Monday, 30 April 2012

A Wee Bit Better

I am not just as traumatised as I was yesterday, but it still hasn't been my bestest day. I am beginning to think that my humans are obsessed with machines!

It is another lovely day on my little island and we all headed out to the garden bright and early to listen to the birdies and to let me play. Then my MH went inside and before you could say 'Squeak is adorable' the vacuum cleaner was roaring round my living room, so me and my DH went into our greenhouse and sat and contemplated for a while until she was finished.

It didn't take too long and soon she was wandering into her little gym and I went in and helped her with her cycling until her little legs were tired, then we all played in the garden again. I was just about to relax completely when my DH appeared with the STRIMMER! Oh dear. It's not just as bad as the lawn mower, but it is still awful and I don't like it at all, so I stayed away from him and IT!

The good thing was, that every now and then he had to stop for a wee rest and he played with me and it was when he was doing that, that my MH took this picture of us both and I like it. I hope you like it too.

There is peace and quiet in my house now, so I am having my after dinner rest to build up my strength for hunting tonight. I love being out when the nights are good and it hardly gets dark now, so I can stay out for hours and hours until I am very tired, and then I have a good sleep dreaming of mouses and hunting, but NOT of vacuum cleaners or lawn mowers.

I think they are both away now for a wee while. Thank goodness!

Sunday, 29 April 2012


I am in a total state of shock. So much so, that I may not be able to finish this blog. I have already finished a box of tissues-----shredding them in fits of temper!

I know you are all agog wondering what has brought on this unusual state of mind for one so placid and easy going. I shall try to tell you, but it won't be easy for me or for you.

You will remember that I did my 'don't-start-the-mower' dance yesterday which worked beautifully, and I told you all about it on my blog? WELL! My friend, or rather someone I THOUGHT was a friend--someone I run to greet when she comes into my house, someone I let pick me up and tickle my adorable little tummy---phoned my MH and offered her HER lawn mower. I was aghast and in a total state of shock.

This morning, my DH nipped away in his car and came back with the lawn mower and I was so angry that I lay down on the floor and stamped my adorable little paws on my carpet--all four of them at once, and my MH said I looked like a tiger skin lying there, and then she said in her 'I'm-getting-annoyed-now,-Squeak' voice "if you don't move you could end up like a tiger skin!" So I moved.

Then I had a cracking idea. I would stage a sit-in and I went and sat right in front of the lawn mower and waited. So out came the humans and they both smiled when they saw me, but then they noticed the steely determination in my adorable little eyes and knew I meant business.

Unfortunately, there was steely determination in my MH's eyes as well and I was told in no uncertain terms that unless I moved pretty quickly, I would be lawn-mowered. So I moved!

I sat on the bench and watched as she pushed the mower round the garden, and every now and then, the old dear needed a rest and she came and sat beside me and tickled me, so I wasn't totally ignored, and to be honest, my grass looks lovely now and feels good to play on, but I'm not telling THEM that!

Whether I can forgive my 'friend' is still another matter. I shall have to give it some serious consideration.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Bad News and Good News

I have had a super day today but it was nearly not very good, and I shall explain.

The sun is shining and it is lovely and warm and my DH was out working in our greenhouse, so I had to go out and help him. We were working away quite happily when my MH arrived uttering the awful words ' I think I'll get the lawn mower out!' AARGH!!
I was not a happy puss!

My DH stopped what he was doing and got the machine out, while I did my 'don't-let-it-start' dance behind his back, and guess what? It wouldn't start. :))) Oh joy! I still have what takes, dear friends. My magic is still there!

My DH spent the rest of the day working on it, but it still wouldn't work, so me and my MH played on the grass and we had lots of great fun. I ran and chased and jumped and she chased me and tickled me and I was very, very happy.

My DH says he will try again tomorrow, so yours truly will be dancing again, and I shall let you know if it works.

I hope so, oh, how I hope so!

Friday, 27 April 2012

A Funny Old Day

That's what I have had today. My MH was going swimming today so we were up very early and I was out playing before half past eight! It was a fine morning but quite cold for me, so I didn't stay out too long and nipped in to have a wee chat with my DH.

Then I discovered that he was going to Stromness on the boat at eleven o'clock, and I was going to be left all by myself, so that made me a wee bit sad, and I just lay on top of my bed and had a think.

I must have fallen asleep 'cos I was just about to get up and go out of my window to play again, when I heard the door opening and there was my MH back again! I was a very happy pussy cat and I meowed lots and lots and she picked me up and tickled my adorable little tummy and told me all the things she had been doing and I liked that.

We did some work in the afternoon and then we played with my toys and when my MH needed a rest, I went out into the fields 'cos there are lots of baby sheeps on my island now and I have to go and say hello to them, 'cos they are brand new and they don't know me, so I had a chat to them all and we all liked that.I love the baby sheeps and I am sure that when they get to know me, they will love me too.

Everybody else does!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Nearly---so very nearly!

I know my MH pretends she is going to make soup with me when I am being just a little bit naughty, and today it nearly happened for real, and I was being GOOD!

I wasn't naughty at all, but I was nosey, and that usually gets me into trouble all by itself. I shall explain 'cos I know you are desperate to know what happened to adorable little me.

Well. My MH was in the kitchen and I decided to wander in and see what she was up to and she was putting a piece of meat in a big pot 'cos she was going to boil it for stock for soup. All OK so far. She took the big pot over to the sink to put some water in it, and you all know how I LOVE water!

Well (again) i jumped up onto the sink, and my adrable little nose was almost in the pot when I slipped, and the rest of me would have been in the pot too if my MH hadn't caught me and saved my life---not to mention the big bit of meat!!

Oh, we did giggle about it afterwards, but only when the lid was safely on the big pot! I don't think Squeak soup sounds inviting at all, and I hope you don't either.

My adorable little life is never dull, and I hope yours isn't either.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Not much to report

I have been quite lazy today 'cos I was out very late last night doing lots of hunting and that was good fun, but it made me a wee bit tired, so I have been taking it easy today.

My DH was in Stromness today in the Cat Protection shop, so it was just us girls in my house and we had a wee chat for a while and then I helped my MH decorate some of her cards that she had made and I made a very good job of them.

My MH showed me some pictures she had taken and I have asked her to put one on my blog to show you. On my little island, there are lots of beautiful beaches and in April and October the seals come to see us and they have wee baby seals there and when my MH went out this morning, there were lots of seals lying on the sand and she took some pictures.

I can't go to see them for real 'cos I would frighten them and they would swim away and I don't want to do that, so I shall just look at the pictures too. I hope you like this one.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


That's what my MH called me today 'cos I did something that she thought was amazing.

We were in the big cupboard again and I had climbed up the step ladder and then I jumped from the top step, right up onto the top shelf of the cupboard and I did some exploring 'cos there are bags and things up there that need a good sniff. Then my MH called for me and she and my DH watched to see how I got down, although they were thinking IF I could get down! However, I just walked down the door,and they howled with laughter, and it was then that my MH called me 'spider-cat'.

I had a good night last night and I played hide-and-seek with my DH and he didn't know where I was. I had come in the window and I went into my wee hoose but he didn't see me, and he was looking all over for me 'cos he wanted to get to bed.

Well, I knew he was looking for me, but I snuggled right into the back corner of the wee hoose and lay very, very still and even my wagger behaved itself, but then I got excited and started to purr, and he heard me and found me! But we had a wee giggle before he went away to bed.

I do like to keep the old dears amused.

Monday, 23 April 2012

I was right!

My DH had to do the hoovering, so the awful vacuum cleaner was out after all! Why can't the woman give us peace! Mind you, my DH did it a bit quicker than my MH does. We were up very early this morning because she had to catch the boat, so I got up with her and she fed me and gave me a wee cuddle and told me to be a good pussy cat. Now. I was a bit annoyed at this remark, 'cos I am ALWAYS a good pussy cat, but I humoured her anyway, and just purred. I went out with her and sat on the path with my sad face on until she had driven away, and then I nipped in the window and went straight back to bed, but she doesn't need to know that! My DH and me had a good day and we worked in the house and in the garden and we were all ready when my MH came home again and she brought us lots of good things like food for me, beers for my DH and some plants for our garden, so that's our work for tomorrow. We will all be at home tomorrow, so that will be good.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Another Lazy Day

I have just been doing pussy cat things today 'cos my humans have been taking it easy. My DH went into our greenhouse to make room for all the new plants that we are getting and I went in with him so that I could tell him where I wanted MY tomatoes, so we have that all sorted out to our mutual satisfaction. My MH went into her gym and exercised her little legs until they were tired. I went with her and made sure she didn't work too hard and then I let her tickle my adorable little tummy when she came back into my living room. She is going to Kirkwall tomorrow to see her friends, so it will just be me and my DH left at home, but the bestest thing of all, is that there won't be any vacuum cleaner. Hurrah! Oh, unless she tells my DH to do the cleaning. Maybe she won't! Paws crossed. It has been a good day today, so I will go out and play after I have had a wee snooze after my dinner. I don't want to overdo things at all.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Normal Service...

....has been resumed in my house 'cos my friend S. has been in to see me and my MH and she made a big fuss of me, so I am convinced again that I AM adorable!
I have been having a good day 'cos I have been outside all the time talking to all the sheeps and that always makes me happy. There are lots of sheeps in the field outside my living room and I go to see them often, but there are two sheeps at the other side of my house and they shouldn't be there, so I will have to have a word with them and send them on their way. I got into a wee bit of trouble today 'cos I did something just a wee bit naughty. I shall explain. My MH was making some iris folding cards again and this means she has to use lots of bits of paper, so she decided to organise all her papers into different colour bundles. Well, I was outside when she started this and so she spread her papers all over my living room table, and was just putting them into bundles of greens and blues and reds and purples and so on when I appeared in through my window! You are away ahead of me, are you not? Yep! I jumped up onto the table to see what was happening and scattered all the papers so that they were all mixed up again. Oh dear. For some reason my MH was not best pleased with yours truly, but after a mieow from yours truly and one of my 'oh-I-am-so-sorry' looks, she was putty in my paws again. I STILL know which buttons to press! Hee hee :)))

Friday, 20 April 2012

I am flabbergasted

I know you will want to know what has perplexed me. Well, I will tell you. My humans left me all alone quite early this morning, but my MH came home at lunch time and we had good fun as I helped her put away the messages and as usual, I played with the boxes and the string. We were having a wee chat, when a visitor came into my house and, being a very polite pussy cat, I wandered over to say hello and it was then I heard words I have never heard before 'I'm not really fond of cats'! Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather! I am not just ANY cat! I am Squeak and I am adorable! And as well as being adorable, I am FAMOUS! People all over the world know about me. I am adorable in Germany, France, England, Italy, New Zealand and Australia to mention just a few, and he wasn't fond of me!!
I was so upset, I went to bed in the huff and I haven't quite recovered yet. Perhaps an extra helping of my favourite cat food will do the trick. I will let you know. I hope I haven't upset you too much with this sad tale. I could send you some cat food if it will help you.

Thursday, 19 April 2012


...what a day we have all had! It has been just brilliant and we have all been outside a lot and that makes me a very happy pussy cat 'cos I just love being outside.

It was vacuuming day Chez Squeak so me and my DH headed off to our greenhouse and my DH told me a secret. He doesn't like the vacuum cleaner either but we won't tell the Boss 'cos she makes my DH do the hoovering when she is away galavanting with her friends, and of course, he HAS to do it!

When she was finished, she came outside to wash the windows and I got to help her and then she played with me and laughed when I stuck my adorable little nose in the basin of water. I like water and I play in it lots.

My DH was working in the garden so I helped him too and then I watched my MH in her gym for a wee while, and while her little legs were working hard on her bike, I went out and sat on the top of my gate post, but she must have seen me, 'cos she took this picture for you and I know you will like it.

My DH put up our summer curtains in my living room and they are shorter and lighter that the winter ones, so they must be expecting good weather! I hope it is good, 'cos I am looking forward to spending lots of nights outside.

I hope you get good summer weather too.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Fairy Stories

I had a good night last night 'cos I was able to get out and play a lot and then I sat on my MH's knee and she told me one of her stories. My MH tells me brilliant stories and I love listening to them.

Last night she told me about the three little pigs, but instead of pigs and a big bad wolf, she made it about three little pussy cats and a big bad dog, and guess what the bravest, cleverest and adorablest pussycat was called? Squeak! ME!!! Isn't that amazing?

I just loved it and tonight she is going to tell me the story of the Three Mousketeers! I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

I have had a very good day today 'cos the weather has been good and I have been outside in my garden all day playing and hunting and sniffing and just thinking. I am going to be outside very late tonight, so I will need a wee rest after my dinner so that I can save some of my energy for chasing flies and mouses and things.

I am sure I will have a good night.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


It is not a nice day at all, and I am not happy! It is raining and windy and I haven't been able to get out and play too much at all today. It was even too wet for me to go to the gym with my MH as she didn't want me to get blowed away.

I have played in my house with all my toys and I watched my DH as he was making goulash and 'cos I was very good, he gave me some raw stew and I liked that a lot.

My MH was on her Wii and I got weighed as well and my little Wii me is still very pleased with me as I am just the perfectest weight, but that will not surprise you at all, will it?

I am hoping to be able to get out to play after my dinner, but if not, then I will sit on my MH's knee and she will tell me stories and then she will play with me, so it will be OK whatever happens.

I will let you know tomorrow.

Monday, 16 April 2012

A Super Duper Day...

.... weather-wise and Squeak-wise! It is a lovely day today with sunshine and not much wind, so I knew I was going to be out playing for lots of times, but then my MH decided that as it was so good, she would change the beds and put the sheets out on the rope to dry.

Well. You all know that changing the beds is my very favourite game and today was no exception. I dived under the covers and was hiding and my MH couldn't find me, and even my tail behaved for a long time and didn't give the game away. Oh we did have good fun.

Then it was time to go out to hang them on the rope and I dived straight up the clothes pole and sat on the top and my humans laughed a lot at me.

My DH has been fixing the roof of our greenhouse so we have all been outside for a long time today and I was hiding in the pampas grass as well and then I went and explored the garden at the front of my house and did pussy cat things like sniff and scratch and sharpen my adorable little claws on a bit if driftwood that is there, and my MH took this picture to let you see me and our new Buddha. I think he is lovely, and I, of course, am adorable!

I am now having my siesta in my little 'hoose' and then I shall attack the outside later on and I will tell you tomorrow what I did.

I hope your day is as good as mine.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Oh Dear

We had a wee accident in my house today and me and my MH got a fright. I was having a snooze in my chair in the study and my MH was putting her washing up on the pulley in the utility room, when there was a crack, a bang, a bad word from my MH (just a little bit bad!) and then a very loud 'Bobby!!!'.

Me and my DH went into see what was wrong and her pulley rope had broken and everything was lying on the floor, but my MH was OK and the floor had just been washed, so the washing was OK too. My DH fixed the rope, so everything is back to normal now.

I was out for a long time last night and it is still light until quite dark, so I can see everything I need to without having to use my torch--hee hee :))---and I saw lots of mouses but when I came back in, my adorable little paws were all mucky, and my MH asked me where I had been. I didn't tell her 'cos it is my secret and she is not getting any of MY mouses! If she wants a mouse, she can find her own. Hee hee.

I was settling down to have my afternoon siesta when she took this adorable picture of me and I am sure it will make you smile and say 'Ahhhh!'

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Boxed In

This was me yesterday when my MH came back from the pier with our messages---cat food for me, cakes for my MH and beers for my DH as well as other 'stuff' to keep us going through the week. My humans get their messages every Friday and the boat brings them over from Stromness.

The boat comes every day and sometimes more than once a day, but on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday it carries heavy things that need to be lifted off with the crane, like fridges and washing machines and things like that, and on those days most people get their messages (groceries) but my humans like a Friday and that's when I get a box or string to play with.

I do like a Friday. As soon as the box is empty--whoosh!--I am inside exploring and pretending I am a pirate pussy cat or a stowaway on a magic ship or that I am some very precious cargo (which I am of course!) and I have good fun and it makes my humans laugh.

I have been out playing today but it is cold and I have been hailed on more than once, and I had to be dried when I came in 'cos all the bits of hail were sitting melting on my adorable little back, so I just stood beside my MH until she made me all dry, and then she played with me and warmed me up again and I purred to say thank you.

As well as adorable, I am polite. Quite perfect, really!

Friday, 13 April 2012

And a very good night!

I had a lovely night last night and it made me very happy. I was a wee bit tired 'cos I had been out a lot, so I climbed up on my MH's knee when she was watching the television and I had a very comfortable snooze. I was so cosy and warm and she was stroking my adorable little head so I purred until I fell asleep.

Mind you, I think my MH might have fallen asleep for a wee while too, 'cos there were some funny noises drifting over my head, but I was a very comfortable pussy cat.

That gave me the energy I needed to go out exploring at night and I stayed out until it was very late. There are lots of mouses about just now and all the birdies are coming back for their summer holidays, so there are lots of interesting noises and smells on my little island and that means there is a lot to do for a brave explorer like me.

I love the summer and I am getting quite excited about it. I was outside with my MH today and she took this picture of me beside the new meerkat. We haven't given it a name yet, but it is a lady meerkat 'cos she has a baby meerkat with her, so if you any ideas, please let me know.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Better Day....

.... except for the vacuum cleaner which appeared this morning, so I took to my bed and made sure that my MH knew I was not best pleased!

When she finished her work, she played with me and rolled me up in my blanket again and tickled me and I liked that a lot. My DH was working in our garden putting out some more ornaments and fixing ones that had got broken. We now have two Buddhas, but one lost one of his 'bits' so my DH was trying to fix it and he has managed, so he is a happy Buddha again.

I will send you some pictures of my garden when it is all finished, but every day there are new things for me to sniff and rub and I am liking that too.

Me and my MH went into the gym and I played while she did all her exercises and then she went on her Wii and I watched to make sure she didn't cheat! She is getting better at golf and tennis but still rubbish at baseball, but you didn't hear that from me!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

More Rain

It has been wet today but I went out to play and stayed out for a long time and when I came in, my MH dried me. She knows the routine now. If I am wet when I come in the window, I just stand beside my coffee table and my MH gets a handful of tissues and dries me and I purr all the time she is doing it 'cos I like it. And that's what she did today.

We had some visitors in this afternoon and they hadn't met me before, but they thought I was adorable, so I was quite pleased. I also made them laugh 'cos I was wandering from knee to knee and I stood on the remote control and switched on my television and gave them all a fright. Then we all giggled!

I think I might just have a lazy night tonight 'cos I don't feel like getting wet again, but if the rain goes off, I will go and terrorise the island!

Watch this space!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Nosey Pussy Cat

My MH says I am the nosiest pussy cat in the en-tire world, and I think she might just be right. It has got me into trouble on quite a lot of occasions. One time, my MH was setting the table and she opened the drawer to get all the napkins and things out and when she didn't see me, I nipped in the back of it for a look, and then she shut the drawer!

Now sometimes, she gives it quite a hard kick--'cos it is low down and it saves her bending--but that day she just pushed it gently and wondered why it wouldn't close. So, she pulled it out to see what was wrong, and there was yours truly sitting smiling back at her! Oh we did giggle a lot.

Today, she was taking her camera out and was putting new batteries in it, so I decided I had to have a look inside the case and that is what today's picture is.I think I look very fetching. Nosey but fetching!

It has been raining quite a lot today so I have been inside most of the time although me and my MH had a wee walk round my garden and looked at all the new chips and some of the ornaments that my DH put out yesterday and I liked watching them.

We have the happy Buddha and a goddess at the front and a meerkat and a gnome at the back, so I will ask my MH to take some pictures of these for you and you will know what my garden looks like.

I know that will make you happy 'cos maybe you are a wee bit nosey too! Eh? :))

Monday, 9 April 2012


Oh we have been so very, very busy! My friend J. came over to my house to help my DH spread all the chips and I had to supervise, but we all did our jobs very well and my garden is looking very lovely again. Even the Boss is pleased! And the picture today is me getting a drink before my DH puts the jug out again for the summer.

I played out lots yesterday and I have been out for most of today, so I will probably be quite tired soon. My humans stayed up late last night 'cos they were watching the golf, and I stayed up too. Then me and my MH went to bed and we had a wee bedtime chat and that's when she tells me she loves me and I purr back at her. Sometimes she has to tell me to be quieter 'cos she can't get to sleep for the noise!

But what she doesn't know is that when she was sound asleep and dreaming-----do humans dream of mouses like cats do? Note to self--ask MH what she dreams about. Anyway, when she is sleeping, I get up and my DH lets me out to play again, but we don't tell her and when she wakes up in the morning and I am there curled up at her feet, she thinks I have been there all night! Hee hee :))))

I hope she doesn't read this today, or my secret is out. And you won't tell her, will you?

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter Everyone

I hope you have all had a good day and that you haven't eaten too many Easter eggs. I didn't get any, but I got some of my cat treats and I liked those.

We haven't been doing very much today and have been a bit lazy, but my humans were making pakora in my kitchen and I was watching them. They like spicy food. but I don't get any of that either. :(

I have been out playing lots today and there is a big ram outside my garden which has escaped from his own field, but he is Ok and we have been having lots of chats and he told me he likes being outside my garden and might just go home for a feed and then come back to me again. I don't know what his owner would think, but I am happy.

I have been watching the big sailing ship going past my window lots of times and it is still beautiful. MY MH told me that hundreds of years ago, all the ships would have looked like that and Stromness harbour would have been filled with big sailing ships, and I thought it must have looked fantastic.

My MH says she would love to be a time traveller and I think I would like to go travelling with her. Just think of all the things we could see!

My blog would be REALLY interesting then!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

I'm Back!

Well, I was never really away, but my picture is back. And if you look very carefully, you will see one of the Tall Ships called the Golden Leeuw in the water behind me as I am trying to steal the birdies food! The big boat is here for Easter and it is taking people on sails to the Old Man of Hoy and other places as well. It is beautiful. My MH has been out with her camera taking lots of pictures and I went out to help her,of course!

I wasn't very happy with my humans last night and I will tell you why 'cos I know you will want to know what made this adorable little pussycat unhappy.

Picture the scene. They had been out all day, so after our dinner, I cuddled up on my MH's knee and prepared for a wee snooze when I heard her rustling and when I looked up, I saw she was wielding the dreaded WORMER!

I was off! Like the shot out of a gun. I ran round and round my living room with my humans chasing me and it was like something out of a cartoon until I nipped under my couch and then I discovered to my great delight that my humans didn't fit in under my couch. Hee hee!

But then my tummy let me down---again! 'cos my MH rustled the packet with my treats in it and when I stuck my adorable little head out to get one, I was grabbed! Oh the indignity of it all. And then she stuck the awful wormer stuff on the back of the same adorable little neck!

Now. I know, I know, I know it is good for me and keeps me very healthy, but I still do not like it at all and I shall continue to run them a merry dance every time I see it.

And on that dear reader, you have my word!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Another Friday......

.....when I have been left all alone while my humans have been away enjoying themselves! If this continues, I shall have to take drastic action. They should know that their place is right by my side whenever I feel like it!

There is an excuse for my DH as he was helping in the Cat Protection shop, so I don't really mind that, but my MH was away lunching with a friend of hers, and I'm not too happy about that at all.

Mind you, she did make a big fuss of me when she came home and she played with me and took me into the garden, so I can almost forgive her.

Now! the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that my picture is not on today's blog and I shall tell you why this is. My MH loves lighthouses and there are pictures of lighthouses in the storms and she likes those, so when she was in the Cats shop today talking to my DH, she saw one for sale and brought it home and I liked it too. So I thought that she should tell you that we have two lighthouses on my little island.

One is right below my house and you will probably have seen it in some of my pictures, but this other one is at the other end of my island and you would not have seen it, so I said she should put on this picture.

And being a very good MH, she did just that, so I hope you like it.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Working Hard

We have all been working hard today, but me and my DH have been working the hardest.

My MH did some cleaning again but she just wheeled the vacuum cleaner around and tickled the furniture with her duster, while me and my DH worked VERY hard!

We were outside in the garden and we were moving all the chips onto my garden and onto some of my paths and they are looking good now, but we are both tired tonight. MY DH was quite pleased when he got up this morning 'cos it was raining, but after he did a wee bit of work for my MH, the rain went off and he had to go out. I kept him company and he liked that.

I went into the gym for a while with my MH and I sniffed around for a while and then I sat on my wee mat and I watched as she went on her bike, then we went into the garden and played for a while and it was time for my little legs to get exercise and I ran and ran lots of times round my garden and then we went and talked to my DH and we all had a wee rest.

I think we might all be in bed early tonight.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Not Much News

I don't have very much to tell you today 'cos I haven't been doing very much, although it is still early.

I went out till late last night and enjoyed hunting and sniffing and listening. I had a good sleep and then we all got up early 'cos both my humans were going out. My DH was away all day, but my MH was back in a couple of hours, so I had a wee bit peace and quiet.

When she came home, I ran to meet her and then I ran into our bedroom and dived under my blanket and my MH knows that is the sign for me to be played with and we played for ages. I hide and she finds me and sometimes she wraps me up in the blanket and tickles me and I like that a lot. It is one of my favourite games and my MH plays it a lot with me.

Then I got some mince when she was making spaghetti bolognese for her and my DH and I liked that too.

It is still quite cold, but I shalll be very brave and go out hunting again tonight.

I wonder what I will find?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Look at me

I discovered another new toy today and as I was exploring, my MH took this picture. It is her other guitar case and it was going out to play with her today, so I had a wee play in it first.

My MH plays two guitars. One has six strings and the one she was playing today has twelve strings and she also has a baby guitar which she calls a ukulele, and she says that one is for me when I am bigger! I get quite annoyed when she plays her guitars 'cos then there is no room for me up on her knee, so I usually go out to play when she picks them up.

We have had some more snow today but I have still been able to go out to play. I went out till late last night and twice when I came home, I was all covered in white snowflakes. I looked VERY fetching, I can tell you!

I have my MH very well trained 'cos when I come in wet or snowed on, I just stand still and she gets some tissues and dries me and I purr all the time she is doing it 'cos I like her to know that she is doing a good job.

It doesn't take much to keep the old dear happy!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Busy Busy Busy

What a day we have had! We have all been very busy and working very hard. I think we might all be in bed very early tonight.

So what have we been doing? Well, those of you who read my story every day will know that Monday chez Squeak is cleaning day and that's when the vacuum cleaner comes out and today was no exception. It came out to play with the dusters and I helped my MH as she did her cleaning. I walked across the top of the units to inspect them when she was finished and this made her very happy.

Then she made some stew for their dinner tonight and I got a wee bit of raw meat which I just love. I was on my Wii yesterday and my weight is still the same, so my little Wii Mii is very pleased with the real me!

My DH was outside my living room window working on the garden there, so I just kept nipping in and out of the window and going to see what he was doing and then I would go back inside and tell my MH and she was very pleased with it all.

Me and my MH then had a wee while in her gym before she went visiting with her friend and when she came home, I sat on her knee and she told me what she had been doing.

By this time it was snowing, so my DH had to come inside 'cos he doesn't like getting wet, so we were all inside for a while before he went away to the pier to get the daily papers, and now we are all going to have our dinner.

I might go out hunting later on. It will depend on how much snow we might have, but I will let you know tomorrow.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


I think my DH must have been watching when I was doing my weather dance and he did it too, 'cos we worked in the garden yesterday and it was hard work, and he said he would do it today if the weather was good. BUT it is raining and we can't go outside.

He discovered that his favourite team were on my television, and I am sure I saw him doing some of my 'weather moves'!Then I had to go and lie down for a while 'cos it was not a pretty sight! Hee hee :))

We have all been having a quiet day and we are enjoying it. I might go into the gym with my MH or I might just watch her if she goes on her Wii. She hasn't decided yet.

Remember I told you that I was going to be out late last night? Well, my humans were both up late watching TV, so I was able to stay out till it was very late and I had great fun climbing the mountains of chips that you saw in my picture yesterday. But the funniest thing was that my DH let me in after my MH had gone to bed and then he forgot. So a while later, me and my MH heard him going to the door and whistling for me, and my MH had to tell him that I was cuddled up on the bed beside her.

Oh we did giggle! But we didn't let my DH see us---he might have been upset. Bless!