Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Normal again

We have all been at home today and that's just how I like it. It is awful cold, especially on my adorable little feets, so I haven't been outside too much.

I went into the gym with my MH and helped her do her exercises and listened while she tried to do some singing at the same time, and that's not easy for her to do, and it is certainly not easy for me to listen to! Hee hee :)) I think I might try and get a loud hailer so that I can purr loudly through it and tell her what her little legs should be doing. I shall look on e-bay tonight!

Then I went outside to help my DH put up our new satellite dish 'cos the old one got bent in one of the windy days and although he managed to fix it a wee bit, there was still a bend in it and when the rain came on, the picture disappeared and this made the humans cross 'cos it sometimes happened just at the exciting bit of one of their programmes! Oops!!

It was very cold outside, so I nipped into my house and watched him through the window and he was very happy about this. I might go out hunting tonight but it will depend on whether or not I want to get cold. I might just go outside for a short time and then cuddle up to my MH when I come home again.

I shall have to make an enormous decision after my dinner. Oh dear, life's not easy sometimes! :))))

Monday, 30 January 2012

Monday, Monday

My MH went away to Kirkwall on the first boat this morning so we were up at half past seven which is the middle of the night for the old dear, but with my help, she managed to get up and feed me and then go for the boat while I nipped back to bed for a little nap.

I helped my DH do some housework and showed him how the Boss liked it to be done and then I played with him until my MH came home again and then I gave him a rest while I cuddled her.

She brought us back lots of good things from the town and I sat on her knee while she told me all about her day and how she had a big plate of sticky toffee pudding which is her very favourite, so she came back a very happy MH.

And when my MH is happy, we are ALL happy!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Helpful Puss

I know that when you look at today's picture of yours truly, you will think that I am enjoying myself by relaxing and watching television, but that is only half the story 'cos I am learning!

As you know, my MH plays tennis on her Wii and between you and me, she is OK at it but not brilliant. SO. I thought if I watched my friend Raffa playing today,I could get some tips from him and pass these on to my MH and then she would be brilliant. See? I am such a kind (adorable) pussy cat that I surprise myself sometime. I enjoyed the tennis too but I kept nipping round behind my television to see where all the balls were going and this always makes my humans laugh.

It is not a very nice day and I have been in and out lots of times but just for a wee while at a time. My MH went over to the graveyard today and she was very cold when she came home, so I cuddled up on her knee and made her all warm again and she liked that a lot.

She is going to Kirkwall tomorrow to meet her friends, so it will just be me and my DH in the house again, but no doubt we will have lots of things to do before she comes home.

I shall tell you all about it tomorrow, but I hope you have a good day today.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

A Wee Bit Naughty

I know you will all be shocked at that confession, but I was a little bit naughty last night, and I liked it.

As you know, my humans were having visitors and I was on my best behaviour and I was just lying on the back of my couch listening to the conversation when I heard something very interesting. One of the visitors doesn't like cats!

SO! I slowly nipped off the back of my couch and sidled over to where he was sitting at one end of the couch, and he got up and moved to the other end. SO! I followed him and he moved back again and all the other people in my house were laughing at us until my MH stopped me and made me sit on her knee for a while. But it was very funny. I didn't do it again, but I cannot understand why he does not find me adorable like the rest of the world!

I have been out playing with my MH today and I have had a wee trip to the field to see the sheeps, but the ground is still very wet, so I didn't want to get my little feets all dirty again and only stayed there a wee while, but I will probably go out again later on.

I am going to have a little nap now 'cos my MH was making curry for the dinner tonight and she gave me some beef and my adorable little tummy is so full up I need to lie down for a while.

Then I shall go out and terrorise my neighbourhood! Hee hee :))

Friday, 27 January 2012

No Words Needed

I think this picture of yours truly says it all. I am adorable! Who could deny it? You now know how difficult it is for me to try and keep a modicum of modesty.

I have been busy today and I have made my MH laugh a lot and we both like that. Today is my DH's time in the Cat Protection shop in Stromness so it is just us girls left and we like that too. I played outside when the vacuum cleaner was buzzing around my house and I stayed outside while my MH went to the pier to collect the messages, but I went inside when she came home and that's when I made her giggle.

When the craft ladies were at my house---they are called the Fat Cats Craft Group---but it has nothing at all to do with me!----they dropped a wee bit of shiny, slippery paper and I have been playing with it ever since. I keep forgetting where I have left it, but when my MH was putting away all her shopping, I found it again and I skidded up and down my kitchen so much my MH was dizzy watching me. And between you and me, dear reader, I was a tad dizzy too and I had to have a wee nap and that's when today's picture was taken, and I can hear you all say 'aaawww'!

We are having some more visitors tonight and they are people who let me sit on their knee so I shall be very spoiled indeed and there are only three of them, so there will still be room for me on my couch which is just as it should be.

I was not built to sit on the floor and was not a happy puss when I had to do it the last time we had lots of visitors in. Note to humans---make sure there is always a seat for your truly!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Good Fun

I have had a very good day today and I have been very busy as well as playing a lot outside 'cos it has been a good day with no rain and no wind.

My MH was away shopping and then swimming, so it was just me and my DH and he was putting more hooks onto the curtains in my living room and that meant he had to use the step ladders and you all know what that means? Yes. I creept up behind him again and gave him a fright and then I chuckled!! I LOVE that game, but for some reason my DH isn't too keen on it.

When my MH came home I was waiting in the garden for her and she lifted me up and gave me a big cuddle and I LOVE that too. Then I helped her empty her bags and she brought me some special cat food for my adorable little tummy and some can of beers for my DH's adorable little tummy too!! Hee hee :))) Then she played with me for a long time before I went out to play on my own for a while.

Yes. I have had very good fun and I hope you have had good fun too.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


My MH's friend asked her what I was doing in yesterday's picture, so I thought you might be wondering too, so here is the explanation as well as another picture of yours truly in action again.

My DH has a wee cabinet beside his chair where he is SUPPOSED to keep all his pictures and books, but he doesn't always, and sometimes leaves then lying on the floor and the Boss gets annoyed. This wee cabinet is usually quite messy, so I decided, as my DH had left the door open, that I would nip in and have a wee look at it, and that's what I am doing in these two pictures. And by the way, it is messy, although a bit messier after I had been in. Hee hee!

I have had quite a good day and have been out playing lots and then in the afternoon my MH's friends came to my house to make some cards and they talked to me and played with me for a while, but it was only after they went away that I noticed that my adorable little coat has glitter on it.

So I am adorable AND sparkling now!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


My day has been normal and we are all very pleased 'cos we all like normal. The wind isn't here just now and it is playing outside weather which, as you know, I just love. I have been in the field talking to the sheeps and when I came home my adorable little paws were all mucky and my MH laughed when I sat down to clean them, 'cos she knew it would take me a long time.

I went into the gym with the Boss and I watched her little legs getting faster and faster. Mind you, I did notice that when her little legs get faster her face gets redder, but I haven't told her that-----yet!

My DH gave her a big fright and I thought she was going to fall off her bike and if she had done that, and if it had been his fault, then I was definitely leaving home!! Picture the scene. There she is in her gym, pedalling away getting faster and faster and redder and redder listening to her music on her i-pod, so not really hearing what is going on in the world, and suddenly my DH comes in rattling his new sheet of perspex which had arrived on the boat.

WELL! She didn't see him or hear him until he was right in the gym and then she got a fright and nearly landed on the ground, but just managed to keep her balance. Phew!

I will be going out hunting tonight and I am looking forward to seeing all my little mouse friends. I think I might stay out of the field where the sheeps are for a wee while until it is not just so mucky in case I land in the bath which I don't really fancy. I have seen my humans in it and it doesn't appeal to me at all.

Definitely not for THIS pussy cat!

Monday, 23 January 2012

An Evening with Squeak

I have told you about my days and I have told you about my nights, so I thought today I would tell you about my evenings.

My evening starts about four o'clock when my MH sits down on my couch to watch 'Deal or No Deal' and that's my time to cuddle up on her knee and we watch it together. My DH is usually working on his computer at this time or he is away to the boat at the pier, so it is just us girls which is good.

When that finishes, my MH then starts to make our dinner and as I am the most VIP in this house, I get fed first, and then I nip outside for my first of many trips to my garden and spaces beyond where I hunt and sniff and do cat things.

That takes me into night time as I come in and out lots of times and have wee sleeps when I am in, and then I stay in my house when it gets too late and me and my MH have to go to bed.

So you can see that I am a very busy puss and my days are very full.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

All Done!

My MH has finished her sequin picture---with a lot of help from yours truly of course---and she has put a picture of me and it on today's blog so that you can see what we have been doing. She is pleased with it, and I think it is quite nice too.

I am delighted it is finished 'cos now she will have more time to spend adoring me! She still played with me a lot even when she was doing her picture, but it is not the UNDIVIDED attention I am used to!

Mind you, I did hear her saying to my DH that she might do some cards now, but I will have something to say about THAT!

I have been out playing a lot today 'cos the wind is a wee bit less so it is OK for puss cats, which makes me very happy today.

So all in all it has been a very good day!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Gales and more gales

Oh dear, I am not happy at all today 'cos I can't get out to play 'cos the wind is screaming at me and I do not like it at all. I wish I had a wee switch that I could turn the wind off and then I could suit myself.

My humans are very glad that they didn't go off the island last night 'cos they wouldn't have got home again and I would have been a orphan for a day and that would never do. I would have been on the phone to the cruelty man immediately!Hee hee:))

The nice farmer from next door came in to see me and we had a wee chat before he blew back to his own house!My DH has ordered another sheet of perspex for our greenhouse but he is thinking of doing something different this time to keep it from blowing away, so we'll see how he gets on this time.

I have my doubts!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Change of Plan

Well, secretly I am a very happy puss, but I have had to put on my 'I'm so disappointed for you' face. My humans were supposed to be going away to Kirkwall tonight and I was to be left on my own until they came back in the morning. My friends J. and A. were going to stay with me for a wee while, but my MH wouldn't be there for me to cuddle into during the night time, but then the weather decided to change their plans and they couldn't go. :)))

It has been a good day today and I have been out playing and chasing flies in my garden and then I helped my MH doing her sequin picture. We are making a very good job of it and my DH likes it too.

I will go out to play after I have had my after-dinner nap, but my little friend the weather man said that the wind is going to be very bad later and tomorrow, and the boat man told my humans that there might not be a boat to bring them home tomorrow and that's why they decided not to go away and leave me. :))) I am still pretending to be sad for them---but only on my outside. My inside is VERY happy!

My MH mentioned hibernation again, so if you don't hear from me for a while, you will know she REALLY means it this time!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ho Hum

Wind, wind wind! Will it ever go away and let me get out to play in peace without ending up in a garden miles away from my house!

That is a wee exaggeration but I think you get my drift. I did manage out a couple of times and the first one was to help my DH pick up all the bits of perspex which are lying about my garden. I jumped on them and 'killed' them and then my DH picked them up, so we did a lot of hard work. Then I just went out after my dinner and played in the long grass but the hail came on and I had to hide so that it wouldn't hurt me.

I think I shall spend the rest of the evening curled up on my couch 'cos I think that would be a very wise thing to do. I might even help my MH do some more of her sequin picture, and I know she will like that a lot.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Too Good to Last

Well, it was good while it lasted, but all the good weather has disappeared and we have the horrid wind again and we are not at all happy.

Remember I told you that me and my DH had to fix his greenhouse roof yesterday? Well, we must have upset the wind, 'cos he came back last night and took the sheet of perspex off again and blowed it all away. Oh dear, my DH was not best pleased I can tell you. There was steam coming off his beard, he was so annoyed.

Then my poor MH had to go out this morning and she nearly got blowed away too. Mind you, she could have found the perspex! Anyway, she managed to get out and back again and she played with me 'cos I am very wise and stayed indoors. It's a good job someone in this house has brains!! :))

She is doing another sequin picture and this time it is of meerkats and I like it. I keep nipping up on to the table to have a look and she keeps chasing me off again. I like that game, and the picture looks really good. Maybe she can show it to you when she is finished?

I shall ask nicely for you. In today's picture I am chasing flies, not perspex!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Big Game Hunting

Boy! What a day I have had. FAB-U-LUS!! The weather is still very good and I have been out playing nearly all day except when I helped my MH do her exercises in her gym. As I told you they would be, her little legs are getting faster, so we are both happy.

Then we played in the garden for a while when my DH was fixing his greenhouse roof, and me and my MH went to see how he was getting on, and it was then that I saw IT! A boy pheasant! A HUGE boy pheasant and I chased him and I stalked him and then I purred at him to let him know I was a friendly pussy cat, so we had a wee chat as he hid in behind the big round hay bale until I decided to wander back to my MH who was watching me all the time. It was good fun!

I missed a very special phone call last night when my friend H phoned from Germany, but I was so tired that I slept all the time she was talking to my humans. Maybe the next time, I will be able to squeak into the phone and send Satchmo a big 'meow' from me.

I know he will like that.

Monday, 16 January 2012


I was a wee bit scared yesterday afternoon---but only a wee bit 'cos I am very brave, but this was really unusual and something I had never seen before, so I think I can be excused.

My MH and her friends S. and M. have watched all the Harry Potter films and read all the books and yesterday S. & M. came to my house to watch the last film and I decided to watch it with them and that's when I got scared.

We have got quite a big TV and it can go 3D too but my MH put on the normal film and we were all very happy 'cos I think everybody would have been scared if we had watched the 3D one!

I cuddled up beside my MH and she held me close especially when the great big dragon came on and then the horrid slippery, slithery snake. I shut my adorable little eyes then and pretended I couldn't see it! The spiders didn't frighten me, but S. didn't like them at all and I think she shut her eyes then! It was a good film and we all enjoyed it, but I am very glad it was only a film!

I don't want to be a Harry Potter, thank you

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Another Late Night

I was up late again last night which is not really unusual 'cos me and my DH sometimes stay up late, but what was strange is that my MH was up late too 'cos we had visitors and they didn't go away until half past one this morning and that's when my MH took this adorable picture of yours truly!

We had a very good night and I had lots of knees to sit on 'cos all my visitors think I am adorable too, so I had to give them all a turn at telling me that.

There was one slight hitch though that made me a tad cross and that's when my blanket was taken off my couch and put on the floor! Now I ask you! I am used to sitting on my couch and NEVER on the floor unless I am playing with my humans, but there were bums on all the seats and I was relegated to the floor. Not happy. Not happy at all!

But I got a wee bit of revenge 'cos I went outside and when I nipped silently in through my window, I jumped up onto the back of the swivel chair and gave S. a great big fright and she screamed and everybody laughed, and I chuckled too. But she forgave me 'cos she loves me.

Oh yes, it was a good night!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Still Happy

I did get out to play for a long time last night 'cos the weather was beautiful and my MH came out to play with me for a wee while before I went away to do some serious hunting.

She brought her camera and took the picture of yours truly and it looks as though I have my night eyes on. I think I look quite funny.

I had great fun and I stayed out until it was very late so I was quite tired when I went home and went straight to bed. It has been good today too and I helped my humans wash all the outsides of the windows. The ones at the back of my house are quite low and my MH can do them easily but the ones at the front are a bit higher and she needs the steps, so my DH did those for her today and of course, I helped them both.

We are getting all ready for the visitors who are coming in tonight and it should be good fun. I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Happy, happy, happy

I have had a super duper day just playing and doing what I want. My DH went away to Stromness today again to help in the Cats Protection shop and it was just us girls left in the house and we had a good day.

We had a long lie and didn't get up very early and then we had a walk round the garden 'cos it is a nice day with no wind or rain and although it is cold, my MH can wrap up warm and I have my beautiful black and white fur coat to keep me warm, so we were fine and dandy.

We stayed out for a long time and then my MH went in and did her housework while I stayed outside till the vacuuming was all done and then I went in for a seat on her knee and she talked to me about lots of things and I purred my agreement.

Then it was exercise time for her and we headed into the gym. Her little legs are getting faster again so I think all the mince-meat pies and chocolates from Christmas have disappeared now, although she told me that we are having visitors tomorrow, so we might need longer in the gym next week! The nice farmer from next door is coming with his wife and my friend S. and another friend of my humans, so I shall have plenty of laps to sit on!

We are now having a wee rest before my DH comes back on the boat and he will tell us all about his day, so I will listen to him, then I will have my dinner and then I shall spend the evening hunting and chasing and thinking.

I like when I can get out to play at night and I think I will stay out late tonight if the weather stays like this. I am getting quite excited and I shall tell you all about it.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

A New Explore

I did some more exploring today in my house, but I had to be very careful 'cos it was dangerous.

My humans were away out today for a wee while but my MH played with me when she came home and we had really good fun, and then she had to go and empty the washing machine, and that's where my explore comes in.

I have seen the washing machine lots of times before and I have never really bothered with it, but I was in a really nosey mood today, so when it was empty, I had a wee look inside. I didn't GO inside. I just put my two adorable front paws up on the open door and I looked in and that's when my MH saw me and gave me a lecture and told me never to go inside the machine, 'cos although I might end up lovely and clean, I might also end up very drownded, and she didn't think I would like that!

So I have promised I won't go near it again 'cos drownded doesn't sound good, does it?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


We have all been having a lazy day today although my humans had to go out for a wee while and I was left on my own for a snooze in peace. My DH had to have a wee look at my MH's car but it is OK now that we have put some more oil in it.

He was a bit tired today 'cos he had worked so hard yesterday putting up the new curtain rails but the Boss was very happy, so my DH was pleased too.

I watched my MH when she was on her Wii but I managed not to giggle this time and when she was finished, she played with me and tickled my adorable little tummy and I just loved that.

I know I am a very spoiled pussy cat, but we all think I am worth it.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Hard Work

My poor DH has been working hard all day putting up our new curtain rails, and the poor old thing is tired now!

He had a lot of drilling and stuff to do and of course, the rails are quite high, so he had to stand on the step ladder, and I climbed up behind him a couple of times and gave him a fright! Hee hee :))

I thought I might stay and help him, but then the drill came out and I was OFF! It is even worser than the awful vacuum cleaner, so I just went into the study to help my MH who was doing some letters. She was sending some pictures to her friends and as she was sending some of yours truly, I had to advise her, and make sure she sent the ones where I looked my best.

Although, I must say, I don't think there is a BAD picture of me anywhere! I really must try and be a little more modest, but on the other paw......!

Why spoil perfection?

Monday, 9 January 2012

This and That

It has been a day of bits and pieces and I have done lots of little things but I have had a good time.

Monday, chez Squeak, is hoovering and dusting day, so I spend the morning avoiding the dreaded vacuum cleaner. I am quite happy when the duster comes out, 'cos I have worked out that if I position my adorable little self beside one of our units, my MH gives me a wee cat treat and I like that. I have a couple of these and then I usually go out to play.

I went into the field and had a blether with all the sheeps and that was good fun and when I went back into my house, my MH was finished and so she played with me for a while before we both went into the gym. This is the first time we have been in this year and her little legs weren't going as fast as they should, so I shall have to make sure she exercises every day. She will never be as fast as me, but she will get quicker or my name's not Squeak Mathieson!

We got a big parcel off the boat tonight and I helped my DH open it up and it was new curtain rails, so I will need to help him put them up on the windows tomorrow. I might need to close my adorable little ears during the day in case I hear things I shouldn't! :))

I shall let you know.

Sunday, 8 January 2012


There are sheeps in the field in front of my house again, so I have some company and I can go and talk to them whenever I want and that makes me very happy indeed. The nice farmer put them there yesterday, but it was too wet and windy for me to go out, but I have been to see them today and they were very pleased to see me.

It is just mummy sheeps just now, but in a wee while the farmer will put a daddy sheep in the field and he will talk to the mummy sheeps and then wee baby sheeps appear. I'm not sure how it all happens, and when I asked my MH to explain, she said I was still a bit too young, but I shall look on my computer and try and find out 'cos I am curious.

Or maybe I will just ask the mummy sheeps 'cos they MUST know! Once I have found out, I can tell you if you like?

Saturday, 7 January 2012


I was out hunting until one o'clock this morning and I just loved it! I had been in my house all night 'cos my MH was away visiting and I had to look after my DH who still isn't feeling very well and he went to bed early and left yours truly twiddling my adorable little paws with nobody to play with.

I just had a wee sleep so that when my MH came home at midnight, I was full of beans. I sat on her knee for a while and she told me all about her evening and I liked that and purred my approval, but then I decided to go outside.

It was a bit windy but I was OK and I went and sat in the long grass and watched for mouses and anything else that was moving out there. After a while, I went in again and me and my MH played some more before she said she was tired and we went to bed.

We all had a long lie and I haven't been outside much today 'cos it is very windy with hail and rain, but I am going to have my dinner now, and then I will venture out into the big dark world.

I am such a brave pussy cay, am I not?

Friday, 6 January 2012


I am much happier today for lots of reasons. My humans realised that I was missing getting out to play, so they played with me lots and lots in my house last night until we were all quite tired, and I was able to get outside for a wee while and that was fine too.

Today is much better and it is very quiet on my little island 'cos the wind isn't blowing so I have been outside lots doing my sniffing and prowling and hunting and just sitting, so that has been very good.

Me and my MH went into the gym, but we didn't do anything. We just had a look, 'cos my MH says she is going to start again on Monday doing all her exercises so I shall need to go in and help her 'cos she likes that.

My DH is away to Stromness today to work in the Cats Protection shop and he tells all my human friends there how I am getting on. One lady said she liked to 'talk Squeak' and that made me giggle when my DH told me that.

I wonder what he will tell me today when he comes home.

Thursday, 5 January 2012


You can see from today's picture that I am thinking. It looks as though I am sleeping, but my little grey cells are working very hard, I can assure you.

I am sure you will all be anxious to know what I am thinking about and I am afraid it is the age old problem of the WEATHER!

It is awful again today with rain, hail and very strong winds that nearly blowed yours truly away when I eventually did venture outside. So I got to thinking. Should I pack and move away?

I have a friend in Glasgow but the wind there was worser than here, so that was a no. My friend in Edinburgh nearly got hit with a flying tree, so that was a great big NO. My friends in Germany would love to have me, but there are no fields or mouses or sheeps or cows so I would miss all that company, so I am afraid that is a no too.

I have friends in Austrialia and New Zealand and they have sheeps and mouses in those countries, but it is a very long, long way for a peedie (small), adorable pussy cat to travel, and they have puss cats of their own who might not be too pleased if I just turn up with my bag, and blankets and dishes, so I think---after a lot of consideration---that I will just stay here and snooze on my couch until the horrid wind goes away.

All this thinking has meade me tired, so I will sleep now. Night, night!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Joke

I wish I could tell you what I was laughing at, but I might end up in the soup pot and that would not be a great way to start my new year!

If you promise not to tell my MH that I told you this, then I will tell you 'cos it was really funny dear fellow readers and I laughed for a long,long time but when my MH saw me,I pretended I was yawning and that's the story I am sticking to!

She was on her Wii again and I was on my couch watching. She then decided to try out a new exercise so she went to the yoga bit on the Wii and she got herself into the funniest shapes I have ever seen and that's when I took a fit of the giggles.

Oh dear friends, it was hysterical, and if I close my adorable little eyes, I can see her yet, and off I go again. So much so, that my MH is worried about me 'cos I keep yawning so much, but if I tell her the truth I shall definitely be Squeak soup.

And that I do not want!!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Day in the Life of.....

.....me! Squeak.

I had a very good sleep last night and wakened up all refreshed and ready to greet the day. My adorable little tummy was hungry, so I delicately nudged my MH to tell her I needed food.

I helped her up off the floor, and we went into the kitchen where she managed to find my dinner and she even managed to get it into the right plate! The old dear was still a wee bit sleepy, you see. It was a wee bit early and she was tired.

Anyway, I had a good feed and then I had a rest on my couch to let my dinner digest, and then I decided I would see what the world was looking like in this new year. It looked much the same, and it was still raining and the wind was still blowing, so there was no change there, then.

I wandered about for a while and then jumped up onto the window sill where I waited patiently---for one second!----till my MH let me in. I had a few wee biscuits and then jumped up onto my couch for another little nap and a dream about mouses and stuff.

Then I watched my MH on her Wii and when she was finished, I asked her to let me out to play, which she did---of course! It was raining and hailing and winding, so I found a place to shelter and watched the weather rolling by until it was time to go home for my dinner.

When my adorable little tummy was full once again, I jumped up onto my couch for an after-dinner nap and that's where I am now. I will probably go out hunting tonight, but as the wind is howling outside my window, I might just lie on my couch and DREAM about hunting.

So, that's my day. Not bad, eh? :)))

Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year Resolution

I have my resolutions for this year and I have decided to take more rest and look after my adorable little self.

Now, you all know that I am a very spoiled little pussy cat and have all my home comforts and humans who hang on my every meow, but I am a bit more mature now having passed my two-th birthday, so I think I should be acting a bit more sedately, and I may just do that this year.

I shall still play with my MH 'cos she likes that and needs the exercise, but I shall nap more and sit on laps more and be spoiled more.

Yes! I think this resolution lark is a jolly good idea!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Day

We all stayed up late last night 'cos here in Scotland, everybody waits for midnight to 'see in the bells' which just means we hear the striking of midnight and the start of a new year.

My humans decided not to go to the party 'cos they are still coughing and sneezing and they didn't want to spread all the germs, so we all stayed together and I was happy.

At midnight, I got a special new year cuddle and we opened the living room window to hear all the boats in Stromness harbour sounding their sirens and I liked that too.

I hope this will be a good year for everyone and I look forward to making lots more friends from all over the world.