Monday, 29 April 2013

Monday, Monday

Windy, windy!  What a day we have had. We have had rain and wind, then a wee blink of sunshine--for about a minute--then more rain and wind.

I am fed up getting rained on and blowed away every time I go outside. I want to be in my garden or lying on the grass thinking beautiful pussy cat thoughts. Instead I have been running outside to do what I need to do and then running even quicker inside again to lie on my couch where it is NOT raining or blowing a gale!


My MH did her housework as usual and then my DH did something which I thought was very strange. Mind you, there are times when both my humans do very strange things, so I am getting quite used to their little foibles. Anyway, he took the vacuum cleaner outside. I was sitting on the kitchen widow sill and I tried to work out whether he was getting rid of the awful thing (hurrah!) or if he was going to vacuum  the grass (why, DH, why?)

So I watched very carefully and discovered he was just emptying it and cleaning all the filters and then he brought it back inside again for my MH to run round the house with (Boo!)

When the housework was all finished, it was time for the exercises and then we went into the gym but I just stayed with my MH for a short time then I went into my house again 'cos I was getting cold. So you can see that I have been in and out a lot today, but I am not as happy as I should be.

I have decided that I am a fair-weather pussy cat. I am seriously considering hibernating until the summer arrives, but that might mean a long, long sleep, knowing our weather.

I shall have to give this some serious consideration, but if you don't hear from me tomorrow, I am well and truly under my duvet dreaming lovely dreams and thinking wonderful thoughts.

I shall think about you.

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