Monday, 1 April 2013

My New Toy

I have been meaning to show you this for a while, but I keept forgetting to ask my MH to show you my latest toy, but I remembered today, so here it is.


I think it is a doggy. It was on a box of sweeties that my MH's friend brought her from Paris and my DH put it on a stick with some elastic for me, and my humans and me play with it lots. I hope you like it.

I am still having a brilliant time being outside lots 'cos the weather is still very good and I like being outside. Me and my DH escaped while the Boss did all her housework and he laughed as he watched me rolling on my path. Then he went into the big cupboard and I gave him the fright of his life as I jumped on to the stepladder just above his head and that made my MH laugh. She is used to me doing it, 'cos I do it every time she goes into the cupboard, so she doesn't get a fright any more, but my DH did! Hee hee :))

After I had explored outside for a long time, I went inside just in time to see my MH getting the threads ready for another friendship bracelet and of course I had to help her, so I jumped up onto the table and tried to lift the threads with my adorable little claws, but I got shoo'ed off the table very quickly! Sometimes I am just not appreciated.

I went out the window then and sat in the garden listening to the birdies and I saw some oyster catchers and a curlew and I just watched as they walked up and down the field lots of times and then when I was tired watching I nipped in the window and jumped straight into my wee hoose for a snooze.

I will stay there till dinner time and then I will have another nap on my couch before going outside again to see what is happening on my little island.

I am a very busy puss.

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