Friday, 3 May 2013

Down to Earth

I have had a fairly normal day today and my four little feets have stayed firmly on the ground 'cos my DH has moved the ladder, so I can only climb up the clothes poles.

When I was telling all my little mouse friends about me being up the ladder, I had a brilliant idea. Mind you, I think ALL my ideas are brilliant! Anyway, I am going to write to the fire station in Stromness to see if they want a pussycat mascot and I could climb ladders every day! Isn't that brilliant? I might even get a wee uniform and a hat with space for my adorable little lugs to stick through. I can picture it already and oh dear reader, I do look rather fetching.

It was just me and my MH in my house today 'cos my DH was away helping out at the Cat's shop, so we did lots of things together which we both like. We didn't go into the gym but we did the rest of her exercises and then we played for a while in the garden and I sat on the benches 'cos I still like them.
I ran round and round and I pounced on all the daisies and pretended I was hunting and I had a simply brilliant time.


Then I went for a wee snooze and wakened up when my friend came in to see me and I went and sat on her knee and gave her a special purr. I tried to tell her about my fireman idea but she doesn't understand me like my MH does so I gave up. My MH will tell her if it all works out and I see no reason at all why it shouldn't.

Do you?

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