Thursday, 28 February 2013

So Much Better

 That's what my day has been today. Both my humans have been at home and, as it should be, I have been the centre of their universe.

 My day started off with me helping my MH to change the beds and that is one of my very favourite games and we have great fun together with it ending up as a game of hide and seek which keeps the old dear amused for hours.

I then went into the greenhouse with my DH 'cos we are starting to get it all ready for our tomatoes and things this year and my DH wants to play with my MH's window cleaning machine but he told me that he was going to pretend he didn't know how it worked so that she would do all the windows! I have promised not to tell if he gives me some extra biscuits!!

I stayed out playing 'cos the weather was good and I had a few wee visits to the field to see if there were any new baby sheeps but I lost count at one point. I think I might even have nodded off while I was counting them, but they all looked fine to me and it was good fun watching them doing funny jumps and running after the mummy sheeps. I like watching them and I think thay might like watching me too---and who could blame them? Hee hee :))

When I went back home, I sat on the kitchen window ledge and when I looked in I saw my MH was doing some baking, so I shot in as fast as my adorable little legs could take me 'cos I always get a special Squeak sized pancake and today was no exception. And it was soooo good! She made lots of things today---scones and pancakes and fruit buns 'cos they are my DH's favourite so we won't be hungry for a long time, I think.

We played with some of my toys for a while and both me and my MH had the bestest of fun.

 So you can see that I have had a very good day and after my evening snooze I shall be nipping out of my window again and I will see what mischief I can get up to to round up what has been a perfect pussy cat day.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ho Hum

I have been a lonely little pussy cat today and I have been an inside little pussy cat all day, and those who know me, will know I have not been a happy little pussy cat today.

My DH was away to the Cat shop and my MH had to go out for a while and I don't mind that 'cos I know that when she comes home, she plays with me and makes a fuss of me,---- but not today.

We were just settling down to our games when the phone rang and it was one of her friends asking if she could go out for a while---which she did! And I was left all alone again. Even my 'special' look and a few plaintiff squeaks didn't change anything and off she went.

So I just curled up on my couch and had a snooze until she came back when she DID play with me for a while,  so she is nearly forgiven. Hee hee.

So you will have gathered that I don't have any news but I thought you might like to see this picture of yours truly on my grass this afternoon. We stayed out just for a tiny while 'cos it was cold, but it was good to get some fresh air and I will head out later on this evening and see what I can find to tell you about tomorrow.

I hope you have had a better day than me. :))

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Busy, busy, busy

 Not me, you understand, but all these mummy sheeps.

Every time I go out of my house I see another baby sheep and they are nearly all black ones and they are so beautiful with their little wobbly legs and their wee waggly tails when they are getting their dinner, but doesn't the mummy sheep keep the feeding bowl in a funny place?

I have been out nearly all day and my humans have been busy too 'cos our weather is still good, so thank you Sean. That's my little weather man friend and he is being very good to us.

My MH was in her gym but I played outside and tried to count all the new arrivals, but being a pussy cat, I couldn't. I nearly got kidnapped though---or should that be cat-napped? I went into the field for a wee chat to the sheeps and one of the mummy sheeps thought I was her baby and she came charging towards me and as I took off towards the gate, so did she. And what a noise she was making!! It was only when I nipped out through the fence and her own baby wakened up that she realised that I wasn't a sheep-----but it was a narrow escape! I shall have to be more careful in future.

I played in my garden for a while and when I was on our bin, my MH took this picture for you.

 There is a big moon out tonight in the sky so I think I will be able to stay out late 'cos it is nice and dry and not windy which is just the way I like it.

I won't go into the field 'cos all the babies will be sleeping and I don't want to waken them up 'cos I am a very considerate pussy cat.

Adorable AND considerate! Some puss, eh? :))

Monday, 25 February 2013

Another Good Day

 My little weather man friend must be working really hard 'cos he has given me lots of good weather and that means that I can get out to play nearly all day and that makes me a very happy pussy cat.

 I was up early today 'cos we had a visitor who came to my house for a wee while, so we were all up very early and my DH went away shopping to Kirkwall so it was just us girls left in my house and we had good fun.

Monday is my MH's cleaning day but because she started earlier than usual, she was finished early and had lots of time to play with me.

We went into the gym, but I left her little legs making her bike go fast, and I went outside and played on the grass, but it was when she had finished and we were leaving the gym that I got a great big surprise and I will tell you what it was.

I looked over into the field where there are lots of mummy sheeps-in-waiting and guess what I saw? I saw a brand new baby sheep being made! I got quite a shock when I saw where it had come from and to be honest, I nearly came over a wee bit faint! I think I am learning more than pussy cats should be learning! Hee hee :))

A wee while later we saw this wee lamb just lying in the sun and my MH thought you might like to see it. I think it is lovely and I hope you will like it too.


I will go into the field later on and have a chat with it and who knows, there may be lots more baby sheeps by that time.


Sunday, 24 February 2013

What a Surprise!

 Well. I went out to play last night after I had seen the old dear settled into her bed and my DH was still reading, so it was safe to leave him too, and I nipped into the field to ask the mummy sheeps if I could speak to the baby sheep and what a surprise I got 'cos there were two of them!

For a wee minute or two, I thought my eyes were playing tricks, so I did a few wee blinks and a couple of pupil exercises and looked again and guess what----they are twins! Identical baby black sheeps twins, so all the more for me to play with.

The mummy sheeps wasn't too happy with me so I didn't go too close, but I gave them a wee purr which told them I wouldn't hurt them and maybe we could play when they are a wee bit older, but what a lovely surprise.

My friend S. came to see me today and I have been rather full of energy so I kept her and my MH busy running after me, but I know they both love doing that.

I went outside with my MH as she was taking her pictures and I was just doing pussy cat things when she took this adorable picture of yours truly.

I hope you like it. I am having a snooze now, but the weather is  still good so I think I will be out very, very late tonight, but what I shall be doing is anybody's guess!

I hope you have a good night too.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

All About Me

I haven't been doing very much today, so I thought I would tell you about a few of my favourite things, ---- cue Julie Andrews Hee hee :))

When I have my dinner at night and have been out for a short ramble round my estate, my very favourite thing to do is to come in and sit on my MH's knee and if she is using her laptop, I cuddle, or coorie, in beside her and put my adorable little head on her keyboard, but if she is not using it, then I sit on her knee and I put my head under her chin and she strokes me till I go to sleep. I am sure I have heard the old dear snoring too as we are both so comfortable!

Then when it is bedtime, another of my favourite things is to lie right next to her and when she puts out the light, she strokes my lugs and tells me she loves me and that makes me the happiest pussy cat in the world. I wait till she goes to sleep and then I nip out and terrorise my neighbourhood!! Hee hee


I have sent you a couple of pictures today and one is of yours truly playing in the wee garden in front of my living room window and the other one is of a couple of the boats that are working away out in the sea in front of my living room where they are doing all the tidal power stuff that I don't understand, but I like to watch the boats.


If you look closely at the picture, you can see a long black and orange 'thing' and everybody here calls it the 'sausage' and that gets pulled up and down the sea in front of my house too, so sometimes the sea is quite busy!

And, I got a big surprise today 'cos when I was out playing I saw a baby black lamb being born, so I will ask my MH to try and get a picture of it for you, but I shall go and have a chat to it tonight, if the mummy sheeps says it is OK 'cos I don't want to frighten it.

It is very beautiful.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Not Much News

It has just been me and my MH in my house today 'cos my DH has gone away to the Cat's shop so it has been quite lazy for us girls.

My MH made some spaghetti bolognese for the dinner and I had a wee drop of mince then I went out to play and I spoke to one of the lady sheeps. I even went into the field, but I am afraid I got a wee bit scared when this enormous big sheep came too near and I nipped through my fence again and chatted from the safe side. Hee hee.


We went out to the gym, but not to do our exercises this time. My MH wanted to clean the windows with her new machine. All our windows are finished now, so I don't know what she is going to do. Maybe she will creep round the island cleaning all the windows when people aren't looking!

Oh dear, it doesn't bear thinking about does it? I would need to leave home as I couldn't live with the embarrassment! But then everybody would see me 'cos their windows would be clean! Sigh!!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Good Fun day

 My little weather man friend munst be working very hard 'cos he has made my weather good although a wee bit cold, but still fine for pussycats to get out and play and run through the grass and talk to the sheeps, so I need to say another big thank you to him. If I could see him, I would give him one of my very special purrs and I know he would just love that.

I was outside again playing with my bit of wood which keeps all my adorable little claws in tip top condition and my MH was there with her camera again, so here I am for you.


We have all been outside today. My MH took her new window cleaning machine outside to do all the windows and I went with her and at one point we had a chat to the nice farmer next door who said we could wash his windows too, but for some reason, my MH wasn't too happy about that suggestion!

She likes the machine and says it will save her a lot of time so now my DH has pinched it to do all the windows in his greenhouse, so I think it will be a wee tired machine by night time.

I have had my dinner and I am having a snooze now on the back of my couch, but I shall soon spring into action and dive out of the 'clean' window to see what mischief I can get up to this evening.

And I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lazy Puss

 Both my humans were out today but my MH was only away for a wee while, so I had a lazy morning and after my breakfast, I just went back to bed and had a very good sleep with lots of lovely dreams until my MH came back and we played together.

But then she did something naughty and I was not happy. She's got a new machine for washing her windows and she decided to try it out on some of the inside windows, and as is my wont, I had to watch what she was doing.

Everything went well until she decided to wash the door window and when she was finished she closed the inside door, but yours truly was still exploring the porch and I got shut in! So I had to sit on the stool until the old dear decided that she was missing me and then it dawned on her where I might be and she came and rescued me. I got a special cuddle to make up for all my suffering! :))

The evening was a lot better 'cos I went out to play after my dinner and as I was having a wee stretch on a bit of wood and sharpening my claws, the sheeps in the field came over to have a wee word with me.

Now, I know you don't believe that we have wee chats, but here is a picture to prove it, and I think we all look adorable, but I am the adorablest!


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ah well.. is just as well we enjoyed the good weather while it lasted 'cos it has been so misty today I have hardly been able to see anything at all. I assume my friends the sheeps are still in the field, but I couldn't see them.

My MH was away to Stromness today to get her hair cut and then to see the dentist and I was looking after my DH but we didn't do very much although I heard him telling my MH that he had been very busy doing 'this and that', but she hasn't worked out what he DID do! Mind you, I think she has a good idea! She is a very clever lady is my MH---at least that's what she keeps telling us!

I got quite excited when my MH came home 'cos I missed her today and I ran to meet her 'cos I knew I would get a special cuddle and I was so happy I even meowed and that made her laugh 'cos I never meow except when I get shut in somewhere I shouldn't have been  and I need to make myself heard, which isn't very often 'cos my MH keeps her eye on me. Well. It isn't exactly ON me. It is still on her face but she watches me all the time 'cos she loves me.

Isn't the human language awful  funny? I think it would be better if everybody just purred and squeaked with the occasional meow and then we would all know what everybody means, except for doggies and we don't really want to know what they mean, do we?

I played with my MH after I had my dinner and she took this picture of me and she says you can almost see me thinking.


I wonder what you think I am thinking?

Monday, 18 February 2013

A Great Big Thank You...

.... to my little weather man friend Sean 'cos today I love him nearly as much as I love my humans 'cos he has given me the bestest day for as long, long time and I have hardly been inside my house at all.

After all the beautiful sunsets last night, I went outside for hours and hours and I was just so happy playing in the grass and watching all the different colours in the sky and then when  I got up early this morning, the sun was shining and it was a lovely day. So thank you Sean, but please can you leave it like this for a while?


Me and my humans have been out a lot today and my MH took out her camera to get lots of pictures and then we went into the gym, but I am afraid I just left her there and went to play in the grass and under the pampas grass until she was finished and then we played together in the garden, so you can see that I am just the happiest pussy cat in the world.

You will see that my MH did what I asked her and she has taken a picture of the new bird feeder that my DH made and there were lots of wee birdies on it to day getting lots of dinner. We put out some seed and a feeding ball and they just love that so I hope it fills their tiny tummies and that they are not hungry any more.


I am going to have a rest now and then I shall go outside so maybe tomorrow I will have some more stories for you and my MH might have some more pictures of the sunsets which are just glorious.

I hope your weather is good too wherever you are.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Another Good day

 My little weatherman friend has been doing a very good job this weekend 'cos he has made my weather good and we have all been outside again.

 I went outside and played with my DH and chased bits of pampas grass all over my garden. The big wind has broken off a lot of bits but it is good fun for me 'cos I can run and chase them and catch them and it keeps me fit and gets rid of all my energy.

 I went outside very late last night and both my humans had gone to bed before I came home so my MH had to get up for a wee while to let me in, but she didn't mind too much.

She was away out visiting this afternoon but as soon as she came home, I got one of her very special cuddles and then I sat on her knee and she told me all about what she had been doing and that made me a very content little pussy cat.

 I shall have a little rest on the back of my couch and then I shall go out to play again later on, and I think I might be out again very late 'cos I just love these nights when it is calm and dry and I can spend lots of time hunting for spiders and mouses and just having a wee chat to the sheeps.


My DH made a new bird feeder for my birdie friends 'cos the wind broke the other one, so I shall ask my MH to take a picture of it and you can see it for yourself.

My humans call it the birdie cafe, so I shall wait till there are lots of birdies having their dinner and then get my MH to show you what it is like.

I  think they will like it.

Saturday, 16 February 2013


I am a happy bunny today. Well, I am still a pussy cat, but I heard my MH telling my DH that I was a happy bunny, so I guess that's what I must be.

I have been able to get out to play nearly all day 'cos the weather has been very good. My DH has been outside all day too and you know how I like company when I am out, so I am double happy.

Then, my MH came outside and I was triple happy. Maybe that's what makes me a happy bunny. Who knows? Anyway I had great fun. At one point my MH was in her gym and I was outside on the grass and I gave her a fright 'cos I was playing at catching flies and feathers and things and I made a great big jump and jumped higher than the window and my MH could see me from her bike! She said I nearly made her fall off! Oops.

When she finished her exercises, she played with me on the grass and we found a big bit of pampas grass and she swished it round and round and I followed it and at one point it looked like she was stirring me and my DH said it looked really funny but he didn't have the camera which is a shame.

We put a lot of food out for the birdies and I have sent you some pictures of the starlings that come to my house and a great big birdie that came for a feed too. I like the starlings but I stayed away from the big birdie 'cos he looked very big and very fierce, so I just pretended I was a very good pussy cat, which is the truth anyway!

I hope it is a good day again tomorrow 'cos I just love being outside and I hope you have a good day too..

Friday, 15 February 2013

I knew it wouldn't last

Remember I told you that me and my DH were in the Boss's good books? Well it didn't last, and we are both in trouble again---BIG trouble. In fact even the trouble has a capital T.

I know you will be wondering what we have been doing, so I shall tell you. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.

My DH was going to the Cat Protection shop today so he was up early, but since my MH wasn't going anywhere, she didn't need to get up and thought she would have another wee snooze. I got up with my DH 'cos he knew he had to feed me, and when he did this he went and had his shower and when I had finished eating, I went into the bathroom to make sure he was washing all the right bits. Oh dear, don't these humans look funny when they have no clothes on? I wonder if I would look funny if I took off all my fur? Oh I think I need a wee lie down till that image passes!

Anyway, he washed and dried all the bits that needed washing and drying and then he went out of the bathroom, and guess what he did---or guess what he didn't do? Yep, he didn't shut the door, and I was very, very quick to notice this, so I nipped in, took up my favourite position in the wash hand basin and played with the shower cord, clunking it off the wall and making the most delightful sound in the en-tire world!

Oh how I love that noise, but for some reason, my MH doesn't like it when she is trying to sleep and she had to get up and close the bathroom door and by this time she was awake so she just got up anyway, but oh boy was she some not happy with us both. Sigh. :(

Later on, when I was forgiven, I was able to watch her as she played on her Wii and as you can see, I got up very close to the telly to see what she was doing and this time she was playing golf again.

So what started as a scary morning turned out all right in the end. But with my winning purr and special cuddles, it always does!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

I think.... little weatherman friend must be magic 'cos how else could he have changed a horrid winter day with lots of wind and snow blowing everywhere into a lovely day today which is more like Spring although still a wee bit cold?

I think he MUST be magic to be able to do that. You will have gathered by now that I am a happier pussy cat today 'cos I have been able to get out to play without getting blowed away or snowed upon and I prefer that.

I went into the gym with my MH and 'cos she could leave the door open, I went into the field to have a chat with my sheeps friends and I asked them if they had been OK in the snow. They said they were fine 'cos they have thick woolly coats and their skin was still warm.

I just have a thin fur coat and sometimes when I come in, I am so cold my MH has to cuddle me to get me warm again, and sometimes when I sit on her knee my cold feets make her shiver too, so maybe she should make me a wooly coat. BUT! It would need to be a colour like red or blue or purple 'cos if it was brown or white or black, the nice farmer next door might mistake me for one of his sheeps and send me to market. I wouldn't like that at all, so my MH will need to be very careful.

I have sent you a picture which shows the flowers my DH gave to my MH for her birthday. They are lovely and they made her very happy, so he is in her good books for another wee while.

Oh happy days!!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

It's Snowing!

Wow! What a day it has been. We've had lots and lots of snow and it has blowed against my windows so much, we could hardly see outside.

My DH couldn't go to the Cats shop today 'cos all the boats were cancelled so he stayed home with us, but my poor MH had to go out for a while and she had to scrape all the snow off the car before she could get into it and then when she came home, we had to scrape all the snow off her!! Oh she did look funny 'cos she had her black trousers and a black jacket on but when she came into my house, her front was all white and her back was all black. Me and my DH had a wee giggle, but we didn't let her see us. Mind you, she couldn't anyway 'cos her glasses were all steamed up and she couldn't see anything, so we were quite safe.

When she warmed up and after I had given her lots of cuddles and purrs, she played on her Wii and I watched for a while and then I got very brave and asked her to open the window 'cos I wanted to see what it was like outside and I went and sat on the window sill and my MH took this picture of me. I didn't stay out too long 'cos it was very freezing cold, so I nipped in again very quickly.

Later on, the nice man from next door came in to see us and when he came in so did the weather and my porch was all covered in snow and it was even worse when he went away again, so we need to keep the door closed and if I want to be very brave again tonight, I will have to go out of the window and we will try and keep the weather outside.

The wind is blowing a lot and my little weather man friend said it is going to be a gale force wind tonight, so maybe the best place for an adorable little pussy cat like me is on my couch!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Just an ordinary day

Although it is my MH's birthday and I helped her open all her cards and me and my DH sent her a lovely one and I gave her a very special cuddle with my extra special purrs, so she is a very happy MH. My DH gave her beautiful flowers and I helped her put them in the vases and I ran away with the bits she had to cut off and this made her laugh a lot.

She had to do some housework and was changing the bed that the visitors had used, so I was able to play in the duvet cover again and I had brilliant fun. I am very full of energy just now and 'cos it is cold, I don't go out too much, so my humans have to play with me and I am liking that. It is making them quite tired though, so hopefully I will get out to play tonight before the snow and the wind come back.

My friend S. came up to see me and my MH and I got a special cuddle from her too so I have been very well cuddled today.

I hope you like today's picture. I think it is a beauty and my MH says it looks as though I am thinking hard about something, but I was just giving my adorable little face one of its regular washes after I had eaten my dinner.

But I think I look really cute---which is normal really--she said modestly!!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Hide and Seek

I played hide and seek today with my MH and it was a long, long time before she found me 'cos I was so, so quiet and when she did find me, she got a fright that made us both jump. But then we had a giggle, as usual.

My MH was playing with her vacuum cleaner and I decided to play my own little game and when she was finished throwing the duster around the living room, she noticed I wasn't there and so she called for me, but I didn't move and I still didn't move when she called again and this made her a wee bit worried so she went looking for me.

She looked in the Kitchen but I wasn't there. She looked under the couch but I wasn't there either. She looked into the bedroom but guess what? Yep! I wasn't there either. Hee hee :))

So. Where was I? Well, after all this hunting and looking and calling and worrying, my MH was thirsty, so she went into the bathroom to get a drink---AND---there I was! Sitting in the wash hand basin just looking at the shower cord and imagining it going 'ping', but I knew if I pinged it for real, old hawk-ears would hear me and the hide and seek game would have been over in a -- well, in a 'ping' Hee hee :))

I love water. Not deep water you understand, just deep enough to put my adorable little paws into. When my MH is doing her ironing, she does it in the utility room and as soon as I hear the board going up, I rush in beside her and jump up onto the sink and my MH puts a wee drop of water in the basin for me and I paddle while she is ironing and I have great fun. She gets a wee bit peeved when I shake my paws at her 'cos they make her a wee bit wet.

My MH thinks I am a funny pussy cat 'cos I like the water, but I just think I am normal. Adorable and normal---not bad eh?

Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Very Quiet Day

We are all back to normal again Chez Squeak and that is just how I like it.

My humans were tired last night so we were all in bed quite early and we all had a good long sleep, except that I was a wee bit naughty and wakened my MH by playing with the shower cord in the bathroom after my DH had left the door open, so we were both in trouble. The only difference is that he can't purr at her like I do, so she stays mad at him longer than at me! Hee hee:))

We have had a lazy day just catching up with things and my humans have been talking to people on the phone and then playing with me so we are all quite happy.

I heard my MH saying that she was going to get back into her wee gym again tomorrow now that all the decorating and visitors are finished, so I shall no doubt go and help her with her exercises 'cos she likes it when she can pedal and talk to me at the same time. That is when she has the breath for it!

So, maybe I will have more news for you next week, but today I don't have anything to tell you except that I am very well and very happy and my humans are very well too, so I hope you are very well also. :)

Saturday, 9 February 2013

I'm Back!

I hope you didn't miss me too much! I hope you didn't forget me!! I am still here. I am very well and I am back to talk to you.

My humans have been very busy 'cos if you remember I told you there was a funeral on my little island and my humans were busy plus we had visitors staying with us and my MH couldn't get out her laptop, but they are away today, so here we are back again.

I am so delighted 'cos our visitors thought I was beautiful and not just adorable but absolutely adorable and I got to sit on their knee and they stroked me and tickled me and I was in my glory!

It was quite funny 'cos the lady looked at me a lot and said the markings on my coat were beautiful and my MH told her that I had tiny, tiny black spots on my adorable little white paws and that she nearly called me 'Spots' but then she thought that made me sound like a disease, and we all laughed and laughed at that. I nearly fell off the couch, I thought it was so funny!

My dear old MH can be quite funny sometimes and she makes me laugh a lot and she also makes me very happy.

I hope you have somebody to make you very happy---but you can't have my MH. She's mine!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Yippee again

It's been a brilliant day. There is no wind at all, so my little island is very, very quiet and me and my humans have been able to get outside.

The man next door came to look at my MH's car 'cos when she is driving, it jumps and hiccups and looks like she has kangaroo petrol in it, so the nice man looked but couldn't find the kangaroo. He said the car is a wee bit sick, but maybe he can fix it so that will be good.

My DH took the ladders out and went up onto the roof to put the slate on that the wind had taken off, so I went out too. I went up a wee bit of the ladder, but it was getting too high, so I came back down again. I like going up ladders and maybe one day I will get up onto the roof.

We are having visitors for tonight and tomorrow and I don't know them at all, so I just hope they like pussy cats, but I will be on my best behaviour and I am sure my adorableness will win them over.

And when you look at today's picture, who could blame them?

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Me again

I didn't think I would get to talk to you today 'cos our phones have been having a wee rest and have stopped working. All the humans think that it is because of all the wind and rain and snow, but I think they might just be tired 'cos sometimes I get tired and have to have a rest.

I have had a quiet day 'cos my DH was at the Cat shop and my MH always goes out for a while on a Wednesday so I had a snooze until she came back and then we went outside to feed the birdies but it was so cold that I was back in my house before my MH!

We played with my toys and I did a lot of running up and down my house and scooting under beds and things and was just full of fun and energy and now I am having a rest and hoping that I can get outside for a while before bedtime.

I don't know if I will be able to write to you for a couple of days 'cos there is a funeral on my little island and my humans are having people to stay with us so they might be busy and my MH might not be able to tell you what I have been doing, but I will save it all up and tell you all about me when she has time.

But don't worry about me 'cos I will be very fine and I hope you will be very fine too.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Guess What?

I got out to play today! I was outside for a long time and I was able to sit on the outside of my window sill for a change and it was magic!

The bad wind had gone away and for a wee while the sun came out and it was lovely just sitting there watching the world go by without getting rained on or hailed on or blowed away. My MH was working in the kitchen and she kept smiling out at me and we were both very happy.

I sat there as my MH did all her housework and I watched the vacuum cleaner whirling round my house and it didn't bother me at all.

That is the good news. The bad news is that the wind has started again and is blowing against my living room window, BUT my little weather man friend said it might bring snow with it, so I will still be a happy puss 'cos I like the snow.

I don't think I will be going outside to play tonight but at least I have been out for a wee while and when I am inside I play with my toys and if you look at today's picture, you will see that I am clutching my wee green ball which is my very favourite toy and I play with it nearly all day.

I just love it to bits.

Monday, 4 February 2013

More Wind!

Will it ever go away? I haven't been able to get out to play at all today and tonight is not looking good either.

My MH has been playing with me in my house but I need to get outside and be a 'real' pussy cat some times---chasing and hunting and catching things.

So, because I haven't been out,I don't have any news but I have sent you some different pictures today. One is of the waves in the sea and they are huge. My humans said it is a long time since they have seen them like that lasting for so long. I am glad I don't have to go near them 'cos I am sure I would get sweept away and I don't think I can swim. Maybe I should ask my MH if puss cats can swim. I know I can paddle, but that's all. I shall let you know.

Another picture is of me watching my MH playing golf on her Wii and she won, but that was only 'cos I was giving the ball a wee push when it got near the hole and in it went, but don't tell her 'cos she doesn't know and she thinks she is a brilliant golfer. Shame! Hee hee :))

And the final picture is of the room we all painted. I think it looks lovely and the loveliest bits are the bits I helped with. Oh dear I think I might have had too many modesty pills today!!

I hope you like all these pictures and I hope you don't have too much wind wherever you are.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Oh Dear

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. My little weather man friend was right and we have awful weather and he has said it might get a lot worser, so you might not hear from me for a wee while 'cos we have no phones just now---not that that worries ME of course, but the electricity keeps flickering, so my MH might not be able to use her computer too much, so she might not tell you what we have been doing.

The weather man said we might get severe storm force winds so I think me and my MH won't be getting up out of our bed until it has all gone away! I am just a tad fed up with all this wind.

Apart from that, I have been having great fun with my MH and all my toys and I haven't lost my wee green ball so I keep playing with that and I made my humans laugh again today 'cos the little green ball was on the floor and I was on the couch and I was getting ready to attack and my adorable little bum was wriggling and it made them both laugh and then I leapt off the couch and 'killed' the wee green ball and we all chuckled.

I think I might be playing a lot with my toys 'cos if the weather is as bad as it is supposed to be, then I ain't moving away from my living room, 'cos as well as being adorable, I am a very wise little pussy cat.

I hope you are all safe, cosy and well.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

All Quiet

My house is nearly all back to normal again. My MH just had a wee bit of board to paint and me and her went into the gym to do this, so I was able to have a wee hunt round about while the old dear was getting her work done, but the room will soon be all finished and we are all very happy with it.

I hope the paint pots disappear soon 'cos I am beginning to not like them as much as I don't like the vacuum cleaner and the lawn mower. The paint doesn't make any noise but it means that my humans don't have any time for me. Well, that's a wee fib 'cos they do have SOME time, just not as much as I want.

I was just settling down on my MH's knee last night when she told me she had to go out, so you can imagine that I was not best pleased. She was away for nearly two hours, so it was just me and my DH, but the bestest bit was that when she came home, she went straight for her shower and then put on the big cuddly dressing gown that I love, so guess where I very quickly landed? Yep, back on her knee. And I was so cosy and comfortable I slept and snored for a long time. Oh and I did like it lots.

I have been out playing quite a lot today and although it is cold, it is dry and not windy, but my little weather man friend Sean says the horrid wind is coming back again on Monday so I am not liking that at all.

I shall let you know how we all get on but I hope you are all doing well.

Friday, 1 February 2013

All Done!

The painting is all finished and my humans are very, very happy and so am I!

They got it all finished last night and my DH went away to the Cat shop today leaving my MH to put everything back in its place again. I offered to help but since it was a good day my MH said I should go out to play and do pussy cat things 'cos I had been such a good help when they were painting. I think the fact that I stayed out of the paint was a big enough help! Hee hee

So, oft I went and stayed out for a long time 'cos I found some puddles that I could paddle in and I liked that a lot. I love water that I can paddle in, but not if it is too deep or too splashy!

When I came in , my MH was all finished her tidying up and was making wee buns for my DH 'cos they are his favourite and pancakes for me and whe she was finished that, she played with me for ages and ages and ages until we were both tired.

So it looks as though everything is back to normal again Chez Squeak, making me one very happy little (adorable)pussy cat.