Sunday, 7 April 2013



 I like Sunday 'cos we are all very lazy in my house on a Sunday and I like that. Both of my humans have been at home to pander to my every need. Just as it should be.

I had a long sleep after me and my MH had to get up for a wee while in the middle of the night, but we were soon back in bed dreaming of nice things, and I was dreaming of MICE things! Hee hee

When we all got up, me and my DH went outside 'cos he had some work to do and he likes when I am outside with him to keep him right, and I like having some time to explore and sniff all the different places.

My MH had to go out but only for a very short time and when she came back I was lying on the path waiting for her, so I rolled on to my back so she could tickle my adorable little tummy, which of course she did!

She started to do some more cards when we went in and I hopped up onto the table beside her  and watched what she was doing. She talked to me all the time and I purred back and we were both very happy. I decided that I needed a snooze 'cos I had been very good and hadn't moved any of her papers, and being good always makes me tired, so I spent an hour in my wee hoose until my little tummy told me it was empty.

Question. How does it get empty when it's not doing anything? A mystery. Anyway, I let the Boss know of this dilemma and she duly fed me, so now I am sitting on her knee as she is telling you all about me, and I am watching all these words jumping onto her screen and I know that in a wee while you will be seeing them too and that makes me quite excited.

So there we are. I don't know what I will do with the rest of my Sunday but I know it will be brilliant and I hope the rest of your Sunday is brilliant too.

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