Tuesday, 19 March 2013

No Trouble

 Me and my MH are not in ANY trouble at all today and even my DH has been good, so all is very quiet in my house.

It was bedroom cleaning day today and bed changing day and you know that makes me a very happy pussy cat 'cos I get to play all sorts of games and my MH loves the company when she is working. I had great fun hiding under all the bed clothes and I nearly got inside the pillow case, but she spotted me and I was very gently put down on the floor, but my the time the poor old dear had straightened up, I was back on the bed! Hee hee. Oh we did have a giggle. When we told my DH what we were doing, he just shook his head and his beard waggled and we giggled again.

In the afternoon after I had been out for a while, my MH took out her Wii and played lots of games on it and then I got weighed again and my little Wii Mii was very pleased with me 'cos my weight is just the same. I might get a special treat tonight because I have been good.

We played for a while and then I decided that I would go outside again and my MH took this picture just as I was about to spring onto my window sill and I thought you might like to see an action shot of yours truly.


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