Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Just Normal

That's what today has been. Just another normal day and we have all been doing what we usually do on a Wednesday.

My DH goes to the Cat shop and my MH goes out for a wee while in the morning and yours truly has a snooze till she comes home again. Then I sit on her knee while she tells me what she has been doing and she tickles my little lugs and I purr.

Later on in the afternoon we went out to feed the birdies and I went to see if I could find my smell that I found yesterday, but I didn't have much luck. It was cold with a wee drop of snow so I didn't stay out too long and just went back in and sat on my MH's knee again.


She is making another friendship bracelet with lots of threads which just happened to catch my eye and as I tried to catch them with my adorable little paws  the Boss told me that she would rather I didn't do that, so I stopped 'cos I am a good little pussy cat! Well, it is either that or the soup pot!

So, I don't really have any news for you today but I am very well and very happy and I hope you are too.

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