Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter.......

......everyone! I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend and that you have lots of eggs to eat.

I have had a very good weekend so far. The weather has been brilliant, my humans are both at home, although my MH was out for a short while today, and I have been playing lots and lots outside, so what more could a  pussy cat could ask for?

I was up early 'cos the sun was shining and my MH fed me and left the window open so that I could get in and out as much as I wanted and I sat on my path and watched all the little birdies. Every day there are more and more birdies coming back and if I could count, I could tell you how many I have seen,  but I can't so I won't! Hee hee.

My MH went to see my friend Sian with my other friend M. and they had tea and cake and a long blether, so I helped my DH finish off the greenhouse and then I just sat on the grass.

Earlier in the day my MH had a chuckle when she saw me 'cos she had looked for me in all my usual places but couldn't find me and then she looked into our spare room and there was yours truly spread out on the bed at full stretch 'cos the sun was streaming in through the window, and I was toasting my adorable little tummy! But oh, dear friends, it was wonderful and I was SO cosy! I just loved it, so I purred at her and she went away and left me to cook!

I haven't seen the Easter Bunny yet, but I saw my MH's enormous Easter Egg, but she hasn't opened it yet so maybe I will ask her to send a picture if it to you before it disappears.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Wow! What a day!

The weather is lovely so we have all been outside and I have been helping my DH do lots more work in our greenhouse and it is looking very nice and clean now. All it needs is some plants but my DH says it is still a bit too early.

My MH did some baking for us so we are all very happy---and full up! Then we had some visitors and I was a very happy puss 'cos they made a fuss of me, and of course they thought I was adorable---'nuff said.

There was a mummy and a daddy and two little children. One of the little children was a baby and he just slept most of the time, so I just had a look and a sniff at him and then left him alone, but the little girl was playing with me and I liked that but we ran about so much that I was tired and I am now having a snooze in my wee hoose 'cos I intend being out very late tonight 'cos the moon is lovely and bright and I can see for miles and miles so I know where all the little mouses are. There is a cow outside my gate too, so I shall have a word with her tonight and find out why she is there.

My humans are quite happy to let me out late 'cos the weather is so good that they can leave the window open for me to come home whenever I feel like it and that means that I can nip in, have a wee short snooze and nip out again!

Oh yes. It has been a brilliant day so far, and the night time has still to come! I hope your day has been brilliant too.


Friday, 29 March 2013


 I have been so busy today that I had to have an unscheduled nap early in the afternoon, but I am bouncing around again now.


The lady from the Cat shop phoned to tell my DH that the shop was closed today, so he didn't need to go  away from me. We had no boat last Wednesday when he was supposed to be there, so he didn't know he didn't need to go today, so it was just as well she told him.

That phone call meant that I was wakened early, and as soon as I am awake, my adorable little tummy tells me it needs filling and I in turn, pass this information on to my MH who springs in to action and puts food out for me.

Now, because it looked like a good day, me and my MH stayed up and I helped her as she did some of her work. She doesn't do an awful lot on a Friday, but she decided to play with her window machine and cleaned the insides of the windows, so we can see in AND out now!

Do you remember I told you that my MH was hinting for a Easter egg, well my DH didn't bring one home, BUT he brought her a huge piece of cream cake from the cafe, so that kept the old dear sweet! Phew!!

She actually has a Easter egg, so maybe my DH thought she wouldn't want another one. And really, I think he was right----and that doesn't happen often. Hee hee :))

My MH said I might see the Easter Bunny on Sunday so I am looking forward to that. I hope you all have a very good Easter weekend and that you have lots of Easter eggs if you want them.

Thursday, 28 March 2013


------Brilliant! I am such a happy wee animal and my humans are happy too, so what more can we ask for?

It is lovely and bright on my little island and although it is cold, it is still brilliant weather for a pussy cat to be out in. My DH decided to go shopping in Kirkwall today. I think he is going to buy my MH a Easter egg. Not that she has asked for one, but she has hinted so much that if he doesn't get one she will not be best pleased, and you all know what THAT means!! :(

Anyway, we were all wakened early 'cos he has got a new alarm clock and when it went off this morning, it was so loud I am sure it wakened everybody on the island! Hee hee. However, me and my MH went back to sleep for a while and then when she was doing her housework, I sat outside on the kitchen window sill and just watched what was happening and listened to all the birdies and that made me so relaxed that I think I nodded off for a minute.

I wakened up just in time though and I got a big surprise. My MH decided she needed to clean the tops of the wardrobes 'cos there are lots of toys up there and they were all stoory (dusty) so today was the dusting day and I came inside just in time.

All the toys got put on the bed so I had a good sniff at them all and then I went up on top of the wardrobes for another good sniff. I do this through the night when my humans are sleeping and I have a wee chat to all the stuffed animals, but I was great fun being up there with my MH chasing me with her duster and then I had a sniff at all the toys as she put them back, so that was just brilliant!

We had a wee while in the gym but I spent most of the exercise time in the garden just running and chasing and killing the pampas grass, so I think I will need a sleep now before I go outside again tonight.


My DH will be home soon and I will tell you tomorrow if he brought an egg-----or not!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

STILL Happy!

 I have had another brilliant day and me and my humans have been outside all day doing lots of work and I listened to the birdies singing as I rolled on the path and then ran round and round the grass. I liked it a lot!

Our greenhouse is sparkling now and all ready for all the little plants. My DH borrowed my MH's window machine and he washed all the greenhouse windows while I watched him.

Then my MH took it back 'cos she was washing her car windows which were all salty and sandy, so I think everybody on my little island is a lot safer now that she can see! Hee hee :))

So we have all had a good day. I like it when we all get outside together and my humans can leave the windows and the door open for me, so I can come in whenever I want 'cos sometimes I play so hard that my adorable little tummy gets quite empty and I have to come inside and full it up again. I do like my food and my MH knows this so she makes sure she always has plenty for me. She doesn't want me complaining, now, does she?

I hope you like my picture today. My MH took it when I was sitting on the outside window sill and as well as seeing me, you can also see the view we have from my sitting room window. I like it and so do all our visitors.


And I hope you do too.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Still Very Happy

My little weather man friend has been very good to me 'cos he has given me another good day of weather and I have been outside nearly all day and you know that makes me a very happy puss, so thank you Sean.

I went outside for a long time last night and I played and sniffed and hunted and then I lay in the long grass for a while and just listened to all the noises of the birdies and the little animals and right then I was the happiest little pussy cat in the world.

When I went inside, I snuggled up to my DH to let him know I was happy and then I went and lay on top of my MH's feet till they told me to get off 'cos they were all tingly. I had a very good sleep with lots of lovely dreams.

We were all outside today. My DH and me are still working in the greenhouse and it is looking lovely and clean now, and my MH cleaned the bedrooms and then she went into her gym while I played on the grass and waited for her to finish.

She then decided to play with her window machine and washed all the outsides of the windows and my DH whispered in my adorable little lug that it would probably snow now. And guess what? IT DID!!! But just for a second or two and not enough to dirty the windows, but me and my DH did have a chuckle---but only when the Boss wasn't looking, of course!

I am having a rest now so that I can gather up all my energy to go outside later on tonight. I wonder what I will discover tonight? :))

Monday, 25 March 2013

Much Happier Today

 I am so clever. Last night my little weather man friend was on my television and I went right up to him and asked him if he could give me some better weather 'cos I was getting worried about my humans.

You see, being a very energetic pussy cat, I need out to play and I need lots of exercise, so when the weather isn't good, I rely on my humans to give me all the exercise I want and this means they have to get down on the floor and play with me, and sometimes they get tired before me.

BUT. If my little weather man friend sends me good weather, then I can get outside lots of times during the day, and this gives the old dears a bit of a rest, and if he gives me weather with no wind, then they can leave the window open for me and they don't even have to get up. See?

And guess what happened? My little weather man friend heard me, and sended me good weather today and we are all very happy. My DH and me were in our greenhouse for a long time and he has started to get it ready for all our plants and after my MH finished all her housework, I took her into the gym and I ran and ran outside while she played on her bike and her walking machine. So we have all had lots of exercise and I will get lots more when I go outside tonight after our dinner.

Right now, I am having a rest on my chair with one of my toys beside me and I am a very happy puss.


I hope you are happy too.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hello Everyone

I hope you are all well and that you have had a good weekend. I am very well and I have had a super weekend doing lots of pussy cat things and getting lots of cuddles which I like very much.

I have sent you a picture of me playing with the bags yesterday 'cos I thought you might like to see me half way in a carrier bag! I love bags and boxes and as soon as I see one lying about, I am in there like a shot!


My friend S. came up to see me and my MH today and she played with me and cuddled me and I gave her my special purrs which made her very happy.

It is still very cold on my little island, so I have been inside a lot, but I go outside at night for a while. In fact, I go outside at night a LOT for short times and my humans said they are getting very tired having to get up and open the window for yours truly. My DH was thinking about putting a cat flap on the living room window, but the Boss said it would make it too draughty, so that's not going to happen.

I think I am giving them good exercise making them get up lots of times, but I do hear a lot of tutting and groaning, so I think they are both looking forward to the summer coming when they can leave the window open for me.

Sometimes I think I am just not appreciated. Sigh! :(

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Naughty Puss....

.... but still lovely and adorable!

I have had a crackin' day today. Both my humans are home and for some reason my DH decided to clean out two of the cupboards. One is in the kitchen where the humans keep all the baking and cooking 'things', so I don't get to see in that cupboard, but today my DH took everything out and gave the shelves a big wash, so I had a good look at everything and a wee sniff at things it was OK to sniff at.

Then he took all the bags out of the big cupboard where my MH keeps her towels and this is the cupboard where there is a ladder which I climb whenever the door is open and today I got right up to the top and played on the empty shelf, and then I played with all the bags as my DH was fixing them out. I even got inside a couple of them before he noticed what I was doing and made me stop. Hee hee hee.

THEN! And this is where I was a wee bit naughty. I went into the living room where my MH was making friendship bracelets with a ring and lots of thread and I tried to help her by catching the threads in my little paw, but for some reason she wasn't too pleased with me, and made me go down from the couch. The ladies on my little island make cards and things like fridge magnets and key rings and bookmarks and friendship bracelets and they put them in a box in the waiting room at the pier, and visitors to the island take what they want and leave some money in the box, and that is what my MH was doing. OK?

Well, since I was on the floor anyway, I decided to have an explore and I jumped up onto the table and just as my MH was turning round to see what I was doing, I lifted one of the bracelets between my little teeths and raced into the bedroom with it and I was just about to dive under the bed when she grabbed me and took the bracelet away.

She told my DH why she had run through the kitchen like a train ----'cos he was shaking his head again--(he shakes his head a lot!)!---- and she called me a monster!

Now, I ask you. Is this the face of a monster? I don't think so!


Friday, 22 March 2013

Model Puss

That's what I have been today, but it is not model as in good, it is model as in posing, and I pose very well.

I suppose I shall have to explain? Well. Today we had visitors and the man who came was showing my MH how to do more and better things with her camera and I was listening to them from my hiding place under the couch. Ah, I think I need to explain something else.

When strangers come in, I nip under the couch and hide until I am sure they are OK and that they like pussy cats and then I appear and go for walkabouts on their knees. So, that's where I was and I was listening very carefully as my MH was telling the three visitors all about me and when the lady asked how old I was, my MH replied 'three and a quarter' and that made them  all laugh and I had a wee giggle too.

I was still listening and hiding when I heard the man visitor say that he needed a model to show my MH how to do some things with her camera, and that did it. Before you could say 'Squeak' I was there! Right in front of him, with my best pussy cat look and my best pose and he was delighted.
'We could use the pussy cat' he said.

'Brilliant' I purred and he took lots of pictures of me which made us all very happy.


We have had a good day but it is very windy on my little island so I don't think I shall be going out to play tonight. I shall just ask my humans to play with me and I am sure they will do that.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Very Quiet Day

I have learned something else today. I know what an X-ray is! My MH was away to Kirkwall today to get one of these on her leg and she told me all about it when she came home. I thought it was very odd but I didn't tell her that.

So, my day here was very quiet and I stayed in all day and looked after my DH in case he got lonely, so the picture you are seeing was taken a wee while ago and not today.


I was quite happy to stay in 'cos it is very cold and there were lots of snow showers, but not enough snow for this wee pussy cat to get out to play in it, so I sat on the window sill and just watched it while I was waiting for my MH to come home.

She brought lots of messages for my DH and for her and my very favourite dinners for me and I sat on her knee while she cuddled me and told me all about her day. I wonder if she will show me a picture of her bones? I wonder if I will like it? We had a wee snooze before dinner time 'cos the old dear was tired and she likes me when I cuddle in beside her, and to be quite honest, dear friends, I quite like it too.

I think my very loud purrs told her that!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Not Much News

 'Cos it is Wednesday and both of my humans are out for a while. My DH is away all day but my MH comes home just after lunch time and she always gives me a big cuddle and tells me what she has been doing.

As soon as she came in today, we took some food out for the birdies and then after I had been sitting on my MH's knee for a long time, I jumped up onto my window sill and watched the birdies as they were eating up all their dinner.

My DH had gone to feed the hens and the ducks and the other pussy cat before he went away on the boat and today is the last day they need to do that 'cos the lady that owns all the animals is coming home tomorrow, so she can feed them herself now. Maybe I will sniff her fingers when she comes to see me and my MH which she does quite often.

I went outside for a while but it is too cold to stay out for a long time. I played with my MH and some pampas grass when we went to feed the birdies and she made me run and run round and round in circles until I was a dizzy puss, but a very happy one.


Then she made some scones for after our dinner and she made a very special on in the shape of a S for me---well, not me, for Squeak if you see what I mean?

So that's what I have been doing today and I don't know what I will be doing tonight. It will all depend on the weather and how I am feeling, but I will tell you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

No Trouble

 Me and my MH are not in ANY trouble at all today and even my DH has been good, so all is very quiet in my house.

It was bedroom cleaning day today and bed changing day and you know that makes me a very happy pussy cat 'cos I get to play all sorts of games and my MH loves the company when she is working. I had great fun hiding under all the bed clothes and I nearly got inside the pillow case, but she spotted me and I was very gently put down on the floor, but my the time the poor old dear had straightened up, I was back on the bed! Hee hee. Oh we did have a giggle. When we told my DH what we were doing, he just shook his head and his beard waggled and we giggled again.

In the afternoon after I had been out for a while, my MH took out her Wii and played lots of games on it and then I got weighed again and my little Wii Mii was very pleased with me 'cos my weight is just the same. I might get a special treat tonight because I have been good.

We played for a while and then I decided that I would go outside again and my MH took this picture just as I was about to spring onto my window sill and I thought you might like to see an action shot of yours truly.


Monday, 18 March 2013

More Trouble

But it is me this time! It is still a bit cold although the snow hasn't arrived, so I have spent most of my day on my couch.

However, I did get into a bit of trouble earlier this afternoon, and I thought you might like to hear about it. My MH decided to make some wee fruit buns and she was busy baking, so I took up my position on the chair beside her and then I thought I might like to go out, so I pushed the inside door open and stood looking at the outside door.

So. My MH had to stop what she was doing, wash her hands and dry them and then come to open the door for me, and as soon as she did this, I felt the wind on my delicate little body and shot right back into the kitchen. She was not best pleased but returned to her baking.

I sat and watched some more and then decided that maybe I SHOULD have gone out, so I pushed open the inside door and sat staring at the outside door and I even did a little squeak. So. MH stopped what she was doing, washed her hands and dried them and opened the door for me, but this time, she shut the inside door first, so when I decided that it was still too cold and tried to run back into the kitchen, she caught me and very quickly but very gently put me outside and shut the door!!

I didn't know the old dear could move that fast! I had the wit to stay out for a good wee while and then when I came in the baking was finished so me and my MH played together and I was forgiven.

This is me ringing for attention!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Lazy Day

Another lazy Sunday chez Squeak which suits me fine. We all had a long sleep although me and my MH were up about five o'clock but we soon nipped back to bed again for some more snoozes.

It is very cold, so I decided I would be an indoor cat for a while and me and my MH played with my toys which gives us both some exercise.

Then she made some more pancakes 'cos my DH had eaten all the others, so I got a wee Squeak sized one as usual and I liked that. After that, my MH went away to feed the hens and ducks and pussy cat before she came to play some more with me. She told me all the hens and ducks were well behaved and didn't fly at her which made her happy, but she has never seen the pussy cat yet. She fills  up the feeding bowl and puts it where the pussy cat knows it will be and when she goes back the next day, all the food is gone, but still no pussy cat. Funny, eh?

Later on in the afternoon my friend S. came to see me and my MH and I got a lot of cuddles from her and my little purrer was working so loud, it made her laugh. She has a pussy cat too, but it doesn't purr or squeak like I do.

But then, I am unique, am I not?

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Big Trouble

 But not for me. Oh no. For my MH. She shut my adorable little tail in the window last night! Owwww!!!

We had visitors in and I was having a great time jumping from knee to knee and being adored by four people instead of just two, and then I decided it was time to go out and see all my little friends in the fields and the barns and so I nipped up onto the window sill and my MH jumped up to let me out.

All as it should be so far. BUT. She was chatting and not giving me her undivided attention and she started to shut the window just as my little wagger decided to lean back, and it got caught. Owwww!

Now, between you and me dear reader, it wasn't sore. I just got a wee bit of a fright, but when I came back inside, I gave my MH my most mournful look and I think I even managed a wee limp. However, my MH, being a very clever lady (so she tells everyone!), knew that I was OK and I knew that she knew I was OK, so she just smiled and gave me a special cuddle and I forgave her! Oh and by the way, my little wagger is still working perfectly.

We have had a good day today just taking it easy and I have been in and out my window lots of times--but it has been left open, so there is no danger of another accident, thank goodness.

My little weather man friend Sean told me we might get snow soon, so there might be more things for me to do outside if we get a lot of snow.

My MH went up to feed all the hens and cats and ducks today and she said they are all fine and they run to meet her when they see her coming but she told me that it wasn't because they were happy to see her, it was because they knew she was going to feed them.

Sure that's a shame?

Friday, 15 March 2013

Clever Puss

I can count! Just up to 10, but I can count!

Now, I know I have got your attention, so I shall explain. My MH was away to the farm up the hill to feed the chooks and the ducks and the cat and when she came back, she told me what she had been doing, so I sat on the chair and just looked at her, and she knew right away what I wanted.

I wanted to smell her fingers, so she held them out for me to have a good old sniff and as I put my adorable little snifter on each finger, my MH counted them out for me, so now I can count up to 10. Mind you, I went over each finger quite a few times, but my MH told me that humans usually have 10 fingers and 10 toes---but I don't sniff her toes! Oh dear me no, no, no!!

It is another good day and there are more and more birdies coming back to my little island so I have been watching them as some of them come to my bird feeder and they chirp away when they are having their dinner and I like to hear that.

We are having visitors at my house tonight so I have to be on my best behaviour. As if I am ever anything else! The lady who is coming likes pussy cats, but the man isn't too fond of other pussy cats, but guess what? He like me! Now there's a surprise!! Hee hee :))

I shall probably be nipping in and out a lot as the humans will be chatting, but I shall give them all a turn at adoring me and I am sure that will make them very happy, and I shall tell you tomorrow how we all get on.


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Happy Happy Happy

 Oh yes, I am a happy pussy cat 'cos the weather has been good, so I have been outside nearly all day and both my humans have been at home, so I have had lots of attention and lots of company and people to play with me whenever I wanted, so you can see why I am so happy.

It has been lovely and bright today with no wind, so I was outside bright and early after my breakfast and I sat on my path and listened to the birdies and watched the little lambs playing in the field.


My MH told me she had seen two oyster catchers when she was out yesterday, so maybe all the birdies are coming back now for the Spring and the Summer. I like to hear the birdies singing when I am outside and you all know that I am a good pussy cat and I don't chase them. I just leave them alone 'cos my MH told me that's what good pussy cats do.

My MH was in her gym for a wee while and I played on the grass while her little legs were doing all their hard work, and then when she was finished, we played together with a big bit of pampas grass. I love when she plays with me and we chase the pampas grass round and round until I get dizzy and have to lie down for a rest, but it is just the bestest of fun.

I didn't go out much last night 'cos it was too cold for me, but I think I shall be out late tonight. Maybe my humans can leave the window open for me if they are tired and need to go to bed.

I shall suggest that and then I can please myself as to what time I decide to stop terrorising my little island! Hee hee hee :))

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Not Doing Much

That's just me! My humans have been busy as they normally are on a Wednesday. My DH went to the Cat Shop in Stromness and my MH always goes out for a wee while on a Wednesday, but she comes home soon and plays with me and cuddles me.

It was a cold morning and there was some snow on the ground, so I went out to play for a while before my MH went away, but she made me come inside before she went out 'cos she didn't want me to get cold and it was too windy to leave the window open,  so I just went back to my little bed and had a snooze till she came home.

She had been to feed the hens and ducks and the pussy cat and she told me all about it. She said they were well behaved and they didn't jump on top of her which made her happy. We had a quiet afternoon and I watched her as she was doing her ironing and, as usual, I paddled in the basin and then sprinkled my MH with cold water when I shooked my adorable little paws after I took them out of the basin!

I had another venture outside and I rolled and rolled on our path 'cos that is one of my favourite things to do and that's when my MH took this picture of me. I think I look as though I am having a big think, which I probably am 'cos I do a lot of thinking and my humans are always saying that they wish they knew what I WAS thinking, but that might get me into trouble sometimes. Hee hee :))


I am now lying on my MH's knee  with my little head on her laptop as she is writing this and every now and then, she tickles my lugs and that makes them twitch, but then she rubs them and tickles my adorable little nose and that sets my purrer off so that she has to turn up the volume on the television 'cos she can hardly hear it. Oops!

It is beginning to get windy, so I might just stay on my MH's knee until bed time, but on the other paw I might go outside again.

Who knows? But I will tell you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cold Puss

Oh boy, it is a cold day and there have been some wee snow showers so yours truly has been in the house nearly all day.

My MH had to go to Stromness this morning so we were up early and I got an early breakfast which I gobbled up and then went back to bed!

She came home at dinner time so we played together and then I sat on her knee while she told me what she had been doing and after that, I went outside for a wee while, but it was for a very short time 'cos I was too cold. I prefer to lie on my couch where it is warm, or to sit on my MH's knee where I am very comfy.

Later in the afternoon, my MH was a bit tired so she decided to have a short snooze and I went in beside her and curled up next to her and purred till she went to sleep, and then I had a snooze as well.

So we are both up now and full of beans, but we are still not going outside!


Monday, 11 March 2013

A Brilliant Day

 We have all had a super duper day and we are all very happy.

When we got up, the sun was shining and it was even quite warm, so we decided that it might be an 'outside' day. When my MH is having her breakfast, I sit on her knee and she tells me what she is going to be doing, so when she is finished, I know what she is going to get up to and I also know what to do with my adorable little self.

As you know, Monday is her cleaning day, so I wander round with her when she is doing the scrubbing and the dusting and the polishing, but I make myself scarce when the vacuum cleaner comes out, and as my DH was putting a bit of guttering back on, I went outside to watch him and when I came back in, my MH was having a wee rest, so I plonked myself on her knee again and we had another chat and she told me she was going to play with her window cleaning toy.

Now. We had all been listening to my little weather man friend and he told us it might snow, and when I mentioned this to the old dear she said that the sun was shining so maybe he had made a mistake, and the windows were so dirty that even if it DID snow, we wouldn't be able to see it! Sometimes I wonder about the wisdom of the woman! But I keep that to myself.

Anyway, out we went and cleaned the windows and while this was going on, I found a bit of pampas grass and played with that and my MH was laughing at me 'cos I was jumping on it and then holding it in my paws and rolling on my back with it and attacking it from a great height when I took off and threw myself at it. Oh I did have good fun and my MH said it was like watching a pussycat street dance!

My DH fixed my adventure play thing 'cos my little claws had made it all hairy and he made a new scratch pad for me which I have showed you today. I hope you like it.

 We had a while in the gym and then just as we all finished our work and I was having a snooze on the back of my couch, guess what happened?

Yep! The snow came on! I said nothing but gave The Boss one of my 'I told you so' looks and she just smiled. But at least we could see the snow!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Just Another Sunday

 A quiet lazy day Chez Squeak although my DH has been busy working outside and fixing things that had got a wee bit broken, so my MH is happy.

I have been outside quite a lot but just for short times 'cos it is very cold and my little weather man friend said it might snow, so I didn't go too far away in case the snow comed on and I got snowed on 'cos I don't really like that, but it didn't snow, so I am happy.

 So really we are all happy. My DH 'cos he has finished his work, my MH 'cos all the broken bits are better now, and me 'cos I am inside and warm and dry and not snowed on. Sigh :)

My friend S. came to see me again and she cuddled me and called me her ickle wickle and that always makes me smile and then I give her big loud purrs which she likes, so that's somebody else who is happy.

We all had a chat---me, S. and my MH--and then they played on the Wii again, but this time there was no bum wriggling so it wasn't just as funny, but S. gets annoyed when my MH beats her, which I am afraid, is quite often. But then my MH plays her Wii a lot so she should be good.

Actually, she should be better than she is, but I'm not telling her that! Hee hee.

So now I am having a rest and then I shall go outside later on if the snow still hasn't come on. I hope you are happy and that you have had a good weekend.



Saturday, 9 March 2013

Quite Busy

We have all been quite busy today. My DH was outside fixing the gym door 'cos it needed a new bolt, so it's got a nice new shiny one and of course, my MH was away feeding the hens and ducks and pussy cat.

She wasn't happy when she came home 'cos she said the cockerel jumped on her head when she was getting his dinner out and she though that was very bad mannered of him. I said I would go to the farm and sort him out, but then she told me what size he was, and I decided my DH would be much better at that job than me!

We then made a lemon cake---after she had scrubbed her hands of course! We wouldn't want a lemon and hen food cake now, would we? Hee hee . And then she finished the elephant and we are really pleased with him.


I asked her to show you a  picture of him and so she has. Now. It might LOOK as though I am eating the chair, but I am only yawning. Honest! I would definitely be in the soup pot if I start eating the furniture!


In the afternoon, me and my DH were playing with my toys, and my MH got this cracking picture of yours truly, so there are lots of pictures for you today which I hope will make you happy.


Friday, 8 March 2013

Another Lazy Day

I was better behaved last night and didn't stay out too late. Now, this had nothing to do  with me deciding to be a good pussy cat, it had much more to do with the fact that it was raining!

We all had a good sleep and I cuddled up to my MH which helps us both sleep well. My DH wasn't feeling very well today so he didn't go to the Cat shop and stayed home with me and my MH and between you and me, I like when we are all together.

My MH went away to feed the hens and ducks again and I had a good sniff at her hands when she came home before she scrubbed them. I am glad I am a pussy cat 'cos I don't think I would like hen feed, but my MH told me that the hens were even eating the cat food! She did put out more food for the pussycat and put it back where the hens can't get it. That pussy cat isn't spoiled like me and it doesn't stay in the house but lives in the barns. There are only two spoiled puss cats on my little island, and as you know, I am one of them.

My MH is nearly finished her elephant and she might have completed it today if I hadn't decided that she had worked hard enough and it was time for her to relax and play with yours truly and I almost drove her crackers by ringing my wind chimes until she was forced to put her pins and sequins down and then she lay on the floor and played with me and my toys! I like to take care of the old dear.

I am now having a rest and she might finish her elephant  tomorrow and if she does, I will ask her to take a picture of it and show it to you. I think it is very nice and I am sure you will too.


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Lots of News

 Well. Remember I told you that I was very lazy yesterday and that I didn't know if I would go out to play at night?  I had a good rest on my couch and  something amazing happened which I really liked.

Always, at some point in the evening, I go and sit on my MH's knee when she is working at her computer and I did that last night when we both heard a funny noise. It was one of her friends on something called Skype and she lives in Australia.  I got quite a fright when this lady's face appeared right beside me.

Her and my MH blethered away for a while and then she showed me one of my paw pals, but he didn't stay on the screen for long 'cos he isn't as obedient as me and he scooted away to chase Australian mouses. I sat on my MH's knee and listened to them and watched my MH's friend and she said that I was --- now, what was the word? Oh yes--adorable---hee, hee, hee! She thought I was beautiful which made me blush a wee bit. It was good fun and maybe I will be able to do that with some of my other paw pals.

After that, me and my MH played for a wee while and then I decided that I would go out to play and by this time it was getting quite late and so my MH went off to bed and my DH said he wanted to go to bed quite early too, but I didn't hear that bit.


I played for a long time and it was getting later and later and he decided that he wanted to go to bed, so he called for me. Now, as you know, us pussycats have selective hearing, and I selected not to hear him and I stayed out. By this time he was tired and when he wants to attract my MH's attention, he sighs a lot and so he started to sigh and she told me he was sighing so much and so loud that she thought there was a gale in her bedroom!

So. She got up and waited for me and I came in just after that. So she gave me a wee cuddle and we had a girlie chat and then went to bed and by this time my DH was sleeping and snoring so loud it's a wonder you didn't hear him where you live! :))

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

No News At All

And why? 'Cos I haven't done a single thing today! I have been very lazy and have sleept all day.

I have moved from place to place, but just to have another sleep and I don't know if I will go outside tonight or not. I am just feeling very lazy.

My humans were away out today but my MH was back in early and she came into the bedroom to see me 'cos I was sleeping on our bed, and it was then that I got a big surprise. As usual, she gave me a cuddle and tickled me under my chin and I smelled something VERY different off her hands so I sniffed and looked at her, and then I sniffed again and looked at her again and by now she realised that I was looking for answers as to where she had been and what she had been doing to get this ODD smell on her hands. And she told me.

She had been feeding hens and ducks and other CATS! Now. The hens and ducks I can pardon, but another cat? Well, that is just a bit much, isn't it?

I shall explain. Our friend M. is away on holiday and she asked my humans to feed her hens and ducks and pussy cats, and since M. helps look after me when my humans are away, they couldn't very well refuse, could they, so I shall be understanding and not complain.(Much) :)

And it is only for two weeks, so I shall try and not be too jealous as long as I get as much attention as I demand---oops I mean ask for. Hee hee :))



Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Some News

 I don't know if I told you but I have a paw-pal club and lots of pussy cats write to me and I write to them and we all tell one another what we get up to. I tell them about sheeps and boats and the sea and they tell me about trees and dogs and something called traffic and we all learn different things which is magic.

Last night I had a brilliant idea. It's an idea that wouldn't work, but it is still brilliant. I wondered what it would be like if all my paw pals came to my little island for a sleep-over! Most of them live far away in England but one lives in Germany, one lives in New Zealand and one lives in Australia, so I don't think they would ever be able to come.

Can you imagine the look on the face of our boat driver when all these pussy cats step on his boat all carrying their cases and ask to go to Squeak's island? I think he might need smelling salts! Hee hee. But we could have a simply magical time playing with the sheeps and running in the fields and I could take them down to the sea and we could all have a paddle. Oh it would be the bestest thing ever and it is just a shame it isn't possible. Sigh! :(

We have had a good day today and my MH did some more of her sequin elephant and he is looking good and he has got eyes now, so he can see me and I am sure that makes him happy. My DH finished painting our gym and the Boss is very happy with it, and you know what that means? Yep. We are ALL happy!

We didn't go into the gym today 'cos my MH has a sore leg, but she played on her Wii while I had a sleep on my rug and dreamed of playing on my little island with all my pussy cat paw pals.


It was a super duper dream.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Browned Off

Not browned off in a bored way. Oh no, I am too busy to be bored. No, it's more browned off in a painted way 'cos my DH is painting our gym and then our greenhouse, so he was all kitted out in his orange boiler suit and his big plastic goggles and off he went with his brushes and paint sprayer thing and paint tin. A very happy DH.

Me and my MH did our usual Monday things which means she hoovers and dusts and I hide while she hoovers, but play with the duster when she is trying to do something with it, and she giggles as she tries to keep me from knocking things over.

Every now and then we had to go outside to see how the painting was coming along and to take my DH his cups of coffee. This is the wee bit that worries me in case he gets his hands mixed up! But I think he was OK today.

Anyway it's when we were all outside that I nearly got browned off 'cos I went a wee bit too close to the wet paint and it was only my MH lifting me out of the way that saved me! Although I am sure I would still be adorable if I was black and white and brown.

We went back inside and my MH was cleaning the kitchen when I decided to attack one of the chairs and I played there a long time until she was finished.


Me and my MH had a long chat with the nice lady next door when she was in the field looking after her sheeps and she said it was OK for me to play with the little baby lambs as long as the mummy sheeps don't mind, so that's where I am off to tonight, but I shall have to remember not to go too near the gym in case I do get browned off and then I might be in trouble!

And that would never do.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

What a Giggle

 Today started off as just a normal day and me and my MH had a wee wander round our estate and went over to the field to see the baby sheeps and on the way back I had a roll on the path and was able to do pussy cat things and just to play and that made me happy.


My DH was in and out of our greenhouse quite a lot so I was in and out it with him 'cos he likes it when I go with him and I like to have a nosey so that I know everything that is going on.

I watched as my MH did a bit more of her elephant and then I had a snooze on my little sheepskin rug until my friend S. came to see me and that's when my afternoon got really funny 'cos S. and my MH were playing on the Wii and I laughed and laughed until the tears rolled down my little cheeks.

Oh my, oh my, oh my, they did look SO funny. They were doing a game with hula hoops which meant they had to do a lot of bottom wriggling, and I think somebody should tell them it's not something they should do in public!

Now, I wriggle my little bottom all the time and my MH watches me, so you would think she would know what to do, but today their bottom wriggling was definitely NOT adorable!

My little sides are still sore from all my laughing, but oh how I wish I could work her camera.

Oh how I wish!!! :)))

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Bits and Pieces

It's been a resting day today although we have all done a wee bit of work, but a lot of resting as well and I like that.

The weather wasn't good enough for my DH to paint the greenhouse and the gym, but I think he had been doing a wee rain dance in secret, 'cos the football was on my television and he wanted to see that, but if the weather had been fine, the Boss would have made him do the painting! See?

My MH is doing another sequin 'thingy' but this time it isn't a picture, it is an elephant so I have been watching her sticking all her pins in. I hope the elephant doesn't mind!

We both went outside for a while and my MH took these pictures for you. This is my favourite sheep in the whole field and I think he might be the daddy of all the little baby sheeps, but I'm not sure 'cos I didn't look too closely 'cos that would have been rude, sure it would? Anyway, I think it is the beautifulest sheep I have seen. I think I might even be a wee bit in love! Ahhhhh!!


I was so overcome with his beautifulness that I had to have a lie down on my path and that's when my MH took this picture.

I am having a rest now, but I am going out to play later on when my humans are watching the television, so I know that they are safe and they don't need me to look after them.

I hope you are all keeping well.

Friday, 1 March 2013

A Day for the Girls

 My DH goes to the Cat Protection shop in Stromness every Friday, so it is just us girls at home and we have good fun together.

Sometimes we play games and sometimes we just sit cuddled up together but we just love being together. I love my MH millions and she loves me too even though she calls me a monkey and a monster, but she always says it with a smile, so I know she doesn't mean it.

We did some housework today, but not very much 'cos most of it gets done through the week, but today was ironing day and, as usual, my MH put some water in the basin for me, and I paddled in it while she did all her ironing and that made me happy, but it makes my MH not happy when I come out of the basin and shake my paws at her and it makes her wet and she has to go and dry her glasses! Hee hee :))

When she finished we went into the gym and when I saw that she was OK, I went out onto the grass and chased flies and things and I ran and jumped and wriggled my adorable little bottom at imaginary monsters and this made my MH smile 'cos she could see me from her bike. She thinks I am adorable---and I ain't arguing!

When all this was finished, we went inside and my MH decided to play on her Wii so I had a snooze on my sheepskin rug and that's what today's picture is.


I think this is the answer to the question 'How do you define adorable?'