Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year Everyone

I know I might be a bit early for some, but my humans are having an 'open day' in my house tomorrow where everyone on my little island will come in to see me at some time, so I won't be able to write to you.

The humans have good fun at New Year and they all go to the house of the nice farmer next door to 'see in the bells' which means to be there for the New Year and they have a party and then they all come to us the next day and so it goes on until they have all been round the island.

I think my poor old humans will be very tired by the end of it! I have been very fine and was able to get outside for quite a long time last night 'cos the wind was a wee bit quieter, and I shall go out again when my humans come home in the early hours of tomorrow morning and say 'happy new year' to all the spiders and mouses.

I have had a very good year and I hope you have too and I also hope that 2013 will be a great year for all of us. Happy New Year!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Nothing to Report

I have nothing to report because the weather is so awful that I have been staying inside and taking care of my dear little self.

I wait until the rain goes off and then I fly out of the window and depending on the direction of the wind, sometimes I really DO fly and land miles away from where I am supposed to!

The problem is trying to get back in again 'cos sometimes the wind blows me off course as I am in mid jump. I made my humans laugh 'cos last night I tried to get in and jumped up onto my window sill but I blew away, and one minute they saw me and the next they didn't. BUT. Being an intrepid little pussycat and wanting in out of the cold and onto my MH's knee I kept trying and my MH was on hand to open the window as soon as I landed. But it was quite funny.

I have been playing with all my toys which keeps me fit, happy and busy and my humans are the same, although they are a wee bit tired too!

Apart from that, all is well chez Squeak and I hope all is well with you.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Funny Day

Not funny in a hee hee way, but funny in a peculiar way. Me and my MH were up at five o'clock this morning 'cos the wind wakened us up and we couldn't get back to sleep again. There were lots of great big strong loud gusts and I think my MH was a wee bit frightened but my DH was still sound asleep!

We went into the living room and put the television on and that helped a bit but I sat on my MH's knee and that helped her the most, but just as she was going to go back to bed, I decided I would go outside and see what it was like in that kind of wind, so oft I went which meant she had to stay up a wait for me coming in again.

We were back in bed about seven o'clock and the wind was a wee bit quieter so the old dear got to sleep and we all had a long lie.

My picture for you today isn't the best one of yours truly but it lets you see the nice view I have from my couch and what my little island can look like when it is not being covered in bad weather.

My friend S. came to see me this afternoon and she and my MH played on the Wii while I watched from my couch and had a wee giggle at some of the things they were doing.

So you can see I have had a different day and it's not even tea time yet, so goodness knows what night time will bring, but I hope it's not more wind!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Good Fun

I am liking this holiday time 'cos my humans are taking it easy which means they have plenty of time to play with me and you know how happy that makes me.

The only thing which has annoyed us all is that the bad weather is back again and my little island is wet and windy and the poor wee boat doesn't know whether to come out on the sea or not, but it did come at lunch time with my food so I am OK and my MH says the freezer is full so she is Ok too. My DH still has some can of beers left, so you can see we are all fine.

I played a lot today and I have asked my MH to show you a picture of my two favourite toys. One is my wee green ball which I keep finding and then losing again, and you can see it is past its best a wee bit, but I just love it. The other one is my red 'moose' which is on a string and my humans play a lot with me and it and I run all over my living room so I get plenty of exercise.

When I was finished playing with that, I attacked my Christmas stocking and that made me a very excited puss 'cos I rolled on the floor and I curled up with it and I pretended I was killing it and my MH was laughing at me but I was just being a very brave and happy pussy cat.

I hope you are being very happy too.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

It Worked!!

There MUST be a Santa 'cos I got more prawns last night! Remember I told you that I wanted some more and that I was going to ask Santa?

Well, I went away and sat on my bed and I asked Santa if he could let me have some more prawns 'cos I was just loving them, and guess what? When I went into the kitchen and over to my dish, there were prawns in it, and I was ever so, ever so happy as I gobbled them up.

I think that Santa had heard me as he was on his way home to Santa land again and dropped them off as he passed my house so I must have been a very good puss this year!

We have all been quite lazy again today although my MH had to go out for a wee while, so me and my DH looked after the house until she got back and when she came home we were all happy again.

I hope you are all happy too.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Still Happy

Well, I finally got to open my stocking and there was a squeaky santa in it and some biscuits which made me very happy. And, the stocking is big enough for me to get my adorable little head into it, so I can play with that too.

I hope you all got good presents. Today is the wedding anniversary of my humans and I got some prawns and I was nearly dancing on the table to try and get some more! I just LOVE them and I am going to ask Santa to bring me some next year. Or is it too late to ask him for some more today!!

I shall try! I hope you are all happy and enjoying your Christmas.

Monday, 24 December 2012


My MH says it will soon be time for me to open my Christmas stocking and I am a very excited little pussy cat.

The wind has gone away and I have been out playing nearly all day and my humans were out with me for a wee while too which always makes me happy. I like to show off a wee bit when they are watching and it always makes them smile and I like that.

My humans were down at the Hall this evening for the Nativity Play which my MH does with the children and she said it was good, so I am very pleased for her. AND! She has told me that they won't be doing anything for the next couple of days so I shall get all the attention I want.

I don't think I will be able to write to you tomorrow so I hope you all have a very happy Christmas and that Santa is very good to you all.

Sunday, 23 December 2012


The wind has finally gone away somewhere else so I have been able to get outside without worrying about being blowed away 'cos there is a Christmas stocking in my house with my name on it, and I don't want to miss that!

We have had a very lazy day Chez Squeak and I have been the centre of attention 'cos I go and sit on my MH's knee whenever she sits down and I know she likes that.

We watched Strictly last night and we both loved it a lot. My MH says she would like to be able to dance, but I have seen her trying and between you and me dear reader, she has no chance!! Shame, but I'll not tell her---well not till after I've had my Christmas presents and special dinner!

I don't have any news for you except that I am a very happy pussy cat and I hope that you are all very happy too.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Even More Spoiled.

I didn't think this was possible and I am sure you didn't either. I KNOW I am a very spoiled puss, although I think I am worth it, but today my spoiledness reached new heights.

I got breakfast in bed!! I shall give you a second to read that again. Yes. I got breakfast in bed!

I shall explain. Me and my humans had been up quite early and I got my biscuits and fresh water and some meat and after I had looked out of the window and watched the sea blowing because of the bad wind which is still rattling round my house, I decided to go back and lie on the top of my bed.

My MH had finished tidying up and decided to have her breakfast and she has muesli and fruit and milk and always when she is finished, I get the very last wee drop of milk in the dish. In fact, she laughs at me,'cos when I am sitting on her knee while she is eating, and she is getting to the end of it, I start squeezing her knee with my little claws to remind her to leave me some. It always work, though.

Well, today, I was in my bed when she was finished, but when she was putting the dish away, she came into the bedroom to see if I was OK and she gave me the milk when I was on the bed, so I had breakfast in bed! See?

I am a very spoiled pussycat, but I love my humans back again and they know it, so it all works out very well.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Panic Over

Well. Just when I was thinking I might have to go on an enforced diet, things changed for the better.

Let me explain. As you know the wind is still howling round my little island and the sea is too rough for the boat to come in, so I was beginning to panic. I looked in my dinner box where my MH keeps all my packets of favourite food and I only had enough for two weeks, so I had a wee panic.

What if the wind doesn't stop and what if the boat doesn't come in, what will I get to eat and will I survive till my fourth birthday?

All this was going through my adorable little mind almost keeping me from sleeping and chasing mouses and playing with my toys, so you can see just how worried I was, and then eureka! The phone rang and one of my friends told my MH that there was a special boat coming just to my little island and it would bring all our messages, so everybody Chez Squeak is happy again. I have got my food, my MH has got her chocolate and my DH has got his can of beers, so I think we will all have a good Christmas.

I noticed today that there is a special Christmas stocking out for me but I don't know what's in it yet. I am keeping it as a surprise.

My humans are going to the island party tonight but I am just going to stay in and curl up on my couch until they come home and then I shall go out to play for a while.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

More Wind

I hope Santa won't get blowed away 'cos it is very windy here and my little weather man friend says it is going to get a lot worse and it will be terrible on Sunday, so everyone Chez Squeak has decided to hibernate from Friday until Christmas Eve and I think that is a VERY good idea.

None of us went outside at all today and even the boats didn't sail---goodness knows where this wind would have taken them!

However, we are all OK and my MH has got everything ready for the party tomorrow night in our wee Hall, but I won't be going 'cos it is just for humans, but I might just have a wee party of my own. I shall see how I am feeling.

I went out quite a lot last night 'cos I still like being out in the dark but because it is cold and windy, I don't stay out too long. I nip back in for a wee heat and a biscuit and then I nip out again, and last night a funny thing happened when I was nipping in.

My MH had gone to bed and I saw her safely tucked up and went up to the window so that my DH knew I wanted out to play. So. Oft I went, quite happy and did some sniffing and hunting and looking and then I decided it was time for back in, and I jumped up onto my windowsill and waited for my DH to open the window.

Well. He saw me and got up to open the window, but just as he opened it, he sneezed and I got such a fright that I fell off the window sill and landed on my path and that gave my DH a fright too! He called out for me and once I knew that it was safe, I tried again and this time I was successful and lay down on my couch to recover from the shock.

I think my DH had to lie down too. Hee hee!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Windy, windy, windy

Well, what a day it has been, It has been so windy that I haven't been able to go outside at all and my DH hasn't been outside either. He is still coughing a lot so he need to be in the cosy all the time and I am looking after him.

My MH had to go out for a while today and nearly got blowed off her wee feets, but she got home safely and then I looked after her too. So you can see I have been very busy.

My little weather man friend has said it is going to be very windy for a long time so our wee boat might not get in again before Christmas. We are not too worried though, 'cos all the food is in and my presents are here, so that's the main thing. The only thing we need is some can of beers for my DH and I am sure we'll manage that.

It would be dreadful if he had a tantrum on Christmas Day, sure it would?

I will let you know how we get on, but right now I am lying on my couch thinking that I might have to try and go out sometime before bed time but I am frightened I might blow away to a different place and then who would get my presents, and whose presents would I get. Would I even GET presents?

Maybe I should just stay on my couch! My humans need me here for Christmas.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Famous Puss

Even famous-er than before!

My humans get a paper on a Sunday and it has a 'Pet of the Week' article and my MH sent in a picture of me and it was printed on Sunday, so I am getting even more famous by the minute!

We have been busy today 'cos we had a visitor early this morning and then my DH went away with him on the boat 'cos my DH had to go to the doctor who gave him some pills to get rid of his cold, so we are all hoping he will be better soon.

It was just me and my MH in my house and we had a good time. We were a bit lazy but she did some housework and I watched and then we played with my toys while we waited for my DH to come home.

I love playing with my MH 'cos she tickles me and catches me and turns me upside down and it makes me giggle and I love that so I ask her lots of times to play with me and usually she does that and it makes us both very happy.

I hope you are very happy too.

Monday, 17 December 2012

I saw mammy...

.....Cuddling Santa Claus! I wasn't there you understand, or I would never have let it happen, but my DH was there and he took this picture which he showed me. Oh my, my, she does get up to some tricks when I'm not there to look after the old dear. Still she was happy.

We are all back to normal today and the vacuum cleaner and duster were out again. It's not too bad a day but I haven't been outside yet. I will save all my energy for night time and then see how I feel and how long I will stay out.

My DH is going to see the doctor tomorrow 'cos he still has a cold and a cough and we want him to get better soon, so he has been told to see the doctor and I hope it all helps.

My MH is fine and she is getting her thinking cap on for the children's party on my wee island on Friday 'cos she helps Santa Claus with all the presents and the games. I suppose she will be cuddling THAT one too!

I have just been lazing around but I am still getting lots of attention and cuddles---I would be VERY peeved if Santa got all the cuddles that were supposed to be for me, but I know my MH wouldn't let that happen.

I got shut in the bathroom today for a wee while and my MH said it was so funny when she let me out 'cos I know I shouldn't have been in there in the first place, so I tried to look as though I hadn't been there and I did a wee stretch and had a wee squeak for her when she opened the door and she just laughed at me and shook her head.

Oh yes, it works EVERY time!! Hook, line and sinker!!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

It's not what it looks like---

Honest! You might think that I have a wee hangover from celebrating too much on my brilliant birthday, but I was just a bit tired 'cos I had been playing a lot and suddenly ran out of steam. Old age, I guess! Hee hee

I had a good day and my humans spoiled me a lot which I now take for granted 'cos I am worth it after all.

We have had a quiet day today and have just been 'footering'. That is one of my MH's favourite words. She loves footering---just doing wee bits and pieces but nothing serious, although she did take the children down to our wee Hall to practice for the Nativity play which is on next week. I am still trying to fit into my sheeps costume, so that I can go in disguise, but it's not working yet.

I might ask my friend M. to make me one and I can go to the play. I shall let you know.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

All Together Now----

Happy birthday to me
'Cos today I am three.
Happy birthday, dear Squeak,
Happy birthday to me!

You may have gathered from that, that today is my third birthday and I am having a lovely time. My humans are home and they have promised to spoil me all day and I can do whatever I like. So just now I am cuddled in beside my MH as she writes this and my adorable little head is resting on our keyboard and all is very well with my little world.

I can't remember where I was three years ago today 'cos I was just brand new then, but I know I wasn't a very well puss, and now I am the happiest and healthiest pussy cat in the world, thanks to the lovely people at the Cats Protection place who helped make me a bit better and then to my humans who made me ALL better and have kept making me very happy.

I love them and they love me a lot so we all get on very well. Thank you to all my human friends who have sent birthday wishes and also to all my paw pal friends. I am a very excited little puss today.

Santa Claus came to our island on the boat today but it was just for the children and not the animals but my humans went down and saw him and he gave my MH a big cuddle 'cos she was having a tantrum at not getting a present! Oh I am so glad I wasn't there. The shame of it all!

I will ask her to put on a picture of Santa for you when she has got them all ready. But right now, I am off to enjoy a special birthday dinner and then a lot of cuddles.

I hope you get lots of cuddles too if you want them.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Happy, happy, happy

That's what we have all been today 'cos my humans are home so I am happy and the boats have been cancelled today, so my humans are happy that they made the right decision to come home to me early 'cos I might have had a tantrum if they had been late!

'Cos it's my birthday tomorrow and they HAD to be here for that, sure they did? We have had a good day and I even found my wee green ball which I keep losing and then something happens or I go somewhere I haven't been for a while and there it is, and I found it when my friend J. was here.

I have been playing with my birthday presents and have been having fun and I have been doing a lot of sitting on my MH's knee withy my adorable little head resting on her computer when she is busy, so we are all back to normal and I am.....

.....Happy, Happy, Happy!

I hope you are happy too.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Big Surprise.....

......although not really 'cos me and my MH have ESP! Let me explain.

As you know, my humans went away on Monday to go to Glasgow to see a concert and meet some friends and I was staying in my house with my friend J. who came into look after me and we were quite happy, and they were coming home on Friday. OK?

Now, I have noticed before that me and my MH share this ESP thing 'cos I am a Extra Special Cat and she is a Extra Special People 'cos she knows what I am thinking and I can make her think what I want her to think, so it all works out very fine.

So, there I was one evening watching my television and my little weather man friend Sean told me that Friday was going to be VERY windy on my little island, but at the same time, he was telling my humans in Glasgow that it was going to be very windy. Now, how does he do that? I shall have to ask you-know-who.

Now, being a very clever (modest!) puss, I knew that if it was very windy then my humans wouldn't get home 'cos sometimes our boat can't go in the wind, so I put on my ESP hat and asked my weather man friend to tell my MH to come home with my DH, and guess what? It worked! I sent a ESP message with the little weather man and my MH picked it up and home they came and I got a surprise tonight! And I liked it a very lot.

They also brought me some presents for my birthday but they gave me them tonight and I have showed you a wee picture of my new toys. There was something else for me, but it got hided away so maybe that's for my Christmas.

I am a very happy puss again. I love my friend J. and we had very good fun, but I have a big special love for my humans and I miss them when they are away and I am always happy when they come home.

My little purrer is a wee bit tired 'cos it has been working since they came home at half past four tonight, so I think me and my MH will have to go to bed early 'cos she is tired too although she hasn't been purring. She's not THAT clever! Hee hee

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Oh Dear and Yippee

Well, the big case is all packed so I guess my humans are going away. My DH is still sniffing and stuff but says he is feeling a bit better, so they are off tomorrow and that is the oh dear bit.

The yippee bit is that it is a big case with not much clothes in it, so I guess all the spare room is for my presents. I will tell you all about them when my humans get home.

I won't be able to write to you through the week and I hope you won't miss me too much but I am sure I will be very fine with my friend J.He likes me a lot and I like him too so we shall get on very well, and really it is getting a bit cold, so I am quite happy to stay in my house where it is nice and cosy.

I hope you all have a good week.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Wee Surprise

That's what I got today 'cos my humans were supposed to be going to Stromness and I would have been left all alone, but my DH's cold is a bit worser so they decided to stay home.

Well. That's their story. I think they just didn't want to leave me! I have been practicing my how-could-you-leave-me face in front of the mirror and I am sure it worked!

I shall have to stop now though 'cos they might not go away on Monday and I won't get all the lovely presents they have promised me, so I shall vacate the room with the mirror and go back on to my couch!

I played with my MH with my hoose moose and we had brilliant fun. It is raining hard today so I didn't want to go outside, but I shall probably nip out after my dinner and then get settled down on my MH's knee to watch the television. Saturday night is my favourite night for the television so I am quite happy to be staying in.

I hope you are happy too.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Just Resting

I have been practicing today for when my humans are away choosing all my presents and I have been resting a lot.

Mind you, it hasn't been a very nice day and I am quite happy that I didn't have to go outside for too long. Me and my MH had a wee wander down the path and watched what was happening on my little island.

I could still hear the cows shouting and I could see the snow on top of the Hoy Hills and it was lovely, but it was cold, so we just nipped back in to my house.

My DH went away to the cats shop in Stromness but he has a bad cold and he is coughing and sneezing and me and my MH have to turn up the television 'cos we can't hear it, but we are a wee bit worried about him.

In the afternoon, my MH went on her Wii again and she decided that it was my turn again to get weighed, but she didn't even think about getting out my lycra suit 'cos I have made it very plain that I will NOT wear it, so we have come to an understanding! I won!! YES!!!

My little Wii Mii was delighted with me again 'cos my weight is still the same. I eat a lot and enjoy all my food, but I do a lot of exercising so my Wii Mii said I am just perfect.

And who am I to argue?

Thursday, 6 December 2012

This and That

There is not too much news Chez Squeak today but my grass is back to being green and soft again and not slippy.

I have been very lazy and when my MH was doing her housework, I took myself off and didn't say where I was going. So. After she was finished, she came looking for me, but I wasn't in any of the places she was looking and she was searching everywhere. I think she even looked in the vacuum cleaner---just in case! Hee hee..

She was getting a wee bit worried---'cos she loves me and doesn't want to lose me---- and just as she was passing thr spare room again, she had another look and then she noticed a bump under the cover on top of the bed and this bump was slowly rising and falling and guess what it was? Yes, it was me! I love snuggling up under covers and I was sound asleep, so she just gave me a wee pat and left me sleeping. But she wasn't worried then.

My plan of action for the afternoons is as follows. I get my dinner at about half past four or five o'clock and then I go out and play for a long time before coming back in for a rest on my couch until it is nearly bed time for my humans and then I go out and play again, and then when I come in, I go and snuggle up beside my MH for the night. I think that is a very good routine, don't you?

Now, when you look at today's picture, you will think I am sleeping, but you will be wrong 'cos I am thinking!

I have big decisions to make and that's what I am trying to do. What presents do I want for my birthday and what can wait until Christmas? I know both are a wee bit away, but my humans are going away to Glasgow on Monday and that's when they are doing their shopping, so I have to let them know. See?

I think I may have to do a lot more of this before Monday!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Naughty---but nice!

That's me! I have been a wee bit naughty today, but I am always nice!

All my grass has gone white and hard again and there are funny patterns on the windows of the car and my humans have to do a lot of rubbing and scraping before they can drive away. So I have good fun just sitting watching them, but I just do that for a wee while 'cos my adorable little bum tends to get cold! I wonder if it has a nice pattern on it? Hee hee. Now there's a picture for you! I hope you are not having your dinner!

Anyway, I am digressing again. My MH was in the bathroom when the phone rang, so she went into my bedroom to answer it and she didn't shut the bathroom door properly. OK? Now, you may remember that because I made a wee bit of a mess of the bathroom wallpaper by playing with the shower switch, I was banned from said bathroom when it was redecorated.

Now, what is an adorable, full-of-mischief pussycat supposed to do when the opportunity is there on a plate? Yep! I stood up on my back paws and pushed the door open with my front paws, and while my MH was blethering on the phone, I nipped up onto the wash hand basin and sat there quite happily clouting (hitting) the shower switch off the wall. It makes a lovely 'ping' sound and I love that.

Unfortunately, my MH has good hearing, and I was soon very delicately but very deliberately lifted off the sink and deposited on the floor outside the bathroom and the door was very firmly shut behind me. Shame.

But it was good fun while it lasted, especially as I knew I shouldn't be there!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

All Done

Yes. Me and my MH have finished the Clown and he is looking very good. I think we have made a lovely job of him.

Now, I know you will know that I didn't actually DO anything, but I was there on the back of my couch purring encouragement whenever my MH needed it and she talked to me all the time she was working, so I think I can take some of the credit for it.

We finished it this afternoon after my MH had done her housework and my DH was doing some paperwork in the study. It was quite a good day so we went outside for a while and at one point, we were all out at the same time. Me and my MH were in the gym and my DH was fixing the bedroom window 'cos it is making a funny whistling noise and that's the room that my friend J. will be sleeping in when he comes to look after me, and we don't want him to think we have ghosties!

I watched as my MH put in the last sequin and I gave her a special purr and then I had a wee snooze on the back of my couch.

I am very happy now 'cos all the time that was spent doing the Clown, will now become Squeak time and I will get lots more cuddles, but my MH doesn't know that yet.

It will be a lovely surprise for her, sure it will?

Monday, 3 December 2012

Ho Hum

My MH has a lovely Scottish word which just sums up today's weather and that is 'dreich' --pronounced dreech---and it means a grey, wet, miserable day and that's what it has been all day, so we have all been inside except for my MH who went to the pier in the afternoon to put up the Christmas tree in the waiting room.

She does this when all the little children are at home or at school and then tells them it was the Christmas tree fairy that did it, and they all smile at her 'cos they know it was her and think she is too old to believe in fairies but they don't want to tell her. Hee hee.

I stayed at home and looked after my DH who is very well now and can see really well so we are all happy.

My MH and me did some more of her clown picture and she is nearly finished and then we played with my toys and today I played with my wee hoose moose and my eyeball. Now, before you get too excited or faint or something, it is not a REAL eyeball. It is a toy that my MH got at Halloween and I play with it lots and lots although to tell the truth, my humans spend more time fishing it out from under the furniture where I push it to see if I can get it out again, but I can't.

However, I keep trying and it gives my humans lots of exercise although one of these days my poor old MH might not be able to get up again!

I will probably go out later on if it stops being dreich. We'll see.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

What am I doing?

Nope. My MH doesn't know either and she was there! It has been very cold during the night and everything around my house and garden has been frozen and so I have discovered ice! And I quite like it.

We did lots of wee bits of work in my house and then 'cos the sun was shining, I decided to go outside and I was out for a long, long time and I discovered that some of my grass had turned white and it was hard too and I was a wee bit puzzzled.

I sat on the outside of my kitchen window and watched what my humans were doing and I listened to the cows who were shouting a lot 'cos they don't like being inside, but it is too cold for them, and I am sure they will soon understand that.

My MH came out and then we went into the gym and I played about while she was doing her cycling but when she was finished, we went into the garden and she told me all about this ice thing, and then I understood.

I went for a wee wander outside my gate and put my adorable little paws into what I thought was water, but it wasn't. It was slidey and slippery instead and that's when my MH took this funny picture and even I am not too sure what was happening to all my paws but they didn't seem to be connected and I think I look funny.

I hope it makes you smile a wee bit.

Saturday, 1 December 2012


If you look carefully at today's picture you will understand why we have all been inside today. We have had sleety snow showers and it is very cold. Too cold for adorable pussycats such as I to venture out.

We all had a long sleep and me and my MH went for a very quick walk down to my gate and back just to see what the weather was doing and what was happening in my world, but we scooted back as quickly as our little legs would let us, 'cos we were COLD!

My MH did some paperwork and my DH listened to the radio 'cos there was football on it, so I just lay on the back of my couch and then I watched my MH as she did some more of her clown picture which is coming along very nicely and she will soon be finished.

She wants it to be all done before she goes away to Glasgow, and if I help her, then I am sure she will manage it.

I will probably go out after my dinner but I will need to be back and snuggled up on my MH's knee for the dancing programme and then depending on the weather, I might go out again.

I have not fully decided yet, but as you know, I will tell you tomorrow, so have a good evening everyone.