Sunday, 14 April 2013

Another Starring Role

Here I am again starring in my own world wide movie! I was playing in the basin of water and my MH rushed to get her ipod and take this film of me so you can see that I really DO like paddling and if you look very closely, you can see me shake the water off my adorable little paw. This is when it usually lands on my MH giving her a fright!


All is well Chez Squeak and me and my humans have had a good weekend. Something quite funny happened last night when me and my MH were already in bed and my DH was just about to come through.

All the lights went out 'cos it was quite a windy night, so my house was all in darkness. My MH had a torch beside the bed, and just as she got that to go to the living room to get my DH, the lights came on again. That was fine. We went back to bed and my DH sat down to finish reading when the lights went out again! So, same thing all over again---MH, torch, DH, living room.

And guess what? They came on again and just as we were all chuckling, they went off for a third time. My DH decided he would go to bed and not finish his book and just as he was getting HIS torch, they all came on again. So what did my humans do then? Yep. They switched them all off and we all went to sleep, but it was quite funny.

I think they stayed on and they didn't go off today so we have all been fine. My MH has to go to Kirkwall tomorrow 'cos she has to take her hip to the fizzy-o-therapist again to see if it can be fixed. I hope so 'cos I need her to be able to run after me.

So keep your fingers crossed please. Thank you.

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