Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sad Puss

I got a big fright today.

I had been having a good day. Because it is Wednesday, both my humans were out this morning so I just slept until my MH came back. I always run to meet her when I hear her coming in and she picks me up and gives me a special cuddle and I really like this.

After a rest and a chat, we  got started on our afternoon routine and this began with me being trainer of the year and putting my MH through her paces.

 Question. What is a circus?  I ask because my dear old MH says that if she can master one of her exercises in particular she will be able to run away and join a circus! I don't want to ask, 'cos I don't want her to run away. I would miss her terribly and who would feed me and tickle my adorable little tummy? Maybe if I find out which exercise it is, I can make her not do it well and that will be the problem sorted. Brilliant idea, Squeak!

Anyway, all of that went well and while my MH settled down to do some cards, I decided to go outside and it was just when I was coming home, minding my own business and not doing anything naughty, a great big gull swooped at me and gave me the biggest fright of my little life.

Fortunately the window was open and I jumped inside very, very quickly and as soon as my MH saw me she came running over to me and picked me up 'cos she knew something was wrong. I was shaking and squeaking and she knew I was frightened so she held me very, very close and cuddled me and told me everything was alright.

It took a wee while, but I was soon back to normal and the big bad birdie went away. I am resting now but I shall go out again tonight when I am sure that the big bad gull is sleeping.


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