Thursday, 31 May 2012

Lazy Days

I have been quite lazy these past couple of day 'cos it has been too hot to be running around, so I have to wait until night time when it is cooler and then I go out and do all the pussy cat things that I love. However, today is much cooler so I will be out for a while this evening but I might not stay out too late tonight--we'll see.

I got a bit of a surprise when I went into my garden this morning 'cos all the mummy cows and my friends the baby cows weren't in the field any more and that made me a wee bit sad 'cos I like watching them there and I thought I might never see them again, but then I noticed that they were in another field which is a bit further away from my house. The only problem is that because it is quite far away, I might need to take a picnic with me when I go to see them. I will ask my MH to make me up a wee bag of biscuits that I can take with me. I don't want to be hungry!

Me and my MH did some housework today and I helped her to make the beds and I had great fun hiding in the bed clothes and that always makes my MH laugh. Then she made me laugh when we went into the gym and I watched her little legs going round and round on her bike, but I never ler her see me laughing 'cos I don't think she would be best pleased!

We always play in my garden when she is finished her exercises. She says it is to make me happy, but between you and me I think it's because she doesn't have enough breath left to get back into my house! Hee hee :)) I went away for a play on my own and I nearly tripped over a baby cow which was lying on the grass beside my house. It is there with its mummy and it likes when I go up to see it, and even the mummy cow doesn't mind 'cos she knows I am a very good pussy cat.

Well--I have told her often enough!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Good, good good

It is still summer and I am still happy. I am spending all my time outside and my humans are outside with me for most of the time too, and you know that makes me a very happy pussy cat. Even the lawn mower didn't annoy me today 'cos I was in a very good mood. I liked having all the visitors in my house yesterday and I stayed out late again last night without my humans worrying about me, so everything in my little life is tickety-boo!

My friend A. was over to see me and I liked that 'cos he always talks to me and makes a fuss of me and I purr back at him which makes us both happy. He was actually over to see my MH and to show her how to play her ukulele 'cos although she can play her guitars, she has never played a ukulele, but she can now. I listened for a wee while and it was quite good so I'll let you know how she gets on.

Then we wandered down to put some water in the bath for the cows and we came across a wee baby cow that was lying sleeping on the grass and I am sure it smiled at me, so I purred back. I will go out and see it later on and I will ask it if it smiled at me and then I will tell my MH, but I am sure I was right! I am always right :))

When we came back, me and my MH played on the newly-cut grass and I had great fun and I made her laugh 'cos I did some funny jumps and turns and she said I must have been watching the sheeps 'cos that's what they do.

It is resting time now and then out hunting time for me andI think I will be out late again tonight. I shall let you know!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Brilliant Day

We have had lots of visitors in my house today which means I have had lots of fussing and petting so it has been a very good day indeed.

Because the weather was good, my humans could leave the door open, so when my adorable little body was a bit tired of being patted, I could go outside for a rest. I lay in the grass and I watched the calves bouncing around in their field and enjoying growing up. It is good fun watching them and the nice farmer from next door came along to see me as well and he put some feed in for the cows so I could watch them all having their dinner. I made him laugh when I ran up the clothes pole and sat at the top looking down at him. He didn't know I could do that---but he does now!

I wonder if I should ask my MH if one of the baby cows could come into my house and see ME eating? There is just one slight problem with that idea . I haven't seen the baby cows using their litter tray, so maybe I had better do a bit of research before I ask any silly questions!

My night-times are brilliant just now 'cos my humans leave the living room window open for me so I can stay out as long as I like and I don't get into any trouble when I come home. I think I am going to love all this summer weather.

Long may it last.

Monday, 28 May 2012

A Sort of OK Day

It was quite a good day but I was a wee bit lonely 'cos my humans were away to Stromness and I had to amuse myself. They were meeting my friends from Germany and my MH said that they talked about me nearly all day, so that cheered me up a bit.

The weather was still good so I played in my garden and had a nap and then went out to play again and when my humans came home they played with me in the garden too and we were all very happy.

Then my MH wasn't happy, but it was so funny that I had to go away into a corner where she couldn't see me and have a giggle. Remember I told you that she had cleaned all her car yesterday? Well it was lovely and clean and all shiny, but when we were playing in the garden, a big seagull flew over the car and left a nasty you-know-what on it! Oh my, you should have heard her. She was just a tad unhappy! Tee hee :)))

It was safer for me and my DH to beat a hasty retreat to the greeenhouse while she cleaned her windscreen again. I talked to my tomato plant and my DH talked to his strawberry plants so it was a noisy greenhouse, but it was lovely and warm and after a wee while I had to come out and get into the shade for a rest and then my MH stopped shouting at the seagull and took this picture of me and that made her smile again.

I definitely have what it takes!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Still Brilliant!

I am still having the bestest of fun and 'cos the weather is still warm and sunny, my humans have been outside with me all day and that makes me a very happy pussy cat indeed. My friend J. was back again and he played with me for a wee while too, so I have had plenty of company which I really like. I even had a visit for the nice man next door and he let me sniff his big farm gloves that he was wearing, but it wasn't a very nice smell and it made me sneeze and that made him laugh!

I went down the path with my DH to put some water in the bath for all the mummy cows and the baby ones too. There aren't any more babies in the field, but there might be some more this week. I hope so 'cos I like the baby cows.

My MH washed her car today 'cos it was all covered in dust and she could hardly see out of the windows and she played with me and the water hose and I just LOVED it. She scooted the water at me but just so that it missed me, and I ran away from it and then back again, and we did this lots and lots of times and it made my friend J. laugh, so that's good.

Then my MH did a very funny thing and I was a wee bit worried about her. She brought the vacuum cleaner outside!! I thought she was going to vacuum the grass and I was just about to phone the men in the white coats to come and take her away, when I realised she was hoovering the inside of her car! Whew!! That was a relief.

When we came in, I decided to have a wee snooze and my MH took this picture of me which I am sure will make you smile. I hope so.

My humans are going to Stromness tomorrow to meet my friends rom Germany who read all about me every day. They came to see me last year and thought I was just as adorable as I say I am, but this year my humans are going to meet them and I have to stay at home. I am a wee bit sad but I understand and if it is a good day I can play outside without getting disturbed by the vacuum cleaner OR the lawn mower.

So it's not all bad, is it? I hope it is good for you.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

A Much Better Day

I am a much happier puss today 'cos the weather has been glorious and my humans kept their promise to me and except for a brief spell with the lawn mower, I have been the centre of their universe. My MH even named this picture 'The Light of My Life'. It brought a tear to this adorable little eye.

I didn't even mind the lawn mower 'cos it made my grass all lovely and soft for me to sit on, to roll on, to lie on and to dream on, so what more can a puss ask for? My friend J. came over to help my DH with some digging so he made a fuss of me too, so I am a very happy little feline today.

I now realise that I have been just a tad selfish in complaining when my humans go and leave me 'cos one of my friends pointed out that I go and leave them at night time and they don't complain, so last night, just to show them that I really love them, I stayed in all night and cuddled up beside my MH and she was very happy. She even did funny purring sounds when she was sleeping to prove it!

However, I think because it is such a good night, I will be out quite late tonight again, but I shall let my humans know that I need to do pussy cat things and they won't mind, and I'll tell them that when they have to do human things without me, I won't mind either.

Peace and harmony rule again Chez Squeak.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Nearly! Oh so nearly!

I almost left home today. I had my wee bag packed with my toys, my blanket and some biscuits for the journey into the unknown, when things changed again.

Now, I know you will be wondering what has made me feel like this. Well, you know that I was left all alone yesterday when we should all have been out in my garden playing with ME in the sunshine. That was bad enough, but this morning my MH went away swimming at 8.30am and then my DH went away to the Cat Protection shop at 10.30am and I was left alone again! Not pleased at all, I was!!

So. I was just on my way out of the gate when my MH arrived home, so I quickly hid my little bag and ran to meet her and I got a very special cuddle, so I was quite happy again---but I think I'll keep my bag packed, just in case! We played in the garden and I had a wee chat to this daisy as it was about the only one left after my MH had used her lawnmower!

I was out VERY late last night and didn't come home until three o'clock this morning and it was only because the mist came in and I was frightened I wouldn't be able to see my house, so I wandered home and jumped in the window and snuggled up beside my MH for a wee snooze before she got up.

I am resting now, but since the weather has improved I shall be out late again tonight and I have been promised that I shall be the centre of attention ALL weekend, so we will see.

I think that is only as it should be!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Fossils Return!

You will have gathered that my humans are home. They didn't get kept in the Fossil Museum after all, and I am very happy and mightily relieved.

It has been a glorious day and I have been outside nearly all the time enjoying all the heat and sunshine and liking watching all the cows and babies who are getting bigger by the minute and will soon be able to come out and play with me. Unfortunately, because it was still warm and dry and sunny when my humans came home, my MH decided to cut the grass and I was not best pleased as you can imagine, but it didn't take her too long and then she played with me, and that made me happier.

I was out late again last night and it is just brilliant outside at night 'cos there are lots of insects and things and millions of smells for me to explore, so I will have a rest now and go out again later on and I think I might even chase a mouse or two if I feel so inclined.

Maybe I could even look for a fossil!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Not Much to Report

There are no more baby cows in my field but the three wee baby ones are getting big and are running around the field together, and I am hoping that I can run around with them.

I have decided that in the summer I will be a nocturnal cat and my routine shall be as follows. Play with my humans and watch what they are doing through the day, and when they are quiet I may have a wee snooze. After my dinner, I will go out for a short while just to check on everything and then I will sleep on my MH's knee until about ten o'clock at night when I will attack my neighbourhood and I will stay out until I am feeling tired.

All of this depends on the weather of course, 'cos if it is raining then I will have a re-think, but if it is fine then my humans can leave the window open for me and I can get in whenever I feel like it without disturbing them too much. I think this is a sublime plan.

I have been out a lot already as my MH was hanging out her washing and I was continuing my pole dancing routine, so it is resting time now.

I am a little concerned tonight 'cos I have heard my humans saying that they are going to the Fossil Museum tomorrow, so if you don't hear from me again, you will know that my humans have been kept there! Tee hee :)))

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

And then there were three!

I now have three little baby cows to play with in my field and they are beautiful. Two are black and one is brown and white, but the most very exciting thing is that I saw the brown and while one being borned! I have never seen anything like that before in my en-tire life!

My MH was in the garden 'cos she knew the baby cow was nearly ready to come into the world and she took her camera out and naturally, I went out too, and boy, did I get a surprise. I didn't know what was happening until this wee brown and white animal stood up and my MH told me it was a brand new baby cow. And she even got a picture of it so that you could see it too.

There are lots more mummy cows just about ready to have their babies, so I will soon have lots of new friends in my field.

The other picture for you today is of yours truly as I was having my evening nap on my MH's knee after all the excitement and before I took off to do my hunting and exploring. You can see that I am very comfortable and I like having my snooze like that, and my MH likes me sitting on her knee too, 'cos I keep her nice and cosy and she likes to hear me purring.

She says I snore, but I don't think that can be right. I must listen sometime!

Monday, 21 May 2012

More of the same

I have just been doing normal things today but I have been very busy. My humans have been busy too, so I have to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't wander off.

Monday is cleaning day chez Squeak, and as you all know by now, I don't like the vacuum cleaner, but it is good in the summer 'cos me and my DH can disappear into the greenhouse and we can do what we like 'cos The Boss just leaves us alone out there. My DH has a chair with a cushion on it for when he is 'resting', but when he is busy, I keep the chair warm for him and sometimes I am so comfortable, I just nod off.

He put a new carpet down in our bathroom today and I had great fun helping him and he said he didn't know what he would have done if I hadn't been there! The new carpet was all rolled up, and I was inside it and on top of it, to give it the Squeak seal of approval! It is nice and soft on my adorable little feets, and I like it.

My MH went into the gym and I went in too and watched her doing her walking and rowing and cycling until she was all tired and then we crawled back into my house and had a wee seat to get her breath back. The weather is still cool but it is nice and calm, and I have spent the afternoon in my wee hoose having a few cat-naps 'cos I am going out after my dinner to visit all my animal friends and check to see if there are any more baby cows. I need to know what is happening on my patch.

Today's picture was taken at night time and I am sitting on another gate post at my garden watching the birdies. There are lots of birdies now and I have seen a lapwing and some oyster catchers and lots of starlings and I even saw a swallow today. I don't like them 'cos they dive bomb me even when I am not doing anything, so I think I will have to show then who is boss this year!

They should respect someone as wise and adorable as what I am! Shouldn't they?

Sunday, 20 May 2012

A BIG Adventure

I was out ALL night last night! I didn't come home until six o'clock this morning and of course I can't tell you what I was doing, 'cos my MH doesn't know! Hee hee :))

I had a long sleep on my MH's knee last night when they were watching football and then I decided to go out hunting about ten o'clock and since it was a good night, I was having great fun and didn't want it to stop. I was able to have a wee chat to the new baby cow, but there aren't any more in my field yet, so it was just him and me with his mummy cow watching me very carefully, but she will soon find out that I am a very good puss and she doesn't have to worry.

Well, one thing led to another and although I heard my DH calling for me, I didn't want to go home, so I pretended again that I didn't hear him and eventually he went away to bed and left me outside. It was a good night and there are plenty of places for me to hide and rest and sleep and I had great fun.

I went home and sat on the bedroom window sill and my MH saw me when she was up to go to the bathroom and she got a big surprise 'cos she didn't know I was outside, but she let me in anyway and gave me a wee feed and I cuddled up on my bed beside her and we both had a snooze. I asked her to let you see the picture of me up on top of the bale and here it is.

We have all had a good day today and I have been in the gym and in the greenhouse and helped my DH put water out for all the ladies in waiting 'cos they get thirsty waiting for the baby cows to arrive.

I will have a wee sleep soon and will go out later on, but I don't know if I will stay out all night again 'cos I know my humans don't like me doing that 'cos they worry about me, but I am OK.

However, I might just come home at a decent hour tonight----but on the other paw........!!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Lots of Excitement

I was lying on my couch having a wee snooze last night, when the nice farmer from next door came in and told me that one of the mummys-in-waiting wasn't waiting any more and she had had a wee black calf, so me and my MH went out to see it and I started to play on top of the big bale of hay which he had left on his trailer outside my gate. I was up really high and I could see for miles. I liked being up high again.

I didn't go near the new baby cow 'cos the mummy would not have liked that and she might have chased me. Once the calf gets a wee bit older, then I can go and play with it, and soon there will be lots more for me to play with.

Today is a nice day with some sunshine, so we were all working outside. My humans keep filling up the bath in the field with water for the cows and I went with my MH this morning to do that and she took this picture of the wee new cow to let you see it. I think it might be a wee boy cow, but I didn't look too closely 'cos that would be rude, but I will let you know.

Then my MH cut our grass and me and my DH worked in the greenhouse and watered all our plants, so you can see we were all very busy, but now my DH is watching the football and I am having a snooze while my MH is typing what I have already dictated.

There was a great big seagull at my bird feeder and my MH took this picture of me watching him. She says it is just a pity she can't send you the noises I was making, but I think you will be able to imagine what I was saying 'cos I was not best pleased!

Friday, 18 May 2012

A Mixed Day....

.....both house wise and weather wise for this adorable peedie puss. I was up bright and early at seven o'clock this morning 'cos I had had a long sleep last night, so I was full of beans. Last night my MH had a bath early and put on her big furry dressing gown and you know how I LOVE that dressing gown! Well, I just climbed up on her knee and fell fast asleep and I was so comfortable I didn't want to go out too much, so I am full of energy this morning.

My MH got up and fed me and left the window open and I played outside until my DH went away to the Cat Protection shop and then I went in and had a chat to my MH and we worked out what we were going to do with our day. We tidied up a bit and played in the garden until the rain came on and then we had to go inside but we played with my toys until I needed a rest in my 'peedie hoose'

I stayed there while my MH did her exercises on her Wii and then, 'cos the rain had gone off and the sun was shining, she decided to clean some of our windows and asked me if I wanted to help, which of course I did. I ran round and round my garden making my now-famous squeaking noises and when she had finished washing and polishing, I climbed up on the window sill to inspect, and got it a wee bit wrong I'm afraid, 'cos I left some of my adorable black and white hairs on the nice clean windows. Oops!

I didn't get a row though. My MH just smiled, said 'Oh Squeeeak!' and did them over again. Now, I know why I didn't get a row. My MH loves me 'cos she tells me lots of times every day, BUT she also knows that I know how to switch on her radio alarm, and if I feel like it, I can have my revenge any time day or night.

And that, dear feline and human friends, keeps me very, very safe!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

More company

I have been out all day getting acquainted with some of the lady cows who are in the field in front of my house, and they were very interested in my sore nose, so I told them how I managed it.

There are lots of cows in the field and there are sheeps in the other field, so I have had to do a lot of visiting. I had a long chat with some of the baby sheeps, but there are no baby cows yet, but my MH says they are ladies-in-waiting, so it might not be too long before I have lots more friends to play with. That will be good fun.

My MH was away to Stromness today with the duvet off our bed so that she could get it washed, so I was in charge of the house and my DH and I did a very good job and got one of her special cuddles when she came home. Then I helped her put the duvet on the bed and that was great fun, especially when she tried to put the spare one in a black bag and couldn't understand why it wasn't going in, and why the bag kept moving, but you know why, don't you?

Yep! When she wasn't looking, yours truly nipped into the black bag and went away down to the bottom so the duvet couldn't get in and when my MH found me she just laughed and then pulled me out again. Oh I do like helping!

After tea, we went outside again and I played in the garden and my MH took this picture which she called 'Squeak in mint condition', and I like it a lot.

I hope you do too.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I think the threat of lots of letters from disgruntled pussycats and doggies and hennies has frightened our wee weather man 'cos he has made the weather a bit better today. Not a lot, but at least I have been able to get out to play, and that's when I got the 'oops'.

I went out quite early after I had eaten my breakfast and when I came home my MH noticed that I had a wee cut on my adorable little nose. It's not big and it's not sore, but it is a tiny bit red, and of course, I can't tell my humans how I got it.I was in the big shed belonging to the nice farmer man next door, so it might have been there, but I also went through my fence 'cos I was watching a big curlew that was sitting in the field, so it might have been there.

Anyway, it's really not bad, although if I am needing a cuddle, I might pretend a wee bit. Hee hee :)) BUT! My MH threatened to put a bandage on it, but I was out of the window again as quick as lightning.

Now. I ask you. Can you imagine what it would do to my street cred, if I went out with a big bandage on my adorable little nose? How could I possibly terrorise all the mouses with a huge plaster on my face? The woman has no sense at all.

I shall have to have a serious word!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Still Windy

I don't know what is happening to all this weather, but I am going to fix it 'cos I've got some help now. I have some doggy friends and hen friends in Shetland and they are going to write with me to my little weather man Sean and we are going to get some sun. So there!

It is still very windy and there are some really heavy rain showers, so we are all not happy at all. I did manage to get out for a while last night but I didn't stay out too long 'cos my adorable little body was very cold. I did manage to annoy my humans a tiny tad 'cos they had to keep getting up to open the window to let me out and then a few minutes later, they had to let me in again. They couldn't leave the window open 'cos they would have blowed away with all my furniture!

I have been resting today although I went outside this morning and when the rain came on my MH was worried about me and when she came out to find me, she found me sitting on my garden bench watching the world go by and not bothering too much about about the rain, but I decided to go in with her anyway and I am very glad that we did 'cos as soon as we got in my house, it rained and rained with very heavy rain, and I think I would have been 'ringing' again!

We did go into the gym for a while and my MH was able to leave the door open so I could sit and look out at all the birdies while her little legs were doing all their hard work. I am now having my siesta 'cos I am going out again tonight, but whether it is out of the window or out of the door, I know not.

I have a lot of decisions to make in my adorable little life!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Another Briliant Idea!

Well, it was an absolutely dreadful night last night with torrential rain and a great big awful gale. I was beginning to think that I wouldn't get out to hunt at all, so I just cuddled up on my MH's knee and had a wee snooze. I thought I would let you see how comfortable I look and I know the picture will warm the cockles of your heart.

Eventually, I dragged myself up off my MH's knee, jumped up onto my window-sill and 'clouted' the wind-chimes which is the signal for one of my adoring humans to open the window and let me out, which they did.

WELL! I took off! My adorable little paws took forever to reach the ground and I landed miles away from my window. I was flying, dear reader, I was flying! I stayed out for quite a while---well, I had to make the effort worth it, didn't I?----and when I got back in, which was a job in itself 'cos I had to judge the wind before I tried to leap up onto the window sill or I would have been flying again, I told my MH what had happened to me and she told me a story which got me thinking, and you know I always have good thoughts when I think.

A long time ago, before I was even a twinkle in my REAL mummy's eye, my humans went to Greece and my MH went up in a parachute behind a speed boat and she said it was the magicest thing she has ever done and she loved it, and I thought.

If my friend who is going to make me my little boots could make me a parachute, I could play in the wind and travel miles and miles and miles! And with all the colours on my boots and parachute, I would be like a rainbow and when people looked up into the sky and said 'What's that?' I would call down to them 'It's Super Squeak!'

I just think that this is my bestest idea ever, and my MH said that if the wind was in the right direction, I could bring back fish and chips for my humans, so I think she thinks it is a good idea too.

What do you think?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dear Sean

Sean is my little weather man friend and I am going to write to him now to ask him what he has been doing with my weather 'cos I am not happy at all today!

I told you yesterday that we had a super day and me and my humans were outside lots, but today is awful and if we went outside I am sure we would get blowed away. It is wet and windy and I don't like it very much, although I have been out a couple of times but just for a wee minute or two. So I am hoping that my friend Sean can fix it for me so that I can get out to play in warm sunshine again.

I have been very lazy today and I was all snuggled up on the back of my couch when my MH took this adorable picture of me, so I suppose the bad weather has its advantages 'cos you can see these wonderful pictures of yours truly. Oops, my modesty has slipped again, hee hee:))

I haven't decided what I will be doing later on but I will venture out at some point and patrol my territory---just in case.

I hope you have a good day and I will tell you what I get up to tonight when I write to you tomorrow.

Dear Sean.....

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy Happy Puss

That's what I am today. A happy, happy puss. It is a good day and we have all been outside lots of times and me and my DH took my MH into our greenhouse and she took some pictures of my DH and our plants, but I went away outside to play 'cos I had seen them all before. My DH has been very busy getting everything ready and I have picked out my little tomato plant that I am going to look after and talk to. My DH has to water it for me 'cos I can't do that bit. Well, I spose I could do it ONE way, but I don't think my tomato plant would like that! Hee hee :))))

My MH went over to the graveyard on the island 'cos her mummy and daddy are there, so I was in charge until she came back again and then we went into the gym where I helped her on her bike and watched while she did all her exercises.

When she was finished, we played on the grass for a long time and then we went back round to the greenhouse to see my DH and that's when I ran up the clothes pole and sat at the top just long enough to have this picture taken of me, and you can see that I am higher than the Hoy Hills! I could see nearly all over my little island from up there, so I shall probably go there again.

It is snooze time now, then feeding time and then out to explore and do very brave pussy cat things. Oh yes, I am a very happy puss today and I hope you are very happy too.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Nothing to report

I have had a very lazy day and have been sleeping for most of the time, although I did go into the gym with my MH and then we had a play in the garden. She needs me in there with her 'cos she says when she is watching me playing it takes her mind off the fact that her wee legs are going fast, and they are not used to going fast. Not at all!!

My DH is at the Cat Protection shop again, so Fridays are 'girl' days and I had a seat on my MH's knee and she told me some more of her stories.This time it was 'Puss in Boots' and as usual, it has got me thinking!I don't need boots for the summer 'cos the grass feels nice on my adorable little toes, but I need them in the winter for when there is a lot of rainy puddles or snow.

SO. I know that my MH's friend works with leather, so I might just ask her to make me four adorable little boots and I think I will have four different colours as I think I would look stunning----even more stunning than I do now----if that is possible!

I will tell you why I am having a lazy day. I have decided that in the summer I will be a night-time pussy cat so I need to build up my energy for all the escapades I will get up to in the night time. I won't stay out ALL night 'cos I really need to be there to look after my humans during the night, and between you and me, I like cuddling up to my MH for our big sleep, so I will come home.


Thursday, 10 May 2012

A wee Bit Lonely

That's what I was today 'cos my humans had to go away for a wee while and they left me all by myself. I know I am a very lucky puss to have my humans with me all the time, but I miss them when they are away----but don't tell them that!

Anyway, it was a good day so the living room window was left open and I went out to play in my garden, but 'cos I had nobody to play with, I went back inside. I had a sleep and before I knew it, himself and The Boss were back again.

I sat on my MH's knee after we had put all the messages away and she told her all about her day and I listened and purred, and I told her what I had been doing and she listened, but she didn't purr!

I went into the greenhouse with my DH and we had a look at all our plants and now I am having a snooze 'cos I am going out hunting later on. I wakened up at four o'clock this morning and it was so light that I thought we had all overslept, and so I wakened my MH----and that's how I know what time it was! Oops!!

I think my (adorable) little body clock needs adjusting!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


I took my humans out to play in my garden yesterday and we had a brilliant time. I let my DH chase me with a bit of pampas grass and we ran round and round the garden for a long time and my MH took some pictures of me---but not my DH :))

When my MH showed me this picture, we all giggled 'cos I look so funny in it---but still adorable, of course. I liked playing and then when I was finished, I ran up the clothes pole and sat and watched the world go by.

Today has been a good day and I have been outside nearly all the time, but I had to play on my own 'cos my humans had to go out for a while, but when my MH came home, I helped her to hang out the washing and we played in the garden again. I chased flies and daisies and anything that moved and me and my MH had a great time.

It is time for my siesta now, and then I will go out hunting later on and I am staying out later and later every night and my humans are threatening to go to bed and leave me outside if I don't come home at a decent hour, but I tell them 'a pussy cat has to do what a pussy cat has to do', and I'll come home when I am ready!

I don't know what they will do if they ever hear me saying that!! :)))

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Oh, Silly Me

Of course I wasn't ringing! I was THIS wringing 'cos I was so wet! My MH noticed that I was a wee bit sad and when I told her that I couldn't hear me ringing, she laughed and laughed and then when she told me the real story, I was very happy, and a wee bit silly too.

But then she told me something else that made me think. She said we all had internal ORGANS and ear DRUMS, so I reckoned that if I learned to play my MH's big guitars and little ukelele, I could be a orchestra! The Sound of Squeak! Oh, I would be wonderful, and go all over the world and see all the people who read about me. Yes, this is a very good idea and one I shall have to explore.

MY DH is away shopping today so me and my MH went into the gym and then had a wee while in the garden, and then I helped her to make stovies for the dinner. I like when she makes that 'cos I get a wee drop of mince on my plate and I gobble it all up very quickly.

My humans laugh at me 'cos I purr all the time I am eating, and they think this is funny, but I am just telling them that I like mince and that I am a very happy puss.

I need a wee rest now so that I can stay out late again tonight 'cos I will need to tell all my little friends that I don't really ring after all. I'm sure they will be happy for me.

Monday, 7 May 2012

I am confused

I went out to play last night and I was having a good time until I got caught in the rain and so I had to go home. Well, I was a bit wet---in fact I was VERY wet, and when I went in the window, my MH said 'Oh Squeak. Where have you been? You are ringing?'

Well. I listened and listened and listened, but I couldn't find which bit of me was ringing, and I still don't know. I shall have to give in and ask my MH to explain.

We have all had a brilliant day today 'cos the weather has been good and we have been outside and I love playing when we are all together in the garden.

Then my DH went up into our loft and brought down a new duvet that my MH wanted and boy, did I have great fun with that, and then with the big bag is was wrapped in. I just LOVE bags and play in them lots, but only when my humans are watching 'cos they don't want anything to happen to me. 'Cos they love me lots and lots.

I wonder if they will still love me when I am not ringing any more. Sigh :(

Sunday, 6 May 2012


I am having a lazy day today although I did help my MH to change the beds and that always gives me great fun 'cos I hide under the bed and under the sheets and under the duvet and then my MH has to try and find me. One time, I climbed right inside the duvet cover and she only noticed when she went to lift it to shake it all into place! She said I would have been like Elvis 'All shook up'! That made us both giggle. Me and my MH giggle a lot.

We then went out to feed the birds and it was lovely and sunny when we went out the door, but by the time we had reached where the bird feeder was, it had started to hail and it was hailing very hard and we had to go inside very quickly 'cos those wee hailstones are sore.

My DH is watching the football, so I am having a wee snooze on my couch and my MH is making friendship bracelets with lots of threads. I tried to catch the thread as she was working, but she gave me a row, so I know not to do it now. I am a very quick learner.

I went outside last night until two o'clock this morning so that's the reason I am a bit tired, but if this hail stays on, I shall be in bed before my MH!

I hope you are all having a lazy day too.

Saturday, 5 May 2012


I was a wee bit very naughty last night, but I didn't get into too much trouble, and I shall now explain why.

Me and my MH had had a lovely lazy day and I watched while she played on her Wii and I was quite content lying all cosy on my couch, and then I had my dinner and a wee snooze on my MH's knee while she watched Emmerdale, and then it was time for me to go out hunting.

Now, the weather wasn't too great, but I managed to get my adorable little body into a sheltered bit of my jungle and I ran and jumped and sniffed and purred and I was very happy. So happy that I didn't realise that the night had disappeared and we were into the morning.

I heard my DH whistling and calling but I was busy, so I am afraid I pretended I didn't hear him, and I know that was a wee bit naughty.

My MH was already sound asleep and about half past two in the morning, my DH decided he had to go to bed too, 'cos he had been working all day and he was tired, and as he was going to bed, he wakened my MH and told her I was still out, so SHE got up and called for me.

I did mean to go home, but every time I went to move, the rain came on and I sheltered until it went off, and everytime I sheltered I found something else to amuse me, so it was ten past three in the morning before I went home and my MH let me in the window, and gave me a row for staying out so long.

I am sure it would have been the soup pot for me if she hadn't been so tired, but once I cuddled up beside her and purred my bestest purr, all was forgiven!

I've still got the magic touch dear reader. It is still there!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Ho hum

Who has taken away all my lovely weather? It is a very not nice day today. Just as I was beginning to think that summer had arrived, the winter is back, and that is not very good at all. We have rain and strong cold winds, and my little friend the weather man said we could even have snow, so I have decided to take to my 'wee hoose' where I am nice and warm.

I had a good night last night 'cos it was still summer then, and I played outside for so many hours that my humans thought I had runned away! Silly humans! How would they manage without me? I just had so much to do and see that it tooked me a long, long time and it was nearly my DH's bedtime before I decided to come home. My dear MH was already snoring, so I just jumped up very carefully and snuggled in beside her, and soon I was snoring too.

I have been out a couple of times today but I don't like the wind blowing on me, so I didn't stay out too long, but as you can see, I was getting my claws sharpened on my favourite bit of wood.

My MH had to go to the pier for the messages and she said it was not nice there and she nearly got blowed away. But I'm glad she didn't 'cos then who would feed me and tickle my adorable little tummy?

No.I definitely need my MH. :))

Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Night in the Life of.....

ME! I thought I would tell you what I do at night times 'cos I keep telling you what I do in the day times.

Well, I have my dinner about five o'clock and then I have a snooze on my couch while my humans have their dinner and we watch television then. They like the news and then my MH watches Emmerdale and I usually have a sleep on her lap while she is doing this.

I sometimes play with my toys and she helps me, but last night the weather was so good that she decided to take me outside to play and of course, she brought her camera 'cos there was a lovely sunset. We chased around in the garden for a long time and I climbed up on the gate posts and watched all the birdies flying around, but I didn't hurt them 'cos I know I shouldn't do that. Well, not when my humans are watching anyway! Hee hee!

It started to get a bit cool, so we went inside, and I curled up on my couch for a wee cat nap while my MH played on her computer and my DH read his book.

Sometimes, I cuddle up to my MH and put my adorable little paws on her lap top and it makes her write very funny words, so I usually have to move. She plays games and I like to watch when things move fast across her screen and sometimes I try to catch them, but she doesn't let me do this, so I have stopped now.

When I am not tired any more, I go outside on my own and do pussy cat things and I just love this. Because the weather is good, my humans leave the living room window open and I come back in whenever I feel like it for a wee feed or a wee drink or a big cuddle, and I do this lots of times.

My MH goes to bed at about half past ten, and I see her settled and then I nip out again for another wee while 'cos my DH stays up late so I can always get in again, and then when it is time for sleeping, I cuddle up beside my MH and when she puts her light out, she cuddles me and tells me she loves me and I purr back at her and we both go to sleep really, really happy.

I am a lucky puss. I hope you are lucky too.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Super Day

Boy! Was I tired last night!I had played outside so much yesterday that I was nearly exhausted and I slept the ENTIRE night without waking up once!

Me and my DH had been working in the garden and then I was out playing until very late so you can see why I was tired, but because I had such a good sleep, I am full of beans today and I wanted to play, but my humans were both away today so I had to amuse myself. I am quite good at that, but I prefer to play with my humans.

My DH was away all day but my MH came back at lunchtime, so we had a wee chat while she had something to eat. I wanted to play but she had some writing work to do and 'cos I am just a pussy cat, I couldn't help her, so I just had to wait patiently, which I did.

When she was finished, we went out and fed the birdies and then she chased me round and round the garden with a bit of pampas grass that my DH had cut off yesterday and we had brilliant fun.

I am having a rest now 'cos I will be going out hunting and exploring later on 'cos the weather is still good and that is my favourite thing to do, except getting my adorable little tummy tickled, and getting my dinner, and playing with my humans.

Oops I guess I have a few favourite things. Do you?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Brilliant Day!

That's what I have had. It has been the bestest day for a long time, and even my MH hoovering the bedrooms didn't annoy me 'cos the weather was so good that the door was left open and I could come and go as I pleased. And I pleased a lot!

My DH was working on the bit of garden just outside our gate and he was outside all day, so naturally I had to help him and he liked that a lot. Then I smelled something very nice---and it wasn't mouses! No. It was my MH doing her baking, so I headed in very quickly 'cos she always makes me something special and today it was the babyest pancake you have ever seen, and I am afraid you won't see it now 'cos it's in my adorable little tummy!

So I ate that, and then we went into the gym and I played there for a while and then went to see how my DH was getting on and it was then that I smelled something else nice. And it STILL wasn't mouses! This time it was my MH cooking stew for dinner time, and I raced back into the kitchen 'cos I always get a wee drop on my plate, and today was no exception. Oh, it was so good.

Them my MH went into the big cupboard and because I was so full of energy, I ran up the step ladder and on to the top shelf, and this time my MH did have her camera and so this is me exploring right up at the ceiling!

I am having a rest now 'cos I am a wee bit very tired and I need to get some more energy back for going out tonight. I will have lots to tell all my wee mouse friends tonight. I think they might be quite jealous.