Thursday, 25 April 2013

Much Happier

Yes, I am much happier today. My humans and me have had a good day. My MH did some housework while me and my DH went into the greenhouse and tidied it up. I sit on the chair at the door while my DH does all the work and sometimes I run outside and chase bits of grass and then I go back into the greenhouse for a rest. I love doing that and now that it is nearly summer, I can do it lots and lots of times.

We stayed out for a long time and by the time I was finished helping him my MH had gone into the gym so I went in there to help her 'cos I know she likes when I am with her, and that's when she cheered me up.

I had just nipped out onto the grass for a minute and when I came back in she was putting away her earphones into their little case and I jumped up on to the chair to 'attack' them. I was standing up on my little back legs  trying to catch the earphones with my front paws and my MH thought I looked adorable and said that if I could learn some more tricks I could go with her when she runs away to the circus. Yippee!!

I will try to learn some tricks when she is doing her exercises, but I think she might just be kidding when she says we are going to the circus, 'cos what would my DH do without us? He would be really lonely and since he can't do any tricks, he would need to stay here.


No, I think I can rest easy 'cos I am sure we won't be going anywhere. I need to be here to look after all the sheeps and mouses, so after my snooze I will have a word with her 'cos my MH always listens to me and she always does what I ask.

I don't think we will be needing sparkly costumes any time soon.

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