Saturday, 16 March 2013

Big Trouble

 But not for me. Oh no. For my MH. She shut my adorable little tail in the window last night! Owwww!!!

We had visitors in and I was having a great time jumping from knee to knee and being adored by four people instead of just two, and then I decided it was time to go out and see all my little friends in the fields and the barns and so I nipped up onto the window sill and my MH jumped up to let me out.

All as it should be so far. BUT. She was chatting and not giving me her undivided attention and she started to shut the window just as my little wagger decided to lean back, and it got caught. Owwww!

Now, between you and me dear reader, it wasn't sore. I just got a wee bit of a fright, but when I came back inside, I gave my MH my most mournful look and I think I even managed a wee limp. However, my MH, being a very clever lady (so she tells everyone!), knew that I was OK and I knew that she knew I was OK, so she just smiled and gave me a special cuddle and I forgave her! Oh and by the way, my little wagger is still working perfectly.

We have had a good day today just taking it easy and I have been in and out my window lots of times--but it has been left open, so there is no danger of another accident, thank goodness.

My little weather man friend Sean told me we might get snow soon, so there might be more things for me to do outside if we get a lot of snow.

My MH went up to feed all the hens and cats and ducks today and she said they are all fine and they run to meet her when they see her coming but she told me that it wasn't because they were happy to see her, it was because they knew she was going to feed them.

Sure that's a shame?

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