Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A Good Day

I was away out wandering around my estate this morning at half past seven 'cos my dear old MH was up early to go to the dentist and she had to get the boat at half past eight, so I got fed very early.

I was happy 'cos all the fog had gone away and the sun was shining so I spent a long time outside before jumping back in the living room window, and then jumping gently on my DH who was still sleeping. Well. I thought I was jumping gently, but I might have given him just a teeny weeny fright because his little feets were on the floor before his eyes were open! He will be all right though---I think!

I spent most of the morning outside except when I was in our greenhouse with my DH and I had a little chat to my plants and they are doing very well indeed. But, and I am not happy at this at all, I have been barred from one of my very favourite places to do what pussy cats have to do. I shall explain.

Outside my kitchen window is a big box which my DH made so that my humans could grow pansies in and he fills it with lovely soft compost which is just beautiful for using when I need to attend to a call of nature, so I am afraid that not many of the plants have survived.

So, yesterday the box reappeared and it was filled with lovely soil and I was getting quite excited, but when I went to-- ahem-- settle down (blush) I noticed that my DH had put a cage over the top! So it is now Squeak-proof and Squeak is not at all happy!!

I think tomorrow's jump on top of my DH will not be a gentle one! Hee hee :) However, I got a pleasant surprise when my MH arrived back at lunch time and I was so excited that I had a wee roll on my path before I told her what my DH had done, but I am afraid she agreed with him, so it might be two big jumps in the morning!


We had a good afternoon together and she told me all she had been doing as I sat on her knee and purred.

So, all in all, it has been a good day and I hope you have had a good day too.

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