Thursday, 11 April 2013

Still Quiet

I am still being quite a lazy pussy cat and have been thinking more than doing today. I have only been outside for a wee while 'cos it is still cold, but I did go into the fields to see the baby sheeps.

All the little black sheeps are back in the field beside my house and I just love watching them. Sometimes they all gather together and run round and round the field while the mummy sheeps just stand and watch them. When I was looking at them, one little sheeps came up beside me and did a funny jump right before my eyes, and it gave me a bit of a fright, but then I was OK.

I liked the funny jump and when nobody was looking, I tried it myself and I think I made a good job of it, so maybe tonight I will go into the field and pretend I AM a sheeps and run round the field with them, and I can show them my jump. I am sure they will be impressed.

I have been sitting on my window sill a lot and I like watching all the birdies when they come for a feed and I also like watching the boats as they all sail in front of my house. Sometimes there is a lot for me to see and I get tired watching so I have to have a snooze and then I have to think about where I want to have my siesta.

I have lots of choices. I have the couch--either on the seat or on the back and of course I have my MH's knee which is my favourite place, but sometimes I go into my wee hoose and sometimes I lie on my bed. There are other rooms which I sometimes use but not very often. I just LOVE my bed.

Sometimes, by the time I have decided where to sleep it is time to get up again! Hee hee :)))

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