Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Still Very Happy

My little weather man friend has been very good to me 'cos he has given me another good day of weather and I have been outside nearly all day and you know that makes me a very happy puss, so thank you Sean.

I went outside for a long time last night and I played and sniffed and hunted and then I lay in the long grass for a while and just listened to all the noises of the birdies and the little animals and right then I was the happiest little pussy cat in the world.

When I went inside, I snuggled up to my DH to let him know I was happy and then I went and lay on top of my MH's feet till they told me to get off 'cos they were all tingly. I had a very good sleep with lots of lovely dreams.

We were all outside today. My DH and me are still working in the greenhouse and it is looking lovely and clean now, and my MH cleaned the bedrooms and then she went into her gym while I played on the grass and waited for her to finish.

She then decided to play with her window machine and washed all the outsides of the windows and my DH whispered in my adorable little lug that it would probably snow now. And guess what? IT DID!!! But just for a second or two and not enough to dirty the windows, but me and my DH did have a chuckle---but only when the Boss wasn't looking, of course!

I am having a rest now so that I can gather up all my energy to go outside later on tonight. I wonder what I will discover tonight? :))

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