Thursday, 31 January 2013

Out to play time

Yes! I have been able to get outside today 'cos the horrible wind is away blowing some place else and is leaving my wee island in peace, so I went out and I liked it.

I helped my DH find a slate that the naughty wind had taken off my roof, but I'll not be helping him to put it back on again 'cos my roof is up high and although I like climbing ladders, I've never been on the roof and I don't think the winter is the time to try it. Maybe in the summer!

My humans have finished with the painting and tomorrow my MH has to tidy the room and put everything back in its place 'cos my DH is going to the cat shop for a rest! The poor old thing is tired with all this decorating! So I shall have to help the other old dear.

Me and my MH had fun this afternoon 'cos I decided to go outside and my MH started to varnish the window sill in the spare room and when I saw her, I jumped up on the outside of the same window to watch her and I made her laugh so hard that my DH had to come and see. When she was swinging her brush back and forward, my adorable little head was going in the same direction and it looked as though I was at a tennis match and that made them laugh a lot. Oh I do keep them amused!

In the afternoon me and my MH played with my toys and then I went out to play again. Now I am having a nap on my couch and gathering up my strength to go outside later on tonight 'cos it is still a very quiet night with no wind and no rain, so I think there will be lots of little mouses out there for me to chat to.

I hope you have someone to chat to too.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


WOW! What a night! It was so windy I was a bit frightened and so was my MH. My little weather man friend told me to stay inside 'cos there was going to be a storm force wind all night, and he was right. It blowed and blowed and blowed.

My MH couldn't sleep so she went to lie on the couch in the living room and I went with her and gave her one of my 'special' cuddles and that made it all right. What was a surprise was that it even woke my DH and he came into the living room too and got a fright when he saw us there, but then we all had a giggle.

The wind kept blowing all day and at one point my MH told me that the tide was so high the wind was throwing water and stones right up onto the road, so nobody was going through the links until the tide went down a bit. My DH didn't get to the Cat Shop again but he and my MH finished painting the bedroom and I think they are all done now with just the furniture to put in it.

AND. I still don't have a pink tail! What a good pussy cat. Today's picture was taken yesterday 'cos I haven't been outside at all today, but the wind is finally being quiet and has run out of blow, so I might get out to play for a while before bedtime.

I shall see how I feel. I don't want to get blowed away 'cos that would make me and my humans very sad.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


That's what my humans have been doing today. My DH has put the wall back in my spare room so now they are painting the whole room and it is quite a nice shade of pink which I like.

I was in and out a lot to make sure they were doing OK and of course I had to have a close look at everything and I nearly ended up with a wee pink tail which I think might have made me even more adorable, but my MH wheeched the tray away just in time.

But the funniest bit was when I was going to have a sniff at the tray full of pink paint and I got the shock of my life 'cos my MH flew across the room jumping over chairs and beds and stools and my DH as well! just in time to stop my adorable little sniffer ending up all painted pink!

I never knew the old dear could move that quickly, and to be honest, I don't think she knew either 'cos she had to lie down after it!! Hee hee. I must remember that the next time I am getting into mischief. There is just an outside chance she might catch me!

There were times when it was just my DH who was working and my MH played with me and I was also able to get outside for a while and today's picture is of me having a sniff at what is a honeysuckle bush in the summer but it is just twigs in the winter, but I had a wee sniff round about it anyway.

I don't think I will be going out too much more tonight or tomorrow 'cos my little weather man friend has said that we are going to get storm winds tonight so I will be safer inside. My MH doesn't like the winds so I shall have to take care of her and I will give her some of my special cuddles.

I know that will make her happier.

Monday, 28 January 2013


Would you think this adorable, gentle creature could cause any kind of mayhem? No. I didn't think you would, so you will understand it was just a wee accident.

It has been very windy and very cold today and my humans have been very busy clearing out the spare bedroom although why I do not know. I think I heard them saying they were going to paint the wall that my DH pulled down and then put up again. I do wonder about him, sometimes!

I had to be in the room to see what was going on and there were bit of the room I had never been able to sniff before 'cos there was furniture there and at one point I made my humans laugh 'cos I was exploring and they thought I was very funny. I spied a picture hook on the wall and I had never seen it before, so I jumped up on top of the head board and tried to climb the wall to see what it was but I was a wee bit frightened 'cos I didn't know if it could hurt me or not. They thought it was quite funny as I tried to reach it.

Anyway, later on in the afternoon we had visitors and they were making a fuss of me for a while and then when they were chatting I just went for a wee wander in my house and then I jumped up onto the back of my couch where the man was sitting, but he didn't see me or hear me 'cos I am extra quiet when I want to be--and I wanted to be.

Now this man had no hair and I haven't seen a man with no hair before, so I decided to have a wee sniff and I think my little sniffer was cold 'cos he nearly jumped out of his skin. Oh it was so funny. I nearly fell off my couch laughing!

But it was OK and the humans didn't mind, but wait till I tell all the mouses. There might be a lot of giggling mouses on my little island tonight.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

No News

None at all today. We all got up early to watch Andy playing tennis and my MH was sad when he lost.

I sat on her knee for a while to make her happy again and then we played with my toys while my DH was watching the football and I'm afraid he wasn't very happy either! Oops! Not a very good day Chez Squeak! It's just as well I am here to make them happy again.

I have been in and out a lot of times but just for wee whiles at a time 'cos it is very cold again, but I nip in and out of the window whenever I feel like it so I am a happy puss.

We might be getting visitors later on and I am sure they will make a fuss of me, so I shall need to be ready to be adored. It is quite tiring being adored, so I think I shall just have a snooze before they come.

Hopefully, I will have more news for you tomorrow and I hope you are all well.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Now I Know...

. .... what a piper is! My humans told me all about it last night when they came home from the Burns Supper. They had a man who came over from Stromness and he brought his bagpies with him and played them in our wee Hall.

My MH said the music was very loud 'cos it is just a wee Hall and one wee girl put her hands over her ears which made everybody laugh---except the piper 'cos he was still blowing into his pipes! But they had a good night and I have learned something else.

The weather was still good when they came home and I got out to play and it meant that I was out very, very late but I liked it and I did lots of sniffing and hunting and chatting to my little friends who were surprised to see me out so late.

We all had a long lie today and I went into the gym with my MH but now I am going to have a snooze on my couch before I have my dinner and then I shall be going out at my normal time tonight while my humans watch the television.

My MH said she is going to bed early tonight 'cos she wants to get up early tomorrow and watch Andy playing tennis, so maybe I will get up with her and watch it while I sit on her knee.

Good luck Andy.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Quiet Puss

It has been a very quiet day for me and my MH but my DH has been busy, so I helped him a wee bit.

We have no wind and no snow and my little island is very quiet so I have been out playing quite a lot and having a chat to the sheeps that are in the field in front of my living room. They are used to me going into their field now and don't run away like they used to.

My MH finished off all her cards with me sitting right at her elbow making sure she did it right and she appreciated that and didn't make any mistakes. She has made cards of butterflies and fishes and sea horses and they are all nice and I like them.

When I had finished helping my MH, I decided to go and see what my DH was doing 'cos he was fixing the wall in the spare room, but I am afraid I was just a tad too nosey and he had to put me out of the room, so I wasn't best pleased as you can imagine.

I was so upset that my MH played with me and tickled me until I was back to being my own adorable, happy self again. We watched the tennis and Andy won so my MH was happy and said she will watch it again on Sunday. I wonder if she will be happy then?

There is a party on my island tonight and there is a piper coming. Now I have no idea what a piper is so I shall have to ask my MH and I have told her to take a picture of it for me and maybe I will be able to show you what a piper looks like.

But then, maybe you already know?

Thursday, 24 January 2013

More Fun

I am still having the bestest of fun even though it is still very cold and all the wee bits of snow have disappeared from my little island. But you will see that there is still a lot of snow on the Hoy Hills, so maybe I will try to go there to play.

The only wee problem is that I would need to go on the boat and I don't know if I would be allowed on all by myself, but I could be a stowaway pussy cat, couldn't I? I would need to be away all day and then stowaway back again, so maybe my humans would notice that I am not at home and they would start to worry and I think I might be in BIG trouble when I get back! Even soup pot trouble!

SO. On reflection, I will not bother. I will just watch them from my garden. When my MH's mummy used to stay here---before I was a wee twinkle-- she said the Hoy Hills with snow on them looked like Christmas puddings covered in icing sugar and I like that.

Me and my MH were in the gym and 'cos there was no wind, she left the door open while she was doing her exercises and I was able to nip in and out whenever I felt like it, and when she was finished, we played in the garden for a wee while.

I did get into a tiny bit of bother when we went inside 'cos my MH was working on her cards and I was helping. Well. Helping is maybe too strong a word 'cos when she put her boxes down, I jumped up to see what was in them and they kind of fell on the floor and all the things fell out onto the carpet and the Boss had to pick them up again.

This happened a couple of times 'cos I was in a very nosey mood and the poor old dear had to do quite a lot of picking up and tidying up after me. But look at all the extra exercise I was helping her to get!

Am I not a treasure?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Dalmatian Puss

That's what I was today.

I am liking this snow, but I am still waiting for my boots to arrive as my adorable wee feets are beginning to complain about the cold, but I am so happy outside that I am not listening to them.

We don't have a lot of snow but I can find wee piles of it if I look hard enough and when I find them, I jump in them and I love doing that. It's all soft and tickly and I love the feeling of it.

My MH was out this morning and when she came back my DH needed her help to put petrol in the car---she needs to hold the funnel or something. I was watching but I wasn't really interested 'cos it was snowing and I was more interested in that, and that's when I looked like a dalmatian puss 'cos my black coat had lots of white spots on it and my humans said I looked funny.

My humans went inside, but I stayed out for a long time just being happy in the snow and wanting it to get thicker, but then it just stopped, so I went inside.

Both my humans were busy so I sat very quietly for a wee while and then I decided it was play time, so I nipped up onto the window sill and rang my bell. I have discovered that I can get attention for going out, or for dinner or for playing if I ring the bell. It all depends on what I do when whatever human gets up to attend to me.

If I want out, I stay on the window sill until the window gets opened. If I want fed, then as soon as my MH or DH stands up, I rush into the kitchen and stand at my dish, and if I want to play, I dive under the rocking chair and wait, and I have taught my humans so well that they know exactly what I want.

Clever eh?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tired Out

Wow! What a day. I have hardly been inside all day. It is freezing cold, but if I keep running then I am fine.

My MH took me outside for a while and I found a pile of snow that was hiding away in my garden and I jumped in it and jumped in it and jumped in it until it was covered in adorable little paw prints and that made my MH laugh.

She went inside and thought that I would follow, but I decided to go looking for more piles of snow that I could jump in and I found lots so I stayed out a long, long time.

By the time I went in, my little feets were a wee bit frozen so I jumped up on my MH's lap and nearly freezed her knees too and it gave her a fright, but we soon warmed up.

She did some more cards and I sat with my head out of the window and my adorable little bum inside my house. I had a wee chat to the sheeps and they said they were fine 'cos they had on their woolly jumpers and didn't feel the cold, so I think I might ask my MH for a woolly jumper and four wee woolly boots and then I can stay outside for even longer and play in the snow.

I think I am going to like the snow when it comes for real, but it does make me a wee bit tired and I had to have a long snooze when I came in after my dinner and my MH sent you this picture, which I am sure you will like.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Oh Dear

I got a fright today, but I am all better now.

My little weather man friend was right and we did get snow. Not enough for me to go sledging, but enough to make my garden all white for a wee while and it is because of the snow that I got a fright.

As you know, Monday Chez Squeak is house work day, so I stayed in my bed while my MH ran around my house with the vacuum cleaner and then when she was finished, I sat on her knee and watched the snow as it was rushing past my living room window and we both like that.

Then! The silly lady decided that she was going into her gym for a while and she has to go outside and round the corner of my house to get to it. She waited till it wasn't snowing and blowing and off she went, but me and my DH had much more sense and we stayed inside my house where it was all warm and dry and not windy.

I had another snooze and I had just wakened up and was wandering into my kitchen for a wee biscuit when the door opened and this THING appeared giving me a great big fright.

When I got down off the top of the kitchen cupboard, I took a closer look and saw it was my MH all covered in snow. When she had been coming home, the snow started and blowed into her face and her front was all white and I didn't know it was her until she brushed it all off again. Whew!

We all had a wee giggle once she had thawed out, but she said she is not going out again today. She is just going to play with me instead.

And who can blame her?

Sunday, 20 January 2013

More Freezing!

Oh I wish it would snow 'cos my MH said that maybe then it wouldn't be so cold 'cos my adorable little feets are getting really cold when I go out, and I love going out, but I have been going home quickly again.

My house is nice and cosy and my DH fixed the spare room as best as he could until the builder man comes back again to finish it off and then my humans have said that I can help them when they are painting it again so I am quite excited about that, but I might end up with a multi coloured tail. Now that would be REALLY different, wouldn't it?

My MH made some more cards today and when she was finished she played with me and I liked that. She had to go away down to the post box to post all her letters, so I played outside until she came back and then we both went into my living room and cuddled up together to get warm and then we played some more.

I am going to watch my television tonight and I will listen to my wee weatherman friend and see if he knows when I will get snow and then we will all go out and play in it.

I hope your weather is how you like it.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Quiet House

We have been fairly quiet today as my DH has done as much work in my spare bedroom as he can and it is less windy in there now.

It is a good day with not much wind, but it is still very cold, and when I came back in from being outside, I sat on my MH's knee and made her jump 'cos my little feets were really cold. She gave me a special cuddle to heat me up and rubbed my little feets to make them warm, but I didn't mind them being cold and I will be going in and out a lot tonight so she will have to do a lot of rubbing!

Our friend S. came up to play on our Wii and it is so funny watching her and my MH doing all the games and sometimes I have to cover my delicate little lugs with my adorable little paws 'cos they say bad words when things go wrong. And things go wrong lots of times----but it is so very, very funny!

Apart from that we have been very quiet and just enjoying being lazy and of course I just love when my humans play with me and I made S. laugh when I showed her how I could play with my little green ball. And guess what she said?

She said I was ADORABLE!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Cool Cat

That's what I am! In more ways than one today. I am a very cool cat and I know how to get the very best out of my humans, but I am also a very cool as in cold cat, 'cos it is freezing here today.

It is not snowing but there has been a very cold wind and the sea was so rough today that our boat didn't come to my little island so we got no messages and no mail and no milk.

Me and my MH are fine 'cos we have everything we need but my poor DH has got no can of beers and he is not a happy DH. I will need to ask all my little friends if they know where I can get some for him and then he will be happy again.

He didn't get over to the Cat shop today so we have all been in the house and me and my MH were on our Wii machine and I got weighed again and my Wii Mii is still very happy with me 'cos my weight is very good. I didn't do the exercises that my MH does 'cos I get enough exercise playing with my toys and playing outside. Maybe if my MH started chasing mouses with me, she wouldn't need to go on her Wii. I shall let her know that brilliant idea and I am sure she will be very pleased.

Oh dear. I have just got a picture in my head of my MH stalking a peedie mouse and it is soooo funny! I think I shall have to lie down for a while until it passes.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

No News

Except we were all up very early this morning and I have been a wee bit tired today.

We have a wee problem with the window in one of my rooms and the builder man had to come to look at it this morning and my DH had to go away down to the pier to pick him up off the boat at half past eight o'clock, but me and my MH stayed in bed for a wee while till they came back.

The builder man and my DH took part of the inside wall off my house and I was worried it was all going to fall down and that the outside would get in, but my humans explained that it was all right and that we were still safe.

My MH told me a funny story about the foam stuff the builder man sent over for my DH to fix the hole 'cos when they lived in the Schoolhouse long before I was even thinked about, my DH had one of these tubes of foam to use in the kitchen, but he had a wee accident and it was all over the wall and the taps and the sink and of course, it was all over my DH and this stuff goes hard very quickly, so my MH said he looked like a monster and it took them hours to get it all scraped off again. The thought of that made me giggle a lot, but me and my MH stayed well out of the way while he was putting it on the window sill tonight--but it went on fine and he doesn't look like a monster. Whew!

Me and my MH played for a long time and then 'cos we were up so early, we had a cat nap this afternoon and I cuddled up beside her while she snoozed and we were both very happy.

I hope you are very happy too.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Cold Puss

I haven't been out playing much today 'cos it is very cold. There is even ice on the bath for the birdies so I don't think they will be taking many baths for a wee while yet.

My DH is away to Stromness today and my MH was out for a wee while this morning. She left the window open for me, but I just stayed cosied up on top of my bed and had a snooze till she came home.

She played with me for the longest time this afternoon and I have been playing with my wee green toy which is one of the ones that was waiting for me when I came to my house as a tiny baby puss.

This is the one that used to have wee balls for feets and hands until I somehow managed to chew them off and these are the wee balls that I love playing with, so for a minute or two the wee green man was reunited with his feets---but they weren't stuck on, just sitting beside him. But he didn't mind! Hee hee.

I was out playing a lot last night and I liked it. It was cold so I had to keep running or find a bit of shelter, but the ground was hard and I liked chasing the mouses 'cos I didn't slip.

I like it when it is frosty and I hope you do too.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Wee Bit Worried

I am a perplexed puss 'cos my MH says she is going to cut my food allowance! Why? Well!

Remember I told you yesterday that I was full of energy and bouncing all over the house? Well (again) I went out to play for a long, long time last night and it was quite late when I curled up in bed beside my MH and went fast asleep, so my humans thought that I would have a long sleep. Wrong!!

I wakened up still full of energy at four o'clock this morning and for some reason, my humans were still sound asleep, so I wriggled my adorable little paw on the alarm clock and set the radio going which wakened The Boss, and oddly enough, she wasn't best pleased and told me to go back to sleep.

I wandered into the kitchen and had a wee biscuit and a wee drink and then, after a look out of the window---but not seeing anything 'cos it was pitch black---I went back to bed.

I had a sleep for a wee while but then I wakened up hungry and did my paw-wriggling trick with the radio alarm and wakened the old dear again at half past seven. Still not happy! But this time, she got up and gave me a wee bit of my favourite dinner and because it was a lot lighter, I watched all the sheeps out of my living room window before I needed another sleep.

My humans got up a wee while later, and I was still full of bounce and energy, and my MH now thinks that she is feeding me too well, and if I keep bouncing and wakening her up in the middle of the night, she will cut my rations.

Maybe it is time I calmed down a wee bit 'cos I do like my food and don't want to do without it, so if I let her get a couple of good night's sleep, she will forgive me.

I hope!

Monday, 14 January 2013

All Finished

We have finished the sequin pussy cat, and he looks quite nice. We have called him Ginger and I heard my humans talking about where they were going to put him. I suggested in the gym or the greenhouse 'cos there is only room in this house for ONE pussy cat---and we all know who that is, don't we? The adorable one!

We have had a good day and we have all been busy. It has been cold and a bit wet, but I was still able to get out to play for a while when my MH was playing with the vacuum cleaner, and then me and my MH went into they gym and did our exercises.

I have been full of energy and at one point I was so energetic this afternoon that I ran all over my living room, bouncing off the couch, the chairs and the rocking chair which I nearly knocked through the wall. Oops. In fact, at one point my MH just managed to get out of the way in the nick of time, or I would have run her over. Oh dear. I don't know why I was like this, but I have run out of steam now and I am having a snooze on my couch.

I wonder what I will be like when I waken up!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Yippee, yippee, yippee

Oh I have had such a great time today. I was very sad yesterday 'cos my visitors couldn't come and I had been all excited waiting for them, but my MH played with me to try and cheer me up, and it usually does, so it wasn't too bad.

But today! Oh today has been magic 'cos they came today! The two adult humans and three children humans and I liked them and they liked me. I was on my bed having a snooze when they arrived, but my MH came and got me and I was a wee bit shy at the beginning, but not for long! My MH held me tight so I knew I was safe but when I saw all the humans smiling, I was Ok and went down on the floor to play.

We played with all my toys and my MH told them all about me and they think I am ---guess what?----yes, adorable! They stayed in my house for a long time and I had the bestest of fun and I liked it very much. I was a wee bit sad when they had to go home, but I sat on my MH's knee and we talked all about it.

My DH was in Stromness all day today so it was just us girls in my house. I helped my MH do some more of her cat picture and she said that with all my help, she will be finished it tomorrow, so I will ask her to put a picture of it on my blog so you can see how clever we both have been. I am sure you will like it and know that we are very clever.

I had a rest on my DH's chair today and me and my MH played for a while before I needed another snooze on my couch but soon I will go out to tell all my friends about my exciting day. I have so much to tell them today and I am still excited.

There is still no snow on my little island but I am hoping it will come soon 'cos the childrens that were in my house today said that I can go and play with them on their sledges and help them to make snow men and maybe a snow cat!

Now, wouldn't that be the magicest of fun ever?

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Just Waiting

I am getting visitors today, so I am patiently waiting for them to arrive at my door. There are two growed up humans and three children, so I am a bit nervous, 'cos I am not really used to small children, but I can always scoot under my couch if they are annoying me, and they won't be able to get in after me.

My humans said I will be fine and they will look after me, so it will be OK, I'm sure. I have been playing with my MH while we are waiting and I thought you might like to see this picture of me playing hide and seek under my coffee table. I have loved doing this since I was a baby cat and it always makes my humans laugh.

If you look carefully you can just see the tip of one of my lugs as well as my paws, one bit of a leg and a bit of my tail. I do this every day and I thought my humans couldn't see me, but when I saw this picture, I realised that there are bits of me sticking out, so I have asked my MH to get a bigger coffee table, so we'll see.

It is very cold today and my little weather man friend said we might have snow. I like the snow but my little feets get cold so I have to run about a lot to try and keep warm, but I like digging a tunnel with my nose and rolling in the snow, so I am looking forward to it coming and hope it won't be long.

I am having a lazy weekend, but my friend S. is coming tomorrow to see me so that will be good. I don't need to hide when she comes, 'cos she knows how to look after me and I like that a lot.

Friday, 11 January 2013

I'm Confused

You may have noticed that you didn't hear from me yesterday, and I am confused as to why not. Let me explain.

My humans went away out for the day I was left all on my own, but it was OK 'cos there was no wind and my MH left the window open for me so I was able to nip in and out so that was Ok.

They came home and made a fuss of me and that was more than all right. They told me everything they had done and my DH had been to see the optician and his eye is fine so we are all happy.

We had a play and our dinner and then my MH got her computer out to let you know what I had been doing, but she told me that she couldn't do it 'cos she didn't have a broad band, and that made me confused 'cos I have never seen a band in my house, so what does my MH use?

OR! Am I getting like my DH and have been sleeping all through these bands that come into my house when my MH is telling you all about me. Yes, I am confused.

We have had a good day today and I have been playing with my toys and my MH and we have had lots of fun which makes me very happy.

My MH says she is going to write my blog now, so I am going to try and stay awake to see if this band comes----or not!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

No News

I have been very lazy today so I don't have anything to tell you, but I know you would worry if you didn't hear from me.

I got my MH up just after seven o'clock this morning 'cos I was hungry so she got up and fed me and then she went back to bed while I sat on the window sill and stared out of the window.

I didn't see too much 'cos it was still dark, but I did some thinking. I like to think when it is quiet, but it tired me out so I went back to bed! My humans were up early 'cos now that the holidays are all over, my DH was at the Cat shop and my MH has to go out for a wee while in the morning, so I just lay on my bed and slept and dreamed of mouses and spiders and things like that.

As soon as my MH came home, my friend A. came to my house to say cheerio to me 'cos he is going away back to university again and 'cos he will be away for a long time, I gave him some special purrs and sat on his knee for a while and that made him happy. He misses me and our little island when he is away, but I said I would send him some messages and that made him smile.

Me and my MH played with my toys after that until my DH came home and that made me very happy. We played with my mouse on the stick 'cos that is my favourite toy and at one point I leapt onto the rocking chair and nearly tipped it over I was going so fast!


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Monster Puss

That's what my MH called me today 'cos I frightened her. I didn't mean to, but it just happened.

She had been doing her ironing and was putting the towels away and I was sound asleep on top of my bed. Now, my MH sometimes forgets that I have supersonic lugs and I can hear everything that happens in my house, so when I heard the cupboard door opening, I was there. Just like a speeding train!

I know that when that door opens, I can climb the step ladders and play in the big cupboard which is usually kept closed, so I couldn't let a chance like this go by now, could I?

My MH must have been thinking about something elses 'cos she didn't see me or hear me until I landed on the ladder right beside her head and she got a big fright until she saw that it was me and then she giggled!

I like playing in that cupboard 'cos I can get up very high and I like that. In the afternoon I helped my MH as she is doing another one of her sequin pictures which one of her friends gave her for Christmas and this time it is a pussy cat. But it is not an adorable pussycat like me. It is ginger and white and it is playing with a ball of blue and white string so it is quite nice. I will ask my MH to show you the picture when it is all finished.

We played with my toys for a wee while and then I had my dinner and went outside, but it is a bit cold and windy so I didn't stay out too long, but I am having a rest on my couch just now and then I shall go outside again later and see what I can find.

I hope there is somebody out there for me to chat to.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Another Adventure

We are all back to normal again and I went into the gym with my MH to start her exercises and while her wee legs were working hard, I sniffed round and round my garden and I had very good fun, but there were no birdies or mouses, so I was a wee bit lonely.

Then I noticed that there are sheeps in the field in front of my house, so I nipped through the fence and said hello to them and we stood around having a chat for a while until my MH was finished and then I went inside my house with her.

She had done all her housework so the vacuum cleaner was safely locked away in the cupboard and we were just about to start playing with my toys when my friend M. arrived at the door with a message for my humans. He had been helping to send some cows away in the boat to the market, so he had his smelly wellies on and didn't come in, but he had left his car door open at my gate. 'Nuff said!

The car wasn't switched on, but I nipped in the driver's door and had a wee sniff round about and then I sat on his seat and put my adorable front paws on the steering wheel and I reckon with a wee bit of practice I could be a driver too. I mentioned this to my MH but she explained that my little paws were too little and there was a lot more to it than playing with the big wheel thing.

It made me think a bit 'cos my MH has little legs and she drives, so why can't I? I shall have to look into this, methinks!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

More Giggles

My friend S. came to see me this afternoon and she played with me for a long time and called me her 'ickle-wickle' which I love. She tickled me and said I was beautiful so that pleased me a lot as you can imagine.

My humans had a chat with S. before my MH took out the Wii and they started their exercises and at one point I got a big fright 'cos I was lying on my couch snoozing when I heard a loud, odd-funny, noise and it made me jump.

And do you know what it was? I think if you guessed a million times, you wouldn't get it right 'cos it was my MH's knees! Yes, they creaked and cracked when she bent down and I though that we had an old tree in my house, but I won't tell my MH that!

When S. went away home, I played with my toys and my MH got down on the floor and played with me too and she only creaked once or twice. My DH says he'll get the oil can in from the greenhouse tomorrow! Poor old thing.

Maybe if I sit on her knees tonight,it will make them better and they won't frighten me when she bends down.

Today's picture is me having a wee seat on the window sill and I am having a big think, but I'm not going to tell you what I am thinking about 'cos it is a secret. Hee hee.

More Giggles

My friend S. came to see me this afternoon and she played with me for a long time and called me her 'ickle-wickle' which I love. She tickled me and said I was beautiful so that pleased me a lot as you can imagine.

My humans had a chat with S. before my MH took out the Wii and they started their exercises and at one point I got a big fright 'cos I was lying on my couch snoozing when I heard a loud, odd-funny, noise and it made me jump.

And do you know what it was? I think if you guessed a million times, you wouldn't get it right 'cos it was my MH's knees! Yes, they creaked and cracked when she bent down and I though that we had an old tree in my house, but I won't tell my MH that!

When S. went away home, I played with my toys and my MH got down on the floor and played with me too and she only creaked once or twice. My DH says he'll get the oil can in from the greenhouse tomorrow! Poor old thing.

Maybe if I sit on her knees tonight,it will make them better and they won't frighten me when she bends down.

Today's picture is me having a wee seat on the window sill and I am having a big think, but I'm not going to tell you what I am thinking about 'cos it is a secret. Hee hee.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Lazy family

It has been quite a good day for weather and me and my MH were outside for a long time this morning as she washed all her windows and I helped by playing beside her as she worked hard.

The windows were so dirty we could hardly see through them, and we all like to see what is going on in my little island. There was so much salt and dirt on them that it took my poor MH a long time to get them clean, but they are sparkling now and we can see all the ships and things again.

After that, it was resting time for a while and then I found my wee green ball again and played with that. I have had this ball since I was a baby kitten and it is my very favourite toy, but sometimes I lose it and it goes places I can't reach, and then suddenly it appears again and I can play with it. I wonder if it is magic?

Whatever it is, I just love it, so I played with that while my MH played on her Wii so we both had good fun.

I hope you have had good fun too.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Back to normal

That's what it is in my house again. We are all quiet and back to normal and the parties have finished for a wee while, so it is just me and my humans, but I am getting plenty of attention, so I have no complaints at all.

I had a very lazy day yesterday but went out to play as usual at night time and did a wee bit of hunting and exploring, but the best bit of all was in the middle of the night.

My DH still has a bad cough and he got up at about half past four o'clock in the morning to get a wee drink and I got up too and asked him to open the window for me so that I could go out for a wee minute or two. He did as I asked, and as it was blowing a gale, he decided I wouldn't be too long, but I am afraid I proved him wrong.

When my MH got up to go to the toilet at about half past five, my DH told her I was still out and would she call for me 'cos he had been calling and calling and I still hadn't come home, so my MH stayed up and let my DH go back to bed.

The wind was really strong and my humans were very worried about me and my MH kept calling out of the window and at the door, but still I didn't come in and she didn't know where I was.

I think she was just about to put on her wellies and her coat on over her pyjamas (now there's a picture you don't really want in your head!) and come out to look for me when I jumped up onto my window sill and it was six o'clock in the morning!

What amazed my MH was that I was dry and still quite warm so she has no idea where I was and of course, I can't tell her!

I have played with my toys today and my MH took this picture of me which I think you will like. I think I look rather fetching in it and I am sure you will think the same too.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Another Good Night

We had more visitors in my house last night, so I got lots more adoration which suits me just fine.

It was the nice farmer from next door with his wife and I sat on his knee for a long time and said a big thank you for leaving his shed door open for me. He said I was very welcome and he would leave it open whenever he could so that I could chase away all the mouses, so we have reached an agreement and we are both very happy.

The humans had a long chat and something to eat and drink and I just wandered from knee to knee being very sociable. I am liking this New Year thing and I am just wondering how long it will last 'cos it is suiting me just fine.

The weather still isn't very good, but me and my MH had a wee play in my garden for a while and that was fine 'cos we both needed some fresh air.

I have showed you another picture of what I could see out of my living room window this morning when I was sitting on the back of the chair and you can see my alarm system hanging down.

I have two big windows in my living room, so I can see lots of things like the sea and ships and planes and helicopters, so it is always busy and I like watching all these things.

I wonder if they can see me watching them?

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


What a night! I had a brilliant time and I must be the luckiest pussy cat in the en-tire world!

My humans were quite busy through the day getting things ready for all our visitors and so I didn't get too much attention and just had a wee snooze on my bed, but when all the people came in, everything changed!

Nearly everybody on my little island was in my house and they all think I am wonderful, so I was really, really spoiled. All my 'special' friends were there and they played with me all night and I had so many knees to chose to sit on, it was hard to make a decision, so I just choosed them all---one after the other.I don't want to leave anybody out! My friends J. and A. were there too and they played with all my toys, and that made us all happy.

I made everybody laugh 'cos at one point I sat up on the back of my couch where I usually sit, but there was a lady sitting at that bit of the couch, and she said she couldn't hear the conversation 'cos I was purring so loudly right at her ear! Everybody giggled at that and that made me purr even louder. My MH was worried my purrer might get overworked, but I am resting it today so I am sure it will be fine when anybody else comes in.

I had a really good time at New Year and I hope you did too.