Wednesday, 6 March 2013

No News At All

And why? 'Cos I haven't done a single thing today! I have been very lazy and have sleept all day.

I have moved from place to place, but just to have another sleep and I don't know if I will go outside tonight or not. I am just feeling very lazy.

My humans were away out today but my MH was back in early and she came into the bedroom to see me 'cos I was sleeping on our bed, and it was then that I got a big surprise. As usual, she gave me a cuddle and tickled me under my chin and I smelled something VERY different off her hands so I sniffed and looked at her, and then I sniffed again and looked at her again and by now she realised that I was looking for answers as to where she had been and what she had been doing to get this ODD smell on her hands. And she told me.

She had been feeding hens and ducks and other CATS! Now. The hens and ducks I can pardon, but another cat? Well, that is just a bit much, isn't it?

I shall explain. Our friend M. is away on holiday and she asked my humans to feed her hens and ducks and pussy cats, and since M. helps look after me when my humans are away, they couldn't very well refuse, could they, so I shall be understanding and not complain.(Much) :)

And it is only for two weeks, so I shall try and not be too jealous as long as I get as much attention as I demand---oops I mean ask for. Hee hee :))



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