Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Not Much News

 'Cos it is Wednesday and both of my humans are out for a while. My DH is away all day but my MH comes home just after lunch time and she always gives me a big cuddle and tells me what she has been doing.

As soon as she came in today, we took some food out for the birdies and then after I had been sitting on my MH's knee for a long time, I jumped up onto my window sill and watched the birdies as they were eating up all their dinner.

My DH had gone to feed the hens and the ducks and the other pussy cat before he went away on the boat and today is the last day they need to do that 'cos the lady that owns all the animals is coming home tomorrow, so she can feed them herself now. Maybe I will sniff her fingers when she comes to see me and my MH which she does quite often.

I went outside for a while but it is too cold to stay out for a long time. I played with my MH and some pampas grass when we went to feed the birdies and she made me run and run round and round in circles until I was a dizzy puss, but a very happy one.


Then she made some scones for after our dinner and she made a very special on in the shape of a S for me---well, not me, for Squeak if you see what I mean?

So that's what I have been doing today and I don't know what I will be doing tonight. It will all depend on the weather and how I am feeling, but I will tell you tomorrow.

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