Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Oh Dear

 My MH had to go away on the boat today at lunch time , so me and my DH were left to our own devices, but we managed to pass the time quite well working in our greenhouse and tidying up my garden.

 I was in and out lots today 'cos I was watching the birdies and I have asked my MH to put some pictures of them on my blog for you and she says she will do that when she gets some good ones. So the early part of my day was fine and I was looking forward to my MH coming home 'cos we always have a special time---just me and her---when she comes back from being away from me, and that's when the 'oh dear' bit comes in.

 I sat on her knee and she gave me some special cuddles and then she told me where she had been.  She had to go to The Dentist! Now, I didn't know what this was and so she started to tell me what it was like and between you and me, dear reader, I am very sorry I asked.

 She said she had to get a filling and then get her teeths polished and I pictured this great big pneumatic drill in her mouth and then a pressure washer and then a vacuum to sook up all the water!! Oh dear (again!) I was definitely beginning to feel very unwell as she was telling me and it was only when I put my adorable little paws into my lugs that my MH noticed my eyes had glazed over and she thought I might need some pussy cat oxygen to bring me round again, but a special cuddle did the trick and she promised me that I would never need to go to that dentist. Phew!

 Sometimes I am very glad I am a (adorable!) pussy cat and not a human. Anyway, in order to make sure I was right back to normal, she played with me for a while and we both liked that.


But I keep wondering how big that drill was! Hee hee :))

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