Friday, 22 March 2013

Model Puss

That's what I have been today, but it is not model as in good, it is model as in posing, and I pose very well.

I suppose I shall have to explain? Well. Today we had visitors and the man who came was showing my MH how to do more and better things with her camera and I was listening to them from my hiding place under the couch. Ah, I think I need to explain something else.

When strangers come in, I nip under the couch and hide until I am sure they are OK and that they like pussy cats and then I appear and go for walkabouts on their knees. So, that's where I was and I was listening very carefully as my MH was telling the three visitors all about me and when the lady asked how old I was, my MH replied 'three and a quarter' and that made them  all laugh and I had a wee giggle too.

I was still listening and hiding when I heard the man visitor say that he needed a model to show my MH how to do some things with her camera, and that did it. Before you could say 'Squeak' I was there! Right in front of him, with my best pussy cat look and my best pose and he was delighted.
'We could use the pussy cat' he said.

'Brilliant' I purred and he took lots of pictures of me which made us all very happy.


We have had a good day but it is very windy on my little island so I don't think I shall be going out to play tonight. I shall just ask my humans to play with me and I am sure they will do that.

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