Monday, 31 October 2011

A Fine Day

Yes, it has been a fine day in a lot of ways. My humans have been at home and I have been the centre of their universe when it has suited me. The weather has been good, so I have been out to play lots of times and when I came in again,I snuggled up to my MH and purred while she told me all about the Halloween party again.

I like hearing the stories about all the pretend witches and she showed me all the photographs she took and we both had lots of giggles 'cos the people did look funny all dressed up.

We have a visitor coming tomorrow that we have never met and I have been told to be on my best behaviour, so I might, or on the other paw, I might not! Tee hee :)) I shall let you know if he finds me adorable or not, and if he doesn't, I shall not be best pleased!

My MH says life is to be a wee bit quieter now for a wee while, but I couldn't understand why it had got dark at about half past four today and she explained that the clocks went back so we are in winter and here in Orkney, there is not very much day light in winter, so there will be lots of darkness for me to go hunting in.

I think I might like the winter!

Sunday, 30 October 2011


.....I didn't get to the party, and really, when I saw the state of my humans when they left the house, I was quite happy to stay home.

Oh dear, they did look scary. In fact I got quite a fright when I saw my DH 'cos he had painted all black lines on his face and his hair and beard were all sparkly. They were both dressed as witches and my MH had a long black wig on which made her look funny.

I thought people might have been laughing at them, but my MH showed me some pictures, and the rest of the island were the same, so our wee Hall was filled with witches and wizards. I am happy I was at home!

I have been left alone today for a while 'cos the humans were back in the Hall again but it wasn't for a party this time 'cos they were all doing their First Responder training, but it was OK 'cos I got out to play a lot and my MH has promised me that they will be home all day tomorrow and I shall be the centre of attention again.

Which is only as it should be.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

A Busy House

That's what we have today. My humans are getting ready for the halloween party tonight and my DH has been helping to decorate the Hall while my MH has been getting their costumes ready and making sandwiches. I am still hoping to get an invite to the party, but it's not looking all that promising I am afraid.

It's not too bad a day and I have been out playing a lot, so even if I have to stay at home tonight, I'll still be able to have a play and a few wee snoozes, so it's Ok really.

I don't have a lot of news for you 'cos I am just doing lots of the same things today but I shall tell you how my humans looked when they were all dressed up.

I hope they are not too scary!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Ho Hum

Not a very good day. My humans had to go away to Kirkwall today 'cos my MH had to see the fizzy-o lady again, although I told her I could knead her neck with my adorable little paws and that would make it better and then they wouldn't have to leave me all alone.

It wasn't too bad though, 'cos they left the window open and I was able to get out to play a lot and then they both make a big fuss of me when they come back again and I like that.

They also brought a big parcel back and I had the bestest of times playing in it when it was emptied and my MH took this picture of me, but don't worry, 'cos I was very safe inside this big bag and my humans kept watching me.

There is an island party tomorrow for Hallowe'en and I am trying to persuade my humans to take me with them 'cos they are going as witches and everybody knows that a witch ALWAYS has a cat, although I do think I am a tad too adorable to be a witch's cat, but anything for a party!

I shall let you know if I am successful.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

High Jinks

Yep! I have been up to all sorts of tricks today----some with my humans and some all by my adorable little self and I have had a ball, dear reader, a veritable ball!

My DH gave my MH a hand to change the beds today and of course, I had to get in on the act too. I played hide and seek under the duvets and they pretended they couldn't see me, but as usual, my little wagger wouldn't behave and kept wagging like a flag giving the game away! It makes them laugh though and that's good.

Then it was outside time and my DH was in the study watching me through the window, although I didn't know that, and I was playing at being an intrepid little (adorable!) hunter chasing every blade of grass and then making a run at the speed of light from one end of the garden to the other with a little jump and twist thrown in for good measure. Oh, I must have been a sight to behold!

I helped my MH do her exercises in the gym and then we played on the carpet with lots of my toys and then she took this delightful picture of me as we were both lying on the carpet, although it's only me that can get under the coffee table. Tee hee :)

I am going to have a wee rest now as I am a wee bit jiggered after all this excitement and hard work, but I fully intend going outside lots of times before bedtime, so I shall tell you all about that tomorrow.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A Very Good Day

That's what I have had. Somebody has switched off the wind and I have had great fun playing outside for hours and hours until I was so tired I had to come in and climb up on my couch for a wee sleep.

I brought my humans a wee present which they weren't too happy about I am afraid 'cos it was a tiny wee shrew. It was very dead and really it was very dead when I found it, but I thought they would have been pleased. Wrong!

The cows are still in my field and chatting to them is taking up a lot of my time, but the nice farmer has left his shed door open again and I have been spending a lot of time in there 'cos that's where all the mouses are and when it's not windy, I can hear them and I can frighten them if I want to, but since I am a good pussy cat, I don't really want to----well, not too often!

I am liking these dark nights and I love staying out late doing all the things that a very brave puss can do, and then I nip in and cuddle up beside my MH which we both love.

Yes, I have had a very good day, and I hope you have too.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

More of the Same

Yep! The horrible wind is still blowing and the cows are still in the field and I am still going out to see them and have a wee chat, so life is just the same.

I can still get in and out of the window 'cos it's not too blowy there, so I have been out playing a lot today especially since we were all up VERY early this morning!

Our phone went off at five o'clock this morning and my MH got a fright, but it was OK 'cos it was just somebody phoning from another country where the time is different, but we all got up anyway. After my MH had spoken on the phone, she went back to bed but my DH stayed up for a coffee and a cigarette and I stayed up for a wee while and had a chat to him before nipping back to bed too.

Me and my MH got up at our usual time and did all the housework again and she went into the gym, but I stayed in the house and chased all my toys. She played with me when she came back and we had really good fun until I was quite tired.

I had a wee snooze and then went back out to see the cows again before they went to the bottom of the field which is nearly at the sea. Sometimes they are right outside my fence and other times they are down at the sea, so I just wait for them to come back.

They are funny things aren't they? And talking of funny things. Do you like this funny picture of me that my MH took? We were both lying on the floor at the time and she took this. I like it.

I hope you do too

Monday, 24 October 2011

More Cows

I went out again into the field for another heart to heart with the ladies and we all enjoyed it. They are not very happy about being out in the wind and I did hint to my humans that maybe they could take it in turns to come in to my house for a wee heat, but the answer was a definite NO!

Then I remembered what I nearly tripped over in the field and decided that it was better that the cows stayed in the field 'cos I know my MH would not be happy if there was a ginormous cow pat in the living room and I don't think even the awful vacuum cleaner would help. Tee hee:))

I have been very busy today playing and chasing but I haven't been outside too much 'cos it is very windy and my poor old MH nearly got blowed away when she went into her gym.

I made her laugh when we were in the bedroom 'cos in that room there are two single beds. She was sitting on one and I was on the other and I decided to chase my tail. I had built up great speed going round and round in circles and I fell off the bed. BUT! I was going so fast, that I landed on the other bed and was quite surprised at how I got there. By this time my MH was laughing so hard, she nearly fell of HER bed.

Oh my, how we did giggle for a long time afterwards! Life can be fun, can't it?

Sunday, 23 October 2011


I promised you a picture of some of the cows that are in the field outside my living room window and here it is. You can see that they are very big compared to adorable little me.

I was outside a lot with them last night and had a wee chat to the baby cows which was really very nice. I did get a rather big surprise today though when I went into the field, and it is a rather indelicate matter which I need to tell you about.

I didn't know that only pussy cats have litter trays, and I am sure you know what I am going to tell you! I was playing in the field with the cows and I saw something that I hadn't seen before and went to have a closer inspection---as you do!

WELL! I wish I hadn't, because I discovered then why cows don't have litter trays. Oh yeukk! Was it smelly??!! It was worse that my DH's socks! :))) I'm glad I discovered it in the daytime 'cos I think my humans might not have been very pleased if I had stepped in THAT in the dark and then jumped in the window.

So I have learned that I need to be very alert when I am in the field when the cows are there----just in case!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Busy Again

I went out to the gym today with my MH and we nearly got blowed away 'cos the wind is so strong. Normally I play outside while she does her exercises but today I just stayed inside the gym and watched her wee legs doing all their hard work! Oh dear, she does look funny when she is on her bike, but don't tell her I said that, please!

Then in the afternoon we had some visitors and of course, I was adored so that made me very happy.

I was just about to settle down for my afternoon snooze when the nice farmer next door put lots of cows in the field in front of my house and I had to watch him, didn't I? When he was finished, I went into the field and had a wee chat to them and they are going to be there for a while, so I will have plenty of company now which is good.

I have asked my MH to take a picture so I can show you what all the cows look like and she said she would, so I will put it on as soon as she gets it ready.

Friday, 21 October 2011

All is well

I have had lots of company today and my humans have spent lots of time making a fuss of me, so all is well, chez Squeak.

And of course it is Friday. And Friday means messages, and messages means new string for me to play with, so I have been very busy. It is not very nice outside, so I have only been out for short trips and spending most of my time indoors. I even pretended to be an ornament, and that's what today's picture is.

I did go out for a lot of times last night and I had great fun. It was a still, calm night and I had lots to see and sniff and chase, so I was quite tired by bed time and me and my MH had a wee cuddle and a chat before we went to sleep.

She tells me stories and I like that 'cos she tickles my tummy and my adorable little lugs when she is talking, and my wee purrer goes into overdrive and that makes her laugh.

So we are all happy here.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Not happy

That's what I was today! Not happy. My humans went away shopping into Kirkwall and I was left all alone which I do not like at all.

I am not frightened or anything like that, but I am just so used to having them about the house all the time, that I miss them when they are not here, but don't tell them I said that!

It was too windy to leave the window open for me so I just had to play with my toys until they came home, and then they played with me and we were all very happy again.

I am still loving being outside in the dark at night and I was out lots and lots last night, and because I have been inside all day today, I shall most likely be outside for a long time tonight

I can't wait!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Wee White Lie

I have a confession to make! I told you all a wee fib yesterday. Remember I said I wasn't going to go outside again? Well, I did!

It was still a very bad night with awful weather, but I had lots of energy in my adorable little body and I wanted out to play. So I sat on the window sill and thumped the wind chimes so loud that my humans could hardly hear the television, and finally my MH got up and let me out the door, 'cos it was a wee bit more sheltered.

I found lots of places to go and hide and shelter and when I went home again, my humans were amazed 'cos I was quite dry. I stayed in my house for just long enough to get warmed up and then I did the same thing all over again.

Now, I have to admit that after the seventh or eight time of getting up, my MH was getting a tad annoyed, but I tried to explain that I was helping her do her exercises and she wouldn't need to go to the gym for a long, long time.

I am not totally convinced she believed me! What will tonight bring, I wonder?

I am bouncing with adorable energy!!!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

What a Night!

I had a terrible night last night and I nearly couldn't sleep. The wind was very naughty and it was screaming all round my house and then we had lightening as well as thunder and I did not like that at all.

If it is true that thunder is the angels moving their furniture, they must have been wearing heavy boots which caused all the sparks. It lit up our whole house and my DH had to get up and unplug the computer 'cos once before the lightening blew it up, so he wasn't taking any chances.

I was a bit scared and I cuddled up beside my MH and soon it all went away and we went to sleep again. My humans were supposed to be going shopping today, but the weather wasn't good, so they just stayed in with me and I liked that.

We played lots of times and I even went outside, but I couldn't get back in my window 'cos when I tried to jump up on the window-sill, the wind caught me and I nearly blew away, so I had to run round to the door and my MH let me in again.

I don't think I will be going out again tonight!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Easy day

We have all been taking it a we bit easy today although my humans have been quite busy.

As you know, Monday, chez Squeak is cleaning day and I thought my luck had changed when the awful vacuum cleaner broke. Oh, dear reader, I was ecstatic! I did a wee jig round my living room, then suddenly I noticed that my DH was working at it, and would you believe---he fixed it!! I thought he was on MY side, but he fixed it! Ho hum.

So, the Boss continued cleaning and dusting and stuff while me and my DH finished cleaning out the greenhouse, and we managed to get a wee bit of peace and quiet.

Me and my MH then went into the gym and afterwards she played in the garden with me, but it was a bit too windy, so we didn't stay out too long. When we went in, I helped her make some cards and she liked that, although she did get a wee bit cross when I 'accidentally' knocked some of her stuff off the table when I was chasing a fly, but a wee purr and a sorrowful look, and all is forgiven!

She falls for it every time! :))

Sunday, 16 October 2011


That's what my MH called me today. She said I was a rascal. I have lots of energy and I was bouncing about the living room quite early this morning and my humans were laughing at me, especially when I did one of my daft runs through the kitchen, along the back of the couch, onto the chair at the window, along the window sill and out the window, then two minutes later the same run only in reverse.

I wasn't in reverse, you understand, just the way I did the run! My MH then took me into the gym and I watched her for a wee while and then I went away and played all by myself until she was finished, and then we went into the garden and that's when she called me a rascal.

I was still full of adorable energy and I chased and chased all over the grass making my now famous squeaking noises which my MH thought was really funny and then as quick as lightening, I disappeared up the clothes pole again. I sat at the top for a long time watching the world. It looks a lot different when you are up about six feet off the ground.

My MH's friend arrived and she made a fuss of me and tickled me lots and I liked that, then after she went away, I had a wee sleep, but I am sure I will still have plenty of energy left when I wake up.

I wonder what mischief I will get up to later?

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Boy! Was I tired last night! I climbed up onto my couch and I went spark out. I slept for hours and my humans said I was snoring.

It is little wonder, though, 'cos I had been out nearly all day and all that climbing makes a little pussy cat very tired. I didn't play very much with my toys and went to bed early with my MH and we both had a good sleep.

I wakened up early this morning and as it was a good day, I wakened my MH and told her I wanted my breakfast so that I could go out and play again and that's what she did. I played on my own for a wee while and did some hunting until my humans came outside too and we all looked at the greenhouse which is nearly empty now except for a few tomatoes which are nearly ready to eat. My MH is very pleased with me and my DH so that is good news.

Me and my MH then went into the gym and she did some more exercises while I did lots more sniffing, so we were both happy.

Then the rain came on, so we all went back into the house and I had another wee nap on my couch.

I will have a think about what I want to do later, but I don't think I will be pole dancing tonight!

Friday, 14 October 2011

High Jinks

What a day I have had! It has been the bestest ever!! My humans have been with me all day and the weather has been so good that we have been outside nearly all day and my MH took lots and lots of pictures of me, so I will have plenty to show you very soon.

I told her I wanted to show you this one and as usual, she did what she was told!I had been playing in my garden and I took a big long run and ended up at the very top of the clothes pole and I stayed there for a long, long time. So long that my MH managed to get a lot of pictures of me.

At one point, I thought about trying to walk along the clothes rope, but decided against it. I shall keep that circus trick for another day, perchance.

But I have had an absolutely cracking day!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Another Lonely Day

My humans were away out again today, but this time my MH had to take her neck to see a fizzy-o-therapist 'cos it has been sore and 'cos it will soon be my DH's birthday she took him as well and bought him his lunch, so I was left all alone.

It was OK though as it was a good day and I went out playing a lot, but since my MH doesn't know what I was doing, I can't tell you either. I can tell you that a little plan of mine didn't work though.

I had decided that when I heard the car coming back, I would jump in the window and pretend that I had been sound asleep all day, but when I did this and went through to the kitchen to meet them with a 'why did you leave me?' look on my face, I forgot that I had been playing in the long wet grass and so when my MH lifted me up to give me a cuddle, she noticed that my adorable little feet and even adorabler little tummy was all wet! Oops.

They knew that I had been out playing so my trick didn't work! Back to the drawing board!!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


It has been a beautiful day today with warm sunshine and no wind, so I have been outside all day and I loved every single minute of it.I have sniffed and explored and lay in the sunshine and dreamed of mouses and things like that.

The only bit I didn't like about today was that my humans were out all afternoon and I had to play all by myself. Do you remember I told you they were helping to paint the Hall on my little island? Well, 'cos it was a good day, they decided to put some while paint on the windows and the doors, so they put on their rubber gloves, packed their paint brushes and oft they went.

They were quite tired when they came home, but they still had energy to play with me and so I was very happy again, and because the weather is still beautiful, I will be going out hunting until it is very late tonight, and I am quite excited about that.

I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Completely Good

That's what I have been today---a completely good puss. Even my MH says I have been good, so it MUST be true.

It is quite windy, but I have found lots of places to go and shelter, so that's what I have been doing. My MH lets me out of the door and I disappear for a long time and then when I want in, I sit on the kitchen window and she lets me back in the door. I have even managed to keep the adorable little paws clean today.So I am sure you must agree with me when I tell you that I have been very good.

I found my wee green ball again and I have just had the bestest of fun with it--running and chasing and catching it and hiding and and then finding it again and I have played for hours with it. In fact I made my MH laugh out loud 'cos whatever I did with it, the little ball went high up to the ceiling in my living room, but when it came down again, I caught it with my (adorable) front paw. My how she did chuckle, but I don't know how I did it.

I shall have to keep trying.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Good Puss

I've nearly been a good puss today. I haven't been entirely good, but I haven't been as naughty as I was yesterday. I was in and out a lot yesterday and my poor MH's wee legs were tired getting up and down to open the window for me all the time, but today has been better.

I have been in the gym with her, and then we played in the garden for a while so that used up some of my energy and made me need a wee sleep on my couch. So, all that is good, and I know you will be anxious to hear what the naughty bit is.

Well, today's picture shows me sitting in my DH's chair, and there is another one at the window which is MY chair and I sit on that lots of times. Well, when I came in last night, I jumped down from the window and sat on my chair and it was only when I got up again that my MH noticed her good leather chair was filled with adorable but mucky little Squeak shaped paw prints.Ooops!

She asked me where I had been, but of course I couldn't tell her and 'cos she doesn't know, I am afraid you won't know either!

I think by now you may have guessed my little secret? I don't ACTUALLY write this blog 'cos I can't spell, so my MH has to do it for me, and I am NOT telling her where I go at night in case she makes me stop.

So, I am afraid, you will just have to keep guessing. Sorry.

Sunday, 9 October 2011


I have been a bit naughty today. It is very windy and as you know, I am not overly keen on the bad wind.

Our phone went very early this morning when my humans were still sleeping and my MH had to answer it, so we both got up for a wee while in the middle of the night-----well, about 7:15am, which for my humans IS the middle of the night----and then after sorting 'stuff' out, we went back to bed.

We slept for another wee while and then we got up to stay up and it was then that I noticed the wind, but I decided that I would try and go out to play anyway, and that's where the naughty bit comes in, 'cos I couldn't stay out too long and then I wanted back in, but when I was inside, I wanted out again and my MH was nearly getting cross with me.

Eventually, she let me go out the door which was a wee bit more sheltered and I was wise enough to stay out for a whole ten minutes before jumping up to the window to be let back in again.

I think I shall have to content myself for a while and behave or you all know what could happen!

Saturday, 8 October 2011


I am very content today. I had a good sleep last night and I have been out playing all day 'cos the weather is good today and the naughty wind is away someplace else, so we are all happy.

My DH has been clearing out his greenhouse after the summer and it becomes a workshop in the winter, so we can still escape there when the awful vacuum cleaner appears, and that is very handy.

I helped my DH and had a good sniff at all the spaces he was making but I didn't find any mouses or beetles or anything. I just had good fun looking.

Then I went into the gym with my MH and did some more sniffing until my wee sniffer was tired, so I went out to lie down in the grass. I saw the lady next door walking past my house with three dogs and three children, so I took off at a very fast pace and shot into the gym. I went so fast, I nearly landed on the treadmill beside my MH! That would have been funny.

I wasn't afraid, you understand, I just thought my MH would like to know that they were there. Believe that if you like!!

Friday, 7 October 2011


I got a brilliant surprise last night and it made me very, very happy. I purred nearly all night and my MH says that is her favourite sound in the en-tire world 'specially when I cuddle up close to her and purr.

I know you will be anxious to hear what made me so happy. Well, my humans were doing lots of cleaning and were into places that they don't often go and my wee green ball was in one of those places and they found it for me. This is the wee ball that was a leg or an arm of one of my toys and it is just ideal for me to carry around and throw up into the air and then catch again. And that is why it is always getting lost 'cos I stick it in places and then I can't reach and of course I can't tell my humans where I have put it, so it is only once in a while that it is found again.

They didn't give it to me right away 'cos it had to be cleaned, but then they put it on top of my climbing frame and there it was when I jumped up and I was so happy that I made my humans laugh. I even took it to bed with me last night and I haven't lost it yet, so I will maybe take it to bed again tonight.

Oh yes, I am a happy puss.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


It was a dreadful night last night with lots of wind and very heavy rain, so I stayed inside and just played with all my toys, but when me and my MH went to bed, I got a bit of a fright.

There was a terrible noise right over our roof and I was a wee bit scared and I cuddled in beside my MH who was reading her book and didn't seem to be too concerned. She saw that I was frightened and she told me that this was thunder and that when she was a wee girl--lots and lots of years ago!-- she was frightened too, but her mummy told her it was just the angels moving their furniture and that made her not frightened any more.

We had a wee smile at this story and then I just went to sleep 'cos I wasn't frightened either.

It has been better today and I have been outside lots of times and me and my MH were in the gym again and I do lots of sniffing when she is on her bike or her walking machine, and I am able to talk to all my plants 'cos that's where my DH has put them till he gets our greenhouse tidied out for the winter.

So I am still a very busy pussy cat, but I do enjoy my siesta every afternoon and that's what I am going to have right now.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I helped my humans put up different curtains on my windows 'cos my MH said it was nearly winter and she likes the big long heavy curtains that keep out all the naughty winds.

Well I did try to explain that this would only work if I didn't want out of the window, 'cos when I need to nip in and out, the window needs to be open, so the curtains need to be open too, so it doesn't matter whether they are long or short does it? But did she listen? No. She did not. So we now have the long curtains up on the windows. Ho hum.

My MH went out for a while this morning so me and my DH played with my toys and I showed him how I liked to play. He is learning, but he is not as good at it as my MH. Maybe she is very clever after all!

After that, he made some bolognese sauce 'cos they were making lasagna, and I got a wee drop of mince which I ate all up 'cos I like it.

Then I needed a wee rest, so I nipped up onto my DH's chair and that's what today's picture is. I hope you like it.

I am sure you will.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Still Happy

Yes. I am still a happy puss. My humans have been with me all day today and even though we haven't been outside much, they have been playing with me in the house and I like that.

It is still very windy and it would definitely blow me away if I went outside. I know this for a fact 'cos I decided I would not listen to my very wise (she says!) MH and demanded to be let out of the window last night. WELL! Talk about flying! I jumped off the window sill, but the wind caught me and I landed miles away from where I should have. It was MAGIC! I liked it a lot and I am so clever that I found my way back again.

I have been on the Wii machine today and that is what my picture is. I did put my foot down---well my front right paw, actually, when the Lycra came out, and I said a definite no, so I just did it in my fur and my wee Mii said I am just perfect.

As if there was ever any doubt!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Normal service....... resumed in my house again. My humans have been at my every beck and call all day and I have been milking it, dear reader---absolutely milking it!

I have been played with, cuddled, tickled and adored so I am very happy again. I even had a wee sniff at the packet of tablet on the coffee table and I didn't get a row. I won't do it again 'cos I am a good puss, but I just wondered how much I could get away with today, and it was LOTS! However, I think I might need to behave tomorrow and not push them too far
'cos the threat of the soup pot is never too far away! Hee hee :)

It has been windy today and one of my plants blowed away and my DH had to chase after it and bring it into the house, so I think the summer is well and truly away for this year.

I went outside for a wee short while and me and my MH went into the gym but we didn't spend too much time in the garden on the way back 'cos it was blowing too much and we didn't want to get blowed away like the plant. My DH could carry me back, but I don't think he could manage my MH!

But don't tell her I said that or I am gone!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Not Much Better

Well, the humans were at home today, but just for a wee while 'cos they disappeared down to the Community Hall to paint it and I was left all alone again.

I am not best pleased, I can tell you! And I will certainly let my feelings be known for quite some time. They WILL suffer!

I know it was a lovely day, and I know the Hall needed to be painted, and I know that everybody else wanted to do it, but I still do not like it at all!

However, when they came home, my MH played with me and told me what they had been doing in the afternoon and I was really interested and then when she took out our laptop, I cuddled up on her knee and watched what she was doing and my DH took this picture of us, and if you look very closely, you will see that I am on the lap top too----and looking very fetching even if I do say so myself.

Modest as ever, you will notice!

Saturday, 1 October 2011


I was left all on my own for a while today while my humans were in Stromness but I played outside lots of times and I had a few wee naps as well so that when they came home I was ready to play.

I played with my MH first and she took me out into the garden but we had to come in again 'cos the horrid midges were out having a party and I did not like them at all. Then my DH played with me and my feathery stick and we had great fun.

I needed another wee rest then I went outside again and I was very happy when I went out and it was lovely and calm but all the midges had gone home so I had brilliant fun outside until it was very late then I cuddled in beside my MH and we had a big sleep.

Life is good.