Wednesday, 31 August 2011


.....there's not too much news today, but it has been a good day just the same. I have been able to get out to play and I have spent most of the day exploring my jungle.

Lots of the birdies are going away from my wee island and my MH told me that they go away for the winter 'cos it is too cold for them here and they don't have fur coats like me! There are still some swallows here and they are still dive-bombing me, but I pretend I don't notice and then they go away.

My MH took me into the garden to play for a wee while and I climbed right up to the top of the clothes pole. I was going to try to walk across the clothes rope, but decided I would try that when nobody is watching and then I will show off when I can do it.

Maybe I could be a circus cat!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Funny Picture

These are my MH's feets! We were sitting on the floor and she was playing with me and she took this picture of me between her feets and I thought it might make you smile today.

We sit like that lots of times and sometimes I forget and take a wee bite out of them, and oh dear, that does make her shriek! Sometimes I cuddle them and my adorable little claws dig into her feets and that makes her scream too, but I am sure she likes it really!

We have been outside a lot today 'cos the wind has nearly all gone away and of course me and my DH still have to look after all our tomatoes. We are bringing in lots to the house and we even gave some to the neighbours and that made them happy and they said I was a very clever puss to have growed tomatoes like that, so I am very pleased with my adorable little self.

I am quite a contented little puss today, so everyone in my house is happy.

Monday, 29 August 2011

MUCH Happier

Yes. I am much happier today 'cos I have been able to get outside to play. The wind is still blowing but it is not a 'I'll blow you away' wind, so I was quite safe when I went into my garden.

I did a lot of sniffing and chasing and just enjoying being outside and then when the rain came on, I would nip back into my house, so I am a happy puss, which means my humans are happy too.

I was in a bad mood yesterday, but my humans played a lot with me so my mood got better and today's picture is of me in my favourite hiding place as I was playing with my bit of string.

The nice farmer from next door came into see me last night and gave me a wee cuddle which was nice. He says he came to see my humans, but I think he really came to see me.

You can tell my modesty is back again!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Oh Dear

I have been stuck in all day and I am not a happy puss at all! The weather has been dreadful with lots and lots of horrid rain and a very fierce wind that would have blowed me away, so I didn't even try to go outside.

My MH opened the door and I had a look, but the rain was blowing into my adorable little face, so I sped as fast as my little legs could take me, back into my living room.

I have had plenty of exercise, though, 'cos my humans have been playing with me a lot. My MH says it is to stop me climbing the curtains! As if I would do a thing like that!! She had to go out for a wee while this afternoon and I was worried all the time she was away, 'cos I was sure the wind would take her somewhere she didn't want to go, but she came home safe, and played with me again, so that's OK.

It is supposed to get better tomorrow so maybe I will get out to play again. The people on the island here are making fun of my MH 'cos her name is Irene and the hurricane that is doing all the damage in America is called that too, and they have been saying that my MH is dangerous!

But she isn't really---only when my DH makes her angry!

I had a wee accident with the mouse you see in today's picture. It is one of my favourite toys and when I was carrying it, I dropped it into my water dish and it got all wet and soggy, but my MH put it on the heater and it is all better now. She does come in handy sometimes.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Lazy Squeak

I have been resting today. I did so much running around yesterday that I am a tad tired so I am keeping my couch company.

Also, I had a narrow escape yesterday. I got shut in my DH's car for a long time! He had been working at his car and had the door opened, so when he went into the house, I nipped into the car and I was under the seat when he came out again and shut the door, so I was a wee bit stuck.

Now, I do wander about a bit and stay out quite a lot, but it was only after a wee while that my MH began to wonder where I was and went outside to call for me but she didn't come to the car, so she didn't see me.

Then my DH decided to go down to his big shed and see if I was there and just as he was passing the car, he remembered that the door had been left open, so he looked in and there was ME! He let me out and my MH gave me a great big cuddle when she saw me and then she called me a silly pudding, but really, it is my DH who is the silly pudding for closing the door without making sure I wasn't there!

But that is just between you and me!

Friday, 26 August 2011


There is a bit of a breeze today, so all the horrid midges have gone away and I have been able to get out to play all day with my humans. And of course, Friday is messages day, so I got a new bit of string to play with. Oh yes, life is good!

I was in the gym with my MH and we had good fun. She talked to me when she had the breath, and when she couldn't, I chased flies and bluebottles till I was out of breath too!

Then of course, I had to take my DH into his greenhouse and we talked to all the tomatoes. He has been taking a lot of tomatoes into my MH and she is very happy 'cos she loves them when they are brand new--especially the ones I have looked after.

After that, me and my MH pulled up some weeds and I was a great help, as you can imagine. When she pulled them up, I jumped on them and killed them, but I did have a wee accident. I mis-timed my death leap and scratched my MH's hand. Oops! But she didn't give me a row.

She just whispered the words I hate to hear----SOUP POT!!!! Hee hee :) :)

Thursday, 25 August 2011


I didn't get to see the ponies! My MH wouldn't let me go in case I got lost. Now, as you know, my island is quite small. In fact it is only two miles long and about a mile and a half wide, but that is big enough for a little cat like me to get lost and the ponies are at the other side of the island from my house, so maybe my MH was right.

But, she said that if the ponies go out for a walk round the island, she will ask them to stop so that I can see them, so I am quite happy.

I have also made a discovery---and not a very pleasant one, I'm afraid. My MH was out in the garden last night and I was watching her through the window when I noticed she kept scratching. I decided she needed some of my flea powder, and went out to mention this to her, when I discovered THE MIDGE!! Ugh, it is a horrible little creature and tried to get into my eyes and my lugs, so I am afraid I left my MH in the garden and shot back into my house!

I didn't know about midges as I must have been too little last year, or maybe they didn't come to my island, but they were there last night and I hope they disappear soon, 'cos I do not like them at all.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Nothing to Report

I haven't been doing anything wildly exciting today, so I don't have a lot to tell you.

I have been out playing all day and I have had great fun as usual. I still have a wee chat to the Jacob's sheeps and to the baby cow that is in my field so we are all quite happy.

I shall have to go exploring away very far tomorrow 'cos my MH told me that there are two Shetland ponies on my wee island and I have never seen one of these, so that will be my work for tomorrow if I can find out where they are. They just arrived today, so I suppose they will be tired tonight, but hopefully they will be ready for a wee chat tomorrow.

I shall let you know.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Bedtime Story

I was just thinking. I have been telling you about all the things I do through the day, so today I thought I would tell you about my night times.

I sometimes go outside in the evenings and I do some hunting and exploring and some lying around and listening and then I come in, but my favourite place at night is on my window sill.

I love to sit on my window sill with my adorable little bottom inside my house and my equally adorable little head in the outside and I sniff all the air and listen for birdies and animals. This is fine as long as the North wind isn't blowing 'cos then it blows the pictures off my walls and my humans have to hold on to their chairs! :) Hee hee.

Then it is bed time. My MH goes to bed quite early but my DH stays up late, and I go with my MH. When she goes into bed, we play a wee game and she puts her hand under the covers and I spring on it and kill it. We play this for a wee while and then she tickles my tummy and I settle down as she reads her book or listens to her ipod.

When she puts the light out, she gives me another tickle and tells me she loves me, and right at that minute I am the happiest pussy cat in the en-tire world.

Then I sleep until about eight o'clock in the morning when my exciting day starts all over again.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Still Good-----

That's me and the weather! It is breezy but still warm enough and dry enough for this little pussy cat to spend nearly all day outside with just the occasional trip back into my house for a feed and a tummy tickle.

I spent a wee while in the gym with my MH and while her little legs were working hard on her bike, I catched a spider! My MH was happy 'cos she doesn't really like spiders, but the spider was not best pleased, I can tell you.

I have been playing on my grass and there were some children from Paris came to see me and they thought I was adorable too, so I am adorable in French as well as in English! They are going to come back one day and we are all going to play Crazy Golf on my grass so I am really looking forward to that, but maybe I shall have to practice first 'cos I haven't a clue what it is!

I have been talking to my tomatoes lots just now and my DH has been taking some of them into my house so that my humans can eat them, so I have done a good job of providing for them.

And it's a lot easier that catching mice!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Much Better

Yes. It has been much better today 'cos, as promised, my humans have both been at home all day and I like that.

The sun has been shining and I have been out playing in my garden and in my jungle a lot, and I like that too, so I am having a good day.

As you know, my humans leave the living room window open for me---unless the wind is blowing very hard--- and when I need a wee rest, I just nip in and lie on my couch, but I have a funny little habit which makes my humans laugh every time I come home.

When I step through my window, I stand on the window sill and look round my living room before I jump down, and my DH says it looks as though I am counting my humans to make sure they are both there.

Maybe I am. Who knows?

Saturday, 20 August 2011


It has been raining today so I have been in and out a lot and again I have been left on my own this afternoon as my humans were at a birthday party in our Hall and they came back just in time to give me my dinner, so I can't complain too much!

My MH was very happy that she had cut the grass yesterday 'cos the wee weatherman was right when he said it would rain and it would have been too wet today to cut my grass, so I have a happy MH which means we are all happy!

I don't have a lot of news 'cos I haven't been doing too much just now. I am still lying under my pampas grass watching the birdies and they haven't discovered I am there yet 'cos I lie very, very still and listen to them as they swing above me.

I hope tomorrow is a good day 'cos my humans have told me that they won't be going away anywhere and will play with me ALL day. So that should be good fun.

Friday, 19 August 2011


I have had a quieter day today as the humans were out all afternoon and I was left to my own devices. I don't mind that, but I prefer when they are at home so that I can get a cuddle whenever I need it.

I played outside a lot and the weather is still good so it is great fun just lying on the long grass watching the world go by.

When my MH came home she took out the lawn mower 'cos out little friend the weatherman, said it might rain later, so she decided to get the grass cut when it was still dry, and I just lay and watched her. I'm not afraid of the mower any more 'cos I know it won't hurt me and it does make my grass nice for me to play on, so I might stop complaining-----some day!!

I am going to have a wee sleep now but I think I will go out hunting later if the rain stays away long enough as I don't want my adorable little body getting wet.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

My days-----

----just keep getting better. I have been outside all day today except when I was in my house playing with my MH so I have had great fun.

I went inside just as the Boss was doing her dusting in the bedroom, so I dived under the cover on the bed and she played with me and tickled my tummy so that I did a pussy cat giggle.

Then we went outside and she chased me all over the garden until we were both tired. My MH went back into the house for a wee rest and I went in to supervise my DH in our greenhouse and then I went back inside my house.

Now, I have a special signal when I want to be played with and I have spent months teaching my humans what to look for, and it has finally paid off. I find out which room they are in, and then when they are coming out, I run very quickly in front of them into my living room and hide under the rocking chair, and this is the signal that says 'play with me, NOW, please!

I did this today and it worked and me and my MH played on the floor for a long time and she took this picture of me which she thinks is lovely.

And I have to agree!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Good, good, good

That's the kind of day I have had. We didn't get up too early 'cos it was quite cool and it looked like it was going to rain, and then suddenly my friend the sun appeared and everything changed.

I went straight outside and did all my usual hunting and sniffing and when I went back home, my MH lifted me up to give me a cuddle and she laughed 'cos my adorable little tummy was all wet 'cos it was in the long grass with me!

I sat in the garden and watched my DH doing some of his work and then I went off to play again. My MH was out for a wee while and when she came back she told me and my DH that there was no water in the bath that the cows get a drink out of. This is just in front of my house and when the cows are in that field my humans fill up the bath to help the nice farmer who leaves his shed door open for me.

So, me and him went down and put lots of water in the bath and the mummy cows and baby cows moo'd a big 'thank you' 'cos it was hot and maybe they were thirsty.

Then I sat outside with my MH until we got too hot and we went back inside for a wee rest and a wee cool down, but I am looking forward to night time when I will go hunting again.

I love hunting, and I am very good at it too!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I was up very early this morning. In fact, I was the first one wakened in my house and I purred in my MH's ear so that she would get up and feed me 'cos I wanted to go out and play.

She was going over to Stromness on the early boat so she was getting up early anyway---which is just as well really or I might have been in trouble again. But she got up and I got fed and then I flew out of the window---well, not literally, 'cos I'm not a birdie, but I moved very quickly.

I had good fun and then I watched for my MH coming home and she gave me a big cuddle and I purred some more for her. Then when she had sat down for a wee while, she made some pancakes 'cos those are my DH's favourite, and I got a baby one----all to myself! It was delicious and I liked it a lot, but I am going to ask her if I can have a big one the next time, 'cos I'm not a baby puss any more and my appetite is very good.

And there is a lot of room in my adorable little tummy for a real sized pancake!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Breakdancing Pussycat

That's what my MH said I looked like in today's picture, so I might just learn some more moves and become a rock star. I think that is a very good idea.

I have had a very good day as it is still lovely and warm and we have all been out in the garden which is always great fun. I have been doing a lot of hunting and every now and then, I need a wee rest, so I find a nice warm bit of stone and have a wee lie down until I am ready to go back out to terrorise the neighbourhood.

I have a wee worry though and it concerns my MH. Now, you know that she used to be a teacher and she keeps telling me that she is very clever and taught lots of children to read and write and count and do all sorts of things, but I think she might have been teaching them wrong.

I will tell you why! She was doing the housework today and as usual, I decided that I would help her and I chased the Hoover and I chased the duster 'cos I thought that's what I was supposed to do, but then she said that with two of us doing all the cleaning, it was taking twice as long. Now, that cannot be right, 'cos with me helping, it should not have taken long at all, so I think maybe she can't do sums and there might be a lot of confused children in the world if that's what my MH told them!

I am so worried I need a wee sleep.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Busy, busy!

I have hardly been inside all day. It is a lovely day and it is even warm so I am just loving being outside.

I went straight out after my breakfast and did a lot of sniffing around and then of course there was work to be done in our greenhouse and I had to supervise my MH in her wee gym, but apart from that, the day has been my own.

I nip in every now and then just to see that the old dears are doing OK and not missing me too much, and of course I need a wee biscuit, so once I have had that and a wee purr at the humans, I am off out again.

Between you and me, I don't do very much but I just love being outside. My favourite spot is still under my pampas grass 'cos I can watch all the birdies as they swing on it but they can't see me. I like that.

My MH laughs when I tell her that I love being outside 'cos when I was a wee baby kitten, I stayed in my house for a long time and then one day, my humans decided to take me outside onto the grass, and I was frightened and ran straight back into the house and up on my couch! Oops!

But now I am all growed up and I can do growed up pussy cat things 'cos I am very brave and not frightened any more.

Adorable and brave! Who could as for anything more?

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Still Good

Things, chez Squeak, are still very good. It has been warm and so we have all been outside today.

Me and my DH disappeared into the greenhouse and did all our work there and it was so warm inside the greenhouse, that I had to come out for some fresh air, and I met my MH coming out to hang up her washing and you know I like to help her by climbing up the pole to make sure everything is OK---and it was. I climbed the poles lots of times---just to make sure. That always makes my humans laugh.

When she had finished, she chased me round the garden and then we went and inspected all my little plants that are coming on so well. My MH took this picture of the little red one just as I finished having a wee chat to it. You can see that it looks very happy.

I have been having good fun in the house as well. Yesterday was Friday and as you know, my DH always goes to the pier on a Friday to bring up all the groceries which come off the boat in a box tied up with string. When they unpack the boxes, that's when I spring into action and steal the string and sometimes my DH ties it in a knot for me to play with. Sometimes, my humans just shake their heads at me 'cos I have all these lovely toys, and yet I spend hours chasing and killing this big bit of string!

But I have such good fun, and I like when I make the humans happy.

Friday, 12 August 2011

A Good Day

I have had a lovely day. My humans have been at home all day and we have been very busy.

My DH took off to our greenhouse and I quickly joined him 'cos my MH took out the vacuum cleaner and there was no peace at all in my house. Me and my DH had a good wee talk to all the plants and we have already had three tomatoes to eat and the humans said they were lovely, so they are looking forward to lots more. There are lots of tomatoes nearly ready, they are just a wee bit pale yet.

Then I got quite excited 'cos my MH came out into the garden, but again I had to disappear 'cos she brought out the lawn mower and cut all the grass. It was getting long but it has been too wet to cut it, but today obviously was the day and it is looking lovely again.

When she finished, she played with me and we had chases round the garden and into the house and I had great fun. I just love it when my humans play with me and I have decided that I am always going to be a kitten-cat 'cos I love playing and chasing and being a 'wee monkey'.

But I am an adorable wee monkey!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

I told you---

----I could pole dance and here is the picture to prove it. My MH went out last night to get a picture of the Jacob sheep and I went too. Now, I don't know who Jacob is, but his sheeps are beautiful and I think they are my very favourite.

So after we had taken all the pictures that my MH needed, we went back to my house, but I was so happy being out with my MH that I jumped in the grass and did silly runs and leaps and then I saw this pole. So I just HAD to climb it, and the old dear had her camera pointing in the right direction to capture this shot of yours truly! I think it is wonderful and it should leave you in no doubt at all that I can climb poles.

My humans were away out all day today, but the weather was good enough to leave the window open for me, so I have been playing lots and then when they came home, they both made a big fuss of me, so normal service has resumed again.

I hope we go outside tonight again to take more pictures 'cos I liked that.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Play Time

I have had lots of good fun today and I have played with lots of my toys. In fact, I have been playing with some of the toys that I had neglected for a wee while.

I played with my little mouse and my MH took this picture of me which I think is lovely, and I am sure you will too.

My MH played with me a lot and I have been outside a lot of times too 'cos although it is quite cool, it has been dry and so I have managed to get in and out of my window lots and lots of times today, so I am very happy again.

There are some Jacob sheeps in my fields and they are just beautiful, so maybe I will have a wee chat to them tomorrow.I will see how I feel.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Good Day

I have been a very good pussy cat today and I have had a good day. It started off with my favourite game in the whole world as my MH was putting clean sheets on the bed, and that's when I sprang into action to help her.

I jumped on the bed and slid down when she pulled the sheets off and then when she put the duvet back on, I decided to hide and see if she could find me. I lay as still as I could and I am sure she didn't know where I was 'cos she kept saying 'oh dear. Where is my wee Squeak?' But I just lay there and had a wee giggle to myself, then my silly wagger gave the game away! Just because I was very happy, my little tail began to wave like a flag, and my MH found me. But it was a really good game.

I also got out to play a lot today 'cos the weather has been better so I have been much better behaved today than I was yesterday.

AND! I am back in my MH's camera. I kept asking her why she wasn't taking any more pictures of me and she said her camera was filled up with all the ships that she had seen. I don't know what she has done with all those ships, but there is room for me in the camera now and she took this picture of me sitting on the window sill waiting for the rain to go off so that I could go outside again.

Yes. It has been a good day.

Monday, 8 August 2011


My MH says I have been a monster today, and I must admit that I have been a tad high spirited. It is windy and wet on my little island today, so I haven't been outside much, and I have a lot of energy to get rid of. SO, I think maybe I have been a bit of a monster---but just a little monster.

I started off helping my MH to do all her dusting but I ended up chasing the duster, so it didn't really touch the places it was supposed to. Then I went down the back of my television 'cos I decided to find out where all the people stayed who came on to my screen, but I still haven't found them, so I shall have to keep looking.

I went into the greenhouse for a wee while with my DH but I behaved myself there 'cos we were busy working with the tomatoes and the plants, then I went into the gym with the Boss and when she was on her bike, I raced up and down the treadmill and I even jumped up the wall which gave her a fright! Tee hee.

In the afternoon, my MH decided to make some more cards and she had all her stuff spread out over the table when I decided to have a very close look, and I am afraid everything landed on the floor, and yours truly nearly landed in the soup pot! So right at that minute, I decided I was safer outside in the wind, and oft I went.

I chased a few leaves and ran all over my garden and that got rid of some of my energy so that when I got back into the house, I was ready for a wee sleep.

But I wonder what mischief I can get up to tonight!?

Sunday, 7 August 2011

New Picture

I have decided to put on a picture of the little birdy that keeps playing with me. I think it is diving bombing me, but he thinks it is good fun!

I have been out a lot today as the weather has been quite good, so I have been in and out of the window a lot of times and I have been lying under my pampas grass while all the swallows play on the branches. They can't see me when I am lying on the ground and I like to lie there and listen to them chirruping and whistling. It is good fun.

My humans have had a lazy day and we have all been in the house and I have been fussed over every time I come in, so I like that and it makes us all very happy.

I can take as much fussing over as they have to offer!

Saturday, 6 August 2011


That's what I was yesterday. Outraged!

Now, those of you who know me well, know that I am a very happy little puss and that I am always in a good mood, so I know you will be desperate to hear what befell me yesterday.

Well, my humans had a visitor and he didn't like pussy cats, so I was banished to the bedroom! Can you believe the indignity of it all? The adorable one put out of her own living room just 'cos somebody didn't agree with my humans when they told him I was adorable. I am still in shock.

Mind you, being in the bedroom wasn't too bad 'cos I could have a wee nap and I have some toys in there too, but that's not the point. It is my house!

However, he didn't stay too long and I was finally released. And then just when I thought my humans would spend time with me, they went away in the boat to a wedding and didn't come home till two o'clock in the morning!

So you can see that I didn't have the bestest of days, but today has been better and we have all been at home and I have been the centre of attraction again.

So my little life is back to normal.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bad Weather--Good Day

It is very misty at my island today but I have still been able to get out to play although I am not too sure where I have been 'cos I can't see through the mist! Tee hee.

My humans have been busy with my DH working in the greenhouse and my MH doing lots of housework then going into her wee gym, so I have had lots of places to go to and lots of company, which I just love.

My MH has also been working on her holiday diary and so I have been lying on the big chair in the study while she prints off all her pictures of when they were in Shetland. She does this after all her holidays and then some nights, I sit on her knee and we look at all the pictures again and she tells me all the stories about what they did.

I like when she does this and I LOVE sitting on her knee and having a wee sleep there. I usually do this when I come in from being a big fierce hunter. I went out last night but it was a wee bit cool so I didn't stay out too long and came home for a wee rest and a cuddle.

In fact, I think I will just do that right now, 'cos I have been a tad busy.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Invisible Puss

I have been outside all day today and I am loving it. I have been hiding under the pampas grass and in the space where my DH has his barbecue and I have been watching all the birdies as they are playing.

It has been warm enough to have a sleep in the long grass and I am afraid I was a bit naughty 'cos when my MH came home from being down at the Post Office, she called to me and I didn't go home, even though I did hear her. I was just too comfortable!

I didn't make her worry too long, though and I went into my house soon and gave her a wee cuddle, so she is quite happy now. It doesn't take too much!

I am hoping that the rain doesn't come on, 'cos I have decided that I am going out tonight and I am going to stay out VERY late and see what happens outside late at night.

I shall tell you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A Quiet Day

After all my excitement yesterday, I have had a very quiet day today although I was up very early as my MH was going shopping in Kirkwall.

Normally we don't get up early unless the humans have to catch the boat and then we are all up at 7:30am and I get fed early and that's what happened today. I got my breakfast and went out to play and then when my DH got up, I pretended my MH had forgotten to feed me and I got some more. Tee hee :). I did get into trouble when the Boss came home and found out, but it was worth it!

I helped my DH in the greenhouse and then I had a snooze on my chair until my MH came home and acos it was raining, she was very wet, so I helped her to get dry and she liked that a lot.

It is not a very good evening, so I am still having a nap until later when I might go out again, but I think my MH will be going to bed early 'cos the old dear can't do with early mornings and she will be tired.

I might go with her and she can tell me a story. I like when she does that, and I fall asleep with her tickling my adorable little lugs.

Yes. I think I will have an early night too.

Monday, 1 August 2011


What a morning I have had! I had been out playing for a wee while and came in for a wee seat on my couch, when I heard a lot of birdies outside my living room window.

SO! Being an inquisitive little pussy cat, I nipped up on to my window sill and watched them from there with my adorable little tail twitching all the time. The window was open and my MH was watching me and she was listening to the birdies too.

As you know, she has told me not to kill the little birds and I have been very good---so far!But as I was sitting there watching and swishing, one little bird banged into my window and knocked itself out.

Well, as quick as lightning---or maybe even quicker, I was out of the window and on to the bird. Well, as quick as lightning, but not so quick as me, my MH was out too, but not out of the window! She had to go out of the door and then all round the garden to find me with said birdie in my mouth.

Now, between you and me, dear friends, I was quite pleased to see her 'cos I didn't really know what to do with this bird now that I had it in my mouth, so when my MH said 'put it down, dear little Squeak' I did just that and it flew away!

I ran after it again, pretending I still wanted to eat it, but I knew I had no chance, so I just trotted back to my MH who thought I was wonderful!

So, dear friends, a win/win situation. I caught a bird, but my MH thinks I am the most obedient, adorable pussy cat in the en-tire world.

And who am I to argue?