Friday, 12 April 2013

A Beautiful Day

Oh it has been lovely today. Blue skies, sunshine, no wind and a very happy pussy cat. I have been outside nearly all day and I think I might be outside all night.

My MH stayed out with me for hours and she played with me and took lots of pictures of me and it was just the bestest of times that made us both very happy. We watched the birdies and put some food and water out for them so I think they will be happy too.

Now. My MH has a favour to ask you. She has got a new Ipod and was playing with it today and she tooked a video of yours truly which she hopes she has put on my blog today, but since she has never done it before, she doesn't know if she has done it properly. SO. If it has worked and if she has done it right, would you please let her know?


Oh, if it has worked, she will be the happiest MH in the world, and if it hasn't, me and my DH are leaving home, so please try VERY hard to make it work. Hee hee hee. :)))


  1. It Works! I got to see your darling self in action!

  2. Yes, it worked! It was great to see you jumping about. You have a very clever MH.

  3. Thank you both. I have told my MH that you think she is very clever, so she is also very happy. Hee hee :))

    I am always jumping in the long grass and maybe now that my MH knows what to do, she will send some more film of me. Maybe you will even hear me purr or squeak!

  4. Wow ! What an active squeak you are, and you make an adorable film star (or course). Your poor ol' MH must have been quite exhausted trying to keep the camera on you while you leapt around so gracefully. No wonder the poor old dear needs all that sleep you keep talking about.

  5. I think I might need to try and go a wee bit slower when the old dear has her camera so that she always gets my best side. :)))