Friday, 5 April 2013

More Drills

 I was nearly leaving home again this morning, and this time it was for good! But I decided to make sure about things before I thumbed a lift to the pier. Question. Do pussy cats have thumbs?

Anyway. My DH got up very early this morning and came back with another man and before you could say 'Squeak is adorable' the other man pulled a GINORMOUS drill out of his bag!

Now, yours truly is still a bit groggy after my MH's description of her trip to the dentist, and my first thought was that this was the cat dentist and this drill was for yours truly! So. Quick dash into my house to pack a couple of toys and some biscuits and a world map to see where I might run away to, and then I sauntered outside to see what this man and my DH were doing, and I could not believe my adorable little eyes.

The drill was not for me---phew. No, this man was digging a great big hole  in the side of my house and all the plaster was lying on the ground. Oh dear, I was worried and a wee bit frightened so I ran back into my house (and hid my suitcase, 'cos I decided not to run away after all) and asked my MH what was happening and why was this man AND my DH knocking down my house.

She gave me a cuddle and rubbed my tummy and told me that they were not knocking it down, they were making it better 'cos there was a big crack in the wall and the man was a builder who had come to fix it. Oh dear friends, I was so, so relieved. I went outside and sat and watched my little birdie friends to make me stop worrying.


But what a noise his big drill made. It was really loud, so I had to go far away down into one of my hiding places to get a wee bit of peace and quiet, but once all the plaster was off and he was putting stuff back on, I went back to my house and kept and eye on them to make sure they did a good job. And they did. Me and my MH were very pleased.

The man will be back next week to finish it all off so I shall tell you all about it when he comes.

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