Friday, 8 March 2013

Another Lazy Day

I was better behaved last night and didn't stay out too late. Now, this had nothing to do  with me deciding to be a good pussy cat, it had much more to do with the fact that it was raining!

We all had a good sleep and I cuddled up to my MH which helps us both sleep well. My DH wasn't feeling very well today so he didn't go to the Cat shop and stayed home with me and my MH and between you and me, I like when we are all together.

My MH went away to feed the hens and ducks again and I had a good sniff at her hands when she came home before she scrubbed them. I am glad I am a pussy cat 'cos I don't think I would like hen feed, but my MH told me that the hens were even eating the cat food! She did put out more food for the pussycat and put it back where the hens can't get it. That pussy cat isn't spoiled like me and it doesn't stay in the house but lives in the barns. There are only two spoiled puss cats on my little island, and as you know, I am one of them.

My MH is nearly finished her elephant and she might have completed it today if I hadn't decided that she had worked hard enough and it was time for her to relax and play with yours truly and I almost drove her crackers by ringing my wind chimes until she was forced to put her pins and sequins down and then she lay on the floor and played with me and my toys! I like to take care of the old dear.

I am now having a rest and she might finish her elephant  tomorrow and if she does, I will ask her to take a picture of it and show it to you. I think it is very nice and I am sure you will too.


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