Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Just a short message from me today to my human and feline friends all over the world. I can't believe how famous I have become----but I like it.

I hope you all have a very happy new year and that you will be happy, healthy and content in 2012. I am looking forward to another year of being famous and adorable and spoiled.

I will tell you all about it in my daily ramblings and I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, 30 December 2011


My DH is a bit better and my MH is a bit worser, but like me, she soldiers on and just sneezes and coughs and talks funny, but she is OK and still has plenty of time to play with me and cuddle me whenever I want.

We played on the bed today and I hid under my blanket and she found me and tickled me and rubbed my tummy and I just LOVED it. Then we played in the living room and I have sent you an 'action' picture today.

Then she went to Stromness to do some shopping for the New Year party and me and my DH fixed up a new printer which he had bought so that they could print more beautiful pictures of ---- guess who? ---- YES!! Me!

On New Year's night everybody on the island comes to see me and my humans and we have a party, so we needed lots of food which my MH brought home this afternoon. I expect I will get lots of cuddles and adoration when all the visitors come so I am looking forward to that.

I shall tell you all about it.

Thursday, 29 December 2011


We have had a restful day today and we have all been going very slowly. My humans both have the cold. My DH has stayed in bed and my MH is still speaking with her very funny voice, but she has still been able to play with me and talk to me, and I try not to giggle at her 'cos she sounds so funny.

It was a dreadful night last night and the wind was screaming at my house but yours truly still went outside lots of times. I had to go out and in the door 'cos my MH couldn't open the window and her wee legs were tired always having to get up to let me in or out, and I am sorry for that, but I just LOVE being outside at night---even in the wind and the rain. I think I am getting braver as well as adorabler!

I have been playing lots of games with my MH today and she took this very fetching picture of me as I was emerging from hiding under the coffee table. I like this picture and I think I look beautiful in it.

My MH thinks I am always beautiful and she loves me lots and keeps telling me that, so I think I am very lucky.

I hope you are lucky like that too.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

For a wee while......

...... we are back to normal and it is good. My MH went out for a while today and I had to look after the house 'cos my DH stayed in bed with a bad cold, so I was the boss and I liked that a lot.

I wandered about my house and looked out of all my windows and for a while I watched the rain running down the living room window and I tried to catch the raindrops with my adorable little paw. I caught quite a lot of them but my little paw didn't get wet 'cos I was inside and they were outside.

When my MH came home she gave me a big cuddle and told me where she had been and I told her what I had done and she was very pleased with me. Then she made some stew for the dinner and I got a wee drop of meat on my plate and I ate it all up 'cos it was scrummy!

I went outside for a while but it is cold and wet and the wind has come back, so I didn't stay out long. I jumped up on the kitchen window sill and when my MH saw me, she opened the door and I scooted in as fast as my little legs would take me.

I played with my toys and now I am lying on my couch and I am going to have my afternoon nap before dinner.

Life is quite difficult sometimes! hee hee :))

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


We have all been resting today and even the wind is having a day off. It is lovely and quiet on my little island and I have been outside quite a lot today and I have been having good fun. I love when I can get out to play.

My humans have been taking it easy too, but my MH gave me quite a fright when she spoke to me this morning 'cos she has caught my DH's cold and it has made her voice really deep and funny. She gave me my morning cuddle, but when she said 'hello my wee Squeak' I looked to see who else was in my room, but it was just us! :))

She is keeping fairly quiet today and my DH is very happy, but don't tell the Boss that or he won't be happy for very long!

My MH's friend came in to see us today and she gave me a big cuddle too. I have been very well cuddled today and that has made me a very happy pussy cat, so all is well with my world.

And I hope all is well in your world too. Today's picture was taken yesterday when the wind was howling and you can see all the white waves in the sea and all the plants blowing in the wind.

I liked looking at it especially when I was nice and cosy in my house.

Monday, 26 December 2011


What a brilliant Christmas I had! Some new toys, lots of tickles and cuddles and some pork for my adorable little tummy. It was magic and I loved every minute of it.

We had a very good day but the wind was really strong again and I could hardly get out of my window, so I had to keep using the door and I nearly got blowed away a couple of times, but I think the pork in my tummy was keeping my little feets on the ground!

We were watching the television and having a quiet time when all the lights went out and we were left in the dark. The wind had caused some damage on the Mainland in Stromness and it knocked our lights out too.

We had to go to bed in the dark and my MH had no electric blanket so I had to cuddle her to keep her warm and we were Ok. The power came back on this morning at about lunch time so we are all warm and cosy, but I think I might just cuddle in again tonight.

'Cos I liked it!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas

Hello everybody. I hope you all have a very happy Christmas. I am having a brilliant time so far and Santa hasn't even been yet!

I don't think I will be able to sleep for all the excitement!

I thought I would show you a picture of the children on the island who did a Nativity play with my MH this afternoon, and I am sure you will like it. That is all the children on my little island and my MH was very pleased with them and told me all about it when she came home.

I hope you all have a very happy Christmas wherever in the world you are.

Lots of purrs from me, Squeak

Friday, 23 December 2011

Still Busy

Our house is still quite busy but we are having good fun.

My humans said the party was very good and the children were really happy with all their presents. The humans weren't too late when they came home and my MH sat me on her knee and told me all about the party and after I had heard all the story, I went out to play for a while 'cos I had been in the house all night and I needed to go and do some hunting and pussy cat things.

It was quite cold and a bit wet so I didn't stay out too long, although I had two or three short trips outside before the window got shut and I was told in no uncertain terms it was bedtime. I know that tone, so I did as I was told!

My DH went to Stromness today and me and my MH did wee odds and ends and she did some baking and 'cos I was the bestest pussy cat in the world----her words, honest!--I got a baby scone all to myself.

There should have been a picture of me and said scone, but by the time herself had arrived with the camera, the scone was in my adorable little tummy! I did suggest she give me another one and take a picture, but the answer was a definite 'no'.

Worth a try, though, eh?

Thursday, 22 December 2011

A busy house

I am quite tired out watching my humans get all their work done. It has been very busy chez Squeak today and I'll be glad when things get back to normal and I am the centre of attention once again.

As I told you, this is the island party tonight and 'cos my MH was the teacher here for hundreds of years, she organises all the games and asks Santa Claus to bring the little children some presents.

She has been busy practicing her games and looking out funny hats for her and my DH---his plays a tune, which scared yours truly so much I hid under the bed! Then after our dinner, she has to make some sandwiches before they both go away out, and I shall be left in my house in peace and quiet, and then they will play with me when they come home, so I shouldn't complain.......

.......although I do!!!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


That's what my MH called me today, and I have no idea why.

OK. I know you can see from this picture that I was in among the Christmas tree and maybe I shouldn't have been there, but I was only doing what any self-respecting
NORMAL pussy cat would do. And she called me a rascal!! Mind you she was smiling at the time, so I don't think I was in too much trouble.

We haven't been too busy today although my MH had to go out again this morning, but only for a wee while and then when she came back in, she started to get everything ready for the island Christmas party which in in our Hall tomorrow night, and Santa Claus is coming.

Sadly, it is only for humans and us adorable pussy cats can't go, but my MH said that Santa will come to me house to see me---but only if I don't climb the Christmas tree any more, so I will need to give that some serious consideration.

I shall sleep on it and let you know my decision. After all, I have lots of toys and I secretly like being a rascal!!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

No Housework.

It was very peaceful Chez Squeak today 'cos The Boss was away to Kirkwall to do some Christmas shopping and me and my DH had a very peaceful housework-less day, and we LOVED it! I was up very early 'cos she had to get the boat at 8:30am, so I had an early breakfast and then I went out to play.

That was something new for me, 'cos I don't usually go out so early in the morning and it was still dark and I got quite a surprise, but I came back in before my MH went away, and I think I was sound asleep before her car was outside the garden!

I did miss my MH though 'cos we do everything together and she talks to me all the time and I squeak and purr at her and we both like that. Then she plays with me whenever I am ready and she knows exactly what I want 'cos I have managed to train her quicker than my DH, but I'm still working on him. Hee hee :)

We played when she came home and she showed me all her messages that she had bought and then I went out to play in the dark for a wee while before I cuddled up on her knee and had a nap.

I am happy that she is home again.

Monday, 19 December 2011

An earth-shattering question

This is for all my feline friends world wide.

Can you tell me the purpose of all this housework stuff! I can't see the point in it at all. Take today for instance. Up gets my MH and starts cleaning the bathroom and granted, it is all nice and clean and shiny and it smells nice. Up gets my DH, goes into the bathroom and then it is NOT nice and clean and shiny---and we won't mention the smell as you may be eating!

In goes my MH to the living room and hoovers and polishes and dusts and it is all tidy and sparkling. In comes my DH------- 'nuff said!

Then she goes into the kitchen and cleans and shines again, and then a while later my DH decides to do some cooking for later on and you would think a bomb has hit it!

So what is the point? Mind you, there is one common denominator in all this mess, and I am sure you may have worked that one out already.

I'm surprised it hasn't dawned on my MH yet. I wonder if I should whisper in her ear?

Only kidding, DH! hee hee :)))

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Dalmatian Pussy Cat

That's what I was today after I had been out playing and got caught in the snow and hail.

I had nipped out for a wee breath of fresh air having played with my MH and fought with her under the cover on my bed, and I was quite a long way away from my house when the hail came on and then it began to snow, so I decided to 'hot-paw' it home but not before I got speckled with snow. So when I arrived at my window I was sparkling with wet snow on my back, and my MH had a wee laugh when she let me in.

I wasn't too happy, mind you, 'cos it was cold, but then she dried me and gave me a cuddle and that made me in a better mood and I was happy again. The snow didn't last too long, but we decided to play with my toys and then I had my afternoon nap on my couch while my humans got some of their work done.

I watched 'Strictly Come Dancing' last night and I liked it a lot. I wish I could dance, but it might be difficult 'cos I have four feets instead of two, but maybe I could learn.

I shall have to find out sometime!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Boy! It is cold.

I have been out for a wee while today, but it is really, really cold, and my little paws were nearly frozen to the ground!

There is hail lying on the ground and some parts of my little island are all white. I was out playing in the long grass when the hail started to fall and it was so hard that it was hurting my adorable little body, so I ran as fast as my little legs could take me and jumped up on my window sill. Fortunately, my MH was in the living room and she saw me and opened the window.

I ran into the house as quickly as I could and let my MH know that I was cold, so she gave me a great big cuddle and heated me all up again, and I was very happy.

I think I might stay in my house until it is not quite as cold. Mind you, my little friend the weather man says that I might be indoors for a long, long time!

Boy! It is cold.

Friday, 16 December 2011


I have been resting today after doing all the things that a normal TWO year old pussy cat does!

I played and played and I went outside until it was really dark and then I nipped in my window, had a wee feed and went to sleep--a very happy pussy cat indeed. And not just a happy puss. A very famous puss. In fact, I think I must be the famousest puss in the en-tire world!

I had birthday messages from all over the world---from Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Abu Dhabi and Spain and I think that is just BRILLIANT---so I must be famous.

My DH was away helping in the Cat Protection shop which has just opened in Stromness, so we had a girlie afternoon and we played with some of my toys and I was in very good form. I was running around and jumping over the furniture and full of beans and at one point, my MH said 'You are bouncing around like a two year old!' Today's picture is a wee bit blurred, but it is an action shot of yours truly!

Then we both thought about it, and my how we did giggle. :)))

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

It is finally here! I am two today, but if I had been living in New Zealand where my friend is, I would have been two yesterday!!

I have had a BRILLIANT day. I got a new mouse, and my very favourite dinner which was some beef and I ate it all up, and my DH is putting new feathers on my very favourite toy. I went outside for a walk with my MH and the wee birdies were singing 'happy birthday' to me and that made me very happy.

My humans have been playing with me all day and my little tummy has been tickled lots. My MH's friend came in to see me and she said 'happy birthday' to me too, so I am very, very happy.

It is a good day with weather, so I am going out to play tonight for a long, long time and I am looking forward to that.

I have had to pose for a birthday picture to let you see me 'cos my MH says the Queen does that, and I had to do it too, so there is a new picture of the growed up me on my blog, and I hope you like it.

Thank you to Satchmo and Zebby Cat for your birthday wishes. I appreciate your kind thoughts.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Still Waiting

I am SOOOO excited, and I think you all know now why!

It has been raining a lot today so I have been indoors most of the time, but I did get out to play for a wee while and I can find lots of places to hide and keep dry.

My poor MH had to go out in all the rain and she was very wet when she got back, and she was just in and getting warm when she got a phone call to say there were parcels for her at the pier, so she had to go away out again in more rain, and I did feel sorry for her, so when she came in, I cuddled up to her and purred lots and lots and that made her very happy.

I do love my humans and I like to make them happy, but especially today---so that I get lots of presents tomorrow!! Hee hee :))

Today's picture is of me having one of my little afternoon naps, and as usual, I look adorable!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Another Easy day

We have all been a bit lazy today 'cos my DH still has his cold but it is a bit better now and my MH has been sneezing too, so I am staying well out of the way.

When I was a very baby puss, I wasn't well and I had a dirty, runny nose and I kept coughing and sneezing but the very kind people at Cat Protection took me to the vet and they gave me medicine and then my humans got me medicine too, and all my coughs and sneezes disappeared and I have been very well for all my --nearly--two years! Did I tell you it would soon be my birthday?

I have helped my humans write out some more Christmas cards and wrap some more presents and I know they like my help, and you can see from today's picture that I was making sure my MH hadn't left anything in her big shopping bag!I love going inside bags and my humans have got to keep watching me 'cos I steal bags and take them away to play with. Hee hee :))

So I am having a rest now so that I can go outside and play tonight 'cos the weather is still good enough for me to get outside for hours and hours and you know that I just love being out in the dark.

I have so much good fun.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Bits and Pieces

I have been catching up with all the we things I didn't do when the awful wind was here and so I have been quite busy.

My MH has been busy too and she is still spring cleaning. I did try to tell her it is winter, but she is not listening to me so I just have to be patient and put up with all the housework. It wasn't too bad 'cos when the vacuum cleaner came out, I nipped out of the window and did some chasing and sniffing and just 'standing' really, taking in all the air and smells and sounds. It is good to hear something else except the wind, and I could hear the sea and some birdies and that was nice.

When the cleaning was finished, me and my MH went outside and put lots of food out for the birdies so they won't be hungry today and that makes me happy.

My DH has the cold, but it is not an ordinary cold 'cos my MH says it is a 'man cold' and he is complaining all the time, and we try not to let him see us smiling, but it's not easy!

So although I haven't been doing too much, I have been quite busy and I watched my MH on her Wii but we didn't go into the gym today 'cos she was busy, but maybe tomorrow.

AND! It is only three big sleeps until my birthday. I can hardly wait!!!

Sunday, 11 December 2011


That's what I am doing today 'cos I was out so many times yesterday that I am a wee bit tired. The weather was good and me and my humans were outside a lot. My DH was fixing up all the bits the wind had broken and they are all better now, and of course, I had to be there to see what he was doing.

Then when it got dark, I was off! Oh I just love being out in the dark and I stayed out for hours and hours and I just ran and played and sniffed and hunted and did all the things that a brave adorable pussy cat should do.

It's my birthday on Thursday and I am getting quite excited. I was going to ask my humans for a party, but I don't think they would be too happy with mouses and sheeps and cows in my living room, so maybe not. Hee hee :)) I'll settle for a special dinner, a new toy and some tummy tickles!

I was watching my television this morning and my MH took this picture of me. I am just wondering----do you think I might need glasses?

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Much Better

Well, it is much better today and I am a happier puss. The wind has stopped blowing and I have been out playing a lot. It is cold but if I run hard I can keep warm.

Me and my MH went outside this morning to make sure there was no damage done to our 'estate' and everything is OK. My DH fixed our satellite dish and the Boss is very happy, and he also fixed the greenhouse roof so we are Ok. We are high up on my little island, so the wind was really strong all round my house and I couldn't get out, but last night was different and I was a very happy pussy cat. I went to see all my wee mouse friends and they hadn't blowed away either, so we were all pleased to see each other.

I have been in and out a lot and my MH's friend came up to see me and she cuddled me and talked to me and that was good, and I will be able to go out to play lots tonight after I have watched Strictly which I love, and Chelsee is my favourite, so I hope she wins.

I hope you are all safe and that the wind didn't hurt you.

Friday, 9 December 2011


I have never known a big bad wind like the one that was at my house last night---it was awful and I did not like it at all. Even my humans were a wee bit scared and my MH didn't go to bed until two o'clock in the morning when the wind was a wee bit better.

I was not happy 'cos I couldn't get out to play. I tried and tried, but my humans wouldn't open the door or the window for me, so I had to stay inside and content myself with all my toys----but it's not the same 'cos I need to hunt and I can't hunt a stick with a feather on it, now, can I? Sigh :(

Anyway, today was just a tinier bit better and I have been out a few times, but I didn't go too far away 'cos it is still very windy and my little friend the weatherman said he is sending me some snow, so I didn't want to get lost. I was a bit happier though and I might manage out again before bed time.

My house was OK but our satellite dish blowed away and my DH had to go out and bring it in again and a wee bit of the roof of his greenhouse blowed off too, so we will need to repair that when the wind goes away.

I think I am going to be a very busy pussy cat.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Just Waiting

My little friend the weather man said that the wind will be so strong that adorable pussy cats like me won't be able to get out to play, so I am just waiting.

So far, it is fine and calm here and I have been out playing lots of times, but I might not be able to get out tomorrow if my friend is right 'cos it looks as though I might blow away if I go outside tomorrow.

I have been enjoying resting and my humans decided to 'spring' clean my living room today, so I took my adorable little self into my bedroom and had another hibernate until they were finished. I quite like it, and as soon as the awful vacuum cleaner went away, I demanded that my MH play with me and she did this and we rolled on the floor while I chased my toys and she tickled me, so that was good fun.

I went out last night in all the hail and wind and rain and I had good fun again 'cos I found a place where it was sheltered and I just lay there and watched the weather and then when it was a bit better, I nipped up onto my window sill and my DH let me in and my humans were surprised that I was so dry, but of course I couldn't tell them where I had been, so it will stay a mystery.

I like being mysterious. I might be mysterious again tonight!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

More Normal

It has just been an ordinary day today with nothing very exciting happening except my poor MH went away out in all the snow and wind this morning and took the wrong key with her, so she had to come away home again to get the right key, and me and my DH felt sorry for her----a wee bit!

Then when she came home, her trousers were soaking 'cos she had got caught in more snow and the poor old dear was cold too. So I cuddled up to her and I sat on her knee----once she had changed into dry trousers, of course!-----and I purred and purred and made her very happy again.

When she was happy too, she played with me and tickled me lots of times and we both had very good fun and then I watched her while she put all her stamps on her Christmas cards.

I am a wee bit worried though, 'cos when the weatherman said there is going to be a really bad wind blowing here on Thursday and Friday, my MH said she was going to stay in bed, and I am concerned in case I don't get fed, but I'm sure that won't happen. I hope.

If the wind is very bad, I might just stay in bed too---once I have been fed, naturally! I shall give you a weather report if my MH gets up to use her computer.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Lonely Puss

That's what I was all afternoon 'cos my humans were away out and I had to stay in 'cos it was too cold to leave the window open, and really, it was too cold for me to go out so I was quite happy staying in and I had another wee try at hibernation.

I lasted a wee while longer today and I think I could get to like it, so I hibernated until they came home and then I became un-hibernated and played with my MH.

We had really good fun and I have asked her to put this picture on for you 'cos I think I look lovely in it! Hee hee :) We played with all my toys and I was a very happy pussy cat, so maybe I could be a part-time hibernator!

That's maybe a good idea.

Monday, 5 December 2011


My MH told me this word and I went away and looked it up in my cat-alogue of words and I liked what I learned, so I decided that as it was snowing and the wind was blowing really hard, I would hibernate.

I went through to the bedroom and I got all snuggled up and I went to sleep. It was quite a good time to pick, 'cos my MH was doing the hoovering, so I reckoned this hibernation was going to be good. And it was----for a wee while 'cos then my humans started to wrap up some presents and there was a lot of paper rustling, and although I tried to ignore it and pretend I wasn't interested, I couldn't! So I jumped up and went to see what they were doing and that was the end of my hibernation for today. I'll maybe try again tomorrow.

Me and my MH went into the gym for a while and then we played in the garden in the snow and I liked that. She is still talking about making me wee boots, but I hope they won't be too noisy or the mouses will hear me coming and I know it will be hard to tip-toe if I am wearing boots. And I need to keep up my reputation as the fiercest hunter on the entire island.

I hope she forgets that idea!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Nearly Good

I went out to play lots last night, but because it was so windy, I was only able to stay out for short times and this meant that when I did manage to land on my window sill, my MH had to jump up and let me in, so her little legs were tired.

I didn't find any mouses as I think they were all hiding from the wind which was very strong last night and nearly blowed me away again. My humans have said that they are going to get me a collar with a camera on it so that they can see where I go, and this might be very handy if I do get blowed away, 'cos then they can come and collect me.

I had a very good sleep last night, but I wakened up a one point and thought I had gone deaf, 'cos I couldn't hear the wind! I looked out of the window and it wasn't there and I was very happy 'cos the snow had come instead and me and my MH went out to play for a wee while. There's not very much snow, just enough to make my adorable little paws cold and wet, but it was nice to be out playing with my humans.

But now the wind has come back again and we are all indoors fora while until it goes away again.

If it ever does!! :(

Saturday, 3 December 2011

What a Night!

Well! That wind was dreadful and it is STILL howling. I have managed out only once today and I nearly did my Batman impression.

'Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Squeak trying to land on her window-sill!'

Boy, is it blowy! Me and my MH didn't sleep too well because of all the noise and rattles the wind made, but as usual, DH never heard a thing! He just snores till he wakens up and then asks if it was windy, and that's when me and my MH start laughing. Oh dear, poor DH! He was supposed to go to Stromness today but our boat didn't sail at all so he couldn't go, but I am glad he stayed home, 'cos I got a wee surprise.

It is my birthday on the 15th December and I will be two years old then and very growed up, and today I got an early birthday present. It is a tree filled with shiny ornaments and lights and tinsel, and although my humans told me it is for something called Christmas, I have decided it is my birthday present, and I am going to play in it.

I might need to wait until the humans are asleep, but I shall be up that tree or my name's not Squeak Mathieson!

And just for you, here is a very fetching picture of the adorable one.

Friday, 2 December 2011

An easy day

My DH went away to Stromness this morning and my MH was supposed to be going out too, but her friend couldn't make it, so she stayed home with me.

I liked that. I don't mind being on my own 'cos I am very comfortable and cosy, but I like it better when my humans are with me to play with me and talk to me and cuddle me, so I was happy

We did some housework and then we went outside to feed the birdies. We have a wee bird table outside my living room window and my humans put food out for them every day and I can sit on the back of my chair and watch them having a wee feed, but I don't chase them away 'cos I know they are hungry and need our help.

Then we had a play with some of my toys before I went outside lots of times to do my hunting. I am now having a rest until later on this evening when I will go outside again unless the wind gets too rough. My little friend the weather-man said it could be stormy, so I think I might be forced to stay indoors.

I shall just play with my toys and my humans if it is too windy, and I shall let you know tomorrow what I decided.

Thursday, 1 December 2011


We have all been busy in my house today and naturally, I have been helping, although I am not too sure that my humans fully appreciate my help.

My MH was making the beds and I had great fun playing---oops, I mean, helping! I dived under the duvets and played hide and seek with her and I know she likes it a lot, and then I was able to help with something I hadn't done before.

My MH helps to run the Christmas party on the island for the children and she is the one who takes Santa's order and goes and buys the presents for all the little darlings and then she and my DH wrap them all up, and that's where I came in.I had a sniff at all the presents and a sniff at all the wrapping paper and when my DH was wrapping, I stood on the paper to see what he was doing, and of course, he couldn't do anything until I moved away again, so I sort of got in the way a wee bit. But they love me for it anyway

Then I had a rest and a seat to look out of the window and that is what today's picture is. It is windy, so I have been going in and out of the door where it is a wee bit more sheltered.

My MH is supposed to be going shopping with her friends tomorrow, but I think it might not be the right weather for her and I don't want to see the old dear getting blowed away.

Who would tickle my adorable little tummy, then?