Saturday, 9 March 2013

Quite Busy

We have all been quite busy today. My DH was outside fixing the gym door 'cos it needed a new bolt, so it's got a nice new shiny one and of course, my MH was away feeding the hens and ducks and pussy cat.

She wasn't happy when she came home 'cos she said the cockerel jumped on her head when she was getting his dinner out and she though that was very bad mannered of him. I said I would go to the farm and sort him out, but then she told me what size he was, and I decided my DH would be much better at that job than me!

We then made a lemon cake---after she had scrubbed her hands of course! We wouldn't want a lemon and hen food cake now, would we? Hee hee . And then she finished the elephant and we are really pleased with him.


I asked her to show you a  picture of him and so she has. Now. It might LOOK as though I am eating the chair, but I am only yawning. Honest! I would definitely be in the soup pot if I start eating the furniture!


In the afternoon, me and my DH were playing with my toys, and my MH got this cracking picture of yours truly, so there are lots of pictures for you today which I hope will make you happy.



  1. Love the elephant. It looks like a lot of time and close work. Squeak, you are precious (of course), playing with your toy and 'eating the chair'. :)

  2. Hi Bonnie. I am glad you like the elephant 'cos I helped my MH when she was making it. I moved some of the sequins for her and she was happy.

    And thank you for saying I am precious--it made me blush a wee bit. I hope you and Sadie are well