Sunday, 28 April 2013


Don't I look cute?


Here I am sitting on my new bench and I thought you would like to see me. The other one is just an ordinary bench, but I think this one is going to be my favourite. My MH has ordered cushions so I will be very comfortable. She is not going to get a umbrella for it 'cos we might all end up blowing away if the wind gets us, so it is safer without one.

Just after my DH took this picture of yours truly, the rain came on and then there was some hail, so I scooted back into my house very quickly and curled up on my couch beside my MH.

A wee while later my friends M. and S. came to see me and I got lots of cuddles which suited me just fine. After they went away, I snuggled up on my MH's knee and had a big long snooze until dinner time.

The weather is a wee bit better, so I might venture out again tonight. I shall decide later.

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