Sunday, 31 July 2011


------has returned Chez Squeak and we have all had a very lazy day. The weather hasn't been very nice and my humans are very glad that they got all the gardening done yesterday---although you all know my views on that one!

We have all been lazing around and my DH was watching football in 3D on my television. Oh dear, they do look a pair of plonkers with their big black 3D glasses on, but I don't have the heart to mention it to them! Tee hee.

I might go out for a hunt later on. I haven't really decided yet. The nice farmer has left his big shed door open again, so I can go in there and have a chat to all the wee mouses and spiders and it means I can keep dry if it rains.

I really do have all the options open to me! Lucky me, eh? :)

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Oh Dear

My MH had a wee giggle when she saw this picture of me which she took this morning, 'cos she says I look really grumpy in it. And to tell you the truth, I was a tad peeved 'cos I thought that as it was a lovely day and we were all together with no visitors, we might play in the garden. But guess what?

Yep! The awful lawn mower and the strimmer appeared and so I went off in a wee huff and I was just sneaking back into my house when my MH took this rather unflattering picture of my dear (adorable) little self.

However, my bad mood didn't last too long 'cos as soon as they were finished with all the gardening, my humans played with me and made a fuss of me again, so I am back to being my normal, very happy, adorable little me.

Don't you just LOVE my modesty?

Friday, 29 July 2011

What a Day!

I have been adored almost to the point of exhaustion! I am not complaining though, 'cos it was lovely.

My MH had a visitor today and this lady used to work in the school beside my MH so they had a lot of talking to do, but before they started, I was introduced and told I was adorable, so I liked this lady right away.

Now, because other people on the island knew our visitor, my humans said that anyone who wanted could come to my house to chat with her, and quite a few people did, and of course, I had to be the center of attention for a little while, so I was an extremely happy puss.

But I have discovered that being adored at length make a puss tired, so I need a snooze now before I go out hunting in a wee while.

Thursday, 28 July 2011


I am very content today. All is well with my world and I have discovered that my humans have not forgotten any of their pussy-cat training while they were away looking at big boats, so I am not worried any more.

I decided to put my MH to the test first and I sat on the window sill and I thumped the wind chimes with my adorable little paw, and immediately she jumped up and opened the window and let me out, so I knew she had remembered the signal.

When she went out of the room, I tried the same thing with my DH and it worked with him too, so all is well.

My MH's friend came over today to see us both and I was happy to see her 'cos she sometimes plays with me when the humans are away and she makes a fuss of me which is only as it should be, but it is good just the same.

The weather has been good and so I have been out playing and I am very happy, so all is well Chez Squeak.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Happy, happy, happy!

It has been a very good day for this little pussy cat. The weather has been good and my humans are home again. I cuddled up beside my MH last night and we had a very good sleep and when I wakened up, I just purred 'cos I was happy again.

I have been out playing all day and I helped my DH in the greenhouse and he was very happy that I had looked after all the tomatoes and the little plants and I did this all by myself, although my friend A. and my MH's friend will say they helped too, but I just won't hear that bit! Anyway, my DH was very pleased with me.

Then I helped my MH put out the washing and I climbed the clothes poles again and I ran round and round my garden until my little legs were tired. After that, I sat on my MH's knee and had a wee sleep.

So you see, I have had a really super day.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hello again!

My humans are back and I am a VERY happy puss. I have been well looked after though by my good friend A. but I missed cuddling up to my MH and I missed her telling me funny stories, so I am very glad she is home----and my DH too!

They had a very good time in Shetland watching all the Ships and she said they did a lot of walking so her little legs are tired tonight, so we are sitting on my couch with her feets up and me on her lap-----heaven!

I have been sitting on her knee a lot and she was telling me a really funny story which made me giggle. She saw a T shirt which had four sheeps on stilts and they were running, and the writing said 'The Tall Sheeps Race'. I have giggled every time I think of it and I keep imagining some of my sheep friends on stilts and that makes me laugh a lot.

I hope all my friends out there are well and that you haven't missed me too much, but I am back now, and I will tell you more about the holiday my humans had when I write to you again.

I am purring lots tonight!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Unhappy Puss

My MH and me have just had a wee chat and she has told me that my humans are going away tomorrow night to leave me for 10 days and I am not very happy about it.

They are going on holiday to Shetland to watch all the Tall Ships that are going there, and naturally, I can't go with them and I have to stay at home. So I won't be able to write to you for a wee while.

I won't be on my own, though 'cos my friends A. and J. stay in my house to look after me and I must say that they have learned all my needs very quickly and are almost as well trained as my humans, so I shall not be too lonely, but I will miss my MH a lot.

It's not for too long and they have said they will bring me a very special present, so I shall let you know what that is when I start to write to you again.

Don't miss me too much 'cos I will be back!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Busy Me

I have been helping my DH when he was cutting wood and this is what my picture is today. We were working outside my MH's wee gym while she was inside pedalling as fast as her little legs would go, and you can see I am hard at work!

My DH makes lovely pictures with string and nails and he is making one for my MH to sell when the island ladies have their craft sale later on in the year. So I think we will both be busy 'cos when he is working, I have to keep my eye on him in case he makes a mistake.

It has been good today and I have been outside a lot again keeping my eye on the birdies when they come to the feeder for something to eat. I just watch them, but I don't chase them 'cos some of them are really BIG and they might peck me hard, so I just hide and watch and we are all happy.

My humans told me that there are some big sailing ships coming to Stromness this weekend, so I will watch for those and maybe my MH will send you a picture of them.

I hope they are nice.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

A Special Picture

Today's picture is for my friends who are very far away. Z is my feline friend and M is his human and they like my garden, so I asked my MH to send a special picture just for them, although everyone else can see it too.

We have all been out in the garden today 'cos there was some weeding to be done and my humans had to work together to get it all finished, so naturally, I had to be in the middle of it all.

I do admit to being rather a nosey puss, and I had to have a very close look at everything they were doing, so I am quite tired now because we were all outside for a long time. Then my MH went into her wee gym, but I stayed outside with my DH and helped him with the gardening, so it is looking lovely again, and I am just about to curl up for my afternoon siesta.

I took some 'me' time and jumped through the fence into the field and I played hide and seek. My humans said they could see me, but I think I was nearly invisible in all the long grass, so I think they might be telling wee fibs!

I like it when we are all outside and I like playing in my garden where I can have really good fun.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Funny Me

Today's picture is a funny one for you. When my humans are playing with me and some of my toys, I love to hide under my coffee table and my DH took this picture of me last night when I was playing with my MH.

I think it makes me look as though I am an ENORMOUS pussy cat and I think it is quite funny. I hope it made you smile today.

I have had a very good day and even my MH couldn't spoil it when she took out the lawn mower 'cos I am getting used to it now and I know that I have to stay well away from it, or I might end up with a funny haircut!

It has been lovely and sunny and warm today and I have been outside the whole day and I am going to stay out as late as possible tonight 'cos it is just so beautiful outside. I watched my humans doing all their work outside and I gave them some wee cuddles when they were finished and then they played with me for a while, so we have all had a good day.

I hope we all get lots more good days.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Home Alone

That's what I have been today as my humans were away into Kirkwall and I didn't want to go. Mind you, I wasn't really invited, which suited me just fine!

It was a lovely day and so the living room window was left open for me and I just nipped in and out as it pleased me and I had a lovely day. I watched the birdies and I played in the long grass and then I went in and had a wee sleep on my couch and then I did it all over again!

As soon as I heard my humans coming home, I ran to meet them and that always makes them happy and my MH always lifts me up and gives me a great big cuddle and that always makes ME happy. So we were a happy family again.

I got fed as soon as they came home and then I went out to play again 'cos it is a lovely night and I think I will be out late tonight again.

I am a happy puss!

Monday, 11 July 2011


That's what my MH called me when she saw me in the bath for the birdies. You see, I am not supposed to go near that in case I frighten the birdies away, but I was quite hot today and I needed a drink, and my water bowl was in the kitchen and I was outside. SO! What would you do,feline friends? Of course, you would do the same as me.

At the time, I didn't think my humans could see me, but as usual, the camera was pointed straight at me, and so I couldn't say it wasn't me, but when my MH scolded me, I just purred and rolled over on my back---I was on the ground by this time,----and as you know, that's all it takes. And I got away with it again!

Oh, I know which buttons to push, and I do it perfectly!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

So..... can see that I am outside today 'cos the weather is behaving and the horrid rain and thunder have gone away.

I am a happy puss again and my MH is happy too 'cos she got all her washing outside and I went out to help her hang it on the rope and I did my pole dancing trick again which always makes her laugh.

When she had finished, she decided to have her lunch sitting on the bench in the garden and I decided to stay beside her and I played on my favourite stone. It gets lovely and warm and I just love rolling in it and I can go from side to side for a long time without getting dizzy, and of course, the camera had to come out.

And that's what today's picture is---adorable me!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sulking Puss

Today's picture shows an unhappy puss 'cos it is raining and I can't get out to play. We even had thunder and I was very frightened 'cos I had never heard thunder before in my EN-TIRE life and I didn't know what it was.

However, it was MH to the rescue again 'cos she told me what it was and that the thunder wouldn't hurt me, so I was a bit happier, but not a lot!

NOW! I have told you lots and lots about my MH and how clever (she tells me) she is. Well, I do not think so! As I have mentioned, there is a lot of heavy rain today, but there is also a sailing regatta in the sea between my house and Stromness and off she went with her camera to take pictures. IN THE RAIN! I ask you, is that the action of a clever woman? Answers on a post card please!

She was a tad soaked when she came home and I tried not to giggle or say 'I told you so'. Instead I just stayed on the back of my couch until she was ready for a cuddle.

But it does make one wonder, does it not?

Friday, 8 July 2011

Peppermint Puss

We have been able to get out to play today 'cos the rain came in the morning when we were all sleeping and it went away when we got up, so me and my DH were outside a lot while my MH hoovered and dusted and ironed and washed windows and did lots of cleaning.

I offered to help her by chasing the duster when she was trying to clean all the ornaments, but she said I wasn't really helping, so I went off in a little huff for a while until she tickled my tummy and then I forgave her!

We have a big patch of mint outside my door and that's where I like to sit and I can hide from the birdies and I can watch what they are doing without them seeing me. I did this today until my MH brought out the lawn mower and cut all the grass. I decided to go exploring at this point.

I hate the lawn mower but it does make my grass look good, so I suppose I will just have to get used to it.

Thursday, 7 July 2011


......there was I, lying on my grass, minding my own business, when I noticed two little swallows sitting in front of me, just watching me doing my cat exercises, and they were chirping away as though they were laughing at me! I was not a happy puss, but as soon as I stood up to ask them what they were doing, they flew away. Still chirping!

When I told my MH, she just smiled at me. Maybe she thinks I imagined it---but I know I didn't.

After that, it was business as usual. We all went into the greenhouse and my MH helped us trim some of our tomato plants, then I went into the gym with her to help her on her bike. I get quite tired watching her wee legs pedalling so fast, so I had to go and have a lie down afterwards.

I have a wee skint nose! I bumped into the fence when I wasn't looking where I was going, and I bumped my adorable little nose, but it's not sore, so I am fine. I have a wee mark on it and I think it makes me look even more attractive.

But I am ever so slightly biased!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bits and Pieces

It has been a funny day today 'cos the weather has been good and then it has been bad and I have been a tad confused 'cos I don't know whether to play outside or stay indoors.

My MH was away out again but just for a wee while this morning, and I decided to have a sleep on my bed while she was away and then I was ready to play when she came home.

I had my usual trip to the greenhouse and then I played in the garden and today's picture shows me just watching for the wee birdies to come and have a bath, but for some reason they don't come when I am waiting for them.

Maybe they don't know I am a very good puss, so I shall have to try and spread the word somehow.

It is raining just now, so I think we shall all be staying in my house tonight, but I shall keep my humans amused and make sure they get plenty of exercise looking after me. I know they will like that a lot!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Play Time

The Boss was away to Kirkwall today again, so it was just me and my DH at home and we had a very good time.

All the housework had been done, so we didn't have any orders and so it was play time for us both. We spent a lot of time in the greenhouse and then my DH went inside to work on his computer and I played in the garden and in the long grass in my jungle and I had very good fun.

But the best bit of fun was when I found one of my little toys which I had lost for a long, long time. If you remember, I told you that I had a wee furry mouse which had wee furry balls for hands and feet and one of these wee furry balls had come off and I just LOVED playing with it 'cos I could carry it around with me in my adorable little mouth and I could poke it under my couch and then bring it out again and I could chase it all over my kitchen and it was just the magicest toy ever!

Then---tragedy! I lost my little toy and I was so very, very sad. Eventually, I moved on and played with all my other toys and became a happy puss again.

And then, joy of joys! It has been found again and I am delirious!

Delirious and adorable. I am the complete package!!

Monday, 4 July 2011


....somebody has pinched the sunshine! It is quite a good day, but it is windier and there is not as much sunshine as there has been, so I am in a bit of a grumpy mood, which isn't like me at all 'cos generally I am a very happy puss, but I want more hot sunshine, please!

I had a good night last night and was outside till it was very late. It was still lovely and warm and just perfect for a pussy cat to explore, and I was very happy.

And today is different. Some people say that in Orkney you can have all four seasons in one day! I hope it doesn't snow, 'cos my wee boots are away in the cupboard!

I still have been having good fun though, 'cos there is always work to be done in the greenhouse and that involves a lot of sniffing and smelling-----that's me doing the sniffing and smelling, not my DH! And then of course, there is our gym work. I went on the treadmill when my MH was on the bike. Mind you, the treadmill wasn't going at the time, but I thought I would see what it was like and it is OK.

I don't need to do any more exercise as I get plenty when I am outside and my humans play with me, so I get lots of exercise in my house too. I got weighed again yesterday and I am still perfect says my Wii Mii, so what more can a puss cat ask for?

More sunshine!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

'Me' Time

I have had a very good day today doing pussy cat things. My humans were watching the tennis on my television, so I knew they were safe, and that I could leave them and please myself for a wee while.

I went out into my garden and I was minding my own business jumping on the daisies and rolling on the warm stones and generally relaxing and putting my feet up, and I mean this quite literally, 'cos at one point I was lying on my back with my adorable little feets in the air!

All was going very well until the swallows decided to dive-bomb me again, and I was not pleased at all! Now, as you know I am a very good pussy cat and I don't chase the birdies 'cos my MH has told me not to hurt them and I always do what my MH tells me, but I tell you this. If the pesky swallows keep doing this to me, I shall give them a skelp with one of my perfectly formed little paws.

I shall not be bullied in my own garden!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Still Happy

I am just loving this summer weather. We have all been outside today again and I have had lots of company. My DH and me are still working on the new door for his greenhouse and I went in to have a wee meow to my tomato plants which are doing really well, and so are my plants, so I think I am a green-pawed cat!

Then I helped my MH wash all the windows so the house is all sparkling again and I can see out of the windows whenever I want to. My MH says that one window in particular was covered in black and white hairs, but I have no idea how they got there--tee hee!

My MH took this picture of me when I jumped up onto the wall at the door and I think I look particularly fetching in it, so I asked her to show you how good I look today.

She told me about all the people all over the world who know about me 'cos they read my blog and it made me very excited 'cos there are lots of people who know all the things that I get up to and many of them think I am adorable too. My MH showed me the atlas book and pointed out all the places where people read my stories and some are far, far away.

I think I must be the famousest pussy cat in the world.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Happy Puss

Yes. I am back to being a very happy wee pussy cat 'cos I have been outside all day with my humans and I have been having very good fun.

The weather is still warm and sunny so we have all been in the garden and it is very quiet now that all the sheeps and cows are away. They do make quite a noise with all their moo-ing and baa-ing and chomping---and they make noises with their other ends too! Especially the cows, and when they do this, it makes us all giggle, but I have to stay away from their back end 'cos it could blow me away!

I was helping my DH in his greenhouse 'cos we were fixing up the door and I was able to shelter under it when it got a wee bit too warm and then I went into the gym for a wee seat while my MH was playing on her bike and her treadmill. The old dear has been working hard and I like to give her some encouragement. I know she likes it when I am there.

I am loving being able to go outside when it is very late and I am going to do that tonight again,so I will tell you all about it tomorrow.