Thursday, 7 March 2013

Lots of News

 Well. Remember I told you that I was very lazy yesterday and that I didn't know if I would go out to play at night?  I had a good rest on my couch and  something amazing happened which I really liked.

Always, at some point in the evening, I go and sit on my MH's knee when she is working at her computer and I did that last night when we both heard a funny noise. It was one of her friends on something called Skype and she lives in Australia.  I got quite a fright when this lady's face appeared right beside me.

Her and my MH blethered away for a while and then she showed me one of my paw pals, but he didn't stay on the screen for long 'cos he isn't as obedient as me and he scooted away to chase Australian mouses. I sat on my MH's knee and listened to them and watched my MH's friend and she said that I was --- now, what was the word? Oh yes--adorable---hee, hee, hee! She thought I was beautiful which made me blush a wee bit. It was good fun and maybe I will be able to do that with some of my other paw pals.

After that, me and my MH played for a wee while and then I decided that I would go out to play and by this time it was getting quite late and so my MH went off to bed and my DH said he wanted to go to bed quite early too, but I didn't hear that bit.


I played for a long time and it was getting later and later and he decided that he wanted to go to bed, so he called for me. Now, as you know, us pussycats have selective hearing, and I selected not to hear him and I stayed out. By this time he was tired and when he wants to attract my MH's attention, he sighs a lot and so he started to sigh and she told me he was sighing so much and so loud that she thought there was a gale in her bedroom!

So. She got up and waited for me and I came in just after that. So she gave me a wee cuddle and we had a girlie chat and then went to bed and by this time my DH was sleeping and snoring so loud it's a wonder you didn't hear him where you live! :))

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