Tuesday, 31 July 2012

More Happy

I haven't been doing very much with my MH today 'cos we had a visitor and she and my MH spent the afternoon chatting, so I had to entertain my dear little self, although I did help my DH. He had to give the lady cows their water and I had to go and show him what to do, and we did it good.

My MH's friend hadn't seen me before and she joined the rest of the world in thinking that I am adorable. Sigh! :) She talked to me and stroked me and told me I was beautiful, so I liked this lady a lot.

She brought my MH a present that her daughter had made and it is an oil painting of-----ME! She did it from a photograph and it is lovely and very like me. I shall ask my MH to take a picture of it and show it to you sometime, and you know she always does what I ask her.

It is a lovely evening now, so I am having my after-dinner snooze and then I shall hit the bright lights of my little island and party until well into the morning! It was after three o'clock when I got home this morning and I am beginning to like being out nearly all night.

There is so much to do and so many animals to talk to that I am kept busy until my bed time, which I must admit is getting later and later, but I am very happy.

I am also quite cheeky and this is what I did last night when I saw my MH trying to play on her computer. And guess who won?

Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic Puss

Boy, was I tired last night after a full day of sports.I was involved in football---(ladies and men), beach volleyball, horse riding, swimming and tennis. So you can see why I was a wee bit jiggered! Now, when I say 'involved', I was watching it on my television. I wasn't actually doing anything, but it is tiring just the same---especially when it is in 3D. I really felt as though I was right there.

That would have been something, wouldn't it? I wonder if I would have been in the papers and on the telly like the lady who gate-crashed the parade? The pussy cat who gatecrashed ALL the Olympic sports! I am sure Lord Coe would have given me my own very special medal which I could hang up in my wee hoose!

Back to reality, Squeak! Oh I do get carried away. Sometimes my MH says I should be carried away, but I know she is only joking. I slept a lot on my couch yesterday night and it was very late before I went out hunting, but I enjoyed it as usual 'cos I was telling all my little animal friends what I had been doing and they were very interested 'cos they didn't know what the Olympics were, and I was able to educate them.

Today has been good too and me and my MH just did our normal things like work in the gym and give water to my lady cow friends and then play in my garden, so, although I have been a wee bit tired, I have still been very busy, but sometimes, I need a wee seat and that's what I was doing when my MH took this picture.

I am not supposed to be up on the table, but when my humans are using it, they take the table cover off, so I didn't do too much damage, although I have not to go back up, says The Boss.

But, we'll see, says me!

Sunday, 29 July 2012


I guarantee that's what you have just said. Don't I look adorable?

I am a very well pussy cat today and have been in and out my window lots and lots of times today. My humans sometimes keep the door open for me, but there are lots of bad flies and bluebottles comimg into my house, so we had to shut the door.I spent quite a lot of time throwing myself at the window trying to catch them and I think my MH was thinking I might go right through it one of these times!

We watched the Olympics again last night and my MH told her friend that her wee legs were tired 'cos she had been cycling, swimming, playing football and tennis, so she was having a rest today! Hee hee.

Mind you, she wasn't too tired to take out the lawn mower today, but my grass looks lovely again and I like rolling in it when it is nice and short. I also like rolling in the dust and I did that when we went down to give the cows a drink.I found a really dusty bit of path and I rolled and rolled until I was nearly black and brown instead of black and white. My MH said she could put me in the cows' bath, but I disappeared very quickly just in case she was serious! As I told you before, I am not one for taking chances!

I am resting now and watching Andy Murray playing tennis and then I shall go a hunting again and see what id happening in the animal world.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lazy Day

We are all a bit tired today 'cos we stayed up late to watch the Olympics and we all enjoyed it, but I didn't get my wee 3D glasses on, so it was a bit blurred for me and I ended up having a snooze on my MH's knee.

My DH is doing something with a chicken and his wok tonight, so there may be something for me. I hope so.

My MH didn't go into the gym today 'cos her wee legs are tired, but we did walk down the path to give all the cows a drink and I had good fun playing in the long grass which I always like. The nice farmer from next door came to see us when we were doing that and we all had a chat, then me and my MH wandered home again and sat on the couch for a while.

The grass is too wet to be cut, but my humans think it might be Ok tomorrow, but they don't know that I have been doing my rain dance when they are not looking! Hee hee. I only want enough rain to keep the lawn mower in the shed!

I don't know what I will do tonight. It will depend on how I feel and what the weather is doing, but I might just have a night at home watching my television.

I shall tell you tomorrow.

Friday, 27 July 2012

More of the same

It has been an all girls day Chez Squeak 'cos my DH was away to the Cat Protection shop so I had to look after the Boss, and I do that SO well!

We started the day off very easily as I sat on her knee and we had a wee chat about what we might do with the rest of our day. I decided I would explore outside first and that's when I got a great big surprise 'cos when I went to sleep last night, there were only three lady cows in my field, but this morning there are lots and lots of cows!

The bully-boy is back and there are even some baby cows too. Not straight-out-of-their-mummy's-tummy baby cows, but about the same age as me so maybe we can have lots of fun. I watched them doing races, and I reckon I could beat them easy peasy!

My MH went away down to the pier to collect our messages and I had a snooze in my garden till she came back and then I took her into the gym and made sure she did all her exercises and then we played in the garden, so you can see that we have been quite a busy pair.

I will have a chat to my DH when he comes home and then I will go out to play 'cos my humans are going to be watching the Olympics on my television and I don't think it is very exciting for pussy cats but maybe me and the mouses and the baby cows could have our own animal games!

I shall ask them and see what they think.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Squeak's Harvest

Another cracking day for yours truly and my staff! Hee hee. I am in such a good mood today 'cos I have been having lots of fun and I am very happy.

I had a slight change of routine last night 'cos usually I sleep on my MH's knee after dinner and then I go out later on, but last night was so warm and sunny that I decided to go out straight after my feed and I stayed out for hours and hours. In fact I got in just before my MH went to bed.

My DH had been out visiting so when he came home, I let him give me a wee biscuit and then I went away out again until the wee sma' hours. I have never stayed out ALL night 'cos I like cuddling up beside my MH, but maybe I will one night just to see what it is like!

Today, we have been outside doing weeding and cleaning more windows and it has been good fun. The nice farmer next door was shifting more cows today, so I was able to watch them as they went past my gate and then me and my MH went down to put some water in the bath for the lady cows, and the farmer told me that they are still ladies-in-waiting, so there will be some wee baby cows for me to play with soon. I am so excited 'cos I just LOVE the baby cows.

I then went into the greenhouse with my DH and we had our first harvest to take to the Boss and she was very happy. I thought my baby tomato and the strawberry looked beautiful, and I was just looking for some place to display them to all my visitors, when my DH got out his knife, cut them in half and he and my MH ATE them!! Well, I ask you! I was not best pleased. After all my hard work, watering them and talking to them, they go at EAT them. Oh dear. :(( I think I might hide the rest of my tomatoes----but the humans can have the strawberries. Hee hee.

Still, even that wee upset can't spoil my mood and I am so looking forward to going out hunting tonight. Oh I am such a lucky puss. I hope you are feeling happy and lucky too.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Nothing Special

That's what today has been. Good, but nothing special. This morning wasn't great weather wise 'cos it was a bit damp and there was a wee wind, so it wasn't as good as yesterday and I didn't want to go out a lot.

My humans were away for a wee while, so I just lay on one of my many resting places and had a cat nap to build up my strength for whatever the afternoon might bring.

And how right I was. The sun came back and when my MH came home, (maybe she brought it with her?) she did her washing and we both went out into the garden to hang it on the rope, and that was a signal for my pole dancing routine. I think my humans could sell tickets to our neighbours to come and see me! Oops, am I being modest again? Hee hee :))

Then we had to wander down to the cows to see if they needed a drink, but they were Ok today. I found my bucket again and had a much closer look this time. Now. I know this isn't my best view, but my MH though you might like to see a funny picture of yours truly! Oh and by the way, the bucket was empty!

We just got back into my garden when there were lots of cows coming right past my gate 'cos the farmer was moving them to another field. Me and my MH stood at the gate and watched them and I protected my MH from behind her back.

I know I am very brave, but I am clever enough not to take chances!!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I have had a soo-perb day! It has been the magicest day for a long, long time.

I wakened up about five o'clock and the sun was already shining at me, so I gently wakened my MH and told her I was a wee bit hungry and that I wanted to go out to play, so she gave me some wee biscuits and opened the window for me and I was OFF!

I ran straight into the long grass and just lay in the sunshine doing a lot of thinking and liking and I was a very happy wee pussy cat.

My humans came out to play a while later and they even had their breakfast outside and we all sat in my garden for a long time 'cos it was so beautiful. I'm glad my MH cut my grass yesterday 'cos we all got peace today. Even the vacuum cleaner was only out for a short time and it didn't annoy me at all.

I let my MH go into the gym all by herself today and then when she came out, I helped her to do some weeding and I chased the weeds as she threw them into a bucket, but I never caught any. Well, I wasn't really trying, but I have to keep the old dear amused!

We went down to give my lady cow friends some water and I had a brilliant game of hide and seek and I nearly disappeared in all the long grass so that my MH couldn't find me. I lay so still until I saw something twitching behind me, so I sprang into action to try and catch it. And guess what it was? YES! It was me! It was my wagger I was chasing and I went round and round and round until I was dizzy and my adorable little eyes were spinning in my adorable little head.I had to lie down for a while to recover!

We went back to my house and my humans came and sat on the bench to read their books, so I just curled up on my MH's knee and had a big relax.

Oh it was a good day, and I am so looking forward to night time 'cos I intend staying out as long as possible tonight and goodness knows what I will find, but you know I will tell you all about it.

I hope your day has been a good one too.

Monday, 23 July 2012

I'm Worried...

.... about my MH! I think the woman is obsessed by machinery! Why do I think this?

Well, today we all got up early and we were having a nice wee blether with me sitting very comfortably on her knee and I was just about to doze off into my mouse dreaming state, when she decided it was time for the vacuum cleaner, so our peace was well and truly disturbed and me and my DH disappeared---very quickly--into our greenhouse!

All the bits and pieces in my house got cleaned and then it was time for the gym---another couple of machines!---and she did her walking and cycling and I played about on the grass and then sat on the chair and watched her.

We had a wee seat on my couch when she was finished and I was just about to think that normality had returned when I heard the dreaded words 'lawn mower' and away we were again with the awfulest machine of them all and she cut all my grass.

I watched from the sidelines as she decapitated all the little daisies and every now and then I chased a butterfly or a fly or a bit of grass or anything that moved really and I enjoyed myself, but then when all the mowing was done, my MH played with me and it felt good on all the new cut grass, so I won't complain too much, but my MH DOES like her machines!

I will rest now 'cos I am going out hunting later on and I know for certain that where I am going, there will be NO machines.

I simply will NOT allow it. :)))

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Clever Me

I was watching my television last night and Sean, my little weather man friend said it was going to be wet and windy on my island on Sunday, so when I wakened early and it wasn't raining, I decided I would go out hunting early.

That turned out to be a VERY good idea. I jumped gently onto my MH's face and purred beautifully in her lug until she finally wakened up and gave me something to eat. Then I jumped up onto the window sill and she opened the window for me and I was OFF!

Mind you, she was off as well, but it was back to bed. Well it was only half past six and my MH doesn't DO half past six in the morning unless I am very persuasive. Hee hee :))

So, out I went and explored all my usual places and said hello to all my little and big friends and just generally enjoyed being outside and I stayed out for a long long time and when I got home, both my humans were up and my MH was making a lemon cake and my kitchen smelled lovely. I might get a wee bit of it later 'cos I like it.

I just got in on time 'cos my little weather man friend was right and the rain came on quite heavy, so I was able to cuddle up on my MH's lap and have my snooze as we both listened to the rain. I liked that.

I will go out again tonight if the rain goes off, but right now, I am just a very happy puss lazing around and not doing very much at all.

I hope you are having a good day too.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

It's the weekend..

... and we are all being lazy, and I like that. Although my humans don't go to work 'cos they are way too old, we still have the weekend off from house work and stuff like that and sometimes my DH does the cooking 'cos he likes playing with his wok, and that's what we are doing this weekend. He is doing something with a chicken so maybe there will be a bit for yours truly.

We all had a long lie and then a wee wander round the garden---or the estate, as my MH calls it!--- just to see what the world was doing. As usual, I did my running round and round in a circle routine, and then up the clothes pole and that gets me very fit.

It is quite a nice day but it is a bit windy, so my MH decided not to cut the grass today. The weather man says we will have rain tomorrow so I may not have to suffer the lawn mower for a few days yet, which is just fine by me. I do so not like that lawn mower!

We put some food out for the birdies and as soon as we were back in the house, this great big seagull appeared for his dinner. I stayed well out of his way in case he carried me off, but I watched him while he was eating and he looked very happy.

My MH went down to the graveyard again and then we went into the gym and I chased daisies and butterflies and pretended I was a big fierce hunter, but I think I don't look fierce enough, especially when I wriggle my adorable little bottom before I spring into action. This always sends my MH into a fit of the giggles and I think she doesn't take me seriously as a hunter, so I think I might have to be adorable OR a hunter---maybe not both. Maybe I need to leave amy adorableness at home when I go hunting. Would that be possible?

Oh dear, decisions, decisions. What do you think?

Friday, 20 July 2012

I've had a good day...

....and I've learned a new trick that made my humans laugh and shake their heads.

I was out early this morning and had a wander through the fields and long grass and looked for mouses and insects and things before I went home for my wee snooze while my humans were getting themselves organised.

It is a good day and we were all outside again having lots of fun. My MH and me washed all the windows in my house and then we washed all the windows in the gym, so everything is sparkling now and my MH can see the sea when her little legs are doing all their hard work.

I ran round and round my garden when she was doing all this and I got plenty of exercise without going on a treadmill or a bike! Then I had to have a rest in the shade and I lay down just outside my door so that I could hear everything that was going on. And. When I am lying there, the pesky swallows don't dive bomb me like they do when I am lying on my grass. Oh they do annoy me and I may have to have my revenge!

Now for my new trick. You know I told you that when I wanted out, I just hit the wind chime that hangs on my window? Well, I was hungry and my MH wasn't going to the fridge quickly enough for my liking, so I clouted the wind chime.

She was a bit perplexed 'cos the door was open at the time and she knew I could get out, but when I hit it again, she got up and as she was doing this, I scooted into the kitchen and stood at my dinner dish.

And that's when it dawned on my humans what I wanted and they laughed.

Oh yes, I am a VERY resourceful pussy cat. Adorable AND resourceful! Can my talents get any better, I wonder?

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Normality Rules

Yes, all is well---and normal!---chez Squeak. I have had a good day and I have not had any silly ideas to worry me. Oh how my MH laughed when I told her what I thought I had heard yesterday. She told me I was a silly billy and then she told me she loved me, and I purred so loud my DH had to turn up his radio! Hee hee :))

We have just all done our normal things today---me and my DH in the greenhouse and me and my MH in the gym and then in the garden for a wee while. And then of course we had to give the lady cows a wee drink and that is my cue to explore and enjoy myself in the long grass. And I can do that quite easily for a long, long time.

My DH said his eye is much better now and that I look even MORE adorable that before he got it fixed, but I think that is a wee joke, although I am not arguing with him!

Last night I lay on my MH's knee for a long time and I purred and snored and had wonderful dreams and this time I didn't eavesdrop. I just sleeped, and it was good. Then I went out hunting until it got very late and even my DH had gone to bed by the time I sneaked in my window, had a wee biscuit and curled up on my MH's feets and we both snored until the morning came and wakened us.

And then another day for Squeak began. Oh yes, I have a very good life and I hope you have a good life too.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

More Worry

I really should stop eavesdropping when my humans are talking 'cos I hear things that I think I understand, but I sometimes get them wrong and I get worried and that's what happened to me last night and I have been worried all day.

There I was---sitting on my MH's knee with my adorable little lugs waggling as the humans were chatting and I heard something about a cat-a-rack and I decided it was something for me and I didn't think it sounded very good, so I have spent the day all alone worrying about what they were bringing back for me.

I tried to take my mind off it by going and having a chat with the lady cows and although I enjoyed myself a wee bit, it was still there nagging away at the back of my head, and I tried to think of anything bad I might have done that I would need put on a rack, but of course, I couldn't.

Well, my humans finally arrived back and I searched all the bags but couldn't find anything that I didn't like, so I began to realx a wee bit. Then I sat on my MH's knee and when she was telling me all about her day, and what they had been doing, I did feel silly and I had a wee giggle to myself 'cos it was my DH getting a cat-a something operation to his eye!

Oh, dear, oh dear, oh dear! :))

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Please, can I have some more?

My MH said that's what this picture looks like, but that's not my feeding dish. That belongs to the nice farmer next door and I was just playing with it.

We've had a good day today although there has been some rain, but we were still outside playing and my MH was in her gym as usual while me and my DH went to speak to our tomatoes and give them a wee drink.

She was on her Wii too, and I got weighed again and my little Wii Mii said I am still perfect, so that made me really happy. We all have a Wii Mii and my DH's looks VERY like him with his glasses and his beard, but mine doesn't look as adorable as I really am. My MH's looks quite good but it's got long legs and my MH doesn't. Shame, hee hee :)))

Remember I said I was going to stay out late last night? Well, I didn't come home until half past two in the morning, but my DH left the window open for me, so I just nipped in, had a wee biscuit and then snuggled up beside my MH for a well earned snooze.

I am not sure what I will do tonight as it will depend on the weather, but my humans have told me to be home early as they have to catch the boat at half past eight tomorrow morning and will need to be up early, so they will need a good sleep tonight.

But we'll see! :)

Monday, 16 July 2012

Oh goody!

I have had a brilliant day, and it's not even dinner time yet!

The sun is shining so we have all been outside and I just love when my humans come out to play with me. But before we did that, my MH decided to clean out a wee unit in the study and this unit has a lot of trays in it that were getting full of a lot of rubbish, so the Boss decided that it was clear out day and her and my DH emptied all the trays and put them on the floor.

SO! As I was having an explore at what they were doing, I sat in one of the trays and my DH said that it was the in-tray, and my MH said that if I didn't stop being a little monkey, it would be the OUT-tray! So maybe I should behave for a minute or two!

After they had cleared out all the stuff they didn't need, we all went outside and my MH cut the grass while me and my DH went into our greenhouse, and then he went round the garden with the strimmer while I chased flies and butterflies and rolled on the ground. I like doing that.

Then when that was all done, me and my MH went down to give my lady cow friends some water and I played in the long grass while the bath filled up and my MH took this picture of me. I think I look lovely smelling this flower.

I will soon be having my dinner and then I shall be straight out again and I think I will be out for most of the night as there is so much for me to do when the weather is good. I shall tell you all about it tomorrow.

Now, a wee question for you. What tray do you think I should be in?

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Nothing much to report

Today has been a very quiet day Chez Squeak with me and my humans taking it easy and not doing very much at all.

I have been out sniffing and listening quite a lot and of course, I had to take my MH into the gym, but we didn't stay there for too long 'cos her wee legs were tired.

My MH's friend came over in the afternoon to see us and we all had a chat, and that's really all I have to tell you, but I will probably have lots more for you tomorrow, 'cos I am going out late tonight and I am going to stay out for a long time.

There are some new cows in the field beside my house, so I need to go and have a chat with them and set out the ground rules in case the other ladies haven't told them what they can and can't do.

I am sure they will be very receptive, as I can be VERY persuasive!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

A Good Day

I have been busy today working outside with my humans and we have all liked it. My humans were at a birthday party last night and I was foiled as they came home.

Normally when they go out, I nip outside and play a while and then, when I hear them coming, nip in the window and run to meet them in my kitchen. I gave a wee stretch and they think that I have been sleeping all the time just waiting for them to come home.

Well, I did this last night, but the smells and noises were so interesting that I wandered a bit further away than usual and so when I saw the car coming back, I didn't make it to my house in time, and the headlights caught me out and my MH saw me, so I just waited at the door to meet them. So I think they have figured out that all is not as it would seem!

Today we have all been out doing some weeding and I took my MH into the greenhouse and me and my DH showed her all our tomatoes which are beginning to grow now. After she had done her exercises in the gym, she decided to wash Henry Hippo who is too big to go in the tumble drier so he had to sit outside to get dried properly.

My MH put him on a wee stool, but then she noticed that he was lying on the ground and she picked him up. A couple of minutes later, he was on the ground again and this puzzled my humans 'cos there isn't any wind, but just as my DH was coming round the corner, he saw me knock Henry off the stool. Ooops!

I was just a wee bit naughty. Naughty but STILL adorable!!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Cheeky Birdie

A great big seagull laughed at me today! It gave me a bit of a fright at first but then I giggled too.

My MY and me were in the garden playing after we had been in the gym and we were running across the grass and watching the birdies and the butterflies, and then 'cos I was so full of energy, I ran right up one of my clothes poles and sat there for a while looking down at my MH who had to reach up to tickle me.

I came down again and was just running up the second clothes pole when there was this strange noise and then I saw the big seagull flying above me but not as high above me as usual 'cos I was up the pole. See?

Well, then it started to make the noise again and my MH said it sounded as though the seagull was laughing and that's just what it was like.

Maybe it has never seen a pussy cat so high up. I could maybe become very famous in the seagull world and they will fly from all over the world to see me. AH! Not a good idea, 'cos they tend to leave some 'stuff' on my windows and on my car, so maybe I don't want to get too famous.

Well, at least not with the seagulls.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

So quiet

Well. I wakened up early, gulped down my breakfast and rushed out to see all my friends outside my garden and there they were----all gone! Not a cow, not a calf and not the daddy bull to be seen anywhere. I even looked inside the farmer's big shed just in case they were playing hide and seek with me, but no, they were gone.

Oh dear, I was a bit sad 'cos I thought I might be lonely, but then I saw some of the cows in a field not too far away, so I can still go and see them if I want. They need to go to another place 'cos they have eated all the grass round about my house which makes my DH happy, but he is not so happy with what they have left instead! Hee hee. We need some rain to wash it all away again, but meantime I have to watch where I put my adorable little paws!

I have had quite a lazy day but I did go into our greenhouse and then into the gym for a while with my humans and I was just sitting on my kitchen window sill watching the world go by, when I saw three great big doggies outside my gate! Boy was I glad I was inside 'cos I would have chased them all away if I had been in my garden. Two of the doggies live at the farm next door and the other one was a visitor and she was a Dalmatian and she had her raincoat on. I thought it looked quite funny, but I was polite and didn't let her see me smiling.

I am resting now as per my schedule and then I shall attack my neighbourhood after my snooze on my MH's knee while she watches Emmerdale. This has become my routine and it is suiting us all quite nicely, thank you.

I hope you have a happy routine

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Just a normal day

I have just been an 'ordinary' pussy cat today. Still adorable, but not a monster and I haven't been mountaineering on my wardrobes. I have been good.

My humans were out for a while today. My DH was at the Cat Protection shop all day but my MH was home just after lunchtime and then we did some work in my kitchen. She made stovies for their dinner and that means that I can get a wee bit of mince and I like that. It makes me strong. I wonder if I will get muscles?

Then my MH decided to bake some things like wee fairy buns and a fruit loaf so I went outside and sat on my gate post to watch the world go by.

I like sitting there especially when the big bully boy is around 'cos if he comes near me, I can run into my house very quickly and I don't think he can catch me there---I hope! He is quite a pleasant daddy bull and he doesn't bother me at all and he even smiles at me sometimes---or maybe he's got wind!! Hee hee :))

When my DH came home he told us all about his day and I told him what I had been doing and he gave me a cuddle and I liked that. He liked all the baking that we had done and said that I was a very clever puss.

And who would disagree with that?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Spot the Cat

No, I haven't got a new name. It's a game we can play together. I will hide and you can see if you can find me. Good idea, eh?

This was my spot of revenge today and I shall explain why. I had gone out to play this morning and my MH decided to change the duvet covers and she didn't tell me! Now you know that duvet cover changing is my VERY favourite game and I nearly missed it. I did mention this to her, and I was told that I had worked so hard yesterday helping with all the dusting, that maybe I needed a wee rest! I think that was a great big fib!

However, I only missed half the game so I wasn't too upset, but just to get a wee bit of revenge, I climbed up on top of the television when they weren't looking and then up on top of the wardrobes and there I sat very, very still and my humans couldn't find me.

They looked down under the beds. They looked into the wardrobes but they didn't look up, so they didn't see me. After a wee while, I got so excited that I moved and that's when they saw me and we all giggled and I posed for this picture before I jumped down onto the bed and inside the duvet cover!

Oh I am a rascal. An adorable, monster rascal!

Monday, 9 July 2012

It's Official...

I am a monster! Beautiful and adorable, but a monster. So how is it official, I hear you ask?

Well. My MH had to go away out early this morning for a couple of hours, so I had a snooze after my breakfast while I was waiting for her to come home, and then she decided to hoover and dust my living room, and, being a very wonderful pussy cat, I decided to help her.

She pushed the duster one way, and I pulled it the other way and we had great fun. I heard her telling my DH that I was a great help although she might have been finished in half the time if I HADN'T helped----but that it was great fun just the same. Oh, and she said I was a monster, but we all think I am a lovely monster and I'm sure you will agree.

After that she decided to cut my grass and I just watched this time 'cos I am still not best friends with the lawn mower, and I must admit she did get it all done rather quickly, so maybe she is right, after all?

It will soon be time to have my evening sleep on her knee which we both love 'cos I look simply adorable when I am sleeping.

Yes. An adorable monster. I think I like that.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Still Thinking

I am determined to get up on the roof of my house and I WILL do it one of these days! I will just need to make sure that my humans are within yowling distance 'cosI have a feeling that if I get up there, I might not know how to get down again, but watch this space!

It is a wet miserable day today 'so we are all staying inside and we are watching the tennis which my MH likes and I like it too 'cos I get to sit on her knee for a long time and you all know that I like that a lot. She is hoping that Andy wins but as long as my tummy gets tickled, I don't really mind who wins.

Me and my DH were in the greenhouse and he is a happy chappy today 'cos our tomatoes are beginning to appear so we will soon be able to give some to the Boss and that makes her happy which makes life an awful lot easier for us all!! Hee hee :))

Saturday, 7 July 2012


....oft they went on the boat last night to go for a meal in the Italian restaurant leaving yours truly all alone, but I had plenty of food and water so I was fine.

It was a good night so my window was left open for me and I played a lot outside until they came home and then I sat on my MH's knee and got lots of cuddles. They had had a lovely night with good food and they even brought me some of my favourite food as well so I can't complain.

My MH had taped the tennis when she went away 'cos she likes Andy Murray so they settled down to watch that when they came home which meant it was very late when they went to bed and that gave me lots of time to go back outside beofre we all settled down for the night and I cuddled up beside my MH and we snored all night.

We spent a lot of time in my garden this morning watching the cows and I saw this one getting its dinner!

I think it was a good dinner 'cos the baby cow was making a lot of noise! After that, I jumped up on my little wall and just watched for a while before I took my MH into her wee gym to do her exercises after all the food she ate last night. Hee hee :))

We are going to watch the ladies playing tennis now, and then we will watch Andy Murray tomorrow and I hope he wins.

That would make me and my MH happy.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Sunny,sunny, sunny

The sun has finally come back to me and I am loving it. It is warm and lovely and I have spent a lot of today just lying and rolling on my path watching the cows outside my gate. Beautiful!

I had another long snooze last night on my favourite chair before I headed over to my MH's knee and this is me 'resting'.

Then I went out until it was very late and I hunted for mouses and had a chat to all the baby cows and that made us all very happy.

My MH had to go out very early this morning but just for a wee while, so when she came home, she needed a wee rest and lay down on our bed. I cuddled up beside her and had a snooze too and when she wakened up she asked me if I had been sleeping, but I told her I had been watching in case anybody tried to steal her! And she believed me!! Aww, bless. Mind you, I do worry about her sometime.

My humans are going into Kirkwall tonight to the Italian restaurant, so I am not sure what I will do until they come back. My window will be left open for me, so I can get out if I want to.

I shall tell you tomorrow.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

What a Day!

I have had a super time today and I have been so busy. I shall need to have a long rest tonight before I go hunting after my dinner.

I was up bright and early this morning 'cos I had had a long sleep on my MH's knee while she was watching Andy Murray win at tennis and then we watched Midsummer Murders. I am sure glad I don't live there 'cos I might get made dead and I don't think I would like that at all. I'm glad I live on my little island.

It hasn't been too bad a day and it has been warm although the mist is still here and we can't see much at all. It's just as well we all know where we are, isn't it?

My MH decided to change the sheets again and that was the signal for hide-and-seek-with-Squeak time and I dived onto the bed before you could even blink. My MH played the game with me and she put the clothes on the bed with me underneath and when my DH came in they did the 'where's Squeak?' bit, and I lay oh so still. I had warned my little wagger not to move and they nearly didn't find me, except that my little lugs were listening and they moved!! And my humans found me and we all giggled 'cos it was quite funny. I just love that game.

I checked out the geeenhouse with my DH and then went into the gym with my MH and lay on the chair while she worked hard and then we did some baking. My MH said she would make some pancakes for my DH to take into the Cat Protection shop tomorrow for their elevenses, and as usual, I got a baby pancake all to myself. I did try to explain that I am a growed-up pussy cat now, so I should get a growed-up size pancake, but I was unsuccessful. Maybe next time?

The nice farmer next door has taken all the mummy cows and their babies to another field so we didn't need to water them and it is very quite outside my door now, but maybe they will come back again soon. I hope so 'cos I like talking to them.

So it is nearly dinner time now, then snoozing time and then out to play time again. I wonder what tonight will bring me?

I hope you have a good night whatever you are doing.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Olympic Pussycat

My MH said it was a great pity that there wasn't an Olympics for pussy cats 'cos I would be bound to win. Naturally!!

It is still very misty on my little island but I can see a wee bit better and I know that the cows are still in my field, so me and my MH went down to give them some water and when she was doing that, I went away exploring and I didn't see her going back to my house. So, when she got to my gate, she called for me and that's when I did my olympic 'thing'.

I raced through the long grass as fast as my adorable little legs would take me and without breaking my stride, I jumped straight through my fence and into my garden and that made my MH laugh 'cos she said it looked as though I was diving through the fence! When I got home, my MH had to dry my little tummy 'cos it had got wet off the long grass, but I am nice and clean now.

My friend A. came in to see me this afternoon and to give my MH another lesson on her little ukulele and I just lay on the back of my couch and listened. My MH can play her guitars and she is getting quite good now on her wee ukulele.

But don't tell her I told you! I get a wee bit jealous when she takes her guitars out 'cos then there is no room on her knee for me, but then I always get one of her special cuddles when she is finished so I s'pose I shouldn't complain.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Centre of the Universe

That's what I have been today. The centre of my MH's universe and I have loved it. I was definitely born to be the centre of attraction and I thrive on it. Mind you, our universe hasn't been very big today 'cos the mist has come back and we are in our marshmallow again. I can see wee bits of my garden, but Stromness has disappeared.

I had a good night last night 'cos I had a long snooze on one of my chairs and then my humans were watching Andre Rieu and I like him, so I sat on my MH's knee and watched it with them and there was a wee boy only three years old playing his violin and I am sure it made my MH cry a wee bit. Aaww!

I did get out to play for a short time today but it has been a bit damp so I didn't stay out too long and when I came in my humans were watching the tennis and Andy Murray was on, so we all watched that. My humans support him 'cos he is Scottish and so are they, but I am Orcadian! I wonder if I purr with an Orcadian accent?

I don't know what I will be doing tonight as it all depends on the weather, but I am sure I will be outside at some point. I have been staying out later and later and I have even been coming home after my DH has gone to his wee bed, which means it is VERY late!!

Thank goodness they leave the window open for me 'cos I do like to snuggle up to my MH on 'our' bed!

Ah, yes. My little universe is simply wonderful. I hope yours is too.

Monday, 2 July 2012

No news

I have been on my own today 'cos my humans have been away to Stromness with nearly everybody else from my little island, so it was only a couple of humans and all us animals left!

I played outside for a while and then I slept a lot until my humans came home and then I sat on my MH's knee and she told me what she had been doing. I think everybody had a good time, but I was happy to see them home again.

I don't mind being on my own, but I prefer when my humans are here and I get their undivided attention which I will have tomorrow.

I shall make sure of that! So there will be lots more news for you then.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Picture the Scene

There was I, sound asleep on my MH's feets, dreaming of mouses and I was just about to catch one, when I heard a funny tapping noise.

I wakened up, and there it was again ---tap,tap, tap. I jumped off my bed and went into the spare bedroom and there sitting on the outside window sill was a ginormous seagull tapping at my window!

I don't know if he wanted me to go out and play or if he wanted my MH to feed him, but I crept into the room and growled at him from the floor. I didn't want to jump up onto the window sill in the bedroom 'cos I wasn't quite sure what the big seagull would do, so I just growled at him and swished my adorable little tail and he flew away.

I went back to bed and told my MH that she was safe again and we both had another wee snooze.