Saturday, 23 March 2013

Naughty Puss....

.... but still lovely and adorable!

I have had a crackin' day today. Both my humans are home and for some reason my DH decided to clean out two of the cupboards. One is in the kitchen where the humans keep all the baking and cooking 'things', so I don't get to see in that cupboard, but today my DH took everything out and gave the shelves a big wash, so I had a good look at everything and a wee sniff at things it was OK to sniff at.

Then he took all the bags out of the big cupboard where my MH keeps her towels and this is the cupboard where there is a ladder which I climb whenever the door is open and today I got right up to the top and played on the empty shelf, and then I played with all the bags as my DH was fixing them out. I even got inside a couple of them before he noticed what I was doing and made me stop. Hee hee hee.

THEN! And this is where I was a wee bit naughty. I went into the living room where my MH was making friendship bracelets with a ring and lots of thread and I tried to help her by catching the threads in my little paw, but for some reason she wasn't too pleased with me, and made me go down from the couch. The ladies on my little island make cards and things like fridge magnets and key rings and bookmarks and friendship bracelets and they put them in a box in the waiting room at the pier, and visitors to the island take what they want and leave some money in the box, and that is what my MH was doing. OK?

Well, since I was on the floor anyway, I decided to have an explore and I jumped up onto the table and just as my MH was turning round to see what I was doing, I lifted one of the bracelets between my little teeths and raced into the bedroom with it and I was just about to dive under the bed when she grabbed me and took the bracelet away.

She told my DH why she had run through the kitchen like a train ----'cos he was shaking his head again--(he shakes his head a lot!)!---- and she called me a monster!

Now, I ask you. Is this the face of a monster? I don't think so!


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