Friday, 10 May 2013

Good Fun

So, it's another Friday. Himself is away to Stromness to the Cat's shop and it is just me and the Boss and not a lot to do except chill out and relax and I like that. Those are the two things I excel at!

My MH had some ironing to do and she made some of my DH's favourite buns and then we had a wee natter with one of our friends when he brought the messages up for us. I made him a wee bit nervous though 'cos he was sitting on the chair at the window and I jumped up on the arm and then onto the back 'cos I wanted a look out of the window and this made him jump and he nearly spilled his coffee! I didn't laugh at him---honest!

When he went away, we went into the bedroom so my MH could do her exercises and as usual I helped and she appreciated it. While her wee legs were doing all their work, I sat on her chest and peered into her eyes and at one point I licked her ear and this made her giggle a lot.

We had a wee rest then before we went into the gym and when we came out she gathered up some of the loose grass that was lying about and I had great fun running and chasing the bits of grass that she threw down for me. I runned and runned and runned until my little legs were tired so I had to go in and lie on my couch for a rest.

I am beginning to think that the lawn mower might not be all bad after all. But  I will not be telling my MH about that!

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