the house and the garden and we did very well again.

I helped him water our plants and I had a wee meow at my tomato plant and I am sure it wiggled for me! My DH cut the grass and that was the signal for me to disappear and talk to all my little sheep friends.

When my DH was finished, I lay in the sunshine and got all lovely and warm and then when it got too hot, I went into my house and had a wee lie down in the shade. And I did this ALL afternoon! I had a lovely day.

My MH was delighted when she came home and saw what we had done and so we were all very happy.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Pussy cat heaven

I have told you all about the nice farmer next door who leaves his big shed door open for me to go in and chase mouses and spiders and things. Well he has done it again and I have spent hours exploring and there is even a wee place for me to lie down and have a wee nap if I get too tired thinking about what I am going to do next.

But it got even better last night 'cos he put all the sheeps right outside the side of my house and I can get to play with them whenever I want and I am SO SO happy! The baby sheeps have grown up now so the mummy sheeps don't get angry with me if I go near them, and last night I went out and played with them for a wee while and then 'cos the weather was nice, we all lay down on the grass and had a wee chat and I just loved it.

There is so much for an adorable puss cat to do here that my days disappear in a flash, but I try to remember and spend some time with my humans 'cos they like when I sit and talk to them, but they don't mind me being outside as long as I am safe.

Oh I am a happy puss!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


I have been so busy lately, I am quite a tired puss and I am glad when it is bed time.

I am just loving all this good weather 'cos it means I can be outside all the time and it never gets dark just now, so I can stay out until it is very, very late which is just brilliant for me.

My humans are out a lot now too so I have plenty of company and I can have my choice of the garden, or the greenhouse or the gym, so I do a lot of wandering and as I am only a little puss with little legs, I get tired doing all this walking and running and chasing.

I made my humans laugh again today 'cos I went out of the window and came in the door which is at the other side of the house from the window, and then the next time, I went out the door and in the window. I like to give them variety in their life!

AND! I have discovered tennis! Real tennis---not the pretend stuff my MH plays on her Wii, but tennis with real people and I LOVE it. I watched it for a long time last night on my telly and I will be watching again tonight when I am having a wee rest.

My MH likes Andy Murray and Roger Federer, but Raffa Nadal makes me swoon!

I think I am in love!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Hard at Work

We have all been hard at work today and we have been inside and outside a lot 'cos it is still good weather.

It is housework day on a Monday here so the awful vacuum cleaner appears and the adorable Squeak disappears! Me and my DH went into the greenhouse for some peace and quiet until the Boss had finished hoovering.

When she had finished inside, my MH came out into the garden and I helped her do some weeding and we got it all tidied up and my DH was pleased.

Then it was time for the gym again. I think my MH must have eaten an AWFUL lot of sticky toffee pudding when she was in Aberdeen 'cos she has been working very hard in the gym. She did some rowing first and then she did her trick again and magic-ed the rowing machine back into a bike and she cycled as fast as her little legs would let her. I was puffed out just watching her!

We sat in the garden for a wee while and then I went away and did some hunting and sniffing and rolling in the warm grass. Just doing cat things really, but I have had a very good day again.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Today is a restful one Chez Squeak, although I have been out patrolling the estate quite a lot just to make sure no horrible mouses get into my house. That is my job, and I am very good at it.

There are mummy cows and baby cows in the field beside my house but I am staying away from them just now, 'cos when the baby cows are little, the mummy cows don't let anyone near them and they can get very angry and an angry mummy cow is to be avoided at all costs.

I went into the greenhouse with my DH and after a wee while my MH came in to take some pictures of our tomatoes and she is very pleased with me and my DH 'cos the tomato plants are very healthy so we must be doing it right.

I went into the house and I jumped up on to the back of my couch so that I could see out of the window and watch the birdies flying past and the ships sailing past, but I must have nodded off and my MH took this picture of me.

I think I look adorable,don't you?

Saturday, 18 June 2011


My MH can do MAGIC! I knew she was very clever 'cos she keeps telling me that, but I never knew she could do magic until today, and I am amazed!

We were playing outside 'cos it is still warm and calm and ideal 'cat' weather, but then she decided it was time to go to the gym, so naturally, I had to go as well. Now, I have told you about her treadmill and I have told you about her bike, but today I saw something I had never seen before in my en-tire life.

After she was finished playing on her bike, she just twiddled a wee knob and the bike turned into a rowing machine! Well, you could have knocked me down with one of my toy feathers. I was so amazed, I asked her to take a picture so I could show you, and that's what today's photograph is.

I watched her for a wee while as she did her rowing, but she was going such a funny colour, I decided to leave.

I'm not good in an emergency!

Friday, 17 June 2011

No news

I have been out playing and hunting all day today so I don't really have anything to tell you.

My MH got up very early this morning and gave me some biscuits and opened the window for me before she went back to bed. It was a lovely morning, so I had a quick nibble at my biscuits and shot out the window and away into my very own jungle where I could lie and watch all the birdies, and sheeps and cows and mouses.

It was very warm and I liked the sun on my little body, and between you and me, I think I had a snooze, because the next thing I remember was my MH calling to me. She was sitting in the garden and I did my trick with jumping through the fence and I ran and sat beside her for a wee while and we both had a wee chat.

She took out the lawn mower again when my DH went down to the pier to get all our messages from the boat and she was finished when he came back, so I went and sat beside her again for a wee while, and now I am going back into the jungle to have some very special 'me' time.

Oh, I do like the summer time.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Oh Dear......

.....I scared the life out of my humans last night, and I enjoyed it! I had gone out to play and I had been nipping in and out of the window all night and all was well.

Then I found a big bit of pampas grass lying in my garden and I decided to take it inside with me. SO! I jumped up onto the window sill carrying this great big bit of tree and my MH got a fright 'cos she knew I was carrying something in my adorable little mouth, but she couldn't see what it was and she jumped up and called for my DH.

I think she thought I had brought in a cow or a sheeps or something, but we all had a giggle when my humans saw what it really was. Oh it was so funny!

My MH was away swimming today and me and my DH had to clean the living room 'cos there were bits of pampas grass all over my carpet and we knew the Boss wouldn't be very happy if she found out what I had done, so my DH hoovered and for once I didn't complain.

After all, he was saving my adorable little life. Phew!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Lovely, lovely, lovely

I am a happy puss. The sun is out and it is warm and calm and I have been outside playing all day.

I was able to go outside last night and I went hunting for hours and hours and hours before I came home and cuddled up beside my MH in bed for a long sleep.

Then I went out again this morning and 'cos the grass is getting so long, I was able to lie and watch the birdies and they didn't see me. There are lots of birdies on my little island now and there are lots of swallows near my garden and sometimes they dive bomb me and I do not like that, so I need to hide whenever I am outside.

My MH was away out for a while today and I made her and my DH laugh a lot when she came home. I was lying in the grass having a wee snooze but when I heard her car, I jumped up and ran towards my house at the speed of light and I didn't even stop when I came to my fence---I just jumped straight through one of the squares and my humans thought this was very funny, and they laughed a lot.

My MH decided to hang her washing out and I helped her and I did my pole climbing routine again, and at one point I thought I might even walk across the clothes rope, but I decided I would wait and practice a wee bit when no-body was looking.

I will let you know how I get on!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Normal Sevice.....

.....has been resumed and the horrid rain has stopped so I have been able to get out a lot today.

I had to do some housework first and I helped my MH change the sheets on the bed again and that is one of my favourite chores 'cos I can hide under the sheets and under the duvet and today was even better 'cos I held on to the sheet and my MH pulled it down the bed and I slided down as well and it was great fun.

After that I took my DH round to the greenhouse 'cos there were two strawberries just waiting to be picked and he gave one to my MH and he had one and he said my strawberries were wonderful and that made me very happy.

Then me and my MH went into the gym. She had to work awful hard today 'cos I think she ate too many sticky toffee puddings when she was in Aberdeen so she had to walk and cycle for a long time, but as usual, I was there to meow my encouragement to her.

I had some 'me' time then, and I went and chased flies and daisies and ran in the long grass and I have had a really good day.

I hope the rain stays off for me tomorrow.

Monday, 13 June 2011


Since it has been pouring with rain all day, I have decided to have a day of rest and me and my humans have been inside all day.

But we have not been lazy! Oh no! We have been working hard. My MH got the vacuum cleaner out and did all her hoovering and dustering and I sat and watched her from the back of my couch 'cos she doesn't put the vacuum cleaner up there and I know I am safe.

My DH was busy doing DH stuff and I watched him as well. When all the housework was finished, my MH played with me and my toys and then she played on her Wii and again I watched her to make sure she didn't get it wrong.

Now I need a wee nap 'cos all this watching had made me very tired.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

New Toy

I asked my MH to let you see the new toy she brought me from Aberdeen and that is what today's picture is.

It is a funny day today with sunshine one minute and rain the next, so we have been inside most of the day. I am quite happy doing that 'cos my MH has been playing with me and giving me lots of cuddles, so that makes me a very happy pussy cat.

Maybe I will go out hunting later on tonight if it is not raining and I might be able to catch a few REAL mouses 'cos there are lots of them outside and I am a very good hunter.

I will let you know tomorrow, but right now I am going to have a wee snooze and build up my energy for later.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

I'm Back!

So if I am back, then you know that means my MH is back too and I am a VERY happy pussy cat again.

I was OK 'cos my DH was here, but I missed my MH 'cos I am really her pussy cat and she talks to me all the time and tells me lots of stories and I can cuddle up on her knee whenever I want, but my DH always has a book or a paper in front of him so I don't sit on his knee very much.

I couldn't write to you last night 'cos I wouldn't get off my MH's knee long enough for her to open her computer and I knew you wouldn't mind waiting until today.

It has been a good day and we have all been outside cutting the grass and then in the greenhouse talking to the tomatoes and to the strawberries and me and my DH had lots to show The Boss when she came out to the greenhouse.

We got some presents when my MH came home. My DH got a new Tshirt and some labels for his computer and I got a furry mouse that shakes when my humans pull the string. I don't really like it when it shakes, so I just play with it on my own.

I will send you a picture of it soon.

Sunday, 5 June 2011


More outside play for us all 'cos it is still lovely weather and we have hardly been inside all day. I love all this warmth and I have great fun lying in my pampas grass and listening to all the sounds of the birdies and the sheeps and even the peacocks. The seals haven't been singing today, but maybe later on.

I am a wee bit sad though 'cos my MH told me that she is going to Aberdeen for a few days to see a friend of hers who is in hospital. I will miss her a lot, although my DH will still be here to keep an eye on me, but me and my MH have girlie chats all the time and I might be a wee bit lonely when she is away, but she will be home on Friday morning and she said she will bring me something very special.

So I will not be able to write to you until Friday, but by then I will have lots of things to tell you.

Don't miss me too much!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Still Learning

On the 15th of this month, I shall be eighteen months old! Now, although I am a growed-up pussy cat and I have learned lots and lots of things in my time, I am still learning and today I learned something new, which I will tell you all about.

It has been another beautiful day and me and my humans were outside again. My MH went into our greenhouse to take some pictures of my DH's plants and then she sat outside on the bench with me and we were having a wee chat when I heard a very strange noise which I hadn't heard before, and between you and me, my dear fellow felines, I was a tad scared and I cuddled up closer to my MH. She knew I was a bit worried so she told me what this funny, eerie noise was.

It was the seals! And they were singing to one another and I had never heard them before. They lie on the beach in the sunshine and they make all these noises and if you are a pussy cat like me and don't know what it is, then it can be quite frightening, but once my MH told me what it was, I wasn't scared any more. In fact, I quite liked it.

After a wee while, we went inside and my MH made some pancakes 'cos they are my DH's favourite, and she made a special Squeak sized one just for me.

I gobbled it up and it was delicious. I hope I get some more.

Friday, 3 June 2011


It has been a superb day! Lovely and warm with no wind and I have been outside ALL day with my MH.

Because it has been so nice my MH took out the awful lawn mower and cut all my grass while I went hiding in the long pampas grass which I just love. After she was finished, we both had a wee rest on the bench and then I helped her to wash all the windows, and she really appreciated my help.

My house and garden are looking lovely now. We played in the garden for a while and I climbed up my wee wall and then I slid down again and my MH laughed a lot, but this time she managed to take a picture of me and that is what I am showing you today.

I had a wee rest in the cool porch and then I ran and ran round my garden and I even climbed the clothes pole again and fought with some of the loose grass which I found lying around, so you can see that I have had a brilliant day.

I love being outside when the weather is good especially when my humans have time to come out an play with me.

I hope it is the same tomorrow.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Well...... has been a funny day Chez Squeak. It is Thursday, and as usual, my MH was away swimming, leaving me and my DH all alone----but with lots of instructions.

So, once we had all our work done, we toddled off to the greenhouse to water and talk to all the baby plants. I like in the greenhouse 'cos it is lovely and warm and while my DH is working, I sit on his chair and rest in the sun while I am meowing to my tomatoes.

Then I had a wee sleep 'cos I was quite tired today, but I was up before my MH came home and I was ready to play with her. I don't want her to feel neglected! We played for a while and then I had my dinner and after that I went outside to play.

The wind had gone away and the sun was lovely and warm, so I stayed out for a long, long time just sniffing and listening and resting in the long grass. My living room window was open, so I could nip in and out whenever I wanted to and this let me keep an eye on my humans 'cos I don't want them to get lonely.

I am a very thoughtful pussy cat!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Ho Hum

It is wet and windy again! Just as I was beginning to think that summer had arrived and I could spend all my time outside, the weather changes and I have been indoors nearly all day. Ho Hum!

As well as being wet and windy, it is too cold for me to wander about outside, so I have been sitting on my window sill watching the world go by.

My MH was away out this morning, but I played with her when she came home and that made her very happy. Then I sat on her knee and I purred as she stroked me and that made us both happy.

I went out to do some hunting last night and it was wonderful. There was a lovely sunset and all my wee birdie friends were chirruping and singing and it was just beautiful. I can see oyster catchers and curlews and lapwings and the swallows have come back too but I don't like them very much 'cos they dive bomb me and that makes me a tad cross.

After all, it is MY garden!