Friday, 29 March 2013


 I have been so busy today that I had to have an unscheduled nap early in the afternoon, but I am bouncing around again now.


The lady from the Cat shop phoned to tell my DH that the shop was closed today, so he didn't need to go  away from me. We had no boat last Wednesday when he was supposed to be there, so he didn't know he didn't need to go today, so it was just as well she told him.

That phone call meant that I was wakened early, and as soon as I am awake, my adorable little tummy tells me it needs filling and I in turn, pass this information on to my MH who springs in to action and puts food out for me.

Now, because it looked like a good day, me and my MH stayed up and I helped her as she did some of her work. She doesn't do an awful lot on a Friday, but she decided to play with her window machine and cleaned the insides of the windows, so we can see in AND out now!

Do you remember I told you that my MH was hinting for a Easter egg, well my DH didn't bring one home, BUT he brought her a huge piece of cream cake from the cafe, so that kept the old dear sweet! Phew!!

She actually has a Easter egg, so maybe my DH thought she wouldn't want another one. And really, I think he was right----and that doesn't happen often. Hee hee :))

My MH said I might see the Easter Bunny on Sunday so I am looking forward to that. I hope you all have a very good Easter weekend and that you have lots of Easter eggs if you want them.

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