Friday, 31 August 2012

More Resting

Yes. That's what I have been doing although I was up and out playing VERY early this morning. My MH had to go away out really, really early and so I had my breakfast before seven 'clock and I was outside before some of the birdies were awake. My, they did get a shock when they saw me!

I had good fun and then I went inside just as my DH was getting up, so I pretended that I was very hungry and he gave me some more food. Hee hee. When he told my MH when she came home, she scolded me and said I would end up with a very fat tummy, or puggy, as we say in Orkney, but I am sure I won't, 'cos I do so much running and playing.

My MH came home and did some more housework, but not what we had done yesterday 'cos that is still perfect, and then 'cos she was a wee bit tired, she lay down on her bed and I helped her to have a good sleep by cuddling in beside her and she liked that.

My humans don't like early mornings and avoid them if they can. My MH used to be a teacher and had to get up very early for lots of years, but now she is old and retired, she doesn't, and she likes that. I still manage to get her up early if I am in desperate need of a feed or a play or just a cuddle, but 'cos she loves me, she doesn't mind and then sometimes, when I come in from outside, we snuggle up together and make purring and snoring noises.

I will leave you to work out who makes which noise!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

What a day!

As I told you yesterday, my MH was going swimming today and yes, she did leave me and my DH a BIG list of things to do, but we got them all done and she was pleased with us.

Before we started all her work, we had to do our own work and so we headed into the greenhouse where we picked a couple of wee baby tomatoes. My DH isn't very happy with his tomatoes this year 'cos they haven't gone very red yet, but mine have been just perfect which, I know, will not surprise you at all. I think he might have to learn to purr to them like I do.

After that, we cleaned all my living room and then washed my kitchen floor which took us quite a lot of time 'cos it was a wee but mucky.

I went out to play after that, but I was quite tired after all my housework, so I just went home again and waited for my MH to come back and when she did, she gave me an extra big cuddle and told me and my DH that we had done well, so I left them chatting and I went away into my wee hoose, for a well-earned rest.

The weather is quite good tonight, so if I am not too tired, I will go out and do some hunting later on and I will tell all my little animal friends how busy I have been today. I am sure they will be amazed at how hard I have worked.

I suppose you are quite amazed too?

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Here is a wee song for you

It's raining, it's pouring, this pussy cat is snoring.

Did you like that? I am sure you did. I have been a bit bored today 'cos it has been wet, and I decided to sing a wee song to my MH and she liked it so I thought I would share it with you too.

I have been sitting on my window sill ready to dive outside as soon as the rain goes off and I did manage to play for a while before it came back on again. Oh dear, I wish my little weather man friend, Sean would send me some good weather for a long time.

It was very windy last night when my MH was in the kitchen making our dinner and she heard a dreadful noise and it was a slate coming off my roof, so when the weather is better, my DH will need to climb up on top of my roof and put it back again and if I am feeling very brave, then I shall probably climb up with him.

My MH is starting her swimming again tomorrow now that all the children are back at school 'cos there is more room in the pool, so I shall be left in charge of my house and my DH, but no doubt the Boss will leave us plenty of work to do.

If it is wet, I might just make up more songs to sing and I will share them with you if you like. My MH sings a lot and she plays her guitars and her ukelele, so maybe I can join in with her sometime and we can be a choir.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

All Better

My MH is all better again 'cos she went to see the lady tooth doctor and she filled the hole in her tooth, so it is not hurting any more and my MH is happy again. And you all know what happens when my MH is happy? Yep! We are ALL happy!!

I was left in charge of my DH and I helped him in our greenhouse but we didn't do very much more 'cos the wind was blowing a lot and it wasn't very good outside, so I spent most of the day lying on my couch and dreaming of chasing and hunting, so I suppose that is nearly as good. Isn't it?

Today's picture was taken when I was outside on Sunday with my MH and our friend S. and I had to get into the shade under our bird bath, so I am afraid the little birdies didn't get a bath that day. I hope they weren't too smelly! Hee hee :))

I am going to settle down on my MH's knee now 'cos I missed her cuddles today and I know she would have missed me too. I don't think I will be going out tonight 'cos it is still raining and the wind is still blowing a bit too much for me, but if it goes away, then I might go wandering and terrorising.

I do both so beautifully!

Monday, 27 August 2012

I was only trying to help....

.... but it went a wee bit wrong. Oh dear! I shall explain, so are you sitting comfortably?

Well. My MH wakened up this morning with a sore toothache. She thinks she has broken one of her teeth and her face was a wee bit sore, but it is OK 'cos she is going to see the teeth doctor tomorrow and she will make it better.

But. I didn't like to see my MH having something sore, so I snuggled up beside her and decided to give her cheek a wee pat with my adorable little head, but I think I did it a wee bit too strong. I didn't know my MH could jump that high!! Hee hee :)
It was alright though, and as usual, she forgave me.

I thought I might be able to go out and play today like I did yesterday but the weather is very bad and we have all been in the house ecxept for my DH who has spent most of the morning chasing my garden ornaments which have been blowing all around my garden. My DH told me it will soon be time to put them away in their box until next summer, so I will need to help him to do that.

Me and my MH made pancakes and some fruit buns which are my DH's favourites and I had my own special pancake again which I gobbled up before going for my afternoon siesta.

It is raining now, so I will need to wait and see what my little weather man friend, Sean, says and then I will decide if I will venture out or just curl up on my MH's knee, as long as I remember not to head-butt her on the sore tooth any more.

That, I think, would be a very good reason for Squeak soup!! Once is an accident---twice and I am definitely in the stock-pot!! :)))

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fun Time

It has been a good day today so I have been outside nearly all the time and that has made me very happy. The sun has been shining and it has been warm. In fact, at one point in the afternoon, it was nearly too hot for me.

My friend S. came to see me and she and my MH sat outside on my bench and of course, yours truly had to be there as well, but I had to shelter under our bird table 'cos I was too hot. I could still see them and hear them talking about me, but I was in the shade so it was a bit cooler.

I went with my humans to do their work. My DH went into our greenhouse and I helped him there before going into the gym with my MH to purr encouragement as her wee legs did all their exercises.

Some of the farmers on my little island are busy working to bring in the hay for the winter and when I sit up on my gate post I can watch then all working and that's what I was doing today when my MH creeped up on me with her camera.

I think I must be the most photographed puss in the en-tire world. Hee hee :))

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Deary, dear

All my warm sunny weather has gone away and I have got rain and wind today so I am not very happy as I had my day all planned out and it is not working out the way I want. As you can see from today's picture, I was doing some serious thinking on my bench outside in the sunshine yesterday and I had hoped to do more of the same, but it wasn't to be. Shame :(

I stayed out very late last night and it was just wonderful. I was so happy I didn't even do any hunting. I just lay in the grass and listened and watched and I was in seventh heaven!

Then today, I decided to stay in my house 'cos it was a bit cool for me, so I just had a wee snooze until I felt like going out. I took my MH into the gym and I helped her do all her exercises. She laughs at me when she is finished 'cos I look as though I am sleeping, but as soon as she takes her earplugs out of her ipod, I jump up and try and catch the ends as she is folding them into her wee case and I like doing that and she calls me a rascal and I like that too.

Then my friend J. came over to help my DH spread some chips on my car park, so that's all the work finished in my garden and it is looking lovely, so we are all very happy.

I hope you are happy too.

Friday, 24 August 2012

A Glorious Day

That's what it has been today. Warm and bright and sunny and just beautiful. I am happy and my humans are happy especially my MH 'cos she cut the grass yesterday and so we have been able to sit outside in the sunshine today with no work to do, and it has been just magic.

I love watching the sea when the sun is shining 'cos the water is so lovely and blue and that makes me very happy.

My MH went away down to the pier with her friend today to get all the messages for the week. I got some lovely packets of food. My DH got some can of beers 'cos he likes that and my MH got some biscuits and some chocolate, so we are all going to have a very good weekend. I got to play with the string off the box and I took it out into my garden and played with it there.

I helped my MH hang out her washing and as usual I climbed all the poles. I made her laugh at one point 'cos I decided to jump up onto one of the fence posts which isn't very high, but before I did that, I had to wind myself up for a run at it, and so I stared at the post for a long time, then wriggled my adorable little bum, and 'whoosh', I was on top of the post before you could wink, and it was then that I heard my MH laughing. I like that sound.

I think I might not sleep too much after my dinner tonight 'cos the weather is too lovely to be inside, and I will probably stay out for a long, long time.

Oh, I do love the sunshine and I hope it is shining wherever you are.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Drookit Puss

That's what I was in the early hours of this morning. Drookit and not happy.

For all my fans who might not know what I was, I shall explain. Drookit is an old Scottish word meaning soaking wet or drenched---even worse than wringing!--and I managed it.

I had a big sleep on my MH's knee last night and then as usual, I saw her off to bed and I snuggled up beside her till she went to sleep and then I was off, out of my living room window 'cos it was a fine night.

Unfortunately, the fine-ness didn't last and the rain came on, really, really heavy and I was quite a way from my house. I sat for a while in the long grass but I decided that the rain might not go off for a long time and my little tummy was telling me it was hungry and since it was raining, all the mouses were hiding from me, so I decided to be a brave puss and face the rain and off I went again towards my house.

It took me quite a wee while and by the time I jumped back in the window, my coat was dripping with rain and I knew it was too much for me to dry it all by myself, so---and you know what is coming, don't you?

My humans were both asleep,and I know it is useless going near my DH unless I have a big drum to bang in his lug and just right at that time, I didn't, so (again) I jumped up beside my MH and purred gently in her lug, but I was so wet that I dripped all over her face and oddly enough, she wakened up quite quickly!

Being a very clever MH ( she says!) she noticed my predicament immediately and went for a towel to dry me off and I liked that a lot, so I purred my thanks and before she could get back to bed, I was sound asleep!

Dry, cosy and content!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I have been doing a lot of thinking today and I have been slightly misunderstood 'cos my humans thought I had been sleeping, but I like to close my adorable little eyes when I think.

My humans are both out on a Wednesday but my MH comes back at dinner time, so I stopped thinking long enough to give her a cuddle and a wee purr 'cos I know she likes that a lot.

She was making stew for the dinner tonight and as usual, I got some raw beef which I ate up very quickly and then I went outside to tell all my friends what I had just eaten. They were very happy to hear that as I knew they would be.

My MH didn't go into the gym today so we played in my living room for a while and then my friend A. came to see me and I sat on his knee and we had a chat before I went back on to my couch to do some more thinking.

I gave my MH a fright through the night 'cos I had been outside until it was very late and when I got in, my MH was in bed asleep so I thought I would cuddle up beside her, but----! It had been raining and I was wet--VERY wet, so when I jumped up on the bed, I kind of splashed her a wee bit and she got very wet too. Oops!

For some reason, she wasn't best pleased. I wonder why?

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I know you may be tired of hearing that word, but after my photographs recently, I have had lots and lots of fan mail telling me just how wonderful I look. My modesty almost wouldn't let me tell you that, but I fought it off 'cos I know you may need something to brighten up your day.

My MH loves me, and again you all know that, and she reckons that I look my adorablest when I am asleep, but unfortunately, as soon as I hear the 'click' of her camera, I am wide awake and assuming 'the pose', so she rarely gets a really good one, but this time I was so tired I never heard my DH switching on the camera and you have seen the results! Perfection!

I have had a good day today doing all our normal things like working in the greenhouse and going into the gym, then giving the lady cows some water and having a wee chat to them. I also had wee chat to my strawberries which have been growing outside my greenhouse and they are doing quite nicely, thank you.

I helped my MH pull out some weeds from the bit of my garden where the cars stay. My DH got some new chips delivered---garden chips, not eating chips--- and we need to make sure there are no weeds left before he puts them down on the ground, so today was the turn of me and my MH to pull up the weeds and I had great fun 'cos every time she caught one, she tickled my little tummy and when she threw the weeds into her bucket, I chased them and tried to catch them before they dropped in. I caught them lots of times and this made her smile a lot.

When my humans went indoors for a rest, I went and played in the long grass and I have found a wee quiet spot where I can lie and hide and no-one can see me, but I can watch all the birdies and the mouses and I can also have a snooze in perfect safety if I want to, so that has become my very favorite spot.

After my MH's knee that is. :)

Monday, 20 August 2012

I have a question for you

When you look at today's pictures, is it any wonder that I can get away with being a rascal, a rogue and a monkey?

Just look at them. I am truly adorable and I am sure you MUST agree. A wee purr from this position and I can hear my MH's heart melt and everything that I might have done is forgiven and forgotten.

These were taken last night while I was asleep on my MH's knee and I was so tired that I went spark out and managed to get into these quite adorable positions. I had been a busy puss throughout the day and I was a wee bit jiggered, so while my humans were watching television, I nipped up on my MH's knee and had a wonderful sleep. My MH said she was watching me instead of the television, and I am sure no-one can blame her.

We have had a good day today and we have all been very busy 'cos Monday is cleaning day Chez Squeak and that means I spend the morning dodging the vacuum cleaner, but I am getting quite good at it now.

I went into my greenhouse and took my MH into her wee gym and then I helped my DH do some of his work, so I am now about to have something to eat and then I shall go out and play and do pussycat things before I come home and be adorable again.

I just can't help it really. :))

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Another Super Duper Day

We have all been out playing today 'cos the weather has been good and I love it when we are all in my garden. It is much easier for me to keep my eye on the oldies when we are all together.

My MH turned on the tap for the cows and then I took my DH down the path to turn it off again and when we got back my MH was washing the windows, so I helped her before I went with my DH into my greenhouse and had a wee chat to our tomatoes. They are growing but not getting very red, so I have had a stern word with them and I'm sure that will do the trick.

I was in and out a lot last night and I liked it when I went in for a sleep that my MH was in our bed so I could cuddle up to her and I know she liked it a lot too.

The nice farmer next door has been using his big machine to gather in all his hay and grass so I have to stay out of that field 'cos I don't want to end up in a bale of hay. That wouldn't be very good for me or for the farmer next door, so I am very careful when he is out and about with his machinery. I am a very wise pussy cat as well as adorable! Today's picture is of me looking to see that the coast is clear for me to play in the big field in front of my living room windows. And it was!

I will go out exploring tonight but I probably won't have any luck 'cos the mist is away and the mouses will see me coming, but I will play with them anyway and I am sure I will have really good fun.

I hope you have really good fun too whatever you are doing.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

They are back!

And I am very happy again. I was fine last night, but of course, I am not telling THEM that! I was perfectly all right and I even managed to entertain S. for a while when she came up to see me.

It was quite a good night weather-wise, so the window was left open for me and all that I really missed was cosying up to my MH when it was time for my little snooze, but I knew it was only for one night, so I was fine. But! I'm not telling THEM that! Oh, I could make this last for a long, long time. :))

I heard the car arriving when I was out playing and so I ran to meet them and I got a special cuddle which was very nice, but really all that I wanted was my dinner 'cos I was a wee bit hungry, but my MH soon got the message and I got fed.

After that, we all went outside and I helped my MH when she was doing all the weeding and I loved every minute of it. I ran and jumped and played and climbed lots of fence posts so I was a very busy puss, but a very happy one.

I like it best when we are all here.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Ho Hum

Well, this morning, after my DH had gone away to the Cat Protection shop, my MH took me up on her knee and told me she had something to tell me, and usually this is something I don't like. And it was, and I am not very happy at all.

My humans are going to a concert tonight in Stromness and they will not be coming home until the morning, so yours truly will be left all alone, all night, all by myself with no cuddles and nobody to purr to. Aww. Are you crying yet?

Well, don't cry too hard 'cos that last bit is not quite true 'cos my friend S. is coming up to see me for a while so that I won't be too lonely and she tickles my tummy and calls me her ickle-wickle, so I shall be perfectly OK, although I will miss cuddling up to my MH when I decide it is bedtime.

Maybe tonight could be the night when I stay out and NOT come home until my humans come back at half past ten in the morning and then I will get lots of cuddles and a big dinner. The window can be left open for me, so I can decide what I want to do.

Maybe I could have a party with some of the other island cats and maybe the baby cows and some of my wee mouse friends.

Yes. I think tonight could be a good night after all, but don't tell my humans 'cos I have to play the guilt card for as long as possible. Hee hee :))

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Another Good Day

I have had a brilliant day today even though it has been very misty, but that disappeared fairly quickly and I was able to get out and I played a lot and hunted a lot.

My humans have been outside too and I have liked playing with them. Unfortunately, the weather got so good that my MH was able to take out the lawn mower and cut all my grass, so I took off for a while and let her get on with it. It is still not my favourite machine!

I took my DH down the path to give some water to the mummy cows and the baby cows and that made us all very happy. The babies are getting big and I like talking to them. I go to see them late at night and then I nip in through my window and snuggle up beside my MH for a wee snooze.

I like all this good weather 'cos it means I can come and go as I please and I love being outside and playing with all my wee animal friends and I know they like seeing me too.

In the evening, I get to sit on my MH's knee while we are watching television and that too makes me happy. So happy, in fact, that I start to purr and I make so much noise that my MH has to turn up the television 'cos she can't hear it, but she says she would rather listen to me purring than listen to the television.

And I can fully understand that!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Caught Again

Just when I think I can do no wrong, I get caught out, and that's what happened this morning.

As you know, I love staying out late at night and being able to come and go just as I please. Well. I went out late last night after my humans were asleep and just as I nipped in the window, I heard my MH going to the toilet, so I decided I would meet her and say hello.

I met her in the kitchen and I did a wee stretch and she decided that I had been sleeping and asked me if I had had a good dream. Well, rather that admit that I was just getting in, I gave her a wee purr that she just happened to misunderstand and thought it was a 'yes' and I was happy to go along with that. Until!!

She put out some wee biscuits for me and, as usual, gave me a wee cuddle and discovered----I was wet! Not ringing wet (do you remember?) just a wee bit wet 'cos it was very misty and my adorable little body was damp, and being a very clever lady---so she keeps telling me---my MH worked out that I had been outside and had just come home! Oops!

She called me a monster, but she was smiling so I knew I had got away with it again, and when you see today's picture, you will know exactly WHY I get away with so much.

I am adorable!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Quiet Day

I was up very early this morning 'cos my humans were going away on the boat to do some shopping, so I have been left all on my own.

I had good fun though 'cos the weather was good enough to leave the window open for me so I have been in and out all day and I have a new baby cow to talk to.

I went into the field and the mummy cow said it was OK for me to see the new baby so I gave it some words of wisdom and I could tell it was very pleased to learn from yours truly. I shall go back again tonight.

My humans brought home some of my favourite food so I was very happy with them and I sat on my MH's knee for a while and told her so before heading off down the path to see what was in the big shed.

I saw some mouses and I have also seen lots of birdies today 'cos the nice farmer next door has been cutting the grass in front of my house and the birdies follow his tractor and pick up worms and things and I just love watching them and listening to them. They do make funny noises. Not nice purrs like us pussy cats!

I still haven't seen any falling stars but I shall keep watching and I shall let you know if I ever find one.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Sleepy time puss

That's what my MH has been singing to me today 'cos I am turning night into day and that's what the song says.

I slept on my MH's knee last night while she watched the Olympics ceremony and she said I was snoring, but who knows? I just know I was tired and I had a very good sleep.

When it was all finished, we went out into the garden 'cos she said there might be some falling stars to see and she said if I found one, I could keep it, but it was too cloudy which was a shame. Maybe we can look again tonight.

My MH went away to bed and so I went out hunting and I was out nearly all night, so you can see why I need my sleep today.

I was a wee bit not best pleased at all today at my humans 'cos just as I was settling down to have my snooze, my DH arrived with a machine that I had never seen before and started working with it in my living room.

Oh my dear friends---feline and otherwise---it was awful. A million times, nay, a trillion times worse that the vacuum cleaner and lawn mower put together! It was a carpet shampoo-er and what a noise it made. I did not like it AT ALL, so I took myself off to one of my many resting places until I found the quietest one and then I managed to nod off for a while.

Fortunately, said machine didn't stay out too long and I was able to take up my rightful place on my couch.

I am hoping to go out again tonight and maybe I will see the falling stars and if I do, I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Sunday, 12 August 2012


I was in and out all last night from very late at night until very early in the morning and it was so good. I love being outside hearing all the birdies chirrping at me and listening to the mouses as they scurry away from me. They don't know I am a good pussy cat and that I wouldn't hurt them----but I'm not going to tell them!

The window was left open for me so I could come and go as I pleased and at one point I came home and both my humans were in bed, so I checked they were OK and then nipped out again. Wonderful!

We had a family discussion the other day about a cat flap on my door instead of leaving the window open, but my DH decided against it and I shall tell you why. My house is one of the highest on my little island and wherever the wind is coming from, it comes past us and my humans thought that if we had a cat flap the wind could come into my house and blow everything about. It might even blow my MH off her Wii machine when she is doing her exercises---and that would not be good at all.:))

Between you and me, dear blogger, I am quite happy not to have a me-flap, 'cos when it is wind-ing and raining, I don't really want to go out, so when the window is shut, I have a good excuse to stay in and cuddle up on my couch so I am in total agreement with the decision.

I am going to sit on my MH's knee tonight and watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics and I am looking forward to it, then I shall probably head off into the wilderness that is my back yard and hunt and sniff and purr and do things that an adorable pussy cat does.

I hope you are doing things that you like doing.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

A very quiet day

I think I have tired my dear little self out with all these Olympic sports that I have been doing, so I have decided to have a restful weekend.

I went out for a while last night and sniffed around all my favourite corners and then I went home early and cuddled up for a snooze.

My humans have been doing little bits of work today but nothing for me to concern myself about, so I just had a gentle wander around my garden and then I had another snooze.

I shall have an easy day and no doubt we shall be watching more sports tonight, so I will probably sit on my MH's knee and watch it too, then I will go out late to do some hunting.

I played with my new toy last night and it is lovely and I like it a lot, so apart from that, I am afraid I don't have very much news for you, but maybe I will have more tomorrow.

I hope you are having a good weekend.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Medal Ceremony

We had this in my house last night when my DH came home from the Dounby show. He presented me with my very own 'Olympic Mouse' medal and I LOVE it. It is bright and soft and I can throw it up and catch it and my MH shakes it in front of me and I can chase it, so it is better than any of the other medals.

My DH says I am the very bestest olympic puss in the en-tire world, and who am I to argue with him?

My MH got a present as well and he gave her a barrow load of all different kinds of sweeties that she loves, so me and my MH were very happy last night.

We watched the athletics again last night and then I went away into a room all by myself to try and practice being a dancing puss, but I am having difficulties. My little paws don't want to cross over at the right time and paws two and three are getting mixed up with paws one and four and at one point I though I would have to yell for one of my humans to come and untangle me, but suddenly there was a 'ping' and all my paws were back in the right corner of my adorable little body. Back to the drawing board, methinks!

Today I took my MH down the path to see all the lady cows but there was enough water in the bath so we didn't stay there too long. We went into the gym for a while and then we played with my new olympic toy until I needed to go for a snooze.

I think we are watching the diving tonight, but that is one sport I am definitely not going to try.I like drinking water and I like putting my little paws in the basin of water, but that is as far as I ever intend to go.

And nothing will change my mind.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Pussycat Dressage

I know what I want to be when I grow up! I want to be a dancing cat like the dancing horses that have just been on my television. They are beautiful!

I am sure I could do all the things they do with a few wee jumps and twists thrown in for good measure. I will start practicing tonight when my humans have gone to bed.

It is just us girls again in my house today as my DH is away to the Dounby Show where the Cat Protection people have a stall and he is helping them, so I helped my MH with her dusting and washing and things and I looked after her today and she appreciated that.

I even stayed near her when she took out the vacuum cleaner, although I keep a healthy distance between it and me. Just in case!

We had a nice easy stroll down the path to give the lady cows some water and I now have two new baby cows to visit and talk to so I am quite excited about that. I shall go into the field tonight after my dinner and Emmerdale nap.

I have had quite a lazy day although I did manage to climb all my poles when my MH was hanging out her washing. I just love running up the poles and looking at the world from high up.It is so different 'cos I am just a little puss and everything I see has to be low except when I am up on top of my poles.

I will have a chat tonight to the mouses and se if they like my dancing before I show my humans what I am thinking of doing. Iam sure they will be mightily impressed.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Nothing to Report

I have been a very good pussy cat today. I didn't waken my MH up in the middle of the night and I haven't knocked anything over, so all in all, I think I have been in excellent form.

Unfortunately, when I am good, it means I don't have anything very intersting to tell you, so I thought I would just give you a wee look at what my day consists of.

I normally waken up about six o'clock in the morning which is still the middle of the night to my humans, but my MH willingly gets up to give me a wee feed and a big cuddle and then I am off! Out into the big wide world to start a day of hunting and exploring and spreading my adorableness around.

I come back home about eight o'clock and I cuddle in beside my MH for about an hour until it is time for the humans to get up. Sometimes, if they are going away on the boat, they get up a lot earlier, but normally not!

We all have a wee chat over breakfast about what we are all going to do and that usually means the greenhouse with DH and the gym with MH and then a wander down the path to give the cows a drink.

Today's picture is of yours truly sitting outside the big shed that belongs to the nice farmer next door and this is where I do a lot of my thinking 'cos it is sheltered and there are some wee mouses in it that I can play with.

Then we all do our own things and I go away and do pussy cat things until late afternoon when it is time for dinner and a snooze on my MH's knee while she watches Emmerdale. Mind you, we have been loving all the Olympic games and that's what she has been watching recently and I watch some of them too.

When it is getting quite dark, I take off and do more hunting and exploring after I have seen my MH settled down for the night, but I normally come back home before my DH goes to bed and I cuddle up again for the night.

And then another brilliant day begins all over again. Magic, eh?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Oh Dear!

What is the cat equivalent of the dog-house, 'cos that's where I am today! And it was just a slight error of judgement on my part that nearly ended in disaster.

I wakened up a four o'clock this morning and the first thing I noticed was that there was no mist, so I decided that I was going out---right then! Now, I never go out on an empty tummy, so I had to waken the Boss so she could feed me.

Well, this is something I do on a regular basis and I thought I had it down to a fine art, except this morning. There is a wee cabinet beside my MH's bed and I normally sit on this, wriggle my adorable little bottom and spring, purring 'geronimo' as I sail through the air landing delicately on some part of her anatomy, and that generally gets her attention, although sometimes it also needs smelling salts and heart massage before she is up and about.

However, today I mis-timed my spring and the lamp and the radio and her book landed on the floor with a clatter and I decided that I was best well out of the way for a wee while.

It didn't take too long before I was forgiven. I still have the magic touch!! We went into the gym and then my MH cut the grass and she took this picture of my house with its grass all cut so you can see how tidy it is.

We played for a while and then went down to give the lady cows a drink and I sat and had a wee think while the bath was filling up and then when we came home I asked my MH to take a picture of one of my clumps of pampas grass so you can see what I see when I am hiding, so I hope you like all my pictures today.

Monday, 6 August 2012


If there was an Olympic medal for hiding, I would have won the gold this morning!

I went out very late last night and I played in the mist 'cos I could creep up on the birdies and the mouses and they couldn't see me until I was nearly purring in their ear! My, that gave them a fright!

I just had a wee sleep, something to eat and then back out again and that's when I could have won my medal. We have a big clump of pampas grass at the front of my house and I was lying at the bottom of that, and nobody in the en-tire world could see me.

My MH stucked her head out of the living room window at about eight o'clock this morning and she shouted for me, and although I heard her, I didn't want to go inside, so I lay very, very still and she didn't see me. My little lugs didn't move. My adorable little tummy didn't move 'cos I hardly breathed in case she heard me, and for once, my little wagger behaved itself and it didn't move either and it was almost like I was invisible!

Oh, I was so excited that I forgot I was hiding and jumped in my window to tell my MH what I had been doing and it was then she decided that I deserved a medal 'cos she worked out that I must have been very near my house when she was looking. I am so clever I surprise even me at times!

It is still not very nice weather today so apart from a wee visit to the gym with my MH, we have been indoors, but that's Ok 'cos I will have a rest and I am watching some horses doing jumping things today and then I shall go out to play---and hide---tonight!

That's the magic plan. I hope you have a magic plan too.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

More Games

I have spent the afternoon on my MH's knee watching the tennis. She was cheering for Andy and I was purring for Roger, but I didn't let her hear me and she was a very happy MH when Andy won his gold medal. I am happy too, 'cos when my MH is happy we are ALL happy! Hee hee :))

We watched a lot of athletics and cycling last night and we all enjoyed it, but my MH was talking to her friend and she said something that was quite funny. She said that when she goes on her exercise bike she can do about twelve miles an hour and if she had been in the Olympic velodrome, the other cyclists would have been whizzing round her! I got a picture in my adorable little head and it made me laugh a lot and if you knew my MH, it would make you laugh a lot too!

I watched so much sport last night, that I was quite tired and had to have a nap and my MH took this picture of me which really is quite fetching as I am sure you will agree.

I went into the greenhouse today with my DH and we checked all our plants which are doing quite well but my tomatoes are not quite ready for eating just yet. We need a wee drop of sun to make them go a bit more red and then we can eat them.

The mist is disappearing at last, so I think I shall watch some more sports tonight and then I shall go out and practice my high jumps and my long jumps in the long grass and torment all the mouses in my neighbourhood 'cos after all, that's what pussy cats are supposed to do. Isn't it?

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Nothing to Report

I think I have tired my adorable little self out with all this Olympic thinking, so I am resting today.

The weather still isn't behaving and we have a horrid mist rolling in and out all day. Somebody said my MH must have put wet grass on my Olympic cauldron and it's making all this smoke!

I did go out last night and then early again this morning but I soon came back home and cuddled in beside my MH and had another wee nap.

My MH went over to the graveyard today which is on the other side of my little island and she said the scenery was beautiful. The water was very still and the Hoy hills were reflected in it and the mist just sat above them. She didn't have her camera, so she came back to get it, and guess what? It was raining!! Oh she was not best pleased, I can tell you.

I made it all better for her by sitting on her knee and giving her one of my special cuddles and that made her very happy.

I think we are going to be watching lots more sports tonight, so I shall just stay sitting on her knee and we shall both be lovely and comfortable.

I hope you are too.

Friday, 3 August 2012

A very quiet day

I have spent most of the day just thinking and not doing very much at all. My humans have been out all day and I have been in my house on my own although the window was left open for me.

I played with the birdies for a wee while and pretended I was stalking them, but I never catch them. My MH thinks it is because she has told me not to chase them, but really it is because I have worked out that they can move a lot faster than me, so it's not worth my while even trying. But I'm not telling my MH that!

I wandered down the path and had a roll in some of the dust and I liked it a lot. Then I went home to wait for my humans and my MH told me all about her day as I cuddled up on her knee for a while, so I am quite content now and I shall have a long snooze before I attack the outside again later on.

I hope you have a good weekend and I am sure I will.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Excited Puss

I have been SO excited since I got an email from my friend J. 'cos she gave me a brilliant idea that made me really happy.

I am going to have my very own Olympic Games here on my very own little island with all my very own friends! Isn't that just the bestest thing ever? She had a MAGIC idea and me and my MH are going to make it work.

It will be called the 'Adorable Olympics' and if you have forgotten where all the 'adorable' bits come in, it's 'cos when I was a wee baby puss, the lady who fostered me before my forever home, said I was adorable and when my humans got me, they were told I was adorable, and they agreed, and I liked it too, so it is official. I am adorable! See?

Anyway, back to the Games. My MH will make all the medals and my picture will be on them all and there will be lots of games for all my animal friends. There will be a race for horses, but Barney will definitely win that one. Why? 'Cos he is the only pony on the island!! Hee hee

There will be races for pussycats and pole climbing for them too and there will be scampering races for mouses and a jumping event for the lady cows. My MH said she would make a moon and the cows could jump over it. Brilliant, isn't it?

I would love to see them trying to climb my clothes pole, but there might be too much mess in my garden, if you follow my drift? There will be target diving for the swallows and as long as they stop dive-bombing me, then I will be quite happy.

There will be swimming races for the ducks and egg-laying timed races for all the hens, but I haven't decided if we should invite the doggies as they can be quite naughty sometimes, but I am still thinking about it.

Oh, I think this will just be the bestest fun all the animals have had for a long, long time and I am so excited, I can hardly sleep, but I think I will try hard now to have a nap, 'cos there is so much for me to think about and to organise, but if you have any more ideas, just let me know please.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Just as I promised

I told you yesterday that I was given an oil painting of my adorable little self and I asked my MH to put it on my blog for you and here it is. And to show you how good it is, there is one of the REAL me as well.

All is well Chez Squeak, but the weather isn't very good again and I haven't felt like going outside too much which is fine 'cos I am a bit tired 'cos I stayed out very late last night, so I need my beauty sleep today.

It was a lovely night and so I went out exploring and hunting and I had lots of lady cows to talk to and there were lots of wee mouses to chase, so I was kept very busy, but you know how much I like it.

My DH has been in Stromnes today so it was just me and my MH and we watched the Olympics on my television and we both liked it a lot, but I have a question.

When my MH's little legs are going fast and fast, why does her bike never move like they do on the television? She does all that hard work, but doesn't go anywhere!

Do you think she knows?