Monday, 11 March 2013

A Brilliant Day

 We have all had a super duper day and we are all very happy.

When we got up, the sun was shining and it was even quite warm, so we decided that it might be an 'outside' day. When my MH is having her breakfast, I sit on her knee and she tells me what she is going to be doing, so when she is finished, I know what she is going to get up to and I also know what to do with my adorable little self.

As you know, Monday is her cleaning day, so I wander round with her when she is doing the scrubbing and the dusting and the polishing, but I make myself scarce when the vacuum cleaner comes out, and as my DH was putting a bit of guttering back on, I went outside to watch him and when I came back in, my MH was having a wee rest, so I plonked myself on her knee again and we had another chat and she told me she was going to play with her window cleaning toy.

Now. We had all been listening to my little weather man friend and he told us it might snow, and when I mentioned this to the old dear she said that the sun was shining so maybe he had made a mistake, and the windows were so dirty that even if it DID snow, we wouldn't be able to see it! Sometimes I wonder about the wisdom of the woman! But I keep that to myself.

Anyway, out we went and cleaned the windows and while this was going on, I found a bit of pampas grass and played with that and my MH was laughing at me 'cos I was jumping on it and then holding it in my paws and rolling on my back with it and attacking it from a great height when I took off and threw myself at it. Oh I did have good fun and my MH said it was like watching a pussycat street dance!

My DH fixed my adventure play thing 'cos my little claws had made it all hairy and he made a new scratch pad for me which I have showed you today. I hope you like it.

 We had a while in the gym and then just as we all finished our work and I was having a snooze on the back of my couch, guess what happened?

Yep! The snow came on! I said nothing but gave The Boss one of my 'I told you so' looks and she just smiled. But at least we could see the snow!

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