Monday, 27 May 2013


It's me---Squeak. I am back! I hope you haven't missed me. Oh, I hope you haven't forgotten me! I was only away for a wee while. Well, I wasn't away, but my MH who writes this for me, was away, see?

Anyway, my humans are back again and I am the centre of their universe once more. They went away on Saturday morning to go to a concert in Kirkwall and they didn't come home until Sunday night, but apart from being a wee bit lonely and missing some cuddling and tummy tickling from my MH, I was just fine.

The weather was lovely so they left the window open for me and for the first time in my adorable little life, I was able to go out all through the night whenever I felt like it, and I liked it a lot.

My friend M. came in on Saturday night and Sunday morning and she fed me and gave me a wee drink and chatted to me for a while before going home again. I liked when she came and my little tummy like it even more :-))

And on Saturday afternoon my friend S. came just for a visit and when she arrived I was hiding and although I could see her, she couldn't see me, so I stayed hided until she was really close and then I jumped out beside her and nearly gave her a fright, but I made her laugh. She played with me and the pampas grass and then we sat on my new garden chairs  and had a lovely chat and she took this picture of me which I know you will like to see.


It was good fun and on Sunday I just played all by myself until I heard the car coming and I knew my humans were home, so as soon as my MH sat down I took up my rightful place on her knee and I purred and purred as she stroked and tickled me, so I am very happy again.

I hope you are very happy too.

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