Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Crackin' Day

I have had a super day and I have been outside nearly all the time. The only wee draw back was that my dear MH wasn't home with me 'cos she was away swimming in Stromness so I was left to look after my DH and our greenhouse which I managed very easily.

The sun was shining all day and my garden was lovely and warm so I spent a lot of time lying on my grass and sometimes I even managed  to gather up the energy to roll on my back with my adorable little legs in the air.

I took my DH into our greenhouse and we checked all our little plants which are doing very well and then I sat on my DH's chair and watched him as he gave them all a drink and then I played outside again till my MH came home with all the boxes of messages which she got after she had swummed.

She sat me on her knee and told me that her little legs had been so good at doing all their exercises that she thought they might like a wee treat so she took them to the swimming pool. NOW! I know I am only a pussy cat---albeit an adorable one--- but I would have thought it was them that took her! Eh?

I had a play with the empty boxes and the string and then I was so tired that I had a snooze in my wee hoose and I shall probably head out again later on tonight and have another wander round all my happy hunting places.


Oh yes, I am liking this weather lots and I hope it stays like this for a while.

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